10 Haunting Arts and Crafts for Halloween Bring This Spooky Holiday to Life

Making arts and crafts for Halloween can be fun for the whole family. You may start with something simple like a Styrofoam Spider and Handprint Witch when your children are little. But, as your children turn into teenagers, your Halloween décor may turn a bit more fun and scary with Haunted Doll Houses and Zombie Barbies. Throughout the years, you will be decorating every nook and cranny of your home with creepy crafts. The entire month of October is soon devoted to making fun and spooky decorations.


Creating arts and crafts for Halloween is a great theme for a girls’ night with your mom friends, too. Make a few tantalizing spooky desserts and a signature Halloween cocktail. It’s a night to be silly and do something for your children without your children. Check out these ideas for haunting arts and crafts for Halloween:

Creepy, Thrift Store Arts and Crafts for Halloween


Take a quick visit to your favorite thrift store, antique store, or yard sale to grab some old porcelain figurines. You know the ones: the cute ceramic bears, animals, and little children. It’s okay if they are chipped, scratched, or missing a limb. Sarah Ramberg from Sadie Seasongoods shares her tips for creating Haunted Figurines with black spray paint and red chalk paint. You might even have some old tchotchkes lying around your house that you could “give new life” with a bit of black paint. Haunted Figurines can be tucked on the mantle, on the bathroom counter, or set in scenes in their very own Haunted Doll House.

If you create an army of Haunted Figurines, you might need to make them a Haunted Doll House to live in. A quick Pinterest search shows many upcycled bright, pink, and white doll houses transformed into spooky haunted houses. It’s one of the best arts and crafts Halloween projects that can be displayed year after year.

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The Home Spun Hydrangea provides a tutorial for how to best spray paint your doll house with black, grey, and red paint. You can add embellishments like battery-powered lights, spiderwebs, and Halloween store-bought décor. Or you can create haunted scenes for each and every room of the Haunted Doll House, too. Let your creepy imagination run wild.

Let your creative spirit shine as you make more thrift store arts and crafts for Halloween with Zombie Barbies. Amanda from Crafts by Amanda shares her inspiration from The Walking Dead.  She teaches you how to transform old, “yucky” Barbies, into zombies with gray and white spray paint, some craft paint, and paint pens.

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Zombie Barbies are the most creative, fun Halloween craft to make and display. As Amanda says, “If you see a line of Barbie zombies, chances are you’re safe, (but) they’re a fun conversation piece, whether they are outside your door or standing on your coffee table.”

Arts and Crafts for Halloween for your Little Ones to Enjoy

AB Crafty

Not all arts and crafts for Halloween have to be scary, and spooky. You and your children can enjoy plenty of cute and silly October crafts, too. Halloween fun can be enjoyed by kids of all ages with silly costumes and cutesy crafts. A Tie Dye Ghost Shirt lets you and your kiddos “dress up” the entire month of October. Daniela from AB Crafty details how to make this very unique purple, black and white Tie Dye Ghost T-Shirt. Of course, you can make it in your favorite colors. But, no matter the color, everyone will be stopping to ask where you “bought” such a stylish Halloween T-shirt.

The DIY Nuts

What’s Halloween without pumpkin arts and crafts? Pour Paint Pumpkins are a great alternative to carving pumpkins for those with little kids. You can use the pour paint technique on real or artificial pumpkins.

Either way, the result is a bright, splash of dreamy colors dripping perfectly along the sides of the pumpkin. Erin from The DIY Nuts walks you through the process of creating Easy Pour Paint Pumpkins in five minutes with acrylic paints. If you have never tried Pour Paint Pumpkins, you definitely have to give it a try at least once. It’s so much fun. It’s such a unique way to decorate pumpkins. Transforming your pumpkin into arts and crafts for Halloween becomes magical with pour painting.

One Little Project…at a Time

Another fun alternative to carving pumpkins is making Yarn Pumpkin. But you have to have kiddos that love to get messy. Debbie Chapman from One Little Project…at a Time provides instructions to dip the yarn in glue and wrap it around a balloon. It takes about 24 hours for the glue to dry and stiffen on the yarn, but then you pop the balloon and add a pipe-cleaner stem – wah-lah – a Yarn Pumpkin!  

Witch and Spider Crafts

Lolly Jane

Spiders and witches don’t have to be creepy and wicked. They can tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. Arts and crafts for kids’ Halloween celebrations can be silly. In fact, the sillier the better. No one will want to stomp on a friendly Styrofoam Spider. This simple craft by Lolly Jane is made with a bit of paint, a Styrofoam ball, and some pipe cleaners. You can even make the spider a bit sillier with googly eyes.  

Simple Everyday Mom

Arts and crafts for Halloween are not typically very sentimental, but the Handprint Witch Craft is made by tracing and cutting out your children’s handprints on construction paper to be used as the hair for the whimsical witch. Simple Everyday Mom offers a printable template for the witch’s face and hat. This art project lets your little one practice cutting and gluing skills depending on his age.

Homemade Candy Jars

Candy seems to be synonymous with Halloween. Therefore, a cute homemade candy jar is a must-have. Candy jars are easy Halloween crafts for adults to make. Learn to create an adorable Halloween Candy Jar from a 6-inch terra cotta pot and terra cotta saucer from A Pumpkin and a Princess. The Halloween Candy Jar is perfect for candy corn and looks like a gumball machine.

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Another cute candy bowl can be made from the craft store’s carvable pumpkins. The DIY Pumpkin Candy Bowl can be made by simply cutting a large mouth, and adding googly eyes to a craft store pumpkin. The mouth becomes the holder for your favorite candy for your trick-or-treaters. Alexis Middleton at Persia Lou provides detailed instructions for this easy candy bowl for Halloween.

Whether you enjoy a scary, creepy October, or you would rather enjoy a whimsical laugh, you can enjoy arts and crafts for Halloween. Upcycling old knick-knacks and toys into spooky décor is a fun, creative outlet for kids of all ages. Arts and crafts for Halloween bring the holiday to life long before October 31. Trick or Treat!

Sources: AB Crafty, Crafts by Amanda, The DIY Nuts, Home Spun Hydrangea, Lolly Jane, One Little Project, Persia Lou, A Pumpkin and a Princess, Sadie Seasongoods, and Simple Everyday Mom.

Photo Credits: Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

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