Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Practical Lover

Unlike the multitude of extravagant and over-the-top gifts many of us receive during the Christmas season, Valentine’s Day gifts are meant to be more thoughtful and deliberate. This year rather than following the commercialized protocol of chocolate, hearts or flowers, give a gift that is practical, useful and considerate. Make the most out of your gift-giving, pay attention to detail and the result will be a gift that will be used rather than cast aside just days after the holiday. Here to help with some practical gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated this Valentine’s Day and beyond, we have something for all the loves in your life.


Because every man deserves great skin.

Great skin is not just for women these days and if the man in your life deserves a little pampering, now is the time to give him the Clarisonic Alpha Fit. Made specifically with bristly, burly men in mind, the alpha fit works wonders on your significant other’s rougher, tougher skin this winter. The ultimate men’s facial cleansing brush will not only get rid of all those dead, dry winter skin cells making your man softer to the touch, but will also allow him a closer, smoother, cleaner shave.

Engineered to sweep away dirt, sweat and oil from your man’s face, neck and beard he will be left with cleaner, healthier looking skin. Providing deep sonic cleaning, this brush is 6x more effective than using hands alone. Designed with shorter bristles and producing over 300 movements per second, this brush is ideal for men’s oily and more resilient skin. Combined with Clarisonic’s Alpha Cleanse, specifically formulated for men, this sulfate-free, foaming cleanser will exfoliate and energize his skin prepping it for a close shave. Daily use will minimize the appearance of pores as well.

So often the men in our lives are oblivious to their skin care needs but with the simplicity and ease of the Alpha Fit after the first few uses we are sure your significant other will love it. Say goodbye to breakouts from all that sweaty time spent outdoors or at the gym, quit worrying about nicks, cuts, and painful razor burn, and introduce your man to cleaner, softer, smoother skin this Valentine’s Day.

Clarisonic is devoted to healthier, beautiful looking skin for everyone – men and women alike. With their gentle cleansing, patented sonic technology they are the #1 dermatologist recommended facial cleaning brush in the United States. Wanting everyone to feel confident in the skin they are in Clarisonic has set out to invent devices for cleaner, younger radiant looking skin.


Clarisonic Alpha Fit


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Professional Infrared Blow Dryer by Gina

Because no one wants a bad hair day.

When it comes to caring for and styling your hair, having the best tools matters. Too many women go to the salon and come home with a gorgeous style that they love. However, they get frustrated at home trying to recreate the look and don’t understand why their style falls flat outside of the salon. You won’t get professional results using cheap tools. If a blow dryer is part of creating your personal hair style, you need a professional quality blow dryer. Drying your hair with a cheap dryer from a discount store will get you cheap, discount results. Get the right tools for the right look with Tools by Gina.

The Professional Infrared Blow Dryer by Gina is simply put, the best blowdryer on the market. Use it once and you will notice the difference immediately. It uses advanced infrared blow technology with ceramic coating and this dries your hair faster, giving you smooth, conditioned results. Unlike traditional blowdryers, the Professional Infrared Blowdryer by Gina actually protects your hair from heat. You hair will have added volume and shine like never before. The infrared technology, professional motor, multistep switches for power and temperature are all features that make achieving the perfect smooth and voluminous blow out possible at home.

Tools by Gina are hair tools designed by top stylist, Gina Rivera. Gina wanted to create products for salon professionals and their clients. She grew up in the salon world and has loved the art of hair styling all her life. She took a failing salon and turned it into a successful chain of highly popular salons. She is so passionate about excellence in her craft and creates products so that every day can be a great hair day. In addition to the Professional Infrared Blow Dryer , the By Gina line also offers flat irons and curling irons.

Graydon Mlange Sheet Set by Trident Ralph Lauren

Because everyone deserves comfort and luxury.

After you have kids, luxuries become few and far between. We spend our money selflessly on our kids and less and less on ourselves. Our bedroom is the first place we awake to in the morning and the last place we see as we close our eyes. It serves as our safe haven, our peace of mind, our hidden oasis from our day to day hustle and bustle. When we lay our heads down at night, we should be caressed with sheets that feel like clouds kissing our skin with a smooth silky tenderness.

This is why we love Graydon Mlange Sheet Set by Trident Ralph Lauren. 144-thread-count cotton will leave you feeling comfy, cozy, but oh so luxurious. Extra care and attention were taken when creating these sheets – the more you wash the softer they get, just like your favorite chambray shirt. They come in a variety of six different colors (featured in Chambray) expertly yarn-dyed, creating textural highlights and lowlights for that perfectly broken-in look. This Valentine’s, spring for a little luxury on yourself with Graydon Mlange Sheet Set by Trident Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren’s Lauren Home is a household name that exudes luxury, comfort, and quality. These sheets help us to drift off into a world that is created by our dreams.

  • Sets come with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Twin, full, and queen sheet sets come with standard pillowcases.
  • 144-thread-count cotton.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Machine washable.

Backpack from Ju-Ju-Be

Because a good bag can make life so much easier.

