25 Delectable Holiday Party Treats: Delightful Food, Drinks, and Desserts

Planning the perfect holiday party does not have to be difficult. Just focus on the staples – quality food, unique drinks, delicious coffee, and tasty sweets. When you have the right combination, everything falls into place for your holiday party. Invite the family. Invite your friends. And, toast the holidays with these holiday party ideas.

Perfect Holiday Party Food

Holy Grail Steak Co.


Looking for a memorable holiday meal that really makes an impression? Turn to Holy Grail Steak Co. Their Upper Prime Black Angus Tomahawk is a complete showstopper at the dinner table. Cut from the upper part of the marbling spectrum, this epic Tomahawk steak is as tender, juicy, and delicious as it gets! Better keep the holiday party intimate though – this center-cut, bone-in ribeye and ribcap feeds three to four people, and you’re more than likely not going to want to share!


Your Hanukkah celebration wouldn’t be complete this year without a savory, succulent brisket, would it? Well, you’re in luck! Holy Grail Steak Co. has what you need to make your Festival of Lights that much brighter. The exclusive Santa Carota Carrot Fed Prestige Brisket was previously only available at top butcher shops and high-end restaurants, but now you can get it delivered right to your door! This delicious find comes from humanely raised cattle fed a 95 percent carrot-based diet, which adds to the beef’s amazing flavor, tenderness, and health benefits.


Finally, it wouldn’t be a Christmas holiday party without a sweet and savory ham as the centerpiece of the dinner table. Give your traditional main course a major upgrade this year with a Kurobuta Ham, and delight friends and family with this elevated version of a classic feast. Holy Grail Steak Co. Kurobuta pork features lush marbling which adds superior texture and flavor. Plus, it’s hormone-free and antibiotic-free, which results in impeccable quality and flavor that’s definitely worth celebrating!



Many people give wine gifts for the holidays. Why not be unique? Give the gift that everyone will enjoy – the gift of gourmet cheese, or make your charcuterie board at your holiday party the envy of all the neighbors. The Belgian Cheese Tasting Gift Box includes 7.5 ounces of four amazing types of cheese – Fontal, Chimay Trappiste with Beer, Chimay Vieux, and Belgian-Bru XL. The gift box also includes igourmet’s signature cheese knife and Carr’s Water Crackers.

The smooth, rich Fontal cheese is perfectly shaved over vegetables or served on dark, nutty bread. The semi-hard Chimay Trappiste with Beer is so creamy. It is made by the Trappist monks of Scourmont. It is washed in Chimay Ale and matured for six weeks. After aging for 14 months, the Belgian Bru-XL boasts deep flavors with notes of caramel and hints of butterscotch. Don’t rule out the Chimay Vieux. This firm-textured cheese is for everyone, not just cheese connoisseurs. But those who appreciate a good cheese at a holiday party will enjoy its sweet bouquet and notice its soft, toasty finish.


Extra blue cheese, please. Make the cheese connoisseurs’ dream come true with the gift of the Blue Cheese Assortment. The assortment, which makes an excellent hostess gift, includes four 7.5 ounce wedges of amazing blue cheese varieties. The flavorful Long Clawson Royal Blue Stilton DOP Cheese is one of a handful of British cheeses granted the status of “protected designation origin.” That means only cheese made according to a strict code and produced in the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire can be called Stilton.

The extra, creamy mild Paladin Blue is from German Cheesemaker Paladin. Paladin does crumble but has enough moisture that it can be served in slices, too. The Fourme d’Ambert is a full-bodied cave-aged creamy, French blue cheese. Rounding out the assortment is the Mountain Gorgonzola. The beautiful cheese boasts a white interior laced with blue streaks. It is delicious in a salad or on a plate drizzled with honey.


