Sip, Savor, Indulge: Your Ultimate Cocktail, Wine and Cheese Celebration Checklist

Get ready to throw the ultimate soirée that promises to tantalize your taste buds and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. In this checklist of must-haves, we’ll equip you to host a cocktail, wine and cheese extravaganza that’s nothing short of spectacular. From crafting crowd-pleasing cocktails to uncorking the finest wines and assembling the perfect snack pairings, this guide is your go-to resource for curating an evening of liquid indulgence.

Mix & Mingle With These Irresistible Cocktails

Still Austin

In the heart of Austin, TX lies a distillery that sources local grains, distills ecologically in-house, and ages their product right in Texas Hill Country. The unique, creative, and imaginative culture the city of Austin is known for is also highlighted in Still Austin spirits. The Musician, Still Austin’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey, has a sweetness of chef-grade white corn—the same kind used in Austin’s famous tortillas — that works well with the spiciness. Just like music brings so many together, this Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the perfect social drink for your cocktail, wine and cheese party.

And then there’s the new seasonable Red Corn Bourbon Bottled in Bond that incorporates a robust nuttiness of Jimmy Red corn, with the spice of rye. If whiskey is “Bottled in Bond” it means “it’s guaranteed to have been aged for a minimum of four years in oak barrels in a federally bonded warehouse and bottled at exactly 100 proof.” So put the wine and cheese on pause for a moment – the orange creamsicle and brown sugar notes make this whiskey the perfect summertime bourbon to share with friends.

Noble Oak

Enjoy a summer evening sipping Double Oak Rye around the campfire with friends. The deep mahogany rye whiskey is finished with port wine staves. It boasts notes of brown sugar and maple syrup dissolving into a sharp profile of green pepper and grass with grainy spice.

If bourbon is your pleasure, enjoy the Double Oak Bourbon on the rocks or mix your favorite cocktail with the delicious smooth Noble Oak award-winning bourbon. The golden chestnut bourbon whiskey is finished with sherry oak staves. It tastes of vanilla and warm spice and finishes with flavors of wood and cherry. A warm summer night under the stars just got better. Noble Oak partners with One Tree Planted to plant a tree with every bottle. What more reason is there to add this to your cocktail, wine and cheese party shopping list immediately?

Harlem Standard

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Sip your way into summer with this premium bourbon whiskey blend. This 111-proof bourbon undergoes a meticulous aging process of 3+ years in new charred American white oak barrels, resulting in a full-bodied experience. With a mash bill featuring corn, wheat, rye, and barley malt, it offers a symphony of flavors, including maple, brown sugar, and Allspice. Undertones of butterscotch, vanilla bean, and dark honey make for a smooth finish highlighted by malty dark cocoa and toasted walnuts. Savor summer nights the right way at your next cocktail, wine and cheese party with this glorious beverage.



Summer is the perfect time for bright, fun cocktails – especially when you’re throwing a cocktail, wine and cheese party! And no summer is complete without a little tequila. SALT Tequila is made with blue agave plants from one of the country’s most fertile regions, so it’s no surprise this tequila is mellow, sweet, and has a beautiful and fully developed agave flavor.

Of course, you can whip up a margarita, but the Citrus SALT Tequila has the perfect hints of Meyer Lemon, Kaffir Lime, and Mandarin Zest which is great with just a splash of seltzer. Then there’s the unique Salted Chocolate tequila with hints of rich mocha, milk chocolate, and just a bit of Himalayan salt perfect with the mint flavor of a mojito. Don’t forget to add this one to your cocktail, wine and cheese shindig shopping list and take your party to the next level!


Experience The GlenDronach Original – that defies the ordinary – the deep amber-red gold elixir that transforms every moment into a tasting voyage! The striking appearance of its deep amber-red gold tone when held up to the translucent glass is truly a sight to behold. As you take a whiff, you’ll feel the inviting blend of velvety vanilla and the subtle spiciness of ginger – a combination that is simply irresistible! Its texture is rich, creamy, and silky-smooth, making it an absolute temptation for your taste buds.

Furthermore, the rich flavors of raisins and delicate fruits nicely compliment the warmth and inviting undertones of oak and sherry sweetness – it will leave you wanting more! Each sip gives you a powerful kick as the whisky thrills with its delightful spice, leading to a medium, satisfyingly dry aftertaste. Indulge in a truly unforgettable tasting, and make any cocktail, wine and cheese party special with GlenDronach!

