25 Awesome Athletic Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your Christmas List

We all have someone in our lives who genuinely looks forward to “leg day”. Your workout buddy can be so much fun to shop for, but finding the perfect athletic gift can be a bit overwhelming. From running to tracking your miles, there are so many fun ideas this holiday season!

If you’re looking for an amazing athletic gift that will make your fitness friends feel like a Greek God, then we have the perfect list for you! From the top of the line items to the little gifts that may have slipped your mind, we have you covered!


Daily Mom Parent Portal Nordicatrack1

As the coolness of winter approaches, the desire to go to the gym decreases. Not only is the weather a deterrent, but most SAHM also cannot make it to the gym with the little ones to care for. NordicTrack makes the perfect athletic gift for the fitness enthusiast or the goal-oriented love in your life. With the most inclusive, high-tech treadmill to date, NordicTrack is running the competition into the ground!

The Commercial 2950 is equipped with a 22-inch Smart HD Touchscreen to easily adjust your speed, incline, and decline as a beginner or experienced user. The Commercial 2950 is also equipped with a variety of different exercises, such as weight training, yoga, HITT training, and so much more through iFIT programs. You’d think you’d have a personal trainer right at your side…oh, wait, you most certainly do!

Live training sessions hosted by iFIT trainers provide you with a super-inclusive option that allows your iFIT trainer to manually adjust the incline, decline, and speed with AutoAdjust. This is literally the best athletic gift you could give outside of hiring a personal trainer yourself. Train hard and consistently with a live trainer who is on your side from the comfort of your home, starting on Christmas morning! No more hitting the controls yourself when you need to bring your heart rate down… your trainer has your best interests at heart…literally!

For those who do not wish to wait till Christmas, grab the Black Friday Sale for the Commercial 1750 for an appreciable discount and a head start on your healthy journey – right at home.

The nearly limitless options available on the Commercial 2950 make this transformative treadmill family-friendly with a plethora of many different challenges; from training your body to training your mind. The available mindfulness sessions provide the mental health exercises you need to cope with stressful, overwhelming days you don’t feel like exercising.

Unlike most noisy treadmills, the enhanced AutoAdjust improves the overall workout experience with quieter and more accurate incline and decline adjustments. Not only is the adjustment more refined, so is the reliable and speedy connection to WIFI. Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your treadmill with simplicity and ease, and immerse yourself into the zone of training. With iFIT pre-installed and ready to go, just activate your membership and start your routine!

Want to know if you’re actually making progress? It’s one thing to count your steps each day, but a tracking system of precise progression allows you to track your progress through the mobile app and the treadmill. Personalizing your workout and keeping track of how you have improved your time, your strength, and your mindfulness is now easier than ever.

Remember we were talking about an athletic gift from the family to partake in as well? NordicTrack has you covered because the Commercial 2950 grants access to five different adults to seamlessly keep track of their individual progress, no overriding stats is necessary. Your workout journey is just beginning with this high-powered, high-tech, community membership, modern treadmill this holiday season.

Commercial 2950 | Black Friday Sale – Commercial 1750
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Ice Barrel

daily mom parent portal athletic gifts Ice Barrel

You have heard of ice baths to reduce severe fevers, but have you considered the other benefits of ice baths? For the holistic-minded athletic love in your life, the Ice Barrel is an updated, yet classic barrel design that is durable and suited for indoor or outdoor use for therapeutic recovery. This modern look of a barrel combines the efficiency of size with the unique vertical design for the optimal bath in ice water.

Wondering why this is the perfect athletic gift? The many benefits of ice water baths include alleviating muscle soreness and faster recovery as well as mental health benefits – making this the perfect athletic gift! Research supports that cold exposure can help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and even stave off cognitive decline.

Whether this is news to you or not, cold therapy is beneficial for speeding up muscle pain and soreness and has been used to treat acute injuries. So whenever you need this athletic gift in your life (we think you do!), the Ice Barrel, it’s the perfect way to give yourself or a loved one cold therapy in the dead of summer outside or in the chill of winter indoors. The portability of the Ice Barrel makes it easy to transport wherever you need it and provides systemic anti-inflammatory relief at a moment’s notice.

