Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge: The Rides that are Worth the Line

Disneyland opened up the largest single-themed land in Disney park’s history on May 31st, and it is unlike any other. The Galaxy’s Edge rides and attractions have been long anticipated by Star Wars fans everywhere. Disney World’s Hollywood Studios opens the Star Wars land on August 29th of this year and promises to be a similar footprint as the Disneyland park. When you walk into the land, the sounds transport you to the planet of Batuu and as you walk toward the buildings, the bustle of the Black Spire Outpost takes over. Listen for the all-new John Williams composed musical score. All the senses are engaged when visiting Galaxy’s Edge. Add in the technology utilized for one-of-a-kind ride experiences and interactions in the land, you will be taken to a whole new world (literally)!

Galaxy’s Edge Rides

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Galaxy'S Edge Rides And Attractions Daily Mom Parent Portal

Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, if you have seen a movie or own a television set, then you probably have heard of the Millennium Falcon. On this anchor attraction in the land, you can join the crew of the Falcon and help with the mission. The ride really begins in the cue. You walk through the hangar that feels like the hangar at Tatooine when Luke first boards the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.” Listen to the announcements as you walk through the cue, and make sure to stop and take a look at the Falcon through the windows as you walk up. Once you are cleared to join the crew, Hondo Ohnaka will brief you on the mission. The space pirate looks like what you would expect a space pirate to look like. Once he provides the mission details, you then walk into the Falcon. This is not a drill – you walk into the first full-size replica of the Falcon. You will break up into teams of six and given a boarding pass with your job on the crew.

Galaxy'S Edge Rides And Attractions Daily Mom Parent Portal

The boarding pass will explain what job you have – pilot, gunner or engineer – and what color team you are on. You are able to walk through more of the ship and then the famous chessboard comes into view. Sit in front of the chessboard and touch the walls. If you are a Star Wars fan, you’ll notice the visible “insulation” as if Han Solo just passed through the halls. While enjoying the immersive experience of being on the ship, listen for the color team you are on. When they call you, you will walk down the hall until you see a video screen and markers for each position on the crew.  

Hondo Ohnaka appears again to provide a second brief, and when called, proceed to the cockpit. As if you don’t already feel like you have walked onto a movie set, the cockpit it just like the cockpit in the movies. Sit in your assigned seating, buckle up and be prepared for an experience like no other. During the ride you will perform your assigned duty – may the force be with you as you navigate all that the galaxy has to offer and escape the First Order! There is a minimum height of 38” to ride, and rider swap is available. There are elevators available to assist if needed.

Watch here as we (attempt to) fly the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The Disney team shared that this Galaxy’s Edge ride would be an immersive experience that opens later in 2019. While aboard a transport shuttle as a Resistance fighter, guests will be captured by the First Order and potentially come face to face with the new Supreme Leader! This promises to be as innovative as the land that surrounds it and we can’t wait to experience it once it opens!

Galaxy’s Edge Attractions

Disney Parks Play App

Galaxy'S Edge Rides And Attractions Daily Mom Parent Portal

If you have been to a Disney park in the United States before, you may be familiar with the Disney Park Play App. This free app allows guests to interact with the parks in a new way. In Batuu, the app turns into Star Wars: Datapad.

Within the app, you can hack dataports to complete puzzles that allow you to help the Resistance hide from the First Order or help the First Order monitor the Resistance that is building within the outpost. You can hack droids and other devices throughout the land as well.

Galaxy'S Edge Rides And Attractions Daily Mom Parent Portal

From the Datapad, utilize the translate tool to translate any alien language you see throughout the land. Open the translate tool and hover over the image with your camera, and after the scan occurs, the translation appears on your phone. Make sure to check out that long, beautiful script at Ronto’s Roasters to discover its meaning.  

Many barrels of cargo and digital goods are found throughout the land, and the scan feature on the Datapad allows you to analyze what is being transported in and out of the outpost.

Galaxy'S Edge Rides And Attractions Daily Mom Parent Portal

The tune tool allows you to tune into the communications between the inhabitants of the outpost, learning more about their story and plans for the Resistance and the First Order.

When not in the Batuu, you can access your profile within the Datapad revealing the leanings of your actions toward Resistance, First Order or scoundrel; your equipment, maps and so much more.

The extension of the land onto the app promises to provide entertainment and interaction that will allow for continued discovery for visits to come.

Galaxy’s Edge allows guests to create a story of their own like no other. Join the dark side and help with First Order, or help the Resistance and keep the light side strong! The beauty of this land is that you can choose your story, all while enjoying a planet that is far, far away. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, enjoy the immersive storytelling all around you with theming from floor (look for droid tracks!) to ceiling. Beginning June 24th, 2019, Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge will no longer require a reservation to enter – may the force be ever in your favor.

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Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge: The Rides That Are Worth The Line



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