31 Festive Holiday Bar Ideas to Get Your Jingle On

Are you tired of the same old boring gifts everyone gives during the holidays? How about spicing things up with some holiday bar ideas? Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a good bottle of wine or a fancy bottle of whiskey. And after the year many of us had, we could all use a drink or two (or three). But why settle for just any old bottle? Let us guide you through some of the best wine and alcohol gifts that will make you the hit of the holiday party (or at least the hit of your own personal holiday bar). 

Holiday Bar Ideas to Kick Off the Festive Season

Grand Mayan Tequila

Indulge in the luxury of Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Limited Release Tequila, meticulously aged for a minimum of 5 years. Crafted from hand-selected Central-Highland Blue Weber Agave, this exceptional tequila undergoes a traditional slow cooking process in brick and stone ovens, extended fermentation, and double distillation in copper pot stills.

The final touch involves resting the tequila in both American oak casks and French ex-cognac barrels, resulting in a perfectly smooth spirit with rich notes of sweet nuts, blue agave, and decadent dark chocolate. The tasting experience is elevated by a complex and deliciously long finish, making this tequila a true connoisseur’s delight.

Experience the artistry of Grand Mayan Reposado, a tequila that undergoes a unique aging process, spending 6 months in ex-American whiskey casks before a distinctive finish in ex-Cognac barrels for an additional 2 months—resulting in a total of 8 months of barrel resting. This Reposado tequila boasts a layered long finish and is smooth for sipping and full-bodied on the palate. The uniqueness of the bottle is not only in its exquisite taste but also in its aesthetic appeal, featuring hand-applied 24K gold applique.

Experience tasting notes of sweet cooked agave, oak’s subtle influence, and dark chocolate’s richness for a truly indulgent experience. This tequila is perfect to serve at parties if you want creative holiday bar ideas to impress your guests.

Dutton Goldfield

Holidays are a time for celebration, family, friends, good food and drink. Dutton Goldfield is here to help with holiday bar ideas, such as good wine that is meant to be shared and celebrated! The Dutton Ranch Duo is the perfect duo of their quintessential Russian River Valley Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay is a medium to full-bodied wine that is refreshing, and floral with well-balanced fruit. The Pinot Noir is always a crowd-pleaser that is easy to sip on its own with bright berry notes and mellow tannins paired with fowl or an aged gouda. Consider adding this perfect duo to your wine list to take your holiday bar ideas up a notch.

Their naughty and nice Twosome is just nice with their 2021 Devil’s Gulch Vineyard Chardonnay, Marin County, and 2020 Angel Camp Vineyard Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley. The Chardonnay from one side of the vineyard map is a delicate Chardonnay with key lime and apple notes, perfect to pair with a charcuterie board.

From the other side of the vineyard map comes the Pinot Noir, which has a rich and intense plummy flavor with oaky notes that will go with almost anything you serve this holiday season. It’s a big bonus that they both come in a gift box with wine notes and a tasting certificate, which is great for a hostess gift, your best wine friend, or just a gift to yourself for some holiday bar ideas this season!

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Fósforo Mezcal

From seed to sip, the fourth-generation mezcalero, Fósforo, has mastered both the art and the science of his craft — culminating in unrivaled mezcal expressions. The Fósforo Mezcal Bundle is the best way to sample both spirits. The Tobala is a joven mezcal that is un-aged and crystal clear.

On the nose, pronounced aromas of ripe fruit, bell pepper, honey, wet stone, and smoldering campfire with a palate is lively with rounded notes of cooked agave, caramelized pineapple and fresh herbs that give way to a subtle smoky-smooth finish and a full mouth-feel.

The Tobala Penca features a brilliant amber color imparted from the roasted penca leaf it’s aged with and its signature mezcal smoke; this first-of-its-kind sipping spirit certainly can’t be ignored as temperatures begin to drop. Perfect to give or get if you like high-quality tequila or bourbon or are looking for some holiday bar ideas. On the palate, this expression showcases an explosion of floral notes followed by toasted nuts, mellow smoky undertones, and a wonderful lingering, full mouth-feel.