It may sound daunting, but these therapeutic ice baths increase positive immune responses and parasympathetic nervous system stimulation. For a non-pharmaceutical way of treatment, cold therapy can be used to treat depression and mood disorders as well. Reduce stress, ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and do it all within an Ice Barrel with the simplicity of cold therapy in the comfort of your home.

For those of you that shop with the specs and features in mind, the Ice Barrel is lightweight, portable, and holds 105 gallons of water. You can easily drain the frigid water after your therapeutic session with the drainage system. This barrel provides supreme durability and support for most body types for a comfortable, albeit cold, soak. Simply fill the barrel with ice and water and take the plunge to allow yourself this athletic gift to reach new heights in every way, mentally, physically, and emotionally this holiday and beyond!

Ice Barrel
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Ultracor 6 Dm Export2 3

Even this holiday season calls for leggings, the comfort, and staple of the everyday modern woman. Ultracor’s quality-made leggings are not only stunning but made to sculpt your body as you wear them. The Walk of Fame Leggings are sleek, simply styled, and ultra-comfortable to wear, making it an incredible athletic gift for anyone in the family.

These leggings are designed to provide support for any activity, from a walk in the park to the crazy rush of the dance floor. These leggings feel like a second skin and are made from high-stretch materials cut from scratch. The breathable compression fabric will sculpt your body without restricting your movements. 

Each pair of the Walk of Fame Leggings are made with nylon and spandex and an ultra-high waistband for a flattering fit. Pair these stunning leggings with the equally stunning Walk of Fame Terrain Bra. This bra is cut with laser technology and features a scoop neck, contrast underband, and cutout back. In the center of the bra are two, bright and shining stars.

The Walk of Fame Terrain Bra is cut from world-class materials and is made to order. This bra is made for leisure days or hardcore workouts – she’s your supporting friend! This holiday, don’t forget, holidays can be equally paired with the enjoyment of sleek, sexy athleticwear.

athletic gift Daily Mom Parent Portal Healbe 1 Dm Export2 6

When it comes to revolutionizing your workout wear, it may not be as difficult as you may think. Ultracor has crafted a pair of leggings that will shock you in the best way possible. The Hypersonic Ultra High Leggings are made with 360-degree compression. The hypersonic technology allows for improved oxygenation to your muscles.

With higher oxygenation, your muscles can receive more blood flow which can allow you to improve your performance. This amazing technology allows for faster muscle toning and a shorter recovery time. While you work hard, so do the Hypersonic Ultra High Leggings.

The Hypersonic Ultra High Leggings come in six stunning finishes for a sexy day in the gym, an athletic gift that instantly becomes a confidence booster. The high-stretch feel of the leggings is like a second skin and allows for comfortable movement. Each pair of leggings is made to order and cut from high-class materials for the best quality. 

Your new hypersonic leggings are in need of a matching bra. The Hypersonic Luna Bra is made from polyester, nylon, and lycra and has the same hypersonic technology. Each bra is made to order and made from only the highest quality materials so it lasts long and stays comfortable and form-fitting. The Hypersonic Luna Bra is a medium to high impact support bra and can be comfortably worn around the house.

This bra will fit like a second skin without getting uncomfortable or wearisome. Just like the leggings, this bra comes in six different stunning colors for an amazing look inside and out of the gym; before and after all the holiday shenanigans!

Walk of Fame Leggings | Walk of Fame Terrain Bra | Hypersonic Ultra High Leggings | Hypersonic Luna Bra
Ultracor | Facebook | Instagram

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Leguano Barefoot Shoes

Daily Mom Parent Portal Leguanos 3

Looking for an athletic gift that will completely change the way you run? Then look no further than Leguano Barefoot Shoes! We all have a runner in our lives, and receiving a gift that is catered to their fitness can make a huge difference with each and every mile. Believe it or not, shoes can make or break your feet when you’re running. From building strength and balance to correcting your posture, there are so many reasons why you should run barefoot! But you can’t always run barefoot everywhere you go. That’s where the Beat Anthracite comes into play.