Reserve Bar

If you’re looking for the perfect way to treat yourself or prep for your next cocktail, wine and cheese party, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon is what you need! This isn’t just any ordinary whiskey, it’s a truly unique experience – crafted with precision to bring out the best of its rich flavor profile. Rich and full-bodied, Bourbon’s flavor starts warm, then develops into a smooth, oaky finish. The palate is rich, rounded, and smooth with complex citrus, cinnamon, and cocoa notes in the background while toffee, caramel, chocolate, and spice notes abound, each sip offering a surreal taste and feel!

Moreover, with its double aging process, it offers the best of its essence. The first aging in new charred oak barrels gives it a rich caramel color and bold flavor. The second aging in heavily toasted, lightly charred barrels brings out the unique flavors of sweet vanilla and spice. So, whether you’re enjoying it neat or in your favorite cocktail, Double-Oaked Bourbon will make every sip unforgettable.

Clonakilty Distillery

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Take your summer sipping to the next level with the flagship of Clonakilty’s cask finish series. This premium whiskey undergoes a unique maturation process, starting in ex-bourbon casks and finishing in hand-shaved, toasted, and re-charred ex-red wine European oak casks from Bordeaux, making it the world’s first Irish whiskey to be finished in such casks. It smells of a delicate blend of soft spices, vanilla, fresh-cut grass, and ripe apple/pear notes while tasting a captivating combination of warm spices, hazelnut, and almond flavors. A smooth sip that adds a bold statement to any cocktail, wine and cheese party, or a more intimate evening.


The perfect way to end a long, stressful day is with a little meditation, rest, and a simple cocktail made with Híjole tequila. Only crafted with three ingredients, this award-winning, silver tequila makes the perfect shot, is delicious alone on the rocks, or also tastes pretty incredible mixed into your favorite tequila-based cocktail. Whether it’s a blended Margarita you want to end the day with, or Paloma’s on the beach with friends, or shots at your cocktail, wine and cheese party, make sure you always have a bottle of Híjole available when the mood hits!

Longball Hard Iced Tea

Longball Hard Iced Tea is an innovative alcoholic take on an Arnold Palmer, the iconic drink that combines iced tea and lemonade. This tasty drink has always been appealing to golf lovers, baseball lovers, and anyone sitting on their back porch enjoying the company of friends with an adult beverage in hand. It’s a refreshing addition to your cocktail, wine and cheese party menu as well!

Longball has only three ingredients: apple wine, black tea, and lemon. There are no artificial sweeteners and it is low in calories and sugar. Longball is available in two 12-oz ready-to-drink cocktails – the Longball & Soda and Longball & Soda Double. These slim cans are ready to take to the beach, summer pool parties, and of course for a round of golf. Longball is also available in a shooter in a 750ml bottle.

Dough Ball Whiskey


Who doesn’t love cookie dough? You’ll be the hit of the cocktail, wine and cheese party pouring from a bottle of Dough Ball Whiskey, a cookie-reminiscent, delectable liquid. This stuff is what whiskey dreams are made of! Shake up some Dough Ball whiskey with some Cherry Coke for a beverage’s take on a Tootsie Roll, or come up with a new dessert-inspired recipe.


Looking for vodka with strong summer vibes to get you through all this season’s BBQs and beach days? Grab a bottle or two of the delicious Purity Spritz Mediterranean Citrus. This ultra smooth, 34-times distilled vodka is infused with bergamot, grapefruit, and sweet oranges and is perfect served pure, over ice, or in citrus cocktails such as a beautifully bright vodka tonic. It’s refreshing, bright, and a perfect pairing for a cocktail, wine and cheese party.

The Kraken


The stories are true! A new Kraken Rum has washed ashore for enjoyment this summer, or your next cocktail, wine, and cheese party. The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum is what pirates were always after. Whip up a refreshing citrus drink like the Kraken’s Keep or indulge in this smooth rum with hints of vanilla and cinnamon straight over ice sitting by the pool. But watch out! Once friends find out about Kraken Gold Spiced Rum they’ll be after the treasure!

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Uncork & Unwind with a Wine and Cheese Tasting That Wows


If you’re looking for small-production, boutique Italian wineries, Viniamo is the place to go for exclusive, direct-to-consumer wines straight to America from Italy. Buying wine from Viniamo means removing the expensive importers, distributors, and retailers, so the price is lower, but the quality is still world-class and authentic from relatively unknown wine-producing regions. All it takes is a little planning ahead when making your wine and cheese tasting shopping list!

