20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under $75 Dollars For Those Who Don’t Want Anything

With the holiday season right around the corner, the time for Christmas lists are drawing a close line. When shopping for loved ones, sometimes we are in a position where we need to shop-on-sale this year. This list of gifts under $75 dollars has got you covered in that department. Search no further for the perfect unique Christmas gifts for the important people in your life this year. Here you will find a gift for every special person in your life.

Dark Moon Crystals

Dark Moon Crystals are home to some of the most beautiful crystals, Tarot cards, and oracle decks on the market. This holiday season make sure to find a gift for everyone on your list with Dark Moon Crystals. When searching for unique Christmas gifts for your loved ones, Starlight Frequencies Oracle Deck is a stunning and affordable choice when searching for a gift under $75. This forty-four card deck comes with a guidebook and magnetic flip box. Each card is decorated with rainbow holographic foil and gilding to make for a gorgeous oracle deck.

These cards are embedded with codes with multiple meanings to help you understand your readings. The accompanying guidebook provides some guidance on some of the codes and what they mean for your life and situation. The Starlight Frequencies Oracle Deck will be loved by those interested in Tarot and Oracle readings.

Another wonderful option is the Terra Qi Goddess Oracle Bundle. This impressive bundle pairs the Terra Qi Goddess Oracle Deck with the TQ Crystal Kit to supercharge your readings with powerful crystals. Each Terra Qi Goddess Oracle Bundle contains the exquisite Terra Qi Goddess Oracle Deck, one Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone, one Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone, one Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone, one Moss Agate Tumbled Stone, and a cotton drawstring bag to stop transport and store your stones. The Terra Qi Goddess Oracle Bundle is a perfect beginners kit for those on your gift list just getting started with Tarot and Oracle readings.

Starlight Frequencies Oracle Deck | Terra Qi Goddess Oracle Bundle
Dark Moon Crystals | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Tiktok

Third Love

Third Love is dedicated to providing women with the most comfortable bras, underwear, shapewear, and loungewear possible in the most financially friendly way. You should not have to sacrifice comfort for support and Third Love has designed products that do both. Third Love’s Form Seamless Scoop Bralette is the perfect gift under 75 for any woman on your gift list this year. Each bralette is completely seamless and has 4-way stretch technology to provide an invisible and comfortable fit while still providing the support you need. The Form Seamless Scoop Bralette comes in four immaculate colors and eight different sizes from an extra-large to a three XL to fit every woman. 

The matching brief panties are the perfect thing to make you feel beautiful as well as supported every day. Give your best friend or the woman in your life the gift of comfort this year with the Third Love Form Seamless Scoop Bralette.

Form Seamless Scoop Bralette
Third Love | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Little Biscuits

Little Biscuits understands that children have a lot to say and write. This company set out to create notepads where kids can do just that in forms, just in time for unique Christmas gift shopping on a budget. With the line of inclusive child-sized notebooks, your child will always have the perfect place to let their creativity flourish for under 75.

Each notebook is illustrated with an adorable child that your little artist can use to design clothes, draw scenes around, and decorate. The children showcased on each notebook are illustrated in a manner that will appeal to kids of all ages. The illustrations are also inclusive and represent children of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and genders.

Each notebook is produced using high quality paper that will stand up to markers, crayons, and even paint. This is the ideal, unique Christmas gift this year! The notebooks are sized to be friendly for little hands and to be easily toted around in a backpack or purse. It is the perfect gift this season to foster creativity in your budding artists.

Little Biscuits Notepads
Little Biscuits | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Show Her Off

20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

Today more than ever, our busy schedules have taken over and between work and running a household, our romantic relationships can suffer. While scheduling a date night is always good advice, it often isn’t always financially practical or easy to make time to go out. Show Her Off offers a wonderful solution by providing a virtual Date Night Dancing from the comfort of your home for under 75.

This fun and educational date night allows you and your partner to take dancing lessons in the privacy of your home without being embarrassed by having others see you dance. No need to get all dressed up when you can stay in, learn a new skill, and have a romantic at home date night.