Looking for an excellent cheese to go with your dry white wine on your tree-trimming holiday party night? The Raw Milk Raclette Rubbed in White Wine Cheese is perfect for your holiday charcuterie board. It is fruit-forward and nutty. It tastes great with just about everything from cured meats to vegetables. The French Raclette made in the Savoie department of the Rhône-Alps region is perfect for melting. In addition to specialty cheeses, igourmet offers an international assortment of monthly food subscriptions and Meal Kits. Igourmet offers unique selections for the foodie in your life and for your holiday party spread.

Hickory Farms


Find the perfect holiday party gift for that special someone from Hickory Farms. The Happy Hanukkah Wine & Snack Collection is the perfect treat to kick back and enjoy the festival of lights. This gorgeous gift box contains savory All-Natural Beef Summer Sausage, gourmet Belgian Ale Mustard, an indulgent bottle of Generosity Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon, delicious Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, and of course, a festive Dreidel and some Chocolate Gelt! What more could you ask for? 


The Here Comes Cheer Holiday Gift Basket is sure to bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face! After all, who could resist this wonderland of delightful snacks and treats? The gift basket includes:

  • Signature Beef Summer Sausage
  • Smoked Cheddar Blend
  • Mission Jack Blend
  • Smoked Gouda Blend
  • Sweet Hot Mustard
  • Belgian Ale Mustard
  • Golden Toasted Crackers
  • Olive Oil & Rosemary Crackers
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
  • Signature Chocolate Collection
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Whether you take one home for a holiday happy hour, send to a loved one across miles, or bring the holiday party to your next gathering, taste buds will be merry with the Happy Hanukkah Wine & Snack Collection and Here Comes Cheer Holiday Gift Basket from Hickory Farms!

Biens Chocolate Centerpieces

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Everyone loves chocolate truffles and this holiday season deck your table with a Biens Chocolate Truffle Tower for the ultimate edible centerpiece. Whether you are looking for a delicious gift to share, a centerpiece for your table, or a dessert for your holiday party, the Biens Chocolate Truffle Towers are a fun and fabulous way to celebrate this season. These delectable desserts that are perfect for sharing with friends and family are dipped in white and milk chocolate, striped in red and white and wrapped in a beautiful serving platter perfect for placing right on the table. Containing 50 Biens Truffles, these towers are also nut-free and kosher, making them an edible holiday treat for all!



A Pastene Specialty Gift Box puts a smile on just about everyone’s face. It makes meal planning simple for anyone’s holiday party. The giant gift box comes with six 1-pound varieties of pasta (gnocchi, mafaldine, trivella, regine, spaghetti, and linguine). It also comes with Kitchen Ready Spaghetti Sauce and Tomato Basil Sauce, which is perfect for a holiday party.


In addition, the Pastene Specialty Gift Box comes with 14 ounces of Italian plum tomatoes, 7 ounces of roasted peppers, 6.5 ounces of marinated artichokes, 8 ounces of minced garlic, 10 ounces of kalamata olives, and 3 ounces of tuna. The Italian pasta lover in your family will love the Pastene Specialty Gift Box.


The Pastene Gluten Free Gift Box lets your gluten-free friend whip up an easy and delicious holiday party meal, too. It comes with gluten-free penne rigate, arborio rice, basil pesto, tomato basil sauce, and grated parmesan cheese. Delicious. For the past 145 years, Pastene has brought quality ingredients to the dinner table. Pastene is run today by Chris and Mark Tosi, sixth-generation family members of the founder, Pietro Pastene. Pastene is headquartered in Canton, Mass.

Eastern Standard Provisions


Looking to start your winter break breakfast off right? You can’t go wrong with Eastern Standard Provisions! The Gourmet Liège Belgian Waffle Gift Box will make any holiday a little brighter. After all, nothing says “good morning“ like artisan waffles, delicious toppers, and decadent sauces!

This picture-perfect gift box includes:

  • Eight Liège Belgian Waffles
  • French Toast Sugar
  • Strawberries & Cream Topper
  • Peanut Butter Caramel Sauce
  • Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce
  • And a Happy Holidays sticker on the box!