Start with the Borgo di Colloredo, Sangiovese 2021 with hints of fruity red fruits, and serve red meat and hearty dishes with the Feudi Bizantini, ‘Core Meu’ Primitivo 2021 (Zinfandel) or the Borgo di Colloredo, Gironia Biferno Rosso Riserva 2015, and end with a celebratory sparkling Cantina Casetto, Chiaretto di Bardolino Spumante Brut.

Make sure you stock up for your wine and cheese party now! Daily Mom readers can use code DAILYMOM20 for a special discount.


Step into the enchanting world of Banfi, where wine craftsmanship meets pure magic – an ethereal journey of flavors and sensations that will transport you to a realm of unparalleled pleasure. What sets Banfi apart from the crowd? It’s simple: a relentless pursuit of perfection. With a meticulous grape selection from vineyards in Montalcino’s southern hill area – nurtured amidst the rolling hills and kissed by the Tuscan sun, Banfi Brunello is the epitome of refinement.

As you take your first sip, you indulge in the perfect fusion of remarkable softness and exquisite elegance that awaits you in every sip. The blend of flavors unfolds gracefully, revealing a harmonious balance of ripe red fruits, hints of dark cherries, and delicate spices that offer delightful taste and aroma. Moreover, not only does this wine ages beautifully, but also it also beckons to be enjoyed in the present – turning simple wine and cheese events into grand ones!

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From picnic wines and wine and cheese parties, to dining al la fresco under the stars, Wairau River has the wine you need to stock up on this summer. Enjoy a bright and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, NZ which is perfect for sipping on hot summer days. Intense notes of tropical fruit and citrus delight your senses and enjoy the clean, dry wine with hints of guava and stone fruit. Each sip is a taste of summer, perfect to share at BBQs and pool parties all summer long.

For the Rosé lover Les Sarrins Cotes De Provence will not disappoint! The perfect beautiful pink color is a bright and floral Rosé with a perfect balance of dry and a hint of peach and strawberry. Enjoy as a wine and cheese pairing, with tapenade at your picnic, or alone on a perfect summer day with a good book in your hand.

Grab a few of Cecchi Chianti Classico to pair with all your BBQ or wine and cheese tasting favorites. A medium-bodied Chianti that will delight guests when enjoyed with savory meats, juicy burgers, and ribs drenched in BBQ sauce. With bright cherry and light chocolate notes, this beautifully colored wine is balanced, and clean and can be enjoyed alone even after the grill has cooled off.

Fresh Vine


Good wine doesn’t need to come with guilt. With Fresh Vine (whose owner you may recognize), wine can still have all the high-quality ingredients, but without all the extra calories, carbs, and sugars. It’s wine for those who live an active and healthy life, but still love to indulge in premium wines with impeccable varietals. Make sure to grab a bottle of everyone’s summer favorite – the Rose – with its gorgeous blush color, or other social favorites like the Fresh Vine Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. With awards plenty, Fresh Vine is the perfect addition to any wine and cheese tasting party.

Duck Pond Cellars

This summer, enjoy some warmer weather on beautiful sunny days with bright, warm-weather wines from Duck Pond Cellars. The first winery in America to be Certified in Natural Path Production, Duck Pond Cellars crafts delicious, refreshing wines with specific standards that define natural winemaking. Try the Rose with fruity aromas of strawberry and Cara Cara oranges and a taste profile of red berries, lemon, and melon, or the Pinot Gris with key lime, pear, kiwi, and honeysuckle. Or for something a little deeper, the Pinot Noir offers bright cherry and berry notes, with hints of cola. There’s never a wrong choice for your wine and cheese tasting shopping list with Duck Pond Cellars.

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1924 Wines

Summertime is almost over and it’s time to stock up on wine and cheese for all your fall entertaining needs. Start with a bottle of 1924 Butter Chardonnay, rich in color and flavor. A full-bodied wine that has creamy flavors of vanilla, honey, and butterscotch. Pair this wine with roasted pork, apple pie, and seafood, or enjoy a glass under the stars, at your next wine and cheese tasting, or by the fire shared with loved ones.

1924 Wines was founded right in the middle of prohibition and they have been a reveal (in the best way) ever since! You will love their limited edition Double Black cabernet this summer to pair with all your BBQ needs. With intense notes of black cherry, black peppercorn, and smoky char you can’t go wrong with having multiple bottles on hand for your summer wine and cheese parties.

