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Boys clothing certainly has a lot of pre-requisites. Aside from wanting something that is both comfortable and cool, parents also want something that will stand up to the daily running, climbing, jumping and general wear and tear that little boys tend to put their clothing through. Combining clothing that meets all these requirements with pieces that are stylish but don’t necessarily scream boy (think outfits adorned in head to toe trucks) can be a bit tricky. There seems to be a wide array of options for all types of little girls, but with boys it seems to be a little harder to find. So, today we are bringing you some of Tea Collection’s summer line for little boys. It screams fashion, comfort and summer, and it’s from a company that cares as much about giving back as it does about keeping your little kids trendy.


Warm weather is finally upon us, and hopefully you are gearing up for a summer of adventure. Whether these adventures take you into your own backyard or to the Amalfi Coast, Tea Collection will have you covered!

About The Brand

Tea Collection came to conception in 2002, and at the time it featured just three pima cotton baby sweaters. Ever since then they have been full steam ahead. The company was founded by two mothers, Emily and Leigh, who bonded over a passion for travel. Their rich and vibrant colored clothing collection can be found in stores like Nordstrom as well as smaller clothing boutiques around the world. In 2012 they won the Crisbie award for “best all-around children’s wear for stylish tots”. They strive to bring worldwide cultures and modern design to children’s fashion.

Tea Collection is designed specifically for the little citizens of the world. They travel the world to invoke inspiration for their designs. Their discoveries and explorations are brought home through modern designs meant to inspire children to live with a sense of adventure, while embracing differences and dreaming big. Not only are their designs unique and inspiring, but they are also crafted to last and designed by Tea’s in-house artist. Their clothing is created using natural fibers that are easy to care for. In these collections you will only find luxurious fabrics that are soft to the touch with patterns and colors that are cheerful and full of spirit. The patterns can be mixed, matched and blended together as well as layered from season to season. Tea Collection is certainly making it easy for parents to create a wardrobe for boys that is both fashionable and can stand up to more than just climate.

Companies That Give Back

At Daily Mom we strive to discover companies who present products we love and that also give back. It is also for this reason that Tea Collection caught our attention. They partner with the Global Fund for Children whose mission is to advance the dignity of children and youth around the world. In the last 18 years this fund has invested nearly $31 million dollars, in more than 575 grassroots organizations spread across 78 countries, helping to transform the lives of 9+ million children in need. Each year, Tea designs two exclusive pajama sets and donates 100% of the proceeds directly to the GFC. Throughout the course of the year they also have regular Give Back events, where they donate a portion of all their online sales to the GFC. This season, in recognition of their line focusing on the color and culture of India, Tea is working with the Society for Rural Development. This non-profit organization works with rural villages in the state of Rajasthan to help educate women and girls about their right to information, education and healthcare.


Tea Collection believes in being socially responsible and using ethical sourcing practices. They pay special attention to being careful to work only with reputable manufacturers, who follow the high standards of good working conditions and do not use child/slave labor. They have a no-tolerance policy for anything unlawful or even the slightest bit questionable, including child or slave labor.

What’s new this season? Many of the looks this season were inspired by seaside adventures and getaways, and they also have taken their styles beachside. They have a great selection of mix and match swimsuits that offer UPF 40 protection.

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