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If you’re pregnant and in the market for a head-turning travel system that will stand out from the crowd, you’re going to adore the iCoo Acrobat and IGuard35 Travel System for its luxurious appearance and truly unique attributes. iCoo truly went above and beyond when setting the (copper) bar for this stroller and car seat duo.

Stroller Guide for icoo

About The Brand

iCoo is the industry’s leader in quality and luxury baby gear that includes strollers, car seats, the Grow-With-Me convertible bassinet to highchair, and play yards. They are a top player in the European market, and have been taking the American baby industry by storm with their stunning features that no one else has available. Everything made by iCoo screams classy luxury, but the price tag makes it affordable enough that you won’t have to take out a second mortgage in order to afford it.

iCoo is German engineering at its best, and is the BMW of the stroller world. World famous designer Richard Mitzman had an idea and, like most of his ideas, this one is brilliant, beautiful and functional. The iCoo Acrobat and IGuard35 Travel System is truly one of a kind; keep reading to learn the amazing facts behind it!

iCoo Acrobat Stroller Appearance & Features

While we love facts and statistics, when you’re pushing a stroller, you want it to look cool. With features like a leatherette wrapped, adjustable handlebar, and faux leather seats, the iCoo Acrobat stroller will surely stand out in a crowd. Our absolute favorite feature is the copper plated accents on the stroller frame, which makes traditional silver look like a feature of the past!

The iCoo Acrobat is their most luxurious stroller to date, and is beautiful and highly functional. It has magnificent design elements, while (most importantly) being comfortable for the rider, as well as the one doing the pushing. The iCoo Acrobat is extremely lightweight and easily navigable. The stroller is built to travel, and weighs in at only 21 lbs! It can fit a child from 4 lbs to 35 lbs. It also takes up considerably less trunk space compared to other luxury strollers, and features an easy fold and lock system that can stand alone upright, or lay down flat in a trunk.

The leatherette wrapped handlebar is adjustable, and the height can vary from 35″ to 40″, so you can choose the optimal height for whomever is pushing the stroller at the time.

There is a top viewing window on the large canopy so you can easily peek at baby as you’re on the move, and also a large under-seat basket ideal for storing a diaper bag, shopping bags, or anything extra that goes along with having a small child. The brakes are very easy to use; you simply step down on the lever to activate them, and then flip it back up when you’re ready to go.

The wheels feature a unique design, where the front wheels are larger than the back wheels, making it simple to navigate over uneven ground, as well as swiveling 360° around, making pushing it a breeze with seamless steering. The sophisticated suspension system on the wheels allow for a comfortably smooth ride for baby.

Features that come standard with the iCoo Acrobat and IGuard35 Travel System include the following:

  • Infant car seat
  • Base
  • Stroller
  • Rain Cover
  • Boot Cover that keeps baby warm during those chilly seasons
  • Car Seat Connectors
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

In addition to being a top of the line stroller, the iGuard35 works harmoniously with the Acrobat, and together forms the world’s most luxurious travel system. It transitions into becoming a versatile system that can literally be used from birth and on.

iCoo iGuard35 Features

The iCoo Acrobat and IGuard35 Travel System features German engineering and industry leading safety standards. It serves as a rear facing infant seat and can hold kids as tiny as 4 lbs to an impressive 35 lbs! It can switch back and forth between car and stroller easily, so it’s truly the perfect ride n’ shop travel system for any family on-the-go. It can be installed into the car using a 2 point, or 3 point belt harness system, or using the LATCH connectors. You also have the option to install the car seat without the base at all, and utilize the seat belt to loop through the seat belt hooks on the car seat. For ease of use, additional bases can be purchased as well, so you can have a steady installation in multiple cars. (Extra base is called the Hauck ProSafe35 Base)

When it comes to installation, you know that it’s safe and unmovable. Unlike other car seats, the iGuard35’s leveling features are located inside the base, not on the exterior, where they can be accidentally knocked or altered. No knobs or dials on the outside can be altered accidentally. This ensures that the iGuard35 will perform at its best in the unfortunate event of a collision. One of our favorite features about the iGuard35 and base is the height of the entire unit. It sits higher than most other infant seats on the market, which is perfect for those older children who enjoy looking out the window on longer car rides.

The iGuard35 grows with your baby. From the infant insert with optional pelvic support to the 5-point harness that can be adjusted to four different levels, adaptability is key to safeguarding your baby in the car seat. Angled shoulder straps add another level of support and luxury. Strap pads are also included, so there won’t be any chafing around the neck area between the angled straps and soft pads. The iGuard35 can be purchased within the United States with a standard issued chest clip, or outside of the U.S. without the chest clip, so it adheres to all local laws accordingly.

See It In Action

Features to Love

Do You love the iCoo Acrobat and IGuard35 Travel System as much as we do?

Our friends over at iCoo are giving away the iCoo Acrobat and iGuard35 Travel System to one lucky Daily Mom reader! Make sure to check out our giveaway post for your chance to win one!
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