2018’s Best Luxury Gifts

Aside from the annual birthday ball, there isn’t a lot of luxury floating around military life. It’s all live in a hotel for three weeks, live out of boxes intermittently, and operate in survival mode during deployments (read: sleep less and eat more chocolate for dinner). So, if you’re in need of a little luxury under the tree this year, you need to jump on Daily Mom Military’s best luxury gifts of the year.

2018’s Best Luxury Gifts — OXX COFFEEBOXX

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

Let’s be honest. Parents run on coffee. Add long hours, training schedules, and a deployment — it isn’t a wonder that good coffee is a common gift request from the service member. Enter COFFEEBOXX. This rugged coffeemaker makes coffee where they are, without the lines and within minutes. Set up is super easy — plug it in, rinse four cycles of water, and it is ready to brew its first cup. The rugged exterior allows it to be taken into the field, the office, a ship, some deployments, and take continual use.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

The Field Case allows you to carry the COFFEEBOXX and a removable pack which has room for 12 coffee pods, as well as any accouterments that may be required to coffee make a cup of coffee perfect. To complete the Workhorse ensemble, the 2X-Caffeinated Workhorse Dark and Bold coffee pods are easy to drink black or sweet. In addition, a separate hot water dispenser for making oatmeal, instant soup, or tea is a welcome addition to the hard-working service member who may be working through meals or a night shift.

Our favorite OXX COFFEEBOX features are:

  • Its portability
  • A crush-proof chassis with rust-proof stainless steel hardware
  • A sealed, dust-proof 85-ounce water tank
  • The replaceable carbon water filter
  • The three-foot retractable power cord
  • Its compatibility with all K-Cups
  • The separate hot water dispenser
  • The color choices that provide options, but still blend in — green, desert tan, and black

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

2018’s Best Luxury Gifts — Nexus Handbag

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

If there is anything a military spouse needs in her life, it’s a bag that is classic and stylish, yet practical. The Nexus Handbag by Mary Smallwood offers just that. It is easy to wear and carry; just twist it onto your wrist and you’re ready to go! It is made from soft, supple leather, so it is classy enough to wear to a more formal event or something a little more casual.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

The Nexus Handbag is unique in that it offers a hands-free design. Twist it on your wrist and your hands are available to hold your drink or shake hands with your guests. It can be worn to a dining out, a unit event, or even a military ball — giving you space for all your necessities, but also being easy to carry.



Nexus Handbag


Mary Smallwood | Facebook | Instagram

2018’s Best Luxury Gifts — Cultural Detour Persimmon Infinity Scarf

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

Cultural Detour, a military spouse-owned business, reimagines vintage Japanese kimono, boat flags, and boro fabrics into beautiful, wearable works of art. As a girl growing up in Okinawa, founder Dyan Reeves developed a deep love and appreciation for kimono. Upon her return to the island with her children and Air Force husband, she realized that this fascination had transformed into a strong desire to give new life to these pieces.

Each scarf is made by hand, pieced together in a way that not only showcases the fabric’s gorgeous patterns, but also any of the small beauty marks that highlight the original kimono’s journey through time.

The Birds Persimmon Infinity Scarf gets its color from kakishibu, the process of using fermented unripe persimmons to dye natural fabrics. The dye process, performed by a skilled Okinawan on yukata kimono, renders each piece completely unique, adding to the allure of the finished scarf.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

In addition to scarves, Cultural Detour also handcrafts one-of-a-kind earrings, bow ties, and bags made from the same antique and vintage kimono.

A gift from Cultural Detour doesn’t just connect the recipient to a part of history, but it also supports the efforts of sustainable fashion to minimize the human impact on our environment.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

2018’s Best Luxury Gifts — Luca + Danni

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

She’s the mom who has it all together. She’s fierce, strong, and self-sufficient. She’s the military spouse who is tough in the face of Murphy’s Law and stands up for her kids no matter what. If that’s the case, she needs the Mama Bear Stack from Luca + Danni.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts 2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

The Mama Bear Stack is available in blue or pink adorned with Swarovski crystals. It is available in a silver- or brass-tone finish, and one of the bracelets is adorned with a sweet mama bear. This is the perfect gift for a mama who is rocking a deployment or an expecting mom.

2018’s Best Luxury Gifts — Pingree Detroit Wristlet and Crossbody Clutch

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

As moms, we feel like we are always carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, and most of the time that weight is what is in our diaper bags and purses. But it doesn’t always have to be like that! For the rare moments that you get a break from the kids or you are finally out of diaper-bag stage, there is the Pingree Detroit Adeline Wristlet and Crossbody Clutch.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

Pingree Detroit is a veteran-owned company in Detroit, Michigan who is dedicated to creating high-quality leather goods by the people of Detroit while using resources in and around Detroit’s auto industry. They are committed to serving the people of the city and protecting the environment through their goods.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts 2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

The Adeline is the perfect size. The interior pocket is big enough for most smartphones, while the card slots hold up to nine credit cards, IDs, or business cards. It is made with reclaimed leather from the auto industry, and the gold-plated finishes add a special touch. It comes in black, mahogany, navy, and burgundy, so you can get one for every occasion (and to match your ball dress).

2018’s Best Luxury Gifts — Chamilia Holly Jolly Three-Beads Gift Set

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts
This limited edition three-bead gift set is the perfect way to finish off your holiday look! Designed in sterling silver, the Holly Jolly Gift Set is sure to be a centerpiece of your holiday wardrobe. The Murano glass catches your attention first, followed by the intricate details of the multicolored enamel. The light siam-colored Swarvorski crystals bring the look to another level of glamor. Priced at $89, this three-piece set is the perfect gift for those special ladies in your life, or for yourself!

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

Everyone loves jewelry! By giving the gift of the Chamilia Holly Jolly set this holiday season, you can start a bead-giving tradition for years to come. Made with the finest materials and finished with your taste at heart, these beads give joy all year long. Give the gift of glamor this holiday season with the Holly Jolly Three-Beads Gift Set!


Holly Jolly Three-Beads Gift Set


Chamilia | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

2018’s Best Luxury Gifts Moderne Monocle

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

When a piece of jewelry has function, you have our attention. These necklaces from Moderne Monocle aren’t just another pretty piece of jewelry (although, they’re that too). By holding one of them up to your eye, you have the all the benefits of glasses and much more style. They work the same as prescription strengths +1.00 to +3.00, and the necklaces come in gold, rose gold, and silver, and in a variety of shapes.

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

Awe them with your Moderne Monocle necklace, and then watch them squeal in delight when you show them what it can do. It’s like having a cute dress with pockets, its fantastic.


Luxury gifts aren’t for everyone on your list — we all get the same paychecks every two weeks, so we know what you’re working with. But, for that special person at the top of your list, or for a group gift where everyone throws a few dollars in the pot, this list is all you need to ensure your gift is as special as the person you’re giving it to.

Did you know Daily Mom Military has Gift Guides for everyone on your list? Check out our lists for Military Guys and Girls, Military Spouses, Military Kids, and more!

2018’S Best Luxury Gifts

Photo Credits: Heather Walsh | Nexus | Cultural Detour | Luca + Danni | Chamilia | Pingree Detroit | Rebecca Alwine



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