The Beat Anthracite shoes are your running partner’s new best friend. These shoes have a high-tech Lifolit sole to mimic walking barefoot. Whether you’re running through the woods or on the sidewalk, these shoes are thin and flexible, allowing your feet to stretch and land in the proper way. Are you ever on a run and feel like your toes are being jammed in your shoe? Not with the Beat Anthracite! These shoes have a wide toe bow, so your feet have room to breathe.

The Beat Anthracite shoes are made for any weather, and even have air holes, so your feet can breathe in the summer or winter! The advanced knitting pattern gives these shoes a longer life, no matter how many miles you wear them.

But maybe you’re looking for a running shoe with a bit more pizza. Maybe an athletic gift for your friend who wants to work out but can wear the same shoes on any social occasion. If that sounds like you, then the Go Mixed Black is right up your alley! These barefoot running shoes are the same high-quality as the Beat Anthracite, but are trendy with their “high-top” style.

The Go Mixed Black feature a padded tongue underneath the laces so your feet don’t rub as you run. These sneakers are by far the best athletic gift for the runner in your life who wants to make a statement. When it comes to finding an athletic gift for your running friend, help them plant their feet on the ground with Leguano Barefoot Shoes!

Beat Anthracite | Go Mixed Black
Leguano Barefoot Shoes | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Trek 6

For the man in your life who loves to be on the road, gifting him with the best biking gear on the market is a great athletic gift to show him he’s on your “nice list”. Trek has a history rich with pride in its work and a dedication to producing high-quality gear that helps people who love to bike perform their best.

This holiday season, the Bontrager Circuit Cycling Bib Short makes its way onto the nice list. This versatile bike short is ready for action with the additional support of bibs. Riders will experience all-day comfort with these shorts. With compression fabric and breathable mesh straps, these shorts will be a true all-day companion for riders looking for lasting performance. Pair these shorts with the Bontrager Circuit LTD Cycling Jersey in a variety of colors, or choose this limited print version of this versatile piece.

Moisture-wicking material will keep him dry and a full-length YKK zipper will keep them cool as they ride. This Bontrager Circuit LTD Cycling Jersey is the ideal fit for optimal performance as the drop-tail design has your back covered-really-no matter what fit you need.

Finally, Trek believes cyclists owe it to themselves to get the road shoe that does everything a road shoe should do. The Bontrager Velocis Road Cycling Shoe not only provides a perfect fit that locks in power in every pedal, but it is comfortable all over. The inForm Pro is ergonomically optimized while the Silver Series carbon and fiberglass composite sole create the stiffness that you need in a biking shoe. The synthetic uppers are perforated so the airflow will keep them cool as they ride.

When it comes to finding the perfect athletic gift, give the gift of performance gear that really performs with Trek.

Bontrager Circuit Cycling Bib Short | Bontrager Circuit LTD Cycling Jersey | Bontrager Velocis Road Cycling Shoe
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TRX® Training


Fasten your seatbelts, home athletes – there’s a fantastic new athletic gift coming to town! With the TRX® Pro4 from TRX® Training, you can train at different levels with numerous body weight and movement-based workouts.


The best thing about this convenient, on-the-go, suspension training kit is that it is super-easy to set up and use. Attach it to any door at home, or pack it away lightly to carry it anywhere you’d like.

The TRX® Pro4 training kit has premium-quality straps, adjustable foot cradles, and rubberized hand grips to provide you with the best possible training. Specifically, target the upper body, lower body, or core, with a fun and seemingly effortless workout.

This advanced athletic gift is manufactured according to strict athletic standards, tested and proven, so even though it may seem like all fun and games, you’ll see results, too! Enhance strength, burn body fat, build lean muscle, boost cardio, improve flexibility, and more!


Better yet, amp up your fitness regimen by learning from the best trainers across the globe with the TRX Training Club℠. Jump into any live class or access TRX training’s expanding library to watch popular, on-demand videos.


Get expert-level training – in-person virtually or pre-recorded online – from trainers that suit your personality. You can even create a customized fitness plan. Get a head start on those New Year’s resolutions and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle today with TRX® Training!

