The Ultimate Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide {2021}

Fun Father’s Day gifts are always the best gifts for our dads and grandpas! While you and your dad may not have the same idea of what fun is – dads get excited about things like mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, and spending time fishing in silence, this all-inclusive list is sure to have a fabulous gift just for him. Whether he is a manly man who loves to spend time outdoors at the grill, a workout guru who spends his free time pumping iron, or even the resident family chef, we have the gifts for him. From helping him complete his chores to competing for the neighborhood association’s best lawn around to preparing him for the ultimate 4th of July barbecue extravaganza, we know that even those dads who say they don’t need anything will be eyeing each and every one of these fun Father’s Day gifts!

16 Fun Father’s Day Gifts for Dads

Elephant In A Box


All Dad wants this year is to relax in his man cave comfortably. He’s likely been lounging on the same couch he’s had since college, and let’s face it, we’re tired of how terrible it looks in the house. It’s time to retire the college couch and invest in a luxurious sofa that will blow him away. With Elephant In A Box, finding a sofa or sectional for Dad to lounge on is easy!

Elephant In A Box makes buying your sofa easy! No more renting or borrowing a truck from a neighbor to haul a giant piece of furniture across town. With Elephant In A Box, you’ll have your brand new sectional delivered straight to your front door, in a box that’s smaller than you think. The best part? There are no tools required to set it up! Simply open the box and you can pull your sectional apart in an accordion-like way. All the perks of a fun Father’s Day gift without the work. The L5 Sectional is by far one of the best couches that you’ll find out there and will last Dad for generations.

The comfortable L5 Sectional is made of a honeycomb core that provides support, unlike your average couch. This honeycomb structure allows the L5 Sectional to expand and quickly recover its shape, even after a ton of pressure has been applied to it (up to 3000 pounds of pressure!). In fact, the same technology is used in aviation! This means Dad can comfortably lay on it with his friends or enjoy fun Father’s Day wrestling matches with the kids, all while knowing that the sectional is safe and resistant.


The L5 Sectional is durable and child/pet-friendly. Your kids and animals can jump all over it and it will still remain sturdy and soft. It is also wrinkle-resistant and has machine washable covers, making accidents from any member of the family (even Dad) a breeze to clean up. If you do decide that you don’t like the sectional, which we’re positive you will fall in love with it, Elephant In A Box even offers a 30-day trial with free returns! This company truly cares about the quality of their couches and your satisfaction. Give Dad the gift of comfort this year, with Elephant In A Box!

L5 Sectional
Elephant In A Box | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube



Is dad’s lawn a huge source of pride? Do you really want to wow him this Father’s Day? Get him a gift or two (or more!) from EGO POWER+. This fully electric lawn care equipment offers the power of gas equipment without the hassle, noise, or gas smell. (What rising gas prices?) Sounds great, right? Talk about a fun Father’s Day gift! Keep reading!


Extremely well thought out, every EGO battery will work with every piece of EGO equipment. When dad is ready to expand his tool collection, he’s already ahead of the game. Since there are no gas cans, filters, or tune-ups to worry about, EGO POWER+ only costs a fraction of what a traditional system would cost over the long run.

The batteries that come with the units give you a ton of run time, but one way to make dad feel appreciated this Father’s Day is to help out with the yard work. An extra battery like the 56-Volt 7.5Ah Battery will allow you or the kids to power up, too. No worry of using the wrong gas or just the frustration of trying to pull-start the gas-powered stick equipment. With EGO POWER+, almost anyone can be a lawn master. What a fun Father’s Day surprise this would be!

With the 21″ Select Cut™ XP Self-Propelled Mower, there’s no more spilled gas, frustrating pulling of the cord, or carburetor adjusting. With just the push of a button and a squeeze of the lever, dad is off. The adjustable speed control lets him pick the right pace to get the job done. More well-thought-out pieces are the included mulching plug, side discharge, and collection bag, which will let dad decide what happens to the clippings. Another nice feature is the included extra blades, which allow him to maximize the efficiency of the mower. From mulching to high flow lift, EGO POWER+ makes sure he’s ready.