Sounds great, right? Well, this was selected as one of Oprah‘s Favorite Things for 2021 for a reason! Grab some snacks from Eastern Standard Provisions for an extra-special Christmas morning this year.

Perfect Holiday Party Drinks

Holiday Party2 1

A holiday party can be as simple as an after-work Happy Hour or as elaborate as you want to make it with lights and decorations. But of course, a holiday party needs a holiday drink so you can toast the holidays, your friends and your family.

IZO Spirits


The all-natural Extra Añejo Cristalino Tequila is the newest handcrafted spirit from IZO. The Añejo Cristalino Tequila is made with 100 percent blue agave. The tequila has a pure, smooth sweet vanilla flavor produced in Jalisco, Mexico. It boasts deep aromas of vanilla and chocolate. It is aged for three years in oak barrels. The color and impurities are removed through a special carbon filtration process. The clear tequila is excellent by itself or can be used to make the most amazing margaritas. Extra Añejo Cristalino won Best Tequila of the Year and Best Spirit from Mexico at the 2021 London International Spirits Competition. IZO Spirits also makes several varieties of hand-crafted Mezcal, Bacanora, and Sotol.

Dutcher Crossing


Some wines are meant to be enjoyed now or saved for later, that is why we suggest buying two 2016 Dutchess Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy one now at your holiday party, and save one for 5 to 15 years! This is a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon that is meant to be sipped and savored. Full of rich tannins, with a silky smooth finish and warm berry flavors. There is a reason that this one got 91 points by Wine & Spirit in addition to many other awards!


With the holidays right around the corner, there is no better time than now to add Dutcher Crossing 2014 Port Zinfandel to your bar. Cap your holiday party off with the perfect dessert wine that is meant to be shared now or store in your cellar for a future holiday. With notes of dried fruits, spices, and nuts, this port pairs perfectly with your favorite type of chocolate and a roaring fire.



2018 de Coelo Quintus Pinot Noir is the perfect integration of silky tannins and refreshing acid that you want in a solid Pinot Noir. Full of concentrated black cherry, raspberry, and a bit of sea air mixed together with a perfect amount of barrel spice. You will love the layers of complexity with a hint of minerality that makes this wine perfect for a special gathering that you want to enjoy with good company.


A good wine blend not only has balance and complexity it is also well rounded and will leave you wanting to open another bottle. Benziger’s 2017 Oonapais is a biodynamically farmed wine blend of 37 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 32 percent Merlot, 17 percent Malbec, and 14 percent Cabernet Franc. With structured tannins that give way to rich flavors of dark fruits, spice, and mocha with a proper smooth finish. You will want to grab more than one of these award-winning bottles for your holiday party!

Grain & Barrel Spirits


Grain & Barrel Spirits partnered with Elvis Presley Enterprises to create two Elvis Presley-inspired whiskeys that will make a unique gift this holiday season. Elvis’ fans will love the iconic photos of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” featured on both bottles. The 90-proof Elvis Rye (a straight Indiana rye) tastes of oak, butterscotch, and vanilla. It finishes velvet smooth.

The amber-colored rye comes in the bottle labeled “The King.” The 90-proof Elvis Whiskey (a Tennessee straight whiskey) tastes of maple and crème brulée, with soft notes of apple. The gold-colored whiskey comes in a bottle labeled “Tiger Man,” another of Elvis’ popular nicknames. “TCB” (Taking Care of Business) is printed on the neck of both labels, which were created by Alyson Design, LLC.

Elvis sold more than 1 billion records worldwide, starred in 33 films, and won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Grain & Barrel Spirits makes a variety of craft spirits perfect for your holiday party.

Mash and Grape


Smooth yet complex, the new Walker’s Cay Bourbon will satisfy both the bourbon connoisseur and the new bourbon drinker. The light, sweet, straight bourbon whiskey was produced at Green River Distilling Co. in Owensboro, KY, aged in new Missouri oak barrels, and finished with sherry cask staves.