TRX® Pro4 | TRX Training Club℠
TRX® Training | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Daily Mom Parent Portal Decathalon 18

Bring a little flair to your favorite athlete’s fitness regimen. This holiday season, grab one of these fabulous inline fitness skates, by Decathlon. Since 1976, the Decathlon team has made it their mission to create quality fitness products that will last a lifetime. They want their customers to break barriers and overcome challenges with superior fitness equipment.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Decathalon 19

Glide 6-12 miles with the Oxelo Fit500 Inline Fitness Skates! Complete with a soft liner, foam pads, and a heel cushion, you’ll feel like you’re flying down the road when wearing these skates. Designed with an aluminum frame and 80 mm rubber wheels, it’s effortless to transition between pushing and gliding with these skates.

Just like the Oxelo Fit500 Inline Fitness Skates for men, these skates meet the standard for roller sports equipment. They also come with a 2-year guarantee for certain parts.

For the beginner in your family, we love the Oxelo Fit100 Inline Fitness Skates! Designed with 76 mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings, these skates will help beginners get the hang of this skill quickly. Made with a soft liner and comfort foam, new skaters will have all the support they need when wearing the Oxelo Fit100 Inline Fitness Skates.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Decathalon 16

From beginner skaters to advanced, Decathlon has something for every athlete regardless of their training level! This holiday season, give your athletes an endorphin rush with one of these incredible inline skates! They’ll have so much fun getting fit with Decathlon.

Oxelo Fit500 Inline Fitness Skates – Men | Oxelo Fit100 Inline Fitness Skates | Oxelo Fit500 Inline Fitness Skates – Women
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Zumba Dm Export2 8

Do you ever feel like your clothes just don’t express how your heart is dancing inside your chest? Dancing is a form of exercise as well as a way to express oneself, and before you shake those hips out of 2021, Zumba just may be your exit strategy. Combining the love of exercise, Latin-inspired dance, and personal expression, Zumba’s line of shoes, leggings, tops, and hoodies match your heart’s desire and your personal style – an all-in-one athletic gift!

Sometimes it is fun to go wild and wear Zumba’s crazy colors, other times, the simplicity of Zumba Color Blocked Ankle Leggings are just enough, with a hint of sass. These leggings provide a slim, flattering fit around your curves while still adding an expression of color.

The waistband is exposed with a branded rubber patch while your ankles have Zumba printed on the sides. While the Zumba Color Blocked Ankle Leggings may be simply designed, the glossy black, bright yellow, and shocking white will make you stand out as you dance away your cares and calories.

Let’s talk about what’s on your feet! Zumba’s Air Stomp is a fun and flattering shoe designed for the dancer and fashionista at heart. These flexible shoes are covered in a breathable mesh lining while still supporting your ankle and arch. The unique split-sole and arch support provide multi-directional movement so you can be quick and light on your feet no matter what movements come next. The Zumba Air Stomp is a wild, breathable and supportive shoe made for the dancer and lateral movement exercises.

For the winter months upon us, Zumba’s Cut-Out Black Hoodie is perfectly designed to keep your arms comfortable outside or on the dance floor. The hoodie is a crop style with a cut-out design on the back and a fishnet mesh racerback overlay. Throw on the cut-out hoodie over your sports bra or a tank and dance on and on till you can’t anymore. The Cut-Out Black Hoodie is made with cotton, spandex, and polyester for a comfortable, light fit.

During the windy days, you must get out to a class or even just to run some errands, take the Color Blocked Zip-Up Jacket and as it floats down and around your body, take off and do what you must do! The chic style in a lightweight windbreaker is a sporty jacket to add to your wardrobe.

The relaxed, regular fit allows for comfortable wear anytime, while dancing or between the car and building. The hoodie is lined with a striking green mesh to match the green stripe on either arm. The super cute, super versatile Color Block Zip-Up Jacket is just waiting to be worn by you, anytime, anywhere, during all your Zumba moments.