Does dad really like to dial in his grass? The easy deck height selector lever will give him seven height options (Yes, SEVEN!) for that just-right look. When he’s done for the day, the handle flips over with the push of a lever and allows the 21″ Select Cut™ XP Self-Propelled Mower to be stored conveniently out of the way.

Another piece of the perfect lawn puzzle is blowing off the excess clippings. The powerful 600 CFM Backpack Blower with 5.0Ah Battery and Standard Charger really packs a punch – up to 145 mph, if needed. The control stick gives dad all the control he could want. With a pull of the trigger or twitch of the thumb, he can decide if he needs a gentle breeze to get the grass off the mulch without blowing the flowers out of the planters, or if he needs to move serious clippings off the street and sidewalk.

One of the keys of a lawn to be envied is the finish work that happens after the mowing. Dad might have a trimmer, an edger and other gas-powered yard tools that are taking up space in the garage. The Power Head provides the one base he will need for all the attachments he could ever want. Some include:

  • 15″ String Trimmer – Keeps the grass line looking just right where it meets the house or around the flower beds. Make sure dad has this handy attachment. It easily attaches to the power head and is ready to work.
  • 8″ Edger Attachment – Help dad get those clean, crisp lines along the sidewalk and driveway with the edger attachment for the power head. It quickly snaps into place so dad can get after it.

To give dad the yard he’s always striving for, add a few of these efficient, quiet, quality workhorses to the shopping cart. With EGO POWER+, all of dad’s lawn care dreams just may come true with these fun Father’s Day gifts!

21″ Select Cut™ XP Self-Propelled Mower | 600 CFM Backpack Blower with 5.0Ah Battery and Standard Charger | 56-Volt 7.5Ah Battery | Power Head | 15″ String Trimmer | 8″ Edger Attachment
EGO POWER+ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Camp Chef

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Csmpchef1 3

Camp Chef has everything you need to take your cooking to a Top Chef level. That’s because Camp Chef has products designed by culinary camping experts who want everything you fix on the grill to be the talk of the town. This summer, don’t host another mundane barbecue. Let Camp Chef show you how to add flavor and flair to your menu with the Woodwind Pellet Grill.

The Woodwind Pellet Grill is a 36-inch grill that will let you grill, roast, bake, braise, barbecue, broil, and boil. It also includes a professional, flat-top griddle and a propane tank holder. The matchless ignition will make lighting up your grill an easy task. To guarantee a perfect meal every time, the Woodwind Pellet Grill has one other amazing feature. WiFi and a PID Controller!

WiFi. What grill has WiFi? The Woodwind Pellet Grill does. We kid you not! Now you can control and monitor the temperature of your grill using the PID controller from your cell phone with the Camper Chef Connect App! The PID controller will regulate how much smoke you need to cook your meats to perfection. No more over-cooking or under-cooking your steaks! You’ll receive alerts on your cell phone when your main course has reached the desired temperature.

Get the Woodwind Pellet Grill and be the talk of your block parties when you serve up flavor and flair! Your food is cooked to perfection whenever you use the Woodwind Pellet Grill by Camp Chef. You’ll love cooking with the ease and app controlled by WiFi, the smell of the food cooking, and the freedom of the outdoors. Your partner will love that you’re doing all the cooking for a change.

Woodwind Pellet Grill | Sidekick | Artisan Outdoor Oven
Camp Chef | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

TUT Fitness Group


Looking for a fun Father’s Day gift for the health and fitness-minded dads in your life? TUT Fitness Group has the perfect solution, whether he’s interested in taking his fitness up to the next level or just maintaining that hard-earned “dad bod.”