Reserve Bar

31 Festive Holiday Bar Ideas To Get Your Jingle On 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

When it comes to champagne, there is no shortage of options to choose from. However, if you’re looking for holiday bar ideas to grace your celebrations, look no further than the Lallier Ouvrage Grand Cru Parcellaire Champagne. This champagne is part of a limited edition collection that showcases the finest parcels of grapes from select vineyards in the Champagne region.

What sets this champagne apart is not only the impeccable quality but also the meticulous care that goes into its production. Each bottle is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every sip delivers an unforgettable experience. The result is a champagne that is rich and complex, with notes of apricot and brioche complimented by a creamy texture. If you want creative holiday bar ideas, consider serving all your partygoers Lallier Ouvrage Grand Cru Parcellaire Champagne.

The Lallier Ouvrage Grand Cru Parcellaire Champagne is not just another bottle of bubbly – it’s an expression of craftsmanship and dedication. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to indulge in some holiday bar ideas for the season, this champagne will deliver beyond your expectations.

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Big Hammer Wines

Do you know what’s better than gingerbread and gumdrops this holiday season? The perfect sweet glass of wine. No matter the occasion or holiday, bottles of wine are great holiday bar ideas that can help you create memorable experiences grounded in tastes and smells you can revisit to reminisce. To help you with this, Big Hammer Wine’s Sweet Wine Sampler features a curated collection of six 750 ml bottles of wine. Eclectic selections include the following:

  • 2009 Chateau Grand-Jauga Cuvee Prestige Sauternes 375ml
  • 2012 Fattoria Monticino Rosso Albana di Romagna Passito 500ML
  • 2010 Calyptra Solvita Late Harvest Cachapoal Valley Sauvignon Blanc 375ML
  • 1996 Talosa Vin Santo Di Montepulciano DOC 375ml
  • 2015 Gould Campbell LBV Port
  • 2011 Tenute Dettori Moscadeddu Romangia

Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail Big Hammer took when curating this delectable selection.  With picks like these from all over the world, you’re sure to stumble across a new favorite or a sipping experience that surprises and delights you.

Enjoy a glass beside your fireplace with friends and family as you reminisce on the memories and moments you’ve shared this year. Set up an event for a tasting experience with your gal pals or enjoy one bottle at a time – the choice is up to you.

Pink House Alchemy

The holiday season is accompanied by sips of many varieties – from hot chocolates to eggnogs to holiday martinis. Whatever you’re enjoying this Christmas season, spice it up with specialty syrups from Pink House Alchemy. Plus, each of these syrup sets is sustainably packaged with biodegradable inserts, meaning you can reduce the impact your shopping has on the environment. These are great holiday bar ideas to make your drinks extra special.

Are you expecting guests and need holiday bar ideas? Adding in those extra touches can help their stay at your home feel comfortable and memorable. Greet them on a cold weather morning with a warm, comforting cup of coffee. The Coffee Syrups 6-Pack has it all. With classic coffee combos like Vanilla, Toasted Caramel, and Hazelnut, enjoy sweet delights to get your day started.

Those who prefer a unique flavor experience will appreciate the Lavender, pH Delight, and Cardamom. If you’re not quite sure how your guests take their morning coffee, set them out on a coffee bar and let them decide. They might want to mix and match with all these delicious choices.

For the evening, get the party started with choices for everyone from the Cocktail Syrup 6-Pack. Elevate your holiday bar ideas and hosting game with a handpicked assortment of cocktail essentials that includes everything you need for a variety of festive flavors. Channel your inner mixologist with included bottles of Simple Syrup, Tonic, Ginger, Dark Cherry Grenadine, Lavender, and Mexican Chile. If you’re feeling creative, mix and match flavors like Dark Cherry Grenadine and Simple Syrup to elevate your hostessing with a custom cocktail.


When hosting a get-together, you need holiday bar ideas to get the party started. But, making craft cocktails catered to each individual guest is simply not plausible when you’re focused on greeting, serving, making conversation, and cleaning as you go. That’s where Mixy comes in. The Variety Pack Gift Set is your one-and-done way to create infused spirits for everyone’s taste preference, whether it’s vodka, tequila, bourbon, rum, or gin!