Walker’s Cay Bourbon was created by Steven Busch, owner of King Spirits and great-great-grandson of Anheuser-Busch founder Adolphus Busch. The bourbon is named after an island in the Bahamas where Busch loves to fish, a portion of the profits are donated to non-profits in the Bahamas to assist local communities.


The exceptionally smooth, crisp Hope Town Vodka is handcrafted in small batches in Charleston, South Carolina. The vodka is clean, subtly sweet, and full of character. Hope Town Vodka boasts a slightly sweet taste. It is distilled 6 times and is available in Original and Lime flavors. Hopetown Vodka is all-natural and gluten-free. Busch’s inspiration for the Vodka comes from a tiny village in Elbow Cay, located in the Abaco chain of islands in the northern Bahamas.

Don Q


The Don Q Gran Reserva rum is delicious neat or in classic cocktails like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Enjoy the balance between sweet and dry as you sip slowly and enjoy the moment with friends. The rum in the blend is aged 9 to 12 years in American white oak barrels, combined with the solera rum aged more than 55 years. Gran Reserva XO boasts notes of baked apples, citrus fruits, and roasted nuts.


The bright, light Don Q Reserva 7 Puerto Rican rum takes you to the beach in the Caribbean as you sip your cocktail this year’s holiday party. It is aged a minimum of seven years in American white oak barrels. Six generations of the Serrallés family for more than 150 years have refined the craft of rum making. Since 2017, Don Q earned gold each year at the World Spirits Awards. Don Q takes an eco-conscious approach at their distillery working diligently to preserve the environment.



Santa can make some people very happy on his list when he stuffs stockings with Ohza, the original champagne cocktail in a can. Ohza is a light refreshing ready-to-go drink that boasts fewer calories and less sugar than traditional mimosas. It is made with 100 percent juice and premium sparkling wine. Ohza comes in four yummy flavors: Cranberry Mimosa, Classic Mimosa, Classic Bellini, and Mango Mimosa.

Do you love a cranberry Christmas? The Cranberry Mimosa is a dry full-flavored balance of cranberry juice and Ohza’s signature zero sugar bubbly. Of course, the Classic Mimosa is made with orange juice for a traditional flavor. But for a twist, try the Classic Bellini (made with peach juice), and the Mango Mimosa (made with, you guessed it, mango juice). Stock the fridge for easy delicious, drinks for holiday brunch or holiday party.


7 Deadly


Offer guests something sinful at your next holiday party with 7 Deadly. Their 7 Deadly Zins blend is layered, complex, and indulgent. With aromas of leather and oak and tastes of jammy berries and spices, this 2017 Old Vine Zinfandel is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit!


If you’re seeking a wine with even more flavor, turn to 7 Deadly Red. Festive aromas of cranberry and ripe cherries are completely appropriate for the season. Flavors of blackberry, plum, and spice will delight your palate as you enjoy this magical time with family and catch up with good friends.


On the seventh day of Christmas, know what our true love gave to us? 7 Deadly Cab! Bring on the Christmas cheer with this full-bodied and seductive 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon. You can’t beat flavors of dreamy blackberry along with notes of vanilla and mocha. This sassy, well-structured cab from 7 Deadly will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree all season long.



OMG! Adult juice boxes! How fun. You can stuff stockings this year with Buzzbox, premium single-serve, ready-to-drink cocktails. The delicious Buzzbox cocktails include the Perfect Margarita, Cuban Mojito, Classic Cosmo, Vodka Lemonade, Long Island, Whiskey Lemonade, Classic Greyhound, Bloody Mary, and Hurricane.

Buzzbox combines top-shelf, premium spirits with fresh ingredients in an eco-friendly pack. The Perfect Margarita is made with Buzzbox’s own hand-crafted triple sec, lime, and citrus combined with premium tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. You won’t believe that you are drinking from an adult juice box and not a beautiful glass on a beach vacation.