If your special guy is interested in getting back in shape, that’s good news, right? Well, mostly… but we know some of you are thinking, “Great, I just lost my parking spot in the garage again.” Or, “Nooooo, not my craft room!” Let’s put those fears to rest right now, ladies. The TUT Trainer™ Tower is a unique home gym with an ultra-slim profile. It fits almost anywhere, in just a fraction of the space that a standard weight set and bench would take up, without compromising workout intensity or quality.

Don’t let its streamlined silhouette fool you. The included 150 lbs of easily adjustable resistance packs a real punch. Rather than using typical weight plates, the TUT features stackable resistance bands, for super-smooth exercise movements without all of the noise. (A benefit for dad, along with the rest of the family!) Resistance can be adjusted up or down in increments of 5,10, and 20 lbs. Just slide each band up or down to nest them together. Easy peasy!

The TUT Trainer™ Tower includes an Aluminum Curl Bar, Carabiner, Wall Mount Plates, TUT Plates™, two Ankle Straps, two Single Handles, a Rope Lock, and 150 lbs. of TUT Bands. It also comes with an exercise mat to ensure that workouts happen on a safe, non-slip surface, plus an exercise ball for when it’s time to add a balance and stability challenge. Dad can curl, press, squat, and lift to his heart’s content.

Although, dad isn’t the only one who will benefit from this amazing fitness device. Everyone in the family can join in the fun! Add the Vertijump Belt for vertical jump training. Not only will dad improve his leg strength, balance, and agility and be able to better keep up with little ones, but teen athletes in the family can work on power and explosiveness for improved sports performance, too. It’s a win-win, and certainly a fun Father’s Day gift!

To make dad’s TUT Trainer™ Tower portable and allow it to be moved from room to room, add in a set of Door Clamps (For Remote Training). Dad can quickly get in a workout in almost any room that has a doorframe and change up the surrounding scenery as much or as little as he wants.

This Father’s Day, show dad you care about his health and well-being with a thoughtful fitness gift from TUT Fitness Group. With one of the world’s smallest high-performance gyms, you really can’t go wrong!

TUT Trainer™ Tower | Vertijump Belt | Door Clamps (For Remote Training)
TUT Fitness Group | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Decathalon 15

For over 40-years, Decathlon has worked to make superior camping and hiking gear. They’ve spared no expense when it comes to researching and developing all of their products. Sustainability and longevity are two of Decathlon’s goals when developing the equipment you’ll need for your next great adventure. This summer, take Decathlon with you whenever you brave the great outdoors. If watersports are on your list of summer activities, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Decathlon favorites!

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Decathalon 10

Don’t head out on the water without the 11’ Stand Up Paddle Board. This inflatable paddle board was designed for adults who weigh 175 lbs. and up. It’s sturdy enough to accommodate two adults with a total weight capacity of 705 lbs. The 11’ Stand Up Paddle Board has a pointed shape that’s perfect for cruising around the lake or braving short waves at the beach. Weighing a total of 23 lbs., the 11’ Stand Up Paddle Board travels well in the included carrying pouch that provides a foam lining on the shoulder for extra comfort.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Decathalon 3

Paddling around on the 11’ Stand Up Paddle Board might be a bit of a trick without a paddle. But don’t worry, when it comes to your watersport needs, Decathlon is your one-stop-shop. Grab the Stand-Up Adjustable Carbon Paddle. Whether you want to cruise around the lake or compete in a paddleboard race, the Stand-Up Adjustable Carbon Paddle will get the job done! It’s adjustable in size from 66.9” to 82.7”.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Decathalon 9

It also offers an ergonomic design for a comfortable handle grip and is lightweight. And because Decathlon knows nothing is more frustrating than dropping your paddle and watching it sink before you can grab it, they designed the Stand-Up Adjustable Carbon Paddle to float for five minutes, giving you more than enough time to snatch it up and get on your way.