Infusing your spirits has never been easier. All you need to do is fill each jar with 12 ounces of booze of your choice (or water or tea for a mocktail). You’ll want to prepare these in advance – they need to sit for 1-3 days to fully absorb Mixy’s flavors (the longer, the stronger)! Then, all you need to do is shake, strain, and serve. You can set the infused spirits out with mixers or pre-mix them into a cocktail concoction of your choice so your guests have multiple options.

Though each cocktail kit makes 8 servings of 1.5 ounces, you can repeat the process to get 16 servings. There’s truly a flavor everyone will love. The Rambler is best with tequila or vodka and contains strawberry, jalapeño, lime, and a turbinado sugar cube. Tequila and vodka lovers will also appreciate the Tejas, which is made with orange, jalapeño, lime, and a turbinado sugar cube.

If you prefer bourbon, you might like the Skyline, made with blueberry, lemon, ginger, and a turbinado sugar cube. For lovers of floral infusions, the Uptown is made with gin or vodka and pear, lemon, lavender, and a turbinado sugar cube. Last in the set is the Sundance, a mix you can add rum, vodka, tequila, or bourbon to. This set has everything you need for unique holiday bar ideas, with up to 80 cocktail concoctions.

The Prisoner Wine Company

If you are looking for holiday bar ideas, look no further than Prisoner Wine. Their Prisoner Red Blend is the most recognized red blend for a reason. With an unusual combination of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Charbono, you are left with a delightful wine. There are notes of fresh raspberry, warm vanilla, and bright fruit that blend together for a delicious, balanced combination with bright tannins.

Follow up with an Unshackled Cabernet blend for a rich yet fresh wine with notes of berries, a hint of olive, and aromas of clove. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Merlot for soft yet structured tannins will be a crowd favorite for sure!

For those who prefer a richer wine, SALDO Zinfandel is dark in color and rich in flavor. With 95% Shiraz and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, the rich notes of black licorice, cherry, and a hint of spice create a mouthwatering palate. Enjoy with BBQ, spicy fish, or a decadent dessert to round out your evening.


Something about a little extra pizazz in your holiday bar ideas makes your party guests wonder, “How does she do it?” Even hostesses who don’t have the time to decorate cupcakes or cakes or garnish their drinks can add daring detail with Joyeux.

For birthday parties, big or small, explore Joyeux’s reusable cake and cupcake topper sets. This adorable “Let’s Pawty” collection is filled with the most adorable pups of all shapes and sizes. Celebrate either a dog-themed birthday or a birthday for a beloved furry friend. The perfect color combos add that special touch that makes your party memorable for the celebrators and the celebrated.


If you’re gathering for the holidays, these adorable decorations can help you bring smiles to the faces of all your guests – no matter what age. An acrylic stirrer set is the perfect way to take your batch-based punch to the next level (or a cocktail if you’re inclined). Or, opt for these adorable wreaths and Christmas tree cupcake toppers for more of a sweet treat.


Each adorable piece is washable and reusable, so you’ll have plenty of holiday bar ideas to share the cuteness for multiple occasions. Plus, there are so many choices available, so you can be sure your party planning is on theme no matter the occasion.

22 Salute

Savor the finer things in life with 22 Salute™. The 22 Salute Double Gold Medal-winning Vodka is handcrafted in America, using locally sourced natural ingredients. Filtered more than 22 times, for both smoothness and as well as in honor of the 22 Veteran lives lost on average per day, this is one of the smoothest, most purposeful vodkas you’ll enjoy. It even comes in a uniquely designed 1-liter bottle, with 1.5 oz ‘Salute Shots’ meant to be shared with 22 of your closest friends. Holiday bar ideas don’t get better than this!

What sets it apart, though, is its dedication to honoring veterans and first responders – for every bottle sold, they make direct donations to these communities.