Date Night Dancing is perfect for new dancers with no prior experience. Once you purchase the date night experience for under 75 dollars, you will receive links to a private YouTube channel with instructional videos to teach you how to dance to any music you prefer. You and your partner will be able to move through the lessons at your own pace and watch each video as many times as you like.

By the end of your date, you will both be dancing pros! This holiday season, the gift of time together and intimate relationship building will thrill and delight your partner while strengthening your relationship. Growing in your relationship is the best possible gift!

Show Her Off Date Night Dancing
Show Her Off | Facebook

You Gotta Be Kitten Me

If you are looking for a fast paced game that is sure to delight everyone at your next family game night or holiday get together, check out You Gotta Be Kitten Me! Kids and adults alike will love this game as they rave about their favorite unique Christmas gifts this year. A cross between Uno and Liar’s Dice, You Gotta Be Kitten Me! features adorable animal pictures with fun accessories. The game can be played with up to ten players and is recommended for ages ten and over.

You Gotta Be Kitten Me! is also the perfect game when you are short on time or balling on a budget this holiday season. For under 75 dollars, this game can be played all the way through in about thirty minutes, without breaking the bank. With cutthroat competition, You Gotta Be Kitten Me! will be sure to take any get together to the next level and delight any board game lover on your gift list this year!

20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

You Gotta Be Kitten Me!
You Gotta Be Kitten Me!

Art of the Root

Art of the Root is a quaint new-age boutique that specializes in hand-blended products such as aromatherapy blends, herbal soaps, bath salts, oils, lotions, perfumes, and candles. Herbal soaps such as the Blessing Soap for Abundance, Peace, Good Fortune, Spirituality, and Well-being or the Calming Shea Herbal Soap for Anxiety, Stress, Tension, and Discord, would make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Wish your friends success and luck with Abundance Lotion or Crown of Success Lotion.

Art of the Root also carries a variety of affordable conjuring oils designed to bring you or your loved one’s success, love, prosperity, and so much more for under 75 dollars. Try the Abundance Oil for Success and Prosperity or the King Midas Oil for Riches and Wealth. Sure to fit your list of unique Christmas gifts this year, The Art of Root’s entire line of products are perfect for gift giving or as stocking stuffers this holiday season. From oils to soaps to incense, your sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season.

Blessing Soap | Calming Shea Herbal Soap | Abundance Lotion | Crown of Success Lotion | Abundance Oil | King Midas Oil
Art of the Root | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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FabKids is dedicated to creating unique and original children’s clothing that is durable as well as comfortable. This year their line of cat-themed clothing is the perfect gift for any kitty-loving girls in your life. Your darling will love the Right Meow Pack with a complete outfit consisting of an adorable drawstring waist dress and super soft leggings for under 75 dollars! Pair her new outfit with the Copy Cats Pack so that her backpack and lunchbox will match her outfit perfectly. When she gets home from school, she can relax in the luxurious Take a Cat Nap Onesie pajamas and matching cat slippers.

In addition to shopping conventionally with FabKids, they also offer a VIP Membership which allows you to have adorable clothes selected for your child and sent to you each month. That way, the fun styles don’t have to end with unique Christmas gifts! You can choose to buy the articles of clothing or save your credits for future purchases. It is an excellent way to keep your child’s wardrobe refreshed and fun for under 75 dollars.

Copy Cats Pack | Take a Cat Nap Onesie
FabKids | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Youtube

LilGadgets Headphones

For the little ones on your gift list this holiday season, LilGadgets offers the perfect kid-sized headphones. LilGadgets specializes in headphones and earbuds designed for little ears. With padding for comfort and volume control, you can rest assured that your child is comfortable and their hearing is protected.

The Connect+ Headphones are the perfect pair for kids as young as three. One of the most innovative features of these headphones is the Shareport feature which allows multiple headphones to be connected to one device without using a splitter. These make the perfect unique Christmas gift under 75 dollars this year! The Connect+ Headphones are padded for comfort and are foldable so they can easily be taken on the go.

The Connect+ Pro is a great option for kids over the age of six. Like the Connect+, the Connect+ Pro has Shareport technology and is padded for comfort. These headphones limit the volume so that little ears are protected. For the older children on your gift list, LilGadgets BestBuds headphones are perfect. Let your tweenagers enjoy their music with volume limited earbuds to protect their hearing. Each set also comes with three different earbud covers to help your child find the perfect fit.