Air Stomp | Zumba Color Blocked Ankle Leggings | Cut-Out Black Hoodie | Color Blocked Zip-Up Jacket
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Noom Weight Screens

Sometimes you need to give a gift to yourself. With the holidays and 2022 right around the corner, now is the perfect time to focus on you with a Noom membership. Noom is a lifestyle-based program to help you lose weight by tracking your daily food, water, and exercise on a user-friendly app.

No food is off-limits with Noom, but the program color codes your food green, yellow and red so you can make healthy choices. Red does not mean bad, but higher-calorie foods like red meat and nuts fall into this category, which means you should eat less of them.

Noom estimates your daily calorie needs according to your gender, age, height, weight, and several lifestyle questions. The Noom app teaches you about the food you are eating. When you log in your snacks and meals in the very easy-to-use app, you will see a breakdown of your meals into the color-coded categories. Within just a day or two, you quickly see where you are eating or drinking too many calories so you can make more balanced healthy food choices.

Noom Weight Screens2

For those of us who need to lose weight, we know we did not gain it overnight. Noom is an excellent support and accountability tool that teaches you and focuses on behavior changes on your weight loss journey. You get short articles, quizzes, and information that teaches you. Noom, unlike other exercise and food tracking apps, provides support and accountability through psychology, technology, and human coaching to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Noom | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube |

Fluid Running

Fluid Running Daily Mom Parent Portal 2

The benefits of water-based fitness are endless. It is easy on your joints, you are able to maintain a reasonable core temperature, and it can be done all while enjoying your pool. Avid runners can sometimes sustain running-related injuries that leave them missing out on their beloved workout. The Fluid Running H2Go System allows you to perform “aqua jogging”, an effective training alternative to land-based running. The hydrotherapy through this system both improves athletic performance as well as helps recovery and prevention of muscle damage and soreness following exercise.

Fluid Running Daily Mom Parent Portal 3

The Fluid Running H2Go System includes the Premium Floatation Belt that keeps you at the optimal level of keeping your head above water while not touching the bottom of the pool, the IPX7 Waterproof Earbuds that include the motivating and challenging workouts already included with the system (which are delivered via the Bluetooth, waterproof headphones), a tether, and instructional videos.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or beginner that is looking to lose weight or get in shape, no prior swimming or running experience is required to be able to utilize Fluid Running. This revolutionary tool will be both enjoyable and transformative and is a great gift for fitness lovers.

Fluid Running H2Go System
Fluid Running | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Healbe 1

Keeping track of the important bodily functions can be difficult – like calorie counting, water intact, stress levels, pulse, and sleep quality. Sure, you have apps for that, if you remember to input your data. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could give the gift of health-tracking by simply wearing a watch?

This holiday season, you certainly can! The Healbe GoBe3 is a multifunctional wristwatch, perfect for anyone in your life who wants more control and data about their health in real-time.

Along with the basics, telling time, and checking the date, the Healbe GoBe3 monitors caloric intake, water intake, and stress levels. Let’s not forget sleep either! This smart band monitors your sleep duration, any present anxiety, the number of times you wake up, and detailed REM cycles. Once you awaken, you can check your smart band for personal recommendations for a better night of sleep. Leave the tedious, never-ending chore of keeping track of what a body needs to the smart band, HealBe GoBe 3.

If you know someone who obviously doesn’t drink enough water, they need this! The smart band adapts to the body’s rhythm and individual characteristics while monitoring hydration levels 24/7. This smart band lets your know when you need more water to keep you hydrated and feeling refreshed. Otherwise, like a nagging toddler, the Healbe GoBe3 definitely gets your attention to drink more!

What better gift than tracking calories, without having to track calories!? The HealBe GoBe 3 tracks caloric intake with bioimpedance sensor data and the unique patented FLOW technology. Forget the journals, inputting and searching for foods and measurements to track your meals… just wear the Healbe GoBe3 and it does it all for you with the accompanying app that automatically syncs to the Healbe GoBe3. The ultimate fitness gift takes less time to monitor and more time to plan positive changes this season, so gift one for them…and you!

HealBe GoBe 3
Healbe | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Georgie & Lou

Georgie Lou Daily Mom Parent Portal 1

Pickleball is an up-and-coming sport that is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite paddle sports. To look like a champion on and off the court, Georgie & Lou has the bag you need to carry your gear and necessities. The Georgie & Lou pickleball bags combine fashion and functionality to give you the accessory you need to transport and keep your equipment organized while still looking stylish.