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards require one additional accessory. The hand pump. Be sure to add the High-Pressure Stand-Up Paddle Hand Pump to your shopping cart! This hand pump is easy to use, providing high pressure and high volume. It also offers a wide pump handle and Decathlon designed the High-Pressure Stand-Up Paddle Hand Pump with a rotating head so it won’t disconnect while you’re trying to inflate the paddleboard.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Decathalon 16

Spend your weekends and holidays cruising the lake or ocean in style. Decathlon makes it easy with their 11’ Stand-Up Paddle Board and its accessories. All of their equipment is lightweight and easy to manage, taking the stress out of the setup time. What are you waiting for? Get Decathlon today so you can cruise tomorrow!

Stand-Up Paddle Board | Stand-Up Adjustable Carbon Paddle | High-Pressure Stand-Up Paddle Hand Pump
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Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Pelican 16

When it comes to braving the elements as well as wildlife, Pelican has everything the outdoorsman in your life needs. Get him one of these products by Pelican for Father’s Day and prepare him for his next adventure!

Get the hunter or fisherman in your life the Elite 80QT Cooler by Pelican. Certified Bear Resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, the Elite Cooler will protect him from attracting unwanted animal attention while he’s living it up in the great outdoors. Keeping ice frozen for up to ten days, the Elite Cooler also provides heavy-duty wheels and a built-in trolley handle. It also includes a fish scale on the lid. When it’s time to drain the cooler, the thought of trying to lift it and turn it over may seem daunting but don’t worry, Pelican took care of that. The Elite Cooler has a sloped, leak-proof drain.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Pelican 13

Made in the USA and guaranteed for life by Pelican, the im2700 Storm Case is lightweight and durable. It will protect your equipment from anything ranging from a toddler on the rampage to a ride down the rapids. The masterminds at Pelican designed this case to exceed military standards. The press and pull latches will secure the contents inside this case, preventing the case from opening on impact. However, the latches have also been designed for easy opening so owners won’t have to fight to get their equipment out. Perfect for travel photographers, the im2700 Storm Case is small enough to fit in airline carry-on storage compartments.

Our favorite feature of the im2700 Storm Case is that it can be purchased with or without the foam. But the customizations don’t stop there. Pelican provides a program allowing buyers to design the foam insert to meet their needs, whether it’s for a camera or a drone, the im2700 Storm Case is easily customized to your specifications.

Pelican has worked for over 40 years to make sure its customers have the toughest equipment they need for every terrain imaginable. This Father’s Day, get your adventurer one of these military and toddler-tough products by Pelican.

80 Qt Elite Wheeled Cooler | im2700 Storm Case
Pelican | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube| LinkedIn

Wolf Gourmet


When you’re looking for unique food and drink gifts for the fun-loving dad in your life, which brand comes to mind? If it’s not Wolf Gourmet, it should be! While we’ve always known Wolf for their larger high-end kitchen appliances, we had no idea that Wolf Gourmet made amazing countertop-sized small appliances, too. Well, what a nice surprise! 

The Pro-Performance Blender may be the last blender you ever own. It’s powerful – the 2.2-horsepower motor moves those blades at over 200 miles per hour! Drinks, purées, soups – it does it all, and effortlessly. It’s substantial, so it won’t vibrate across the counter if left unattended for a minute. And possibly our personal favorite – it’s whisper quiet. The kitchen is a common gathering place, and this amazing blender enables conversations to take place right next to it, while it’s running at full speed.


With all dishwasher-safe parts, clean-up is a breeze, too. And, unlike our last blender, this one stores neatly on the countertop under the kitchen cabinets fully assembled (64-ounce jar, and all!).


Dad will effortlessly move from breakfast to dinner prep and everything in between with the Pro-Performance Blender. Whether he’s whipping up nutritious fruit smoothies for the kids or creative cocktails for the grown-ups, his Wolf Gourmet blender will definitely make it way more fun!

Pro-Performance Blender
Wolf Gourmet | Instagram

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Sleep Number

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Sleepnumber 5

After a hard day at work, or a laborious day working in the yard, this Father’s Day, get the man in your life something to help him rest easy on hot summer nights. Sleep Number has the solution that’s right for you! Check out these selections that will help you sleep easy and wake up refreshed and ready to start your day!