But that’s not all! Enjoy the exceptional taste of 22 Salute Fig-Vanilla Bourbon ‘With a Purpose’™. This limited edition bourbon is a fusion of bourbon whiskey with the natural sweetness of Mission Figs and Madagascar Vanilla beans. Crafted without added sugar, it strikes a beautiful balance between tradition and innovation. Holiday bar ideas don’t get more unique than this – only 150 bottles of this Veteran-made bourbon are available!

With 22 Salute, you’re not just sipping a drink; you’re raising a toast to American craftsmanship and the heroes who serve our communities. Toast to good company and the spirit of giving with 22 Salute.

The Brot Box

Whether you’re a dinner guest or a holiday host, gathering with loved ones is essential to make the season merry and bright. The first bite of a warm, soft dinner roll is one of our most anticipated moments during a holiday meal. Lovers of all things carb will appreciate the immense variety the Germans’ Favorites Large Box offers. With 10 of The Brot Box’s most-loved products, this artisan box contains homemade, fresh bread to share with the table (or store in your freezer for future use). Prep is easy – you simply pop your desired loaf into the oven for any holiday occasion.

Start your guests out with wine and appetizers like a dip served with the included 4-pack of Oktoberfest Pretzels (which are absolutely sharable – or not if you’re a pretzel lover like us). When it comes to preparing dinner, set yourself up for an easy side with a variety of rolls for the table. You’ll get a 5-pack of each: Baker’s Rolls “Brötchen,” Pumpkin Seed Rolls,  Potato Carrot Rolls, Low-Carb Power Rolls, and Pretzel Sandwich Rolls. If you’re bringing an appetizer or simply making a sandwich out of Thanksgiving leftovers, slice into one of the four delicious included loaves: Stone Oven Bürli Bread, Rye Crust Bread, Swiss Farmers Loaf, and Premium Seed Bread.


The best way to get the party started and enjoy the taste of a well-crafted cocktail without alcohol is to use Wilderton, the maker of delicious non-alcoholic spirits that are perfect for both your bar cart and active lifestyle. With a selection of bold, complex, and delicious options to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And because Wilderton is non-alcoholic, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and vegan, you can enjoy your favorite drinks without any side effects. Check out their website for delicious holiday bar ideas and recipes that you can use to impress your friends and family at your next soiree. The Trio by Wilderton is the perfect way to sample some of their best offerings.

With full-sized bottles of Lustre, Bittersweet Aperitivo, and Earthen & Ginger Ale, you’ll have plenty to choose from. The Earthen & Ginger Ale is a spicy mix of white peppercorn, pine-smoked tea, and cardamom that pairs perfectly with cozy nights in front of the fire with your beloved or quiet evenings at home. The Bittersweet Aperitivo combines grapefruit, orange blossom, and aromatic herbs to bring a refreshing new twist to the classic aperitif. Lustre tastes crisp, citrusy, and bright, making it a perfect accompaniment for any occasion. Take a few minutes to combine with your favorite mixer, then enjoy! With Bittersweet Aperitivo, Earthen & Ginger Ale, and Lustre, your next cocktail party will be a smashing success!

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Whether your drink of choice is a cocktail or a mocktail, Modica has you covered with holiday bar ideas for every occasion. These Superfood Cocktail Mixes are void of all the things you hate to see on a nutrition label (like artificial flavors and tons of preservatives). Instead, Modica is flavored with naturally sourced superfood ingredients and contains 70-80% less sugar than other mixers. As if that weren’t enough, these Superfood Cocktail Mixes are fortified with a special B-vitamin blend and electrolytes to boost your overall wellness.

With flavors for everyone from Tart Cherry Old Fashioned to Cacao Espresso Martini – there’s a drink mix for every occasion. Set them out at your bar while hosting your holiday party, or create a special cocktail for a date night with your hubby – either way, you’re sure to have another round. Each mix makes 10 cocktails or mocktails. Needing some inspiration for holiday bar ideas? Modica has you covered with a mocktail recipe on the back of every bottle – so enjoy a booze-free concoction now and then!