The McKenzie is a light grey, vegan leather bag with white and pink accents. This bag is simple yet gives off retro vibes. The large interior can hold your paddles, balls, and water bottles while the exterior front or side pockets can keep extra items such as car keys and phones easy to access. The thick signature strap is soft and adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder or as a cross-body.

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun with one of Georgie & Lou’s Pickle Pickle Visors. These moisture-wicking visors will not only provide shade but also reduce sweat on your facial area. Available in 5 different colors, these visors and comfortable, adjustable, and fit perfectly in your pickleball bag!

The McKenzie | Pickle Pickle Visor
Georgie & Lou | Facebook | Instagram


22 Hip Flexor Stretch 900x

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who is always groaning in pain? Someone always taking a moment to stand straight and correct their posture before they can move along? If you know someone who suffers from chronic back pain or even someone who simply sits at a desk all day, Backbridge is the gift for them this holiday season!

Backbridge is a 5-level fitness tool meant to stretch and realign your posture to keep you comfortably standing tall. Forget the hunch and muscle pain, with Backbridge you can improve your back health and decompress your spine.

The Backbridge works by using a progressive extension and slowly increasing your agility, flexibility, and spinal health. With Backbridge, unlike inversion tables or even yoga balls, there is in fear of falling or injury simply choose the level of extension with which you are comfortable, lay back, and relax for 2 minutes 2 times a day.

As your spinal health improves you will be able to add levels of height to increase your stretch and spinal decompression. Backbridge allows those who suffer from back and neck pain to customize their stretch and optimize their spinal health and comfort easily and affordably this holiday season!

Backbridge | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


222069472 970223707147754 3738191046649640793 N

SPRYNG™ is the world’s most advanced active recovery tool making it the best fitness gift for Christmas for the athlete on your list. SPRYNG™ is a wireless, pneumatic compression wrap that works to improve blood flow and circulation, relieving aches and pains, speeding up recovery, and improving athletic performance.

Using their SPRYNG™ patented WaveTec® Compression Pattern, SPRYNG™ helps you recover in just 15 minutes whether marathon training or simply sitting sedentary at your desk all day. Portable and wireless, SPRYNG™ is perfect for relieving tired, achy legs, reducing swelling, and getting you back on your feet in no time!

Spryng Compression Wrap Pair
SPRYNG™ | Facebook

YBell Fitness

Give the give of strength and convenience with the best fitness gift this season, YBells. Tired of traditional weights? Sick of the clutter in your garage of dumbbells, kettle bells, yoga blocks, and more? This Christmas consolidate all of your fitness needs into one, easy-to-use, kettle bell, dumbbell, medicine ball, push-up stand combo with YBell!

Whether you are looking for the best fitness gift for the workout guru in the family or even someone who simply says they want to get healthy in the new year, for men and women alike, YBells are the revolutionary workout equipment everyone can use! YBells are compact, portable, and simple to use making them a fabulous gift for new moms, athletic teens, or even gym rats who want an at-home option for those busy days they just can’t get in the gym.

YBell Neo
YBell Fitness | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Dmoose Daily Mom Parent Portal 1

For your fitness fanatics, DMOOSE is your one-stop shop for premium exercise equipment and supplements. As many people have altered their workout routine to exercise from home, they will need accessories of their own to enhance at-home workouts. The Pull Up Bar will take your upper body workout to the next level.

With an easy mounting system, this bar will help to build abs, biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders through various movements. The pull-up bar is light and portable and will not damage or mark up your walls or door frames. The multi-grip handles allow you to perform numerous maneuvers that increase muscle mass and strength as well as improve posture.

Dmoose Daily Mom Parent Portal 7

The Ab Roller is another great at-home workout item to help sculpt and strengthen your core. This ab roller is much more advanced than traditional ab rollers as the patented elbow support design gives your arms a place to rest so you can entirely focus on your core. With two knee pads included you can exercise your abs anywhere without having to locate a soft surface. The ultra-wide wheel glides smoothly over any hard surface making repetitions easier and more effective. Working out your abs with the ab roller is not only less effort compared to crunches but produces a more defined abdominal area.

