9 Unique Gift Wrapping Techniques to Try this Season

With the holidays approaching, it’s never too early to start thinking about gifts (and how you’ll be gift wrapping them)! Love personalizing your gifts? There are so many original ways to give a little something extra with your gift by opting for a non-traditional wrapping technique. Not to mention – customized wrapping adds a little extra personal touch to your gift. Your friends and family will appreciate the extra time and thought you put into the gift-wrapping process.

You can even make a whole day out of it! If you love gift wrapping, invite over some friends and pop open a bottle of wine while you all get creative with ways to wrap your holiday gifts. Plus, you might get inspiration from others if you make it into an event. 

Why Not Use Regular Holiday Gift Wrapping Paper?

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Holiday wrapping paper is adorable! It comes in so many patterns and colors and there is always a cute new print available for every holiday season. The bad news is, those large rolls of holiday gift wrap take up a lot of space in your closet. You only get to use it once a year and by the time next Christmas rolls around, you’re ready for new wrapping paper to keep the magic alive. 

Plus, holiday gift wrap is not very versatile for many occasions. Unlike other giftwrap colors and patterns where you might be able to use one roll to celebrate baby showers, birthdays, or other holidays, snowmen and pine trees have a more definite season attached to them. Instead, you can opt for one of these 9 unique ways to wrap your gifts this holiday season. 

Gift Wrapping Using a Blanket

Large items take up a lot of wrapping paper, anyway. Consider wrapping your gift using a large cozy blanket, pillow case, beach towel, or picnic blanket if it fits the theme of the gift. This option is perfect if you are already giving your loved one a  blanket as a gift, too. Wrap it up nicely by folding the blanket around your gift and then tying it off nicely with jute, or a holiday ribbon. You can further customize your newly wrapped gift with a custom gift tag or by attaching an ornament using string or ribbon.

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Order Custom Gift Wrapping Paper

If you’re known for doing the most, this one might be for you. Make your gift wrapping truly show stopping using custom-printed wrapping paper. But – where can you get something like this? Well, there are a variety of companies that create custom-printed wrapping paper, like Zazzle or Vistaprint. If you prefer to shop small, many sellers on Etsy also offer this service.

While this option is more expensive, it can be a great choice for special occasions or big holiday celebrations. We recommend designing your custom wrapping paper to feature a pet, family photo, or a cutout of your gift recipient’s face (if you think you’ll be able to reuse the paper often). 

Using Recycled Materials for Gift Wrapping

Daily Mom Parent Portal Gift Wrapping

We all know about using newspapers as a way to wrap your gifts, but what about using other recycled materials? If sustainability is your forte, you can get creative with environmentally-friendly gift wrapping solutions. Have you ever wrapped a gift using cardboard boxes like cereal boxes? This option is cute for gift recipients who LOVE a special product, like a favorite cereal or soda. You can elevate the look of the box by keeping the cuts clean and tying on more polished extras, like gift tags and bows. 

Don’t love the cardboard box look? Magazines can also be a fun, colorful option. Plus, this method gives you an excuse to sort through the magazine stack you have sitting at home that you never look at. Better for smaller gifts, this option lets you tear out fun pages that might have to do with the gift itself. 

For example, if you’re gifting a beauty-related gift, you might tear out a page from Vogue Magazine. Or, if you’re giving something for the kitchen like a wine-opener or bottle-stopper, you could tear a page from Bon Appetit or Southern Living. Like the cardboard box option, this style of gift wrapping works best when you pair it with more polished details. Be sure to create neat, evenly cut lines to make your gift look appealing.

Using a Knitted Scarf or Hair Scarf

For smaller gifts, you can wrap them using a scarf. Any scarf works for this – either a warm knitted scarf for winter or one intended for accessorizing, like a head scarf or hair scarf. This option works well for gift recipients who love fashion and beauty. To pick the perfect scarf for their gift, consider the size of the present as well as the personality of your gift-getter. For example, if they love a certain color, flower, or animal, you can look for a scarf that has a corresponding print. They’ll appreciate the extra care that went into curating the perfect accessory. 