LilGadgets Connect+ Headphones | LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Headphones | LilGadgets BestBuds
LilGadgets | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Nite Ize

As the world shut down because of the pandemic, so many of us turned to the great outdoors to occupy our time and get out of the house while still social distancing. For many, that time spent outdoors turned into a love of hiking and camping. It is always important to have the right gear when camping so for the outdoor lovers on your gift list this year, the Nite Ize Radiant 400 Lantern is sure to be a hit.

The Nite Ize Radiant 400 Lantern puts out a robust 400 lumen light and comes with a unique light-diffusing bag to make the light feel less harsh when you need to, for just 75 dollars. In addition, the lantern has three different brightness levels so you can always find just the right amount of light for your situation.The perfect unique Christmas gift for the camper in your life.

An attached carabiner makes it easy to care when your hands are full. The lantern is powered by three D-Cell batteries and has the ability to run for up to 800 hours when used on the lowest setting making it perfect for not only camping trips but also power outages. Make sure your friends and family members are prepared for everything from power outages to long camping trips this holiday season with the Nite Ize Radiant 400 Lantern.

Nite Ize Radiant 400 Lantern
Nite Ize | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn

Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals harnesses the power of medicinal plants in supplements such as teas, capsules, and lozenges to help you naturally support your bodily systems in a budget-friendly manner. To deliver quality products, Traditional Medicinals works hard to provide organic, natural, wild-collected herbs. These products would be perfect gifts for your closest families and friends to help them support their health daily in a healthy and natural way for under 75 dollars this Christmas.

Organic Reishi Mushroom with Rooibos & Orange Peel Tea is a sweet and citrus flavored tea that contains organic ingredients to support the body’s immune system and to help keep the body in a natural state of balance. It’s gentle enough to be used daily. Organic Licorice Root Tea works effectively to soothe the digestive tract after those rich holiday meals. It also supports the respiratory system to help you fight off those winter colds.

20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

Organic Moringa with Spearmint & Sage Tea is an earthy flavored tea that is designed to help you be your healthiest self. This refreshing tea provides daily support to keep your bodily systems functioning in peak condition for. Any one of these teas would be the perfect gift for the health-conscious friend on your list this year. 

Organic Reishi Mushroom with Rooibos & Orange Peel Tea | Organic Licorice Root Tea | Organic Moringa with Spearmint & Sage Tea
Traditional Medicinals | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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PowerA offers all the accessories to delight the gamers in your life. For the Nintendo Switch players, the PowerA Enhance Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch offers fund graffiti style prints to liven up the playing experience. The PowerA Enhance Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch in Pokemon: Graffiti print combines punk style with the classic Pokemon Pikachu to delight Pokemon fans while the PowerA Enhance Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch in Blood Moon Zelda offers a more classic style print to appeal to those who love the classic Nintendo games such as Zelda.

Each controller is under 75 dollars and is licensed by Nintendo while using Bluetooth technology to function wirelessly. Two precision-tuned analog sticks and Nintendo Switch system buttons make the PowerA Enhance Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch functional as well as visually cool.

20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

For those that like to take their gaming on the go, the PowerA Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon: Snorlax is a great choice. A durable outer shell and a molder interior with a soft lining offers the ultimate protection for your gaming system. Game storage for up to six game cards is also included within the case. PowerA’s line of gaming gear will make every gamer giddy with excitement this holiday season! 

PowerA Enhance Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch in Pokemon: Graffiti | PowerA Enhance Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch in Blood Moon Zelda | PowerA Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon: Snorlax 
PowerA | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter

The Sleepy Tie 

For the women with beautiful hair in your life, the Sleepy Tie is the perfect thoughtful and budget friendly gift this year for healthier hair. The Sleepy Tie is a silk ponytail holder with a revolutionary design that helps protect your hair while you are sleeping. Use the Sleepy Tie to wrap your hair in a bun every night before bed to protect your strands from movement during the night and strain that can result from laying on your hair.