Need relief from hot, sticky nights? Look no further! Sleep Number has just what you need with their True TempTM Sheet set. More than just a set of cotton sheets, the True TempTM Sheet set guarantees hours of blissful sleep because of its 37.5® technology. What is the 37.5® technology? We’re so glad you asked. Made with volcanic sand particles, the True TempTM Sheet set will help move heat and moisture away from your body when you’re hot. When you’re cold, it keeps warm energy flowing over you.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Sleepnumber 2

The True TempTM Sheet set includes one oversized flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheets have the Smart FitTM design which means they fit snug and won’t pull off the bed because of the elastic anchor that secures them underneath each corner. They also come with Exact FitTM which means every sheet will retain its shape for a smooth fit across the bed.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fathers Day Sleepnumber 4

Perfect throughout the year, the Essential Down Alternative Comforter Set will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s made with premium hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill that provides the same soft feel as an actual down comforter but won’t irritate your allergies. And because nothing is more annoying than a comforter with filling that lumps to one side or the other, the Essential Down Alternative Comforter Set is sewn with a box construction, preventing that phenomenon from occurring. It also includes LogicTM Labels that will show you how to align everything so that your sheets and comforter all fit perfectly.

Comfort should always be head to toe. Sleep Number knows this and that’s why they have a selection of pillows you must have! The first is the Cool COMFORTFITTM Body Pillow. Made with hypoallergenic fibers, this pillow is cool to the touch and includes memory foam and contour support that will conform to your body to keep your hips aligned. The Cool COMFORTFITTM Body Pillow also includes a removable cover that is machine washable.

The VARIACOOLTM  Pillow was truly made with you in mind. Available in three different shapes: Classic, Contour, and Ultimate, you can choose the shape that’s right for you. The Classic pillow is best for stomach and back sleepers. The Contour pillow fits your contours for ultimate support and is best for side or black sleepers. The Ultimate pillow has three removable inserts and is great for all sleeping positions. It lets you choose the height you sleep at. Never wake up with a sore neck again when you sleep with the VARIACOOLTM  Pillow. Its amazing design includes gel-infused memory foam and ventilation for maximum airflow.

Show the man in your life how much you love him! Grab one of these products by Sleep Number today! If for some unfathomable reason they don’t work out, don’t worry. Sleep Number lets you try their bedding for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, you can exchange the bedding for another set.

True Temp Sheet Set | Essential Down Alternative Comforter Set | Cool COMFORTFIT Body Pillow | VARIACOOLTM Pillow
Sleep Number | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube


Daily Mom Parent Portal Fluidmaster 1

We all know how much time Dad spends on the toilet (especially after we’ve asked him for help). Since he spends so much time in the bathroom, why not upgrade his experience this year for Father’s Day. Fluidmaster brings us a way to upgrade our bathrooms, save us money and give us a bathroom experience like no other with the Soft Spa Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Fluidmaster 3

The Soft Spa Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat is the ultimate bidet. Who knew going to the bathroom could be so custom? The Soft Spa Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat has a remote control, allowing you to have a say over your toilet seat’s temperature, water pressure, smell, and it even has a built-in air dryer! Ditching toilet paper has never been a smarter decision. According to InHabitat “on average, every American uses three rolls of toilet paper each week (28 pounds per year), meaning that just 4 percent of the world’s population is responsible for 20 percent of total tissue consumption”. That is a huge impact on the environment! Not only will ditching toilet paper help save the environment and save you money every month, but think of the savings from not buying that much toilet paper.

The Soft Spa Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat will ensure that your husband’s bottom stays comfy, dry, and clean! The custom wand positions along with the control over water pressure will ensure that he walks away clean and hygienic as he continues his day. Although this is a gift for Dad, you’ll find that everyone in the family can enjoy the Soft Spa Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat! With a front/oscillate cleaning for us ladies and gentle cleaning for those learning how to use the potty, the possibilities are endless! Fluidmaster is the way to go when upgrading Dad’s bathroom experience this Father’s Day!