Rampur Distillery

Rampur 1

Expand your whiskey-loving palette with any of the Rampur single malt whiskey selections. Distilled in traditional copper pot stills in the foothills of the Himalayas, the non-chill filtered single malt tastes of the famous Indian Summer. Taste the traditions of the Maharajas, matured in American bourbon casks and finished in Indian cabernet sauvignon casks. The final product is uniquely balanced and a flavor experience you won’t want to miss. Add this fine whiskey to your holiday bar ideas.

Alileo Wines

If you are a wine lover and enjoy entertaining with other wine lovers, boxed wine is the way to go! You can avoid all the hassle with opening, chilling, and serving regular wine bottles and instead allow people to self-serve as they need and keep the wine flowing! Alileo is a Sicilian natural boxed wine brand crafted in Marsala, Italy. All of the wines are 100% natural, gluten-free, sugar-free and non-GMO. There are four varieties available, including Syrah (red wine), Young Grillo (white wine), Zibibbo Macerato (orange wine), and Rosato Bronzato (rose wine). Each box is equivalent to four standard bottles of wine – making these great holiday bar ideas for parties and gatherings with the family during the holidays!

And if you are ready to celebrate, try Alileo’s Sparkling Wine, known as Breath In! Straw yellow with greenish reflections, it has a fine and persistent perlage to the nose, hints of exotic fruit blended into the crusty bread in the mouth, and it is fresh and vibrant with a marked acidity. Alileo Breathe In is made with 100% Grillo grapes, crafted in the traditional champenoise method, and filled with all your potential.

Kreyol Spirits

Award-winning bourbon at a price that will make you want to share with everyone – yes, please! Thoughts bourbon is aged in small barrels using time-honored techniques that make a rich and delicious bourbon. Drink neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite bourbon cocktail!

For those who want a ready-to-drink cocktail, the Concrete Thoughts premium Manhattan cocktail is bottled and ready to be poured and enjoyed! A twist on a traditional Manhattan, this is made from equal parts whiskey and sweet vermouth, which delivers a well-balanced yet slightly sweeter drink. Perfect for those who want a more mellow version of a traditional Manhattan.

Maui Pineapple Store

Fruit boxes are classic gifts for those friends and family who have everything but you still want to send a bit of love in the mail. This year, if you are looking for something to wow your friends and family, look to Maui. Send fresh pineapple from the Maui Pineapple Store. Maui pineapple is known for its exquisite taste and succulent flavor. You can do a one-time shipment or a monthly or quarterly subscription of sweet, delicious pineapple.

The Plantation Mele Kalikimaka Ornament celebrates the delicious Maui pineapple. Mele Kalikimaka is the Hawaiian phrase for Merry Christmas. The 3¼-inch diameter ornament features a beautiful golden pineapple dangling down on a gold chain. The metal wreath around the pineapple sets the scene of beautiful Maui.

XXI Martinis

From early morning tailgates to nights by the fire or festive holiday gatherings, this ready-to-serve espresso martini brand is here to shake up your holiday bar ideas. XXI Martinis offers bottled Espresso martinis made with premium vodka, espresso, and cream. The cult favorite martini you love ordering at the bar can now be enjoyed at home. Server straight from the bottle, blend into a frozen cocktail or drizzle over ice cream to enjoy your way. In addition to the original espresso, you can choose flavors such as chocolate, peach, raspberry, and chocolate peppermint, which is especially great for the holidays!

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IZO Spirits

For a girl’s night in that feels like a girl’s night out, stock the bar with IZO Mezcal Joven Cenizo. Handcrafted in Durango, Mexico, your IZO Mezcal Joven has gone through a long journey to achieve its smoky, earthy flavor. It starts with Cenizo agave hearts, which are roasted with smoldering oak in hot, lava-lined fire pits. Then, they bake for several days before they’re fine-ground and the juice is separated and fermented. Finally, the juice goes through two rounds of distillation, creating a mezcal masterpiece you’ll simply have to try for yourself.

Prefer to host a dinner party? No problem. The subtle smoky flavor perfectly complements hearty pasta dishes or a zesty ceviche appetizer. The soft notes of banana and green apples add a hint of sweetness to your sipping experience. Paired with the finishing touch (a dried or fresh orange slice), this cocktail is sure to keep your party the perfect balance of sophistication and fun.