A good bag can change your life, especially if you are a mom. Moms have to not only carry their own necessities like a phone and a wallet, they have to haul around all the stuff their kids need or want. The load can add up quickly: snacks, wipes, diapers, extra clothes, wallet, phone, water bottle, the list goes on and on. A large tote bag will just dig into her shoulder and hurt her back. For the mom on the go, the Be Right Back from Ju-Ju-Be is the ideal bag!

The Be Right Back in Amethyst Ice is an ergonomic and gorgeous backpack from one the most beloved diaper bag companies around. This bag is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and useful features. The shoulder straps are padded, curved, and ergonomic. The cell phone pocket keeps your device close by and the “Mommy Pocket” keeps wipes and diapers on the front. The two exterior pockets on the sides fit bottles and are actually insulated! If you don’t need baby bottles, water bottles fit perfectly as well. This bag is designed with pockets and compartments for everything and it holds up to real life with Agion Antimicrobial Linings and fabric that can be washed. There is a zipper pouch with a changing pad and if you don’t need a changing pad, slide your laptop or tablet in there. Everything was thought of when Ju-Ju-Be created the Be Right Back .

Since this is for Valentine’s Day, you need to pick a bag to give that is pretty and then new Amethyst Ice pattern from Ju-Ju-Be is just that. This purple and silver design shimmers and is sweet and feminine. The purple design is on a neutral grey background making this a bag Mom can carry everyday. Inside the bag is a lavender gems pattern for a fun, unexpected detail. This bag is almost bohemian but classic at the same time and we think that is a perfect combination.

American Tourister

Sharing a love of travel with your true love.

American Tourister Luggage

When you are packing for a romantic get away, finding the space to bring all the things you need is key to a good vacation. Make planning your next trip that much easier when you gift your Valentine with a beautiful new piece of luggage from American Tourister. The Technum hard-sided luggage set comes in one of three convenient sizes (20″, 24″, or 28″) – you are bound to find the perfect fit for all your traveling necessities. The 20″ suitcase fits all carry on requirements and the fully articulating spinner wheels are ideal for navigating your way through the busy airport.

If you need a bit more space for souvenirs and clothing, the 24″ case is perfect for ensuring organization and room for a longer trip and can even expand an extra 1.5″ when you find that perfect dress or blouse on your travel shopping outing. When you are checking a bag, knowing that your belongings are safe and secure helps prevent traveling stress and headaches. The lightweight hard case is perfect for giving your clothing that extra security you need, and the TSA approved dial lock means that you can ensure no one else has access to your belongings. Thanks to the three colorful color options when you head home from your journey, there will be no question which bag is yours when it rolls off the baggage claim. Can you imagine a more perfect ending to a couples vacation?


FaceBlaster & Mini 2 FasciaBlasters, and Blaster Oil from Ashley Black

For the woman on a wellness journey, trying to be her very best self.

Getting healthy is a journey, and it can be frustrating when you’re pouring your all into workouts and eating nutritious foods, and you still have problem areas you want to improve – ones that just won’t change, no matter what you try. The FaceBlaster and Mini 2 fascia blasters from Ashley Black are truly revolutionizing how women care for their bodies, by focusing on something you may not have heard of before – fascia.

Fascia is the connective tissue that holds our bodies together, but over time, it can become unhealthy and develop adhesions. What does that mean for you? It can mean cellulite, pain, issues with your nervous system and circulatory system, and aging skin. It can even negatively impact weight loss and muscle development. Ashley Black has essentially created a massive movement, with hundreds of thousands of people improving their overall health and appearance by using her fascia blasting tools.

The FaceBlaster was designed to help break up fascia adhesions and improve circulation in delicate areas of the body, like your face and neck. It also helps relieve tension, tightness, and pain in smaller joints like those in your hands and feet. Its “claws” area the smallest in Ashley Black’s product line, making it perfect for gently working on the delicate skin of your face.

Ashley Black’s Mini 2, with bigger “claws” than the FaceBlaster, is the ideal tool to work on developing healthy fascia in other areas of your body, and is also small enough to work in hard-to-reach areas like inner thighs, neck, and arms. Each end of the Mini 2 features a point, which is meant for releasing stubborn and deep fascia adhesions, trigger point therapy that target the nervous system.

Each Blaster should be used with Ashley Black’s proprietary Blaster Oil, which helps lubricate the skin, so the Blaster glides effortlessly to stimulate blood flow and release fascial adhesions. This unique oil is made from a blend of three algaes, which have been proven to burn stored fat – which in turn, reduces the appearance of cellulite. Apart from helping to make your blasting sessions more effective, this oil – wow – it. smells. incredible. It will transport you to the sunniest, tropical beach, with a hint of coconut.


FaceBlaster| Mini 2|Blaster Oil


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Little Nomad

Because she deserves a gorgeous exercise mat for her home gym.

A quality exercise mat is a staple piece in every home gym, but why sacrifice style when you dont have to? Instead of a boring exercise mat, Little Nomad offers you style and functionality with their beautiful Roam Free Play Mats. These foam mats feature gorgeous colors and high quality prints, giving any space an instant face lift. From beautiful shades of blue, gray and pink neutrals, these mats will compliment any space and elevate the home decor no matter what her style.

