Spooked About Halloween 2020? Ideas on What It Might Look Like

Do you remember when kids could dress up and walk around in groups of ten or more smashing themselves into your doorway dipping their candy and spit coated hands into a common bucket? Seems like a distant memory. Halloween 2020 will be different than any of years past. The biggest question…will there be a Halloween 2020?

The world is completely different than it was a year ago which makes Halloween 2020 no different. CNN Business reports that in anticipation of light seasonal sales, candy companies have shifted Halloween displays to start earlier. It goes on to report that these companies are planning for less seasonally-focused packaging and offering more everyday product packaging. Trick-or-treating, school parties, and adult parties will all shift in Halloween 2020 to accommodate the need for social distancing and limited social contact. Keep reading for ideas on what Halloween 2020 might look like for the kiddos (and their parents!).

Trick-or-Treating During Halloween 2020

It may be a given that traditional trick-or-treating won’t be happening. So should you head to the store (or pay for Shipt or Instacart) to purchase the usual 18 pounds of sugary goodness? Chances are, kids will still be dressing up. Children have missed out on birthday parties, play dates, and special outings with family and friends while the grown ups figure out how to safely function during the coronavirus pandemic. Taking away Halloween 2020 would just be cruel. But how do parents help children celebrate Halloween without the trick or treating?

One alternative option to trick or treating includes setting up different themed rooms in your home. Use the candy that in years past would have gone to other children – and give it to your kids as they move from room to room. One bonus: no risk of getting Good & Plentys or 82 tootsie rolls because you get to pick your own candy. There is no shame in that.

Another option is talking with your neighbors to establish rules for the holiday. Decide to set out bowls at the end of your driveways asking that no one walks up to the front door. This will allow for candy donors without kids to still have the opportunity to watch the joy of the season from a safe distance.

Spooked About Halloween 2020?  Ideas On What It Might Look Like
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Halloween 2020 School Parties

Who ever thought “virtual learning” would be a commonly known and practiced thing? Not only does virtual learning bring added stress and time to parents, but it also cuts down on the fun to focus on learning crucial to a child’s curriculum and educational development. Halloween 2020 will be the first holiday during the 2020-2021 school year setting the bar for school celebrations. The following includes a few ideas to help the kids have fun while still being safe. But don’t stress…it doesn’t include wrapping your son or daughter as a mummy. Keep that toilet paper locked up.

  • Start a “booed” chain where kids can safely deliver candy to a classmate’s home.
  • Send out games that kids can do at home while virtually participating with others.
  • Have a parade where the kids can wear costumes and socially distance.
  • Send home instructions for a scavenger hunt and get the parents involved.
Spooked About Halloween 2020?  Ideas On What It Might Look Like


In the past, schools and churches have celebrated Halloween with an alternative to trick-or-treating by blocking off the parking lot allowing kids to safely go from car to car loading up on candy. While this won’t be an option for Halloween 2020, a drive through option might work. Have families sign up for locations in the parking lot to set up a card table with a fun theme and a bowl of candy. Map out the route and make it one way allowing for families to safely drive through and pick up candy. Maybe offer photo opportunities where kids can jump out for their parents to get a quick shot of the occasion. Get creative!

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Halloween 2020 Parties

Bobbing for apples is definitely out for Halloween 2020. And parties of just about any variety are a thing of the past. So what CAN parents do to celebrate the season – especially when an annual party is at stake? Consider a progressive party pairing groups down to one or two families stopping by at an assigned time for pictures and candy. Or have your own costume party at home while Zooming with family and friends. Maybe have a costume contest over Zoom with an agreed upon prize for the family that executes the coordinated effort. Yes, it is not the same as a traditional get-together. But there are ways to safely celebrate with others.

Spooked About Halloween 2020?  Ideas On What It Might Look Like

Costume Ideas Perfect for Halloween 2020

Just because Halloween 2020 will look different doesn’t mean children won’t anticipate and carefully plan out this year’s costume. From the time kids can walk up until middle school years, determining the perfect costume is a year-long plot and plan. For the fun of it, the list below includes costumes that will be super relevant in Halloween 2020. Relevant and safe!

  1. A Ghost. A double layer of fabric covering your child’s entire body.
  2. Nurse or Physician on a COVID-19 unit. Complete with N-95 mask. 
  3. The villain from Scream. This works before and during coronavirus.
  4. Doc from Back to the Future complete with a hazmat suit. And then you can wear it when going to the grocery store.
  5. COVID-19 bride and groom. Super perfect for kids or adults. Whip out your ol’ wedding dress and pair it with your favorite mask for the perfect culturally relevant costume.
Spooked About Halloween 2020?  Ideas On What It Might Look Like

Halloween 2020 is completely new territory and there is no wrong way to do it. The phrase “kids are resilient” keeps getting thrown out but kids also need a break from worrying about the hand washing and the mask wearing. Families are looking for safe alternatives to celebrate Halloween 2020 so creatively don your mask, and have fun with it!

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Spooked About Halloween 2020?  Ideas On What It Might Look Like

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