Pull Up Bar Doorways | Ab Roller
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Flpsde 2

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or practical gits for anyone, the Dual Chamber Water Bottle is truly a one-of-a-kind present! As parents, we’re always on the go. Sometimes packing snacks and a drink can take up so much time, and when toting things around it can become cumbersome. The Dual Chamber Water Bottle solves all your problems with its chamber for water as well as snacks!

Dual Chamber Water Bottle has a perfect design to hold 20oz drinks and 7oz of snacks. Simply unscrew the water bottle from either side for easy access to hydration or snacks! This water bottle is made of durable stainless steel, is BPA-free, and has a comfortable rubber grip in the center, so you can carry it all around town without losing your hold. Whether you choose the Evergreen, Oceanview, or Clay color, the Dual Chamber Water Bottle is a perfect athletic gift for anyone on your list!

Dual Chamber Water Bottle
FLPSDE | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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Yogis will wonder how they have practiced home yoga without one of these clever Yoga Mat Tubes from Mache all these years. This innovative product is a smart and beautiful way to both store and display your yoga mats at home. Use directly on your floor or hang on the wall in your own dedicated yoga space. With tons of designs to choose from, you will easily find a pattern or color that goes with your home studio vibe.

The sustainable yoga storage from Mache doesn’t stop at the upright yoga tubes. There are also horizontal tubes in both single and double packages as well as bundles that also store your yoga blocks with your mat. Whether you are trying to conserve space or just want to organize and tidy up your exercise area, these Yoga Mat Tubes will keep your yoga mat clean, properly stored, and ready to use at any time.

Yoga Mat Tube
Mache | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Cali Weights

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If you are looking for that extra push in your fitness routine but still want to stay fashionable, you will be obsessed with Cali Weights! Cali Weights are weighted fitness bracelets that promote exercise with comfort in mind. These are not your mama’s wrist weights. At a glance, you wouldn’t even know these bracelets are working for you. With 4 in a set, you can add weight by up to 1/2 a pound on each arm.

Cali Weights come in two different materials in a variety of color combinations. The Silicone Power Set is made with soft-touch silicone that is comfortable, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean. The Metallic Collection features a metallic cap on each stud for an edgier look and glamour to more fancy outfits. By wearing these bracelet sets you are gradually building strength, increasing muscle tone, and adding endurance to your regular workout. These bracelets make great fitness gifts or even stocking stuffers for women!

Silicone Power Set | The Stud – Metallic Collection
Cali Weights | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

KT Tape

daily mom parent portal ideas for stocking stuffers for her

As you are coming up with ideas for stocking stuffers for her, consider something from KT Tape, especially if there is a mom in your life who is constantly on the go (what mom isn’t?) or is a lover of fitness and wellness. A perfect choice is the KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball. This amazing little ball has two easily interchangeable hot and cold inserts so it can be used both hot or cold to treat sore muscles. It has the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy along with hot/cold treatment to loosen muscles with heat and relieve pain and inflammation with cold.

daily mom parent portal ideas for stocking stuffers for her

Another great stocking stuffer is the KT Recovery+ Wave. A breakthrough in drug-free pain relief, this smart little device brings clinically-proven electromagnetic therapy from the clinician’s office straight to you in an easy-to-use, portable FDA-cleared device that reduces pain in both tissue and joints. This lightweight, discreet, and wearable device goes wherever you go, producing sensation-free electromagnetic waves to modulate nerve activity and provide pain relief. It is designed to decrease pain to help improve sleep and physical activity to keep you on the move – all things every mom can use!

KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball | KT Recovery+ Wave
KT Tape | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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iLive Electronics

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This holiday season, wouldn’t it be wonderful to give the gift of relief at the touch of a button? Now, you can. With iLive Electronics and their Portable Cordless Massage Gun, targeted relief can be available whenever and wherever you need it. This handheld massager is ergonomically designed to target muscle tension and discomfort at any location. With four intensity levels and an interchangeable massage head, your muscles can experience relief faster than ever so that your workouts can be more productive and feel better, too.