We love the Starry Night Roam Free Play Mat from the Starlight Series. The mats assemble in 2 x 2 tiles to fit any room in the house. The mats feature unique borders and seamless patterns, making the mat look just like a rug!

An exercise mat is essential to protect your hands, feet, back and body during workouts. Whether she loves yoga, pilates, strength training, cardio or simply stretching, the Little Nomad mat is the perfect cushion to keep her comfortable throughout her workout.The Roam Free Mats are made of premium quality, non-toxic EVA foam, rigorously tested to the US Safety Standard in a laboratory considered to be one of the best scientific labs in the world. These mats meet and exceed requirements limiting heavy metals, lead, formamide phthalates, so they are completely safe to use in a family home.

Pillows by NECTAR

Give a perfect night’s sleep for the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Nectar, the maker of one of the most comfortable mattresses ever also creates a pillow that will let you take back your sleep and rest the way you always imagined that you could. The Nectar pillow is a memory foam pillow made with the same high quality foam used for their mattresses. What makes this pillow so comfortable is that it manages to be supportive and soft at the same time. So many pillows give you one or the other. The Nectar pillow is made with an outer shell for loft and comfort and a supportive inner shell made of three types of foam.

You may think you cannot order a pillow online because you can’t feel if it is right for you. Nectar knows that pillows are not one size fits all. Therefore they designed their pillow to adjust to meet your comfort needs and preferences. The Nectar Pillow will arrive overstuffed. Remove the extra stuffing until you get the level of firmness that is just right for you. If you aren’t sure, just save the extra stuffing and you can always put it back and make the pillow firmer in the future. Hot people rejoice! The Nectar Tencel cooling fabric means your pillow won’t be too hot, ever! That Tencel fabric cover is also bed bug resistant and machine washable.


Nectar Pillow


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Hair Tools by Andis

Because haircare at home is a gift that lasts well beyond Valentine’s Day.


Trimming short hair is possible at home with the HeadStyler Adjustable Blade Clipper 20-Piece Haircutting Kit from Andis. If your Valentine has a short hairstyle that needs regular trim ups, this haircutting kit makes a great gift. Use it in between trips to the barber or do all your hair cuts at home! This kit from Andis gives you professional quality tools at your fingertips. The HeadStyler Adjustable Blade Clipper 20-Piece Haircutting Kit includes the Clipper, Stainless Steel Sheers, a Barber Comb, Blade Oil, Twelve Attachment Combs, Hard Case, and a Blade Guard.


For simple hair styling for longer hair, the High Heat Styling Brush is wonderful. This brush from Andis heats up quickly with two heat settings. You get beautiful hair with no frizz thanks to the ceramic barrel. This brush gently styles natural hair, extensions, or wigs. The cord swivels so there are no tangles while brushing. Give you hair volume in just a few minutes with the High Heat Styling Brush.

Dollar Shave Club

Because every man deserves quality hygiene products at affordable prices.

For the man in your life that values their time and hard earned money, Dollar Shave Club is an easy choice for a great Valentine’s Day gift. This subscription service takes the work out of looking good, but does not take the good out of the work. Once a member, clients make their selections, which will be delivered on a calendar frequency of their choosing. Dollar Shave Club is like an all-inclusive pass to excellent trimming, fabulous hygiene, and phenomenal decisions. You can get your man started with one of their Starter Sets, and then take a look at their other products, such as oral care, hair products, and skin care. One of our favorite products is the DSC Traveler. This heavyweight, waxed canvas travel bag with sturdy bottom has an assortment of pocket sizes, an open top construction for easy access, and a powerful magnet closure. It is the perfect add-on to tote all of his toiletry needs around, whether for business or pleasure. For a nominal monthly price, the guy in your life will rave about how wonderful they feel, and you will get to enjoy a clean shaven, crisp smelling, handsome date of a man. Who can argue with that?

Atlas Coffee

Because everyone deserves exotic coffee from all over the world.


Atlas Coffee is a unique company that travels all over the globe to taste and brings home the very best in the world of coffee. They are constantly refining their roast profiles to reach the optimum combination of flavors. The coffee is delivered immediately after roasting to ensure optimum quality. Sustainability is another must from Atlas Coffee. They believe in paying premium prices to ensure that the best, sustainable farming practices utilized. You can sign up for a Coffee of the Month Club or buy based on your favorite. So, we ask you: What’s not love? This Valentine’s give the gift of the exotic wonder that is Atlas Coffee.




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Although shopping for those we love is not always easy, we hope these ideas can help you find something both practical and meaningful this year. Whether your valentine loves to travel, cuddle up at home or simply needs some new personal care items, we have you covered. Knowing that some of the most appreciated gifts are those we actually use chose to give a gift that will keep on giving this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are looking for a gift that is naughty or nice this year make sure to check out The Daily Mom Guide to Valentine’s Day for plenty of ideas from candy and champagne to activewear and bedroom attire with a little bit of something for everyone.



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