Soft Spa Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat
Fluidmaster | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube



If Dad loves to cook, then the place he creates his food becomes the sanctuary where his holy craft is made. Give him the tools he needs to perform his masterpieces with the Complete Cookware Set from Misen.


The Complete Cookware Set includes:

  • 2QT and 3QT Sauciers (like a typical saucepan but better due to the rounded walls and wider mouth.)
  • 10IN and 12IN Skillet (flat-bottomed with sloped sides makes these the top choice for dishes that need easy movement such as searing and sautéing.)
  • 3QT Sauté and 6QT Rondeau (large, flat-bottom and vertical side makes these a great choice for frying foods, searing meats, and braising.)
  • 8QT Stockpot (Steam, simmer, boil, and more with this flat-bottomed pot with tall sides)

The Complete Cookware Set offers everything that he needs in order to cook everything from sauces and soups to roasts. The stainless steel and aluminum blend is 5-ply, 3.0 mm-thick composite, meaning that whether Dad is using induction, electric, or gas heat, these pans will retain heat and distribute that heat evenly. Each of these pans has been designed with quality and durability in mind, so they will certainly serve his passion for cooking for a lifetime, as will future generations.

Lifestyle 9acbfc08 Cbe7 40ad B838 A368245e6950 1080x

Professional-quality cookware does not have to come and an impossible price, and it shouldn’t have to. Misen is the perfect option for people with a passion for creating delicious food and surpasses competitors not only in price but in quality and craftsmanship as well.

Complete Cookware Set
Misen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Garrett Wade


Are you shopping for a foodie-Dad this Father’s Day? The perfect kitchen gear makes food taste so much better, and the preparation process much more enjoyable. Offerings ranging from outdoor gear and woodworking to a sourdough baking cloche for baking an unbelievable loaf of break makes Garrett Wade an obvious choice for gifting ideas.

Perhaps when Dad was younger, he used a small knife for any and all items that needed chopping or slicing in the kitchen. Now, we know that different knives serve unique purposes and having a high-quality tool in your kitchen means that you will be producing high-quality meals. The Four Piece Stunning Kitchen Knife Set In Walnut is made in Thiers France, one of the world’s leading cutlery centers.

The beautiful walnut handles display the wood grains that help make these knives one-of-a-kind. The razor-sharp blades are crafted from stainless steel, but they bear no burden on the hand and feel naturally like an extension of the arm. This set includes a chef knife, santoku, all-purpose classic knife (great for paring), and a serrated kitchen knife that’s perfect for portioning his sourdough.


Reaching for your favorite knife typically means sliding the blade out of the slot in the knife block, but in this new age of sanitization and being aware of the cleanliness of everything we touch, pulling knives out of those mystery slots is less than ideal. The Magnetic Bamboo Countertop Knife Holder takes the anxiety out of the knife block while keeping your knifes at a comfortable reach.


Your knives (up to 5) will be securely attached to this industrially varnished stainless-steel based holder. This is a heavy holder, so there is no chance of it tipping over, thanks to its low center of gravity. The bamboo keeps your blades safe and sharp on either side, and it is an attractive addition to any aesthetic Dad wants to have in his kitchen.


For a unique kitchen find, Garrett Wade looked to Italy for the inspiration to craft their Aluminum Stove Top – Sandwich Press/Toaster. Easy to use over the stove or campfire, this press makes delicious toast, paninis, or the perfect grilled cheese! The long handle keeps fingers safely away from flames, and the loop at the end makes closing and storing a cinch. Fun Father’s Day kitchen gear doesn’t have to be big and bulky, and this unique press/toaster is fun and functional-perfect for the food-loving dad.