Portable Cordless Massage Gun
iLive Electronics


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Shaker cups are for the on-the-go person in your life who doesn’t want to bother with finding the mixing balls to get out the door! ShakeSphere has made a shaker cup that does not need a mixing ball or mesh grid to mix your ingredients together (about time, right?!). The ShakeSphere Tumbler patented capsule, with no corners, means your powdered mixes will not get stuck and you’ll have a perfectly mixed shake of your dreams!

This quality tumbler is sturdy, leak-free, and BPA free. The ShakeSphere Tumbler has a slide cap that is safe and secure that will not drip on your clothes or poke you in the eye while drinking. See, ShakeSphere really has thought of the perfect gift for the shaker gal or guy in your life!

ShakeSphere Tumbler
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Vintage Floral

You may be shopping for the holidays, but let’s not forget that New Year’s is just around the corner, which means Mom may be making a “New Years Resolution” to stay in shape. Support her fitness journey by keeping her hydrated during her workout with HydroJug. Hydrojug makes it easier than ever to ensure that you’re well-hydrated, whether you’re at the gym or working from home. The HydroJug Neutral Collection Jug holds half a gallon of water, so you’ll have water with you wherever you go, without the hassle of trying to refill it.

Take your HydroJug with you if you’re worried about half a gallon of water being too much to carry; you can kiss that worry goodbye with the Floral Pro Collection Sleeve! The Pro Sleeve is designed with double layer, premium neoprene to keep your drinks cooler than ever, and has an adjustable strap for easy carrying that has sleeker and more discrete attachments, as well as two large pockets so you never have to leave your essentials behind. And the best part…there’s a pattern for everyone! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your bestie, HydroJug makes a wonderful holiday gift!

HydroJug | Floral Pro Collection Sleeve

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Sticky Be Socks


What does every Pilates addict need in their stocking this year? Why, Sticky Be Socks, of course! These are seriously some of the cutest, comfiest, non-slip grip socks we’ve tried. You and your gift recipients will especially love the uplifting mantras on the bottoms.

The Half Toe Be Great Grip Socks (Mist) are a reminder to breathe, focus on good form and simply, be great! With the Be Strong Grip Socks (Black/White), get a subtle boost of courage and the strength needed to conquer anything. The Half Toe Be Fearless Grip Socks (Lagoon/White) provide some added encouragement to face fears head-on. We could all use more of that!

Made with natural fine cotton yarn, these grip socks contain elastic arch support as well as a cozy padded footbed. Stretch without slipping, jump and land without sliding and flow all winter long with Sticky Be Socks.

Half Toe Be Great Grip Socks (Mist) | Be Strong Grip Socks (Black/White) | Half Toe Be Fearless Grip Socks (Lagoon/White)
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Hydration is super important to your health, especially in winter, when the weather is cooler and you may not think to drink as much water. HidrateSpark to the rescue!

The new HidrateSpark TAP makes getting enough H2O as simple as a tap of your phone. This smart water bottle tracks your water intake throughout the day, as you’re running shopping errands, prepping holiday meals, or preparing for out of town houseguests.


It’s simple – when the bottle glows, you take a sip. Tap your smartphone to the NFC Tag and it records your water consumption to the app, then reminds you again later. Available in stainless steel or plastic, as well as a variety of gorgeous colors, the HidrateSpark TAP comes in 20-ounce, 24-ounce and 32-ounce sizes. Getting enough water each day has never been so easy!

HidrateSpark TAP
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From the gym rat to the SAHM who just needs to workout to destress, this holiday season we have the fitness and athletic gift for everyone on your list! Don’t just buy them something that will collect dust, add one of these active gifts to their Christmas gifting and know you are not only giving a gift they’ll love, but also an athletic gift that will keep them healthy, happy, and on the move into the New Year!


Now that you have your workout buddy taken care of, make sure to get something outstanding for the kids! Check out 21 Magical Pretend Play Sets, Toys, and Games For The Littlest Loves on Your List!

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