Cool Cat

Introducing CoolCat Wine Spritzers – the perfect addition to your holiday bar ideas. Crafted with the adventurous spirit of young adults in mind, our selection of wine spritzers invites you to indulge in a refreshing twist on tradition.

Delight your taste buds with the captivating allure of the Berry Wine Spritzer. Bursting with the natural sweetness of berries, this spritzer is a harmonious blend of sun-ripened fruits and premium wine, offering a luscious and invigorating escape from the ordinary.

For those seeking a unique sensory journey, the Original Elderflower Mint Lime Wine Spritzer is an enchanting choice. Crisp and aromatic, the delicate elderflower notes mingle with zesty lime and invigorating mint, creating an irresistible symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.

Elevate your sipping experience with the Grapefruit Wine Spritzer – a tangy and tantalizing fusion that celebrates the vibrant spirit of youth. The zesty grapefruit essence is perfectly balanced, delivering a burst of citrusy brightness that invigorates every sip.

Indulge in the invigorating zest of the Citrus Wine Spritzer – a refreshing symphony of flavors that captures the essence of sun-soaked days. With its playful medley of citrus fruits, this spritzer brings a burst of sunshine to any gathering.

CoolCat Wine Spritzers are your invitation to embrace some extraordinary holiday bar ideas. Crafted to elevate your moments, these spritzers offer an ideal companion for beach getaways, rooftop soirées, or simply unwinding after a busy day. With their delightful flavors and effervescent charm, CoolCat Wine Spritzers are here to awaken your taste buds and infuse your experiences with a touch of youthful exuberance.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

The Festival of Lights Tackle Box brings holiday sweetness with blue and gold foil-wrapped candies, as well as blue and white kosher candies. With a blue bow, the Hanukkah candy collection is ready to be gifted or enjoyed as part of a family celebration. It is a perfectly sweet and delicious treat to enjoy together during the Festival of Lights.

The iridescent, reusable tackle box includes the Dylan’s Candy Bar logo on the front. The Festival of Lights Tackle Box includes everyone’s favorites: Sour Raspberry Bites, Blue Sour Drops, Silver Milk Chocolate Stars, Milk Chocolate Gelt, Blue Foiled Raspberry Taffy, Blueberry Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans, Coconut Jelly Belly® Beans, Turquoise & Blue Milk Chocolate Balls, Silver Foiled Pineapple Taffy, and Raspberry Belts.

Share a bit of nostalgia with your family and friends with the Two Tone Rock Candy Anniversary Set. The beautiful ombré rock candy set of six can be tucked into a stocking or used to accent drinks at your holiday cocktail party. Your adult friends and family just might be even more excited for rock candy than your kiddos. The set includes six two-tone rock candy sticks (two flavors per stick): Grape/Cotton Candy (pink/purple), Cherry/Orange (red/orange), Blueberry/Cotton Candy (blue/light blue), or Watermelon/Pineapple (green/yellow).

Kids of all ages love the iconic Whirly Pop® tucked in their stockings. The giant lollipops come in a variety of patterns but taste equally sweet. Visions of sugar plums will dance in their heads for days after enjoying every lick of this sweet, classic treat.

Cocktail Kits 2 Go

There’s something about a go-to craft cocktail that elevates any situation. Bring the sophistication and liveliness of your favorite beverages with you with Cocktail Kits 2 Go, a convenient way to create a happy hour wherever you may be (and whatever the hour). With everything you’ll need for four drinks, these kits are the perfect shareable you can fit in your bag – so grab a friend or two. Everything you need is simply included right in the tin, including all the essentials to make your favorite drink, a convenient muddler spoon, and a recipe card, so you can’t go wrong.

Since everyone has a go-to order at the bar, browse the selection of classic cocktail kits like Moscow Mules, Mojitos, Margaritas, Old Fashioneds, Martinis, and more. When it comes to holiday gifting, these stocking-sized kits are perfect for friends, coworkers, or even as a thank-you to your favorite delivery driver.