Four Piece Stunning Kitchen Knife Set In Walnut | Magnetic Bamboo Countertop Knife Holder | Aluminum Stove Top – Sandwich Press/Toaster
Garrett Wade | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest

Fifth & Cherry

Daily Mom Parent Portal fun Father's Day

Any sensational summer dining experience involves a good amount of prep work. You need freshly chopped herbs, a perfectly cut and seasoned main course, hand-selected diced salad fixin’s, and a thoughtfully crafted dessert. But do you have a quality, competition-grade cutting board that will make every step of the process better, from initial prep to the end display? If not, you need to check out Fifth & Cherry.

The F&C 14 is a beautiful and reversible 14” wide x 14” deep x 1.75” high cutting board that’s ready for any task dad can throw at it. Not every cutting board features steel-reinforced, end-grain cherry wood, strong staggered seams, and a 28-phase creation process. This may be the most high-quality, luxurious, yet functional cutting board that dad has ever owned.

Plus, your purchase includes a lifetime warranty with complimentary refinishing – for life! We love a company that stands behind their product. This very well may be the last cutting board you’ll ever purchase. Besides, everything just looks better on a Fifth & Cherry board. Give it a try – we’re sure dad will agree!

F&C 14
Fifth & Cherry | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Man Crates


As Father’s Day approaches don’t bore dad with another necktie or coupon book. Instead, give Dad something he really wants this Father’s Day with a Man Crate. Say goodbye to the same old gifts and instead shop the large selection of Man Crates. Man Crates has just what Dad has always wanted, whether he knew it or not. Every father can find a Man Crate or two that fits their needs. Whether it’s a Jerky and Snacks, Grill, Sports, or a Maker Crate, one thing is for sure, Dad will be pleased this Father’s Day.

There is nothing like Man Crates to make Dad feel tough and manly this Father’s Day. Each Man Crate is an experience to receive. Dad, or the man in your life, can break open the Man Crate with a tiny crowbar that is provided to unleash all the exciting gifts inside. Dad will not only appreciate all the goodies inside of the crates, but Man Crates shakes up the gift-receiving experience altogether.

The Cow-pocalypse Crate is the dream gift for the dad who loves Jerky! This Man Crate is both bountiful and delivers quality seasoned jerky. When dad opens the Cow-pocalypse Crate he will get 12 packs of delicious, flavorful, and perfectly seasoned jerky. Flavors like sweet picante, crushed red pepper, teriyaki, chipotle pepper, ghost pepper, and original will hit the spot this Father’s Day. He can tote them to work, the ball field, on a road trip, camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting trips. Dad will be in jerky heaven.


The handy dad will love the Mr. Fix-It Tool Crate by Man Crates. The Mr. Fix-It Tool Crate features a Mini Multi-Tool, a Universal Socket Wrench and Screwdriver, CSI Flashlight, Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape, and a Magnogrip Wristband. With the Mini Multi-Tool, you get an 11-in-1 tool that is perfect for a key ring or pocket, making it accessible at all times. The universal socket wrench and screwdriver come with 7 bits and have a head tilt of 180 degrees, which makes those difficult jobs easier. The CSI Flashlight shines at 250 lumens, has a red laser, and a magnetic base. One of the handiest items is the MagnoGrip Wristband which helps Dad not misplace those pesky screws. The best news? Dad can finally cross off some tasks from his honey-do list this Father’s Day.

Cow-pocalypse Crate | Mr. Fix-It Tool Crate
Man Crates | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Home Depot


It’s time to speed up that to-do list with a Father’s Day Gift from Home Depot. This Father’s Day help dad out by going to your local Home Depot and looking for the Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit with (2) Batteries, 18 Volt Charger, and Bag. The tools included in the combo are a drill driver, impact driver, reciprocating saw, and flashlight. A perfect toolset to either accompany a veteran Dad’s collection or a great gift for the new dad on the block.