Each Buzzbox cocktail is expertly mixed to create an excellent drink. Buzzbox can be tossed in the fridge, chilled, and ready to drink when you are. Or put Buzzbox in a cooler and head out on an adventure. Of course, you can pour the beautiful drinks into a glass, but it is fun to drink straight from the box at your holiday party. Buzzbox is made in a state-of-the-art sustainable facility with a small carbon footprint in Coachella Valley, California.

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Vido Vodka


A smooth addition to any holiday party or bar cart, Vido Vodka is the well-rounded spirit we long for during those long, cold winter days and nights. Vibrant, aromatic, and silky smooth, it is what makes cocktails stand out, smiles get wider, and hugs feel warmer.

Premium wine grapes harvested at the peak of perfection are distilled in small batches to yield this holiday spirit that you won’t want to put down. With satisfaction in every sip, Vido Vodka makes a great stocking stuffer or party gift, and it’s so delicious that we’re certain it won’t last very long.

Tribute Wine


Originating from a family-owned winery, Tribute Wine has crafted “wines with character” that showcase robust flavors and definitive personality. With 4 wines to choose from, wine enthusiasts will love sampling the deliciously memorable options from the whites of a Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to traditional reds of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. Each wine has its own unique and notable taste but every selection has consistent qualities that make Tribute wine drinkers keep coming back for more.



Say “cheers” to the new year with a sinfully sweet limoncello from Pallini. Since 1875, the Pallini family has been creating a deliciously decadent liqueur from non-pesticide Sfusato Amalfitano lemons. These unique lemons are large and heavy, and as they are hand-harvested, they are immediately taken to the distillery to be used in creating these delicious treats.

This holiday season, try Pallini in its original lemon flavor or think outside the “lemon” with Peachcello and Raspicello. Regardless of how you sip it, Pallini will keep your season bright and your holiday party sweet.

13 Celsius


This is an award-winning Sauvignon Blanc from the world-renowned region of Marlborough, New Zealand that will delight you and at a price point that will not break the bank. This 13 Celsius Sauvignon Blanc is crafted from the finest grapes, with notes of citrus, lychee, and sweet herbs. A refreshing wine that is crisp with hints of minerals that is paired best with fresh seafood, bright or spicy flavors, or on its own in front of a winter fire.

Perfect Holiday Party Coffees

A holiday party can be as simple as a warm cup of coffee with friends. It’s delicious fun to catch up, enjoy the lights on the tree with a tasty coffee.

Grounds & Hounds


Parents everywhere can agree that one of the things we look forward to the most during these cold, winter months is a hot cup of coffee. When that coffee comes from Grounds & Hounds, it makes it all the better! This season, enjoy a cup of Snow Day Winter Roast. This fan-favorite is a blend of 100% organic beans from Sumatra, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, and Colombia and comes together to create a dark and savory coffee that’s perfect for those extra-cold days.

Is it really the Christmas season without chocolate? The short answer: no. Thankfully, the Hot Chocolate Starter Kit has everything for anything you may be craving! This kit includes one bag of premium, vegan, and gluten-free sipping chocolate that is perfect for sipping on your own or gifting to one of your lucky loved ones.

Pair this kit with the Dark Chocolate Dipped Espresso Beans for the ultimate pick-me-up! These craft-roasted espresso beans are dipped into G&H dark chocolate. Grab a handful, and your sweet tooth and energy levels will be totally satisfied.


Finally, cap off the evening’s festivities with a slice of your favorite dessert and the best cup of coffee. The Perfect With Pie Coffee is only available for a limited time, but this medium roast blend is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Light enough to compliment any dessert, this coffee will have your guests sitting back and perhaps for another slice-or two.

When you choose Grounds & Hounds, you’re not only choosing high-quality beverages and sweets, you’re also supporting sweet rescue pups, which makes this holiday treat a tough one to beat!

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Dietary restrictions don’t mean missing out on your favorite holiday flavors. In fact, with Nutpods, the holiday has never been healthier or tasted so good! Enjoy pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, and holiday nog without dairy and sugar but enjoy the creaminess that we all look for in our holiday brews. Use these in your coffee or add some fun flavors to your holiday recipes. With Nutpods Winter Collection, the holiday flavors you love are here to stay.

