12 Tools for the Perfect Pie

Whether you are the matriarch of the Thanksgiving family feast, or simply the guest bringing a dessert to Friendsgiving, pie is a necessity in the upcoming months of holiday celebrations. No matter your flavor of choice – pumpkin, sweet potato, cherry, pecan, or even gooseberry (and yes there is such a thing!) – pies are all the rage for everything from the office party to the casual family gathering. Seriously simple and easy to bake, wow the crowd this year with a homemade pie or two. Using some of the ‘gear’ we’ve rounded up below, your dessert will be the talk of the celebration (I mean let’s face it, no one is there for the ham or turkey, the holidays are really all about the sides and dessert). And trust us, everyone loves pie.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Dough Rolling Bag

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This dough bag will make your homemade pie crust a breeze. Forget the sticky mess that is trying to roll wet dough out on a counter “dusted with flour” which literally NEVER works. Whether you are baking with the kids this season, wanting a homemade crust made of healthier, wholesome ingredients rather than the store-bought variety, or simply love the flaky freshness of a homemade crust, this bag is a must-have for simple, scrumptious pie crust.

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Vremi Apple Corer/Peeler/Slicer

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For the perfect apple pie, this apple corer/peeler/slicer is an absolute necessity. With the ability to not only take care of all three steps in one, the apples are also sliced beautifully thin allowing you to get that ideal layering inside the pie crust resulting in a deliciously sweet and juicy, packed apple pie. Further, the kids will LOVE helping with the pie when they get to use this device, along with watching in amazement and eating apple skin ‘spaghetti’. 

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Leifheit Cherry Pitter

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There is nothing better than a cherry pie made fresh at home. This holiday season don’t fill your pies with that sickly sweet store bought canned filling that’s terrible for your health and full of corn syrup, make your own. Fresh fillings are all the rage as not only do they taste better, but you can control what ingredients make their way into your dessert. Healthy dessert can be a thing, sort of. While pitting cherries might be a pain, this season with the cherry pitter from Leifheit keeps things simple, from your effort to your ingredients, less is more.

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Mrs. Anderson’s Ceramic Pie Weights

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Yes, your grandmother will tell you to just use beans to weigh down your pie crust, but rather than adding dried, dusty legumes to your perfectly crafted homemade crust, just pick up some pie weights this season. Simple, effective, and inexpensive, pie weights will help you bake the perfect crust before filling with your fruit of choice this season. Also, since these pie weights are reusable there is no waste along with no mess making them a small, but necessary addition.

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Joiner Leaves Pie Crust Cutters

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Everyone wants to have the prettiest pie around. Move over cake decorators and make way for the pie Picassos this fall and winter season. From lattice tops to delicately carved cutouts, fancy pies will be gawked over with good reason this season. Adults and children alike will love the intricate details of small size these pie crust cutters perfect for decorating your pie of choice this season.

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KitchenAid Pizza Wheel

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Don’t let the lattice top pie hover out of reach this season – express your inner baker and plan ahead for your day’s worth of Thanksgiving or Christmas prep. With the KitchenAid Pizza Wheel, slicing pie crust into strips has never been easier. Perfect for making equally sized strips you are sure to impress with your Apple Pie this holiday.

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Adjustable Silicone Pie Crust Shields

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Make sure you don’t make a novice bakers mistake this year by burning the pie crust. With these simple, adjustable silicone pie crust shields you won’t have to worry about those too crisp (i.e. burned) edges this year. Forget about the struggle with tin foil that keeps falling off as you try to cover your pie crust and invest in these reusable shields that are better for the environment, your pie, and your sanity.

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Emile Henry Round Pie Dish, Pumpkin

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Choose from a wide variety of colored pie plates this season that allow you to easily transfer from oven to table and compliment your beautifully crafted pie. Better for the environment than cheap, disposable tins, select a few festively colored pie plates that you can use for years to come. These pretty dishes can either compliment or contrast your tableware for a look sure to add to your table’s centerpiece or buffet.

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Spring Chef Dough Blender

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While your grandmother may tell you homemade pie crust is simple and can be easily blended with 2 forks or knives, save yourself the trouble and pick up a dough blender this season. Easy to use, simple to clean, and quicker than the traditional methods of blending dough, you will be glad you purchased this inexpensive, but absolutely worthwhile kitchen tool.

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Sweet Creations Pie Carrier

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Word to the wise: if you are traveling with your pie for the holiday gathering pick up a pie carrier (oh yes, and don’t let your three-year-old carry the dessert). Instead of trying to wrap your pie in foil or plastic wrap which inevitably gets stuck to the top and makes a mess grab one of these handy devices for a quick and easy carry with no-hassle clean-up.

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Pie Slicer

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While self-explanatory, a pie slicer is a must have if you want your plated pie to look just as scrumptious as before it is sliced. Trying to use a knife to cut and serve pie is a lesson in futility as your pie will likely not survive and while edible won’t look like those beautiful Instagram photos you gawk over regularly.

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Talismans Pastry Wheel Decorator

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For a perfectly molded and easily sealed pie crust, this season pick up a pastry wheel decorator for those finishing touches. Rather than using the tines of a fork as your mother may suggest, impress everyone at your holiday dinner or Christmas party with a pie that looks as wonderful as it tastes.

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