Home Depot, Ryobi, and Dad go together like steak and lobster. Whether Dad is using the Ryobi drill driver to install a new light, or an impact driver to secure the new playground equipment, Ryobi makes the job easier. He will keep finding tasks to complete just to use his new tools. Win-win! The reciprocating saw included in Ryobi 4-Tool Combo Kit will decrease cut time by 60% and can change blades quickly with its tool-less blade clamp assuring you quicker finish times on projects. The LED work-light by Ryobi has a beam distance of 130 yards, has an adjustable head to get the right angle, and will be Dad’s new lifesaver. No more yelling at the kids to hold the light still. Ryobi prides itself on their universal battery that powers all their products and we can’t blame them for shouting this from the rooftops. We love this too!


If lawn care is Dad’s game, then Home Depot has the perfect RYOBI ONE+ 18V Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery String Trimmer. The cordless trimmer by Ryobi has maximum power so no job is too big. It features a two-speed trigger which means more control and has the auto-feed for the line to eliminate time restringing the trimmer. Dad will love the Ryobi trimmer so much he may spend all of Father’s Day outside sprucing up the landscape.

Ryobi 4-Tool Combo Kit | Ryobi 18V HP Trimmer
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Do you love almond milk and want Dad to be able to make his very own at home without all the hassle of soaking, blending, and squeezing for the very last drop of almond milk? Look no farther than Chefwave Milkmade Non-Dairy Maker for Father’s Day. This beautiful new countertop appliance can process six different types of non-dairy milk for those dads who want a dairy alternative for their children. Almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, macadamia milk, and coconut milk can all be made in the comfort of dad’s kitchen. It’s an all-in-one, sleek machine for dads who want to take full control of their child’s nutritional and dietary needs.

This Milkmade has a modern digital touch-screen with an auto-clean function (you’re welcome, Dad!), a delay-start feature, and a glass pitcher for quick and easy storage. In less than 20 minutes you’ll have fresh, tasty vegan milk. Add your raw or roasted nuts or beans and let this machine do all the work we tend to dread when it comes to homemade vegan milk. No longer will the work of processing nut milk get in the way of the kids’ and Dad’s enjoyment of these wonderful, vegan, and non-dairy options.

There’s no reason for Dad not to play around with flavors either! Use the code DAILYMOM and enjoy 20% off your gift for the health-conscious father in your life. His new Milkmade comes with a recipe book so that he can create his own homemade favorites with his own hand-picked ingredients and none of the additives commonly found in flavored vegan milk. So gift Dad with a quick and easy setup, a fast process with no prep work, and a delicious cup of milk in under twenty minutes; no clean-up necessary!

Chefwave Milkmade Non-Dairy Maker (use code: DAILYMOM for 20% off!)
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Parents love capturing special moments on their phone’s cameras, but the inconvenience of having to place an order for photo prints and either wait to have them shipped to your house or go pick them up from a store often prevents them from having printed pictures. The Kodak Dock Plus 4×6 Instant Photo Printer is an amazing gadget that allows you to print high-quality photos instantly from the comfort of your home. Through docking your phone directly on this printer or by utilizing the Bluetooth feature, you can connect your camera to the printer with the free Kodak app and print the photos of your choice at any time.

Start filling those frames that you have laying around or replacing old photos with more current ones with the ease of this at-home photo printer. Each photo is printed using a laminating process that provides fingerprint-proof and water-resistant photos for long-lasting, full-color prints. The Kodak Dock Plus 4×6 Instant Photo Printer is also available in a bundle that includes 80 sheets in the standard 4×6 size. This printer is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Kodak Dock Plus 4×6 Instant Photo Printer
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Not only will your dad love these fun Father’s Day gifts, we love them too! From a bit of encouragement mowing the lawn to cooking dinner for the family, these fun Father’s Day gifts are sure to get dad doing the thing he loves (that we appreciate too!). This Father’s Day whether you are shopping for dad or grandpa, get him a gift he will actually use and enjoy all year long with these fun Father’s Day gifts for dad!

Haven’t had your fill of fun Father’s Day gift ideas yet? Check out even more Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts for Dad.

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