Perfect Holiday Party Sweets

The holidays are made sweeter with delectable sweets and treats. Homemade, store-bought, or ordered online. It’s the season for good eats.

Scottish Grocer


Do you have a friend on your gift list who is a super fan of Outlander or the Last Kingdom? If so, you might want to indulge them with a treat from the Scottish Grocer, a one-stop online shop for authentic, traditional Scottish foods, treats, and home goods. The Whisky Delights Selection is a wonderful gift basket for those who enjoy a dram or two.

Everything comes in a jute bag: Whisky Tea, Whiskey Coffee, Single Malt Whisky Fudge, Whisky Marmalade, Scotch Whisky Cake, Mrs. Bridges Ginger Preserve with Malt Whiskey, Stockan’s Thick Cut Oakcakes and Shortbread House Shortbread Bites. The perfect treats to enjoy this winter. But that’s not all, The Whisky Delights Selection also includes The Highland Soap Co. Whisky & Honey Candle and Hand Wash.  


How can you go wrong with The Scottish Grocer’s Baileys Irish Cream Fudge Caramels Tin? A treat for any occasion, this tasty fudge combines caramel and Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur that is both rich and delightful. Filled with an 8.8-ounce portion of quality gluten-free fudge, each piece is individually twist wrapped. Such a fun hostess gift.

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Beckon Ice Cream


Ice cream is a timeless dessert worthy of love and indulgence. For those who have discovered they can no longer enjoy the delightfully radiant flavors of ice cream, Beckon Ice Cream has made lactose-free ice cream worthy of mouth-watering praise. Being lactose intolerant is absolutely no fun and Beckon Ice Cream understands this so they made flavorful ice cream for everyone. Most of their flavors come in cup and pint sizes and yes, they have everyone’s classical favorites.

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Dark Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla, or Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, is just the beginning, there’s a flavor for everyone to enjoy! Be sure to grab the Snack Packs for the littles. Keep them happy with just the right amount of ice cream and a fun topping to create the ultimate ice cream experience at home.

For those that are adulting (and beyond) enjoy the full-sized, brand new, limited edition, Crushed Candy Cane Brownie flavor available at Whole Foods and Sprouts. Dive into this holiday season with a sweet tooth for delightfully flavored, basically like ice cream, lactose-free Beckon Ice Cream – for the whole family.



Our favorite one-stop edible cookie dough shop, DoughP has launched its limited-edition holiday flavors to indulge in some sweetness for the holiday season. This addicting treat can be eaten directly from the container or used to make homemade cookies or other desserts.

The Build Your Own Holiday flavors include the Obligatory Fall Flavor which is a traditional pumpkin spice; the Santa’s Doughp, a deconstructed milk, and cookies; Rudolph’s Reindough, a spiced hot chocolate; and the Pretzel Brittle, a toffee with pretzel pieces. These packs make for great gourmet gifts and custom boxes are available to select flavors of your choice.

Color My Cookie


Cookie lovers! Get ready for a fantastic and fun cookie decorating activity. Undoubtedly, decorating cookies is one of the best parts of the holidays. The Winter Wonderland Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit from Color My Cookie is here to level up your cookie decoration game!


The Winter Wonderland Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit comes with six cookies to decorate. Choose from winter hats, hot cocoa mugs, and ice skates – plus an edible paint pallet cookie, edible food-grade watercolors, and two paintbrushes. Just grab a cup of water, and apply tasty icing, colorful sprinkles, and decor. For some added inspiration, check out the link to an online cookie decor tutorial taught by a professional chef. It’s the complete package!

Everyone can throw together a wonderful holiday party with these awesome ideas for delicious food, unique drinks, rich coffee, and sweet treats. Combine friends and family with great food and drink and it is a recipe for holiday memories to be made.

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