The Sleepy Tie is made from silk to protect your hair from breakage and to help prolong your salon style or blowout. This ultimately reduces the need for heat styling which adds even more protection for your hair. The Sleepy Tie is available for under 75 dollars this season and is the perfect stocking stuffer for all the women in your life this holiday season. 

The Sleepy Tie | Facebook | Instagram  

3Bros Cookies

Stroopwafels are traditional Dutch cookies best served warm with a cup of coffee or tea and they are the perfect affordable and unique Christmas gift for the person on your holiday gift list with a sweet tooth. Each cookie combines two thin wafers filled with stroop, or syrup, to create a delicate treat.

It is traditional to place your stroopwafel on the top of a hot mug of tea or coffee so that the steam from the beverage can soften the cookies and every so slightly warm the syrup creating a delicious experience. 3Bros Cookies started with a Dutch American family baking authentic stroopwafel cookies in their home. As their popularity increased, the family scaled their business to a commercial size and are now able to provide stroopwafels for everyone at an affordable cost under 75 dollars.

3Bros Cookies can be purchased in sets of eight, twenty-four, forty-eight, or ninety-six. If you’re looking for excellent stocking stuffers, 3Bros Cookies can be ordered individually wrapped as well.

In addition to traditional stroopwafel cookies, 3Bros Cookies also offers chocolate-dipped stroopwafels that can be dipped in milk chocolate, white chocolate, or ruby chocolate and then finished off with a variety of toppings including bacon, coconut, M&Ms, Nerds candy, or seasonal sprinkles. 3Bros Cookies are the perfect way to add some sweetness to your holiday celebrations this year.

Stroopwafels | Chocolate-Dipped Stroopwafels  
3Bros Cookies | Facebook | Instagram

Lightscapes Candle

20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

One of the most comforting things about the holiday season is the atmosphere our decorated home full of friends and family can create. For many of us, that atmosphere isn’t complete without the soft glow of candlelight. Lightscapes Candles has the perfect candles with amazing scent profiles to accent the perfect holiday atmosphere. Each Lightscapes Candle is made from an eco-friendly blend of soy and coconut wax and includes a certified lead-free candlewick for under 75 dollars this Christmas.

In addition to tantalizing scents, Lightscapes Candles also offers a variety of candle styles as well. Mercury Glass Stackable Christmas Tree Candles are the perfect accent to your Christmas decor. The white cypress scent will add a cozy warmth to any room with notes of cypress, clove, and balsam.

Ceramic Painted Ornament Candles offer whimsical additions to any room with notes of cranberry, fir, and musk in the signature Season of Joy scent. Cozy Sweater Jar Candles offer homey scents profiles such as coffee and cream, buttered rum, and mulled wine. Whatever scent you are looking for, Lightscapes Candles is sure to have the perfect candle for your holiday gathering.

Mercury Glass Stackable Christmas Tree Candle | Ceramic Painted Ornament Candles | Cozy Sweater Jar Candles
Lightscapes Candle | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Mekhala Living

Mekhala Living is a leading Singaporean/Thai whole foods brand that provides top quality organic, nut-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly foods inspired by Asian cuisine. For the foodie who lives for Asian dishes, Mekhala Living has an array of options to please any palate at prices that won’t break the bank. Mekhala Living offers a variety of Asian flavor pastes such as Organic Thai Basil Garlic Paste, Organic Korean Chili Paste, and Organic Ginger Scallion Paste.

Not sure which flavor your recipient would like the best? Try one of Mekhala Livings variety packs like the Variety 6-Pack Organic Asian Pastes for under 75 dollars this holiday season. Spice packets, including the Organic Roasted Sesame Garlic Dressing Sachet and the Organic Pad Thai Sauce Sachet, are also great choices. The food lover on your list will be thrilled to see what they can create with these flavorful pastes and spice sachets this holiday season.

Organic Thai Basil Garlic Paste| Organic Korean Chili Paste| Organic Ginger Scallion Paste |Organic Roasted Sesame Garlic Dressing Sachet | Organic Pad Thai Sauce Sachet
Mekhala Living | Facebook | Instagram

Rocky Nook

20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

For the art enthusiast, Rocky Nook offers a plethora of books on art techniques and crafts for under 75 dollars. A great option for the loved one who loves to draw or doodle would be a drawing book such as The Art and Science of Drawing. This detailed book provides instructions built upon centuries of instructions.