For a slightly more mild wine, the Red Wine Blend pairs well with cheeseburgers, good friends, and an even better time. Enjoy the rich aromas of blackberry, mocha, caramel, and vanilla – perfect to start your dinner or end your cocktail, wine and cheese party. No matter which 1924 wine you select you will know you are not only going to get a great bottle but you are tasting a bit of history.

Wagner Family of Wine

This wine has a slight buttery taste – think baked croissants with a hint of apricot, lemon, lime, and honeysuckle to balance it out. This 2021 Mer Soleil Chard Reserve Santa Lucia is the perfect bottle to bring to your next wine and cheese party and impress your hostess. Made from grapes that stay on the vine longer which helps pull out the richer flavors. Pair with seafood, or a rich creamy pasta, or enjoy alone in the sunshine while enjoying your garden.

Don’t Forget These Must-Have Wine and Cheese Party Add-ons!


Hop Wtr

Every wine and cheese party should have options for guests who don’t wish to partake in drinking alcoholic beverages. HOP WTR is a non-alcoholic sparkling hop water crafted with bold hops and mood-boosting ingredients. This proprietary blend of stress-busting hops, adaptogens, and nootropics bursts with health benefits while tasting light, crisp and satisfying.

HOP WTR was created by two dads who were looking for a beverage that had the celebratory nature of a beer without the alcohol, calories, sugar, or carbs so that they could keep up with their active lifestyles and families. HOP WTR is the ultimate beverage with benefits and has a blend of feel-good ingredients so that adults everywhere can keep up with their kids. The Variety Pack includes all 4 delicious flavors – Classic, Blood Orange, Mango, and Lime. Definitely have one on hand for your next wine and cheese party — oh, and hold the wine!

Simple Mills

If you are looking for healthy snacks, low in sugar, gluten-free, and taste good for your wine and cheese extravaganza, look no further – Simple Mills has you covered! The veggie flour pita crackers come in three flavors: Himalayan Salt, Roasted Red Pepper, and Herb Veggie. These crackers have the perfect amount of crunch and are certified gluten-free, grain and corn-free, Non-GMO project verified, paleo-friendly, and vegan! They also happen to go great with wine and cheese.

Try sweet thins as a low-sugar treat to add to your wine and cheese party finale, or enjoy in lunch boxes or as a late-afternoon snack for a little pick-me-up. The honey cinnamon will remind you of the graham crackers from your childhood and the chocolate brownie has the perfect amount of chocolate sweetness. Sweetened with coconut sugar at only 7 grams of sugar per serving you can feel good about your family enjoying these!

The soft baked bars are a great alternative to granola bars and are easy to toss in a purse for a quick snack on the go. Made with almond flour they are certified Gluten-Free, Grain Free, Corn Free, Gum Free for all your dietary needs. Available in 5 flavors for everyone in your family: dark chocolate almond, spiced carrot cake, peanut butter chocolate chip, nutty banana bread, and the new chocolate brown flavor.

Lastly, snag these stuffed sandwich cookies for a sweet treat without being loaded with sugar and full of ingredients you are wanting to avoid. Enjoy a cashew cream or peanut butter sandwich, both made without artificial indigents and sweetened only with coconut sugar. So you can enjoy these almost guilt free! After indulging at your wine and cheese party, Simple Foods offers a refreshingly healthy change of pace!

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Hopehummus Header Novanilla

When it comes to dips, hummus is sometimes considered the underdog. But with Hope Food’s variety of flavors and recipes, you’ll be craving hummus every day! Whether you need a late-night snack or wine and cheese party dips for a work gathering, hummus can do the trick!

Hope Foods has an exquisite original hummus dip that is packed with tantalizing flavors! They also offer unique flavors like jalapeno cilantro, black garlic, spicy avocado, Thai coconut curry, roasted red pepper, and avocado lime. There’s truly something for everyone in this diverse lineup!

At Hope Foods, they believe that every bite should be an adventure. That’s why their team of culinary experts has worked so hard to meticulously craft their collection of innovative hummus recipes that will take your snacking game to a whole new level. Grab your veggies and chips and let’s get dipping!

This ultimate cocktail, wine and cheese party is bound to leave your guests impressed and your heart full. As you bring together the finest sips, delectable bites, and a dash of your unique flair, remember that hosting a wine and cheese party is about more than just food and drinks. It’s a chance to create memories, foster connections, and indulge in the simple pleasures of life. As you craft cocktails, assemble the wine and cheese list, and set up snacks, don’t forget to enjoy and indulge in these amazing products and brands!

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