Fun Easter Basket Alternatives

This Easter, why not try something different and fun for your Easter baskets? According to the National Confectioners Association, 77% of Americans participate in giving Easter baskets each year.

The origin of modern day Easter traditions, such as the Easter basket, are believed to have been introduced to America by German immigrants who moved with their stories of a bunny that delivered eggs. As is the case with any holiday, families can choose if they want to go lavishly over-the-top, or stick with practicality. Here at Daily Mom, we prefer practical basket goodies that we know will be loved and appreciated long beyond the egg hunt. In a world of STUFF, why not think of a way to turn our NEEDS into WANTS.

The Easter basket is the perfect start to practical gift giving, while preserving the time honored traditions that accompany the Easter holiday. Whatever your preference, lavish or low key, check out these ideas on making this Easter unique and fun.

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Bye bye baskets

Instead of a traditional basket, try some of these fun alternatives instead. When thinking about what you could use in place of a traditional basket, consider what things you need or would otherwise purchase for your children in the upcoming months. Things to consider: Do you have a planned trip coming up? What spring or summer activities will your kids be participating in? Will you go to the pool often in the months to come? Has your child recently grown into a new size and needs clothing to correspond with their growth spurt? Do you have rainy day activities on hand? Does your family play board games? Does your child like to cook? With these questions in mind, take a look at a few of the fun Easter basket alternatives we have come up with.


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Using an umbrella as a basket is not only exciting for the kids (think how large an open umbrella is for tiny eyes!), but also doubles as a practical product to have on hand throughout the spring season. From favorite colors to favorite characters, there is a just right umbrella for everyone in your life.

A few of our favorites include Ballerina Umbrella, Animal Umbrella, and Bubble Umbrella.

What’s Inside: Plush Craft Bunny 3D Craft, Elefun Monkeys in a Barrel game, Bunny face tshirt, Cotton candy

Kick board

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With swimming season right around the corner, how fun would it be to kick off spring with a new kick board? With their flat surface and easy to grab sides, kick boards work great as an Easter basket replacement. They are easy to fill and easy to grab by kids. Who doesn’t need an excuse to start thinking about pool side summer retreats?

A few of our favorites include Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch kick boards and Finding Dory kick board.

What’s Inside: Reusable Swim Diaper, Pool Toys Diving Rings and Sticks, Plush Bunny, Rabbit Ears, Swimsuit, Swim Trunks

Sand bucket

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Sand buckets aren’t just fun on the beach, they are the perfect carrying container for Easter treats. Add your Easter grass and top with anything from sand toys to candies to clothing and more.

A few of our favorites include 15-piece Sand Castle, Bucket Set, and 9″ Pail Set.

What’s Inside: Kinetic sand, Sand Toys, Stretchable Candy Bracelets

Craft Carrier

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For the art lover in your life, imagine the excitement when their Easter basket is replaced with a crayon carrier that can hold all of their candy for now… and supplies for later. Whether your little bunny is into coloring, painting, play doh, or beads, there is a carrier for you.

A few of our favorites include Art Caddy, Large Art Caddy, and Clear Bead Organizer.

What’s Inside: Creative Quotes Coloring Book, Peeps, Crayola colored pencils


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Hello, cute bunny slippers! This “basket” would be the gift that keeps on giving. They are adorable now and comfortable later. Customizable by whatever character or color your little one would enjoy, they aren’t really a basket at all. Simply use the slippers as the centerpiece, fill with fun, and add extras around.

A few of our favorites include Zootopia Judy Hopps slippers and Monster Paw Fuzzy Slippers.

What’s Inside: Trolls in Trouble board game, Assorted mini rubber stampers, Trolls Pajama Set

Trash can

Fun Easter Basket Alternatives 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

At first thought, it might seem like a trash can is an unconventional choice for an Easter basket. Then, you see the beauty in the longterm use and the novelty of the trash basket in place of the Easter basket. Genius!

A few of our favorites include Disney Princess Step-On Trash Can, Basketball Net Trash Can, and Animal Trash Can.

What’s Inside: Rookie Basketball, Soccer Training Ball, Junior Football, Sports Socks, Real Kids Sunglasses

More Fun Easter Basket Alternatives

Want more ideas? See below for other fun Easter basket alternatives:

Pet carrier
Good for the little pet lover in your life. A few of our favorites include Pet Grooming Set, Plush Animal Toy Pet Carrier, and Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Set.

Doll bed, carrier, or bath
Good for the miniature momma in your life. A few of our favorites include Baby Doll Bath, Baby Doll Pack ‘n Play, and Car Seat Carrier for Dolls.

Mini wagons
Good for the little adventurer in your life. A few of our favorites include Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon and Little Tikes Lil’ Wagon.

Shopping Carts
Good for the little shopper in your life. A few of our favorites include Toy Shopping Cart and Little Tikes Shopping Cart.

Swimming Pools
Good for the little swimmer in your life. A few of our favorites include Sunset Baby Pool and Inflatable Pool.

Did you know?

  • Easter ranks second in candy sales for holidays, just after Halloween.
  • Over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made each year.
  • 72% of Americans are influenced by seasonal classics in their Easter purchases.
  • 79% of Americans dye Easter eggs.
  • 71% of Americans hunt for real or candy-filled eggs.
  • 55% of Americans love marshmallow Peeps, while the other 45% do not like them.
  • When eating a chocolate bunny, almost 89% of people prefer to eat the ears first.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, what other fun Easter basket alternatives have you used or thought about? Comment below to let us know your ideas!

For all of your Easter needs, check out The Daily Mom Easter Essentials for Kids Guide 2017.

Resources:, National Confectioners Association

Photo Credits: Mojitos & Munchkins, Kristin dePaula



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