One option for using a scarf in gift-giving is to tie it up in a cute little bow. To get started, simply lay your scarf flat on a table and center your gift in the middle. Then, tie together the two ends of the scarf and finish it off with a neat bow.

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Creating a Gift Basket

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For a gift that is comprised of mostly smaller items (or many items in one), you might opt to create a gift basket, instead. Who doesn’t love a gift basket? Taking the time to curate items specifically for one person is a great way to show your loved one you really know them and care for them. 

When it comes to curating a gift basket, you should start with a basket that matches the vibe of your gift. You can get the basket itself from local thrift stores, the dollar store, big box stores like Target, Walmart, or even Homegoods. Or, you can use an unconventional item as a basket, like a drink dispenser or a milk crate. You’ll want to make sure whatever basket you choose comfortably fits all of your items without being too oversized.

Then, you can start compiling your gift by layering in the items from largest to smallest. Use tissue paper, clear cellophane, ribbons, pillows, or crinkle paper to prop up items and add some extra decoration to your gift basket.

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Using Brown Paper as Gift Wrapping

Daily Mom Parent Portal Gift Wrapping

For the crafty gift-giver, you can never go wrong with simple brown paper. This option is great to keep on deck because you can use it for every gift-giving occasion. Plus, you can use the same roll every holiday season in a new way by customizing the way you decorate it. Not to mention, there are so many ways to personalize normal brown paper. We recommend:

  • Gluing on multi-colored pom-poms
  • Using stickers featuring your child’s favorite character
  • Drawing or writing on the wrapped gift using paint pens
  • Attaching something small to the gift with a ribbon, such as an ornament or dried flowers
  • Using washi tape to add a pop of color
  • Use stick-on bows to add a little holiday pizazz
  • Glue on beads or pearls using a hot glue gun

When it comes to gift wrapping for the holidays, you don’t have to always opt for red and green. Using fun colors like pink or blue can work as well, especially if you have a specific decoration theme you tend to follow every year. Whichever option you choose, you can finish off your decorating with a personalized gift tag or a pretty holiday-themed ribbon.

Get Creative with Fabric Scraps

Do you get crafty in your spare time? If you have fabric scraps lying around from previous sewing projects you’ve worked on, these can be the perfect addition to your holiday gift-giving presentation. An obvious use is to tie them as bows onto existing wrapped gifts. Combine this method with the decorated brown paper one for endless combinations.

If your fabric scraps are large enough, they can be used to wrap the present itself. If you choose to go this route, just be sure to pay close attention to the way you cut the fabric to wrap the present. Nobody wants a gift that sheds loose threads! 

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Joke Boxes for Families with a Silly Side

For humorous families and friends, another fun option is the joke or prank box. These boxes are specifically designed to look like something else – often something silly or embarrassing. It’s a funny way to briefly prank your gift recipient into thinking they are getting a crazy gift. 

Check out some funny boxes like this Bicycle Seatbelt Gift Box or this box for ToeTunes Slipper Speakers. If neither is speaking to you, don’t worry. Prank-O offers a variety of funny boxes to choose from. Just be sure the gift you place inside makes up for the prank!

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Unique Gift Wrapping Using Tote Bags

Tote bags are a trendy item right now for so many occasions. You can bring them to the grocery store or out for a day of shopping to tune into the sustainability of opting for a reusable bag. Or, you can use them as your everyday bag. Because they’re so large, they’ll fit almost anything you need inside. Whether just a wallet or a full-on laptop, you won’t have to worry about having enough space.

To master using a tote bag as gift wrapping, start with the bag itself. You can pick out a tote bag from their favorite store or get more personal and make one yourself using a canvas bag and paint. Measure your gift before making your selection to make sure the bag will fit the gift inside without looking too bulky. To finish up the gift, consider adding a ribbon or bow to close up the top of the bag. Alternatively, you can tie the two straps together to help the bag stay closed. 

When it comes to the holidays, often giving gifts is often even more fun than receiving them. Plus, the joy of giving your loved one the perfect gift is so rewarding. There’s nothing like experiencing the joy of someone’s gratitude. If you’re someone who loves giving, go the extra mile with unique, personalized gift wrapping this holiday season.


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