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Watershed Distillery

Watershed Distillery took America’s favorite classic cocktail, The Old Fashioned, and put a unique spin on it. They started with their delicious Old Fashioned and added Nocino, a globally inspired yet locally found ingredient. Made from Black Walnuts, Nocino adds a velvety texture, lingering vanilla, and a hint of baking spice and citrus oil. Created and perfected by bartenders, this exceptional and unique cocktail in a bottle is unlike anything you’ve ever had. If you know someone who enjoys an Old Fashioned, they will love the Black Walnut Old Fashioned. Take a bottle to your next holiday party and enjoy it with friends.

Delysia Chocolatier

Embark on a sensory journey with the exclusive holiday truffle collection meticulously curated by Chocolatier Nicole Patel. Crafted from her own cherished memories of festive delights, this assortment of nine distinct flavors invites the warmth of seasons past into your home. Each truffle is a nostalgic celebration, encapsulating the essence of the holidays in every delectable bite.

Crafted with the spirit of a relaxing afternoon at the cafe, each truffle in this collection is a rich and complex symphony of flavors meticulously handcrafted with your favorite Italian-style coffee in mind. Indulge in the bold nuances of mocha, cappuccino, and espresso expertly combined with luxurious chocolate, creating an experience that might just tempt you to forget your second cup. Elevate your chocolate indulgence with this sophisticated collection that captures the essence of Italian coffee culture in every sumptuous bite.

Beattie’s Distillers

Beattie’s Distillers is a farm-to-bottle distillery that specializes in fine spirits, including flavored vodkas, gin, and moonshine—these farm-crafted spirits with a silky-smooth finish and delicious flavor profile. The Strawberry Vodka is a fan-favorite and is how a fruit-flavored vodka is supposed to taste. Enjoy an ultra-smooth creamy taste that finishes with warm hints of strawberry that isn’t too overpowering or sweet. This vodka pairs well with soda or a light mix of fruit juice. Other flavors that are a must-try include Sweet Potato, Blueberry Lemongrass, and Peppermint Vanilla.


Elevate your daily ritual with our single-origin cacao, a treasure trove of antioxidant-rich goodness that harnesses the clean energy of theobromine—the steady and dynamic counterpart to caffeine. Sourced from a unique origin, our cacao offers a versatile experience, whether brewed as a robust cacao beverage, blended into a velvety cacao latte, or seamlessly added to your morning smoothie or coffee. Enjoy the pure essence of single-origin cacao, empowering your day with its natural vigor and distinctive flavor profile.

The Galápagos Bliss Dark Chocolate is truly a unique and indulgent treat. The addition of candied Galápagos orange to the rich dark chocolate base, with its “confit” peel, imparts a delightful burst of floral and fruity aromatics, perfectly complemented by the Galápagos sea salt crystals. This chocolate not only offers a decadent taste but also tells a captivating story, drawing inspiration from the Galápagos Islands and making it a must-try for chocolate enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind experience.

Indulging in the Andean Mint Dark Chocolate is a truly enchanting experience. Crafted from a blend of 65% heirloom cacao and 35% cane sugar, the dark chocolate is a harmonious balance of richness and sweetness. What sets this treat apart is the inclusion of Andean mints, with each mini bar featuring a distinct type—Ecuadorian Tipo, Peruvian Muña, Sunfo, and Yerbabuena. This chocolate takes you on a unique journey through the fragrant and medicinal aromas of these Andean mints, creating a delightful fusion of flavors that’s not only delicious but also a captivating exploration of the diverse botanical wonders of the region.

O&H Danish Bakery

It’s just not Christmas without a delicious kringle. O&H Bakery delivers the made-from-scratch Northern European pastry made of layers of flaky, buttery dough topped with a variety of flavors right to your door or the door of a loved one across the miles. The delicious Reindeer Tracks Kringle combines cream cheese, scrumptious toffee, and caramel candy with layers of buttery dough. It’s topped with sweet vanilla frosting, chocolate curls, and toffee bits.