With this book, you will learn both classical and contemporary drawing techniques to perfect your skills. The Art and Science of Drawing starts with basic techniques of drawing shapes, volumizing, and then moving on to more advanced techniques such as drawing figures and shading. It’s an excellent resource for artists who are just beginning to those who have been drawing for years.

The Art and Science of Drawing
Rocky Nook | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

Beat holiday stress this year with Leilo. Leilo is the first non-alcoholic relaxation drink with kava and I-theanine. Each Leilo drink is all natural with ingredients proven to help you relax, calm your head and heart, and unwind without the use of things such as alcohol.

Leilo comes in a variety of flavors including Lemon Ginger, Tango Berry, Raspberry Hibiscus, and Blackberry Orange. Each can is only forty calories making it an easy addition to your diet. Leilo Lite is also available and comes in at only ten calories. Leilo is the perfect stocking stuffer or gift this holiday season. Give the gift of calm in a can with Leilo this holiday season.

20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything

Leilo Lemon Ginger | Leilo Tango Berry | Leilo Raspberry Hibiscus | Leilo Blackberry Orange
Leilo | Facebook | Instagram

Bamboo Sheets

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for newlyweds or even college students, look no further than luxurious California Design Den Bamboo Sheets. These soft and silky Bamboo sheets offer an eco-friendly option to bedding while also providing top-quality soft, comfortable sheets. The sheets are cool and breathable for those finding themselves hot at night. Each queen-size sheet set contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases.

The sheets are also available in king and California king sizes. With six colors to choose from, matching decor styles will be a breeze, without breaking the bank. Bamboo Sheets provide eco-friendly, cooling softness this holiday season and will be one of the best and most affordable gifts beneath the tree for under 75 dollars!

California Design Den Bamboo Sheets
California Design Den | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen has become the leading company in the primal diet world. This innovative company provides sauces, dips, dressings, protein powders, and so much more that are made from whole foods and simple ingredients. For the health-conscious friends and family members on your list, consider a Primal Kitchen product to tempt their palate while still maintaining their health as a unique Christmas gift this year.

One of the best-selling Primal Kitchen products is the Buffalo Sauce Made with Cashew Butter. Another great option is Primal Kitchen’s No Dairy Classic Gravy for your holiday meals. Primal Kitchen’s Organic Unsweetened Ketchup will quickly become a staple in your kitchen. For under 75 dollars, a variety of healthy options becomes available at your doorstep. You are sure to find exactly what you need for this holiday season whether you give it as a gift or incorporate it into your holiday meals.

Buffalo Sauce Made with Cashew Butter | No Dairy Classic Gravy | Organic Unsweetened Ketchup
Primal Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram

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Comvita Honey

For the foodie in your life, Comvita Honey is the perfect unique Christmas gift this holiday season. Comvita provides Raw Manuka Honey from hives located in New Zealand. All of the honey and products offered by Comvita are UMF and Non-GMO certified. The UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) grading system is used to appraise natural markers found in Manuka honey to assess the purity and quality of the honey.

Comvita Honey prides itself in providing honey that is highly rated on the UMF grading scale. Comvita Honey offers authentic Manuka Honey with various UMF ratings from UMF20+ to UMF5+. Anyone who loves food and appreciates high-quality foods in a budget-friendly manner will love receiving Comvita Organic Honey this year. For just under 75 dollars, you can leave your tastebuds thanking you this Christmas season!

Comvita UMF5+ Manuka Honey | Comvita UMF10+ Manuka Honey | Comvita UMF20+ Manuka Honey
Comvita | Facebook | Instagram

This Christmas season it is possible to be thoughtful and fulfilling without breaking the bank. This year, shop on a budget with these finds for just under 75 dollars. Sit back, enjoy the holidays, and rest assured the gifts you plan to give are the least of your worries!

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20 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under  Dollars For Those Who Don’T Want Anything



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