The Kringle is packed and shipped with so much care that when it arrives, it’s like you visited the Wisconsin bakery yourself. What better way to show someone how much you love them than by sending made-from-scratch baked goods during the holiday season? O&H Bakery makes a variety of amazing seasonal Kringles like the Brandy Old Fashioned Kringle, the Cranberry Kringle, the Christmas Cookie Kringle, and more. You can send Kringle Gift Packages or sign a loved one up for the Kringle of the Month Club. Everyday Kringle favorites include the Pecan Kringle, the Cinnamon Roll Kringle, the Birthday Kringle, and many more.


The holiday season means catching up with friends and family – but it doesn’t always have to be over a mug of hot chocolate. Pull up to the party with the Sip Margs’ 24-Pack, a thoughtful blend of everyone’s favorite holiday bar ideas, with margaritas from classic to mango, coconut, mango, mezcal, and even spicy for those who are daring. You’ll want to try more than one, for sure.

The old saying goes that gift-giving is sometimes better than gift-receiving. We think that’s definitely true when you’re gifting the party a good time with these sparkling holiday bar ideas. We couldn’t think of a more refreshing way to celebrate the end of the year. With real premium tequila and triple sec, these bold flavors are unlike other canned seltzers, and with only 5-6 grams of real cane sugar per serving, these canned margs will have you flashing back to endless summer days.

Big Picture Farm

When you think of the holidays, red and green might be the first two colors that come to mind. Let us put you onto something better – gold (well, actually, the Golden Goat Holiday Gift Box). During the holidays, sometimes a little sweet treat is the pick-me-up you need to finish your holiday wrapping or finalize the details on your Christmas cards. This delightful package is the perfect addition to your holiday bar ideas. It’s filled with award-winning caramels that come in a variety of flavors like sea salt & vanilla caramels or a little bit of everything with a variety pack (including sea salt & vanilla, chai, maple, cocoa latter, brown butter bourbon, raspberry rhubarb, cider honey, and chocolate mint).


Spiced Apple and everything nice – that’s what we’re hoping for this fall. We’re delighted by the zeros across the board in Waterloo’s fall flavors – zero calories, zero sugar, zero sweeteners, and zero sodium. Combined with the pleasantly seasonal flavors of crisp apple, aromatic spices, and sweet cider notes, this fall beverage is a household essential when it comes to all the months ending in “ber.”

Those crisp, cooler fall days are no match for the refreshing ginger flavor contained in Waterloo’s Ginger Citrus Twist beverage. By combining the classic taste of ginger ale with the sophisticated notes of ginger beer, this revitalizing flavor is the earthly, floral, spicy pick-me-up you need. If you live in an area where you don’t get the full effect of the fall seasons, you can count on this flavor to transition you through the hot days while still reminding you of the crisp fall feeling you know and love.

Cranberry is one of those staple end-of-year flavors you can’t go wrong with, making it the perfect flavor to add to your holiday bar ideas. Waterloo’s carbonated Cranberry beverage hints at the familiar tartness of the cranberry you know and love, combined with tannin notes to deliver the flavor experience sure to send you straight to a fall festival dream.

Check out the fanciful fall recipes Waterloo offers on their site that are sure to get you in an apple-picking, cider-sipping mood. Spiced Apple and Cranberry are perfect cocktail mixers but can also be part of a fancy mocktail presented during a family dinner. Let the flavor transport you to a cozy fireside evening.

Sierra Nevada

The name says it all in this beer: Celebration Fresh Hop IPA! This seasonal beer is only available from October through December unless it sells out first. Perfect for bringing to a party, enjoy during holiday meals, or as a nightcap next to the fire. This beer has strong citrus and pine flavors that are balanced by a smooth caramel flavor that pops with celebration in every sip. Enjoy these holiday bar ideas this season with friends, family, and loved ones.

These holiday bar ideas are sure to make all your friends and family jealous and make you the star of the season. From wine to alcohol and even chocolate, there’s no shortage of delicious treats for you and your loved ones to indulge in. So go ahead, raise a glass (or a piece of chocolate) to toast the most wonderful time of the year, spread some holiday cheer, and get ready to be the life of the party. Happy holidays, and cheers to a New Year filled with even more wonderful holiday bar ideas!

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