How to Host a Spa Birthday Party and Other Party Ideas

You are never too young to ‘treat yo’self’, and a birthday is the perfect occasion to teach your little birthday girl about self care with a spa birthday party. Self care can range from polished nails to massages, facials to fun crafts, but the important thing to remember is that the world only gets one “you”. Taking care of yourself is a healthy way to celebrate being another year older, and it can create a lifetime of good habits.

The theme of your spa birthday party will depend on what your little girl loves. For some, that may be Star Wars, and for others, it is all-things sparkly and pink. Once you have decided on a theme, let the planning begin!

Spa Birthday Party Decor

How To Host A Spa Birthday Party And Other Party Ideas

First, find a space that is big enough to host your guests and spa materials. This can be done comfortably in your own home. Adding bright colors, lots of food, and costumes helped to bring this 4 year old’s spa birthday party to life. Each little girl received some special goodies and it added an extra sparkle to the hot pink atmosphere. Check out the items below for some ideas:

Foil fringe panels can liven up any space and easily adhere to a flat surface without leaving any residue behind, making clean-up a breeze. These can cover a wall, a window, or even a door frame to make your little fashionista’s entrance extra fabulous. A dry erase sign with your sweetie’s name makes this at-home spa a welcoming celebration for everyone, and gives the room a professional feel.

Spa Birthday Party Food

How To Host A Spa Birthday Party And Other Party Ideas

The great thing about food is that it serves two purposes for any celebration. It’s delicious, and it can be part of the decor. Pretty pink cupcakes in a cupcake stand are eye catching and delicious for those guests with a sweet tooth. Pizza is always excellent choice because there are no utensils needed, and pizza boxes are stack-able, so during the party, you can easily hide them away in another room or in the oven (as long as it is off).

How To Host A Spa Birthday Party And Other Party Ideas

If you are feeling especially creative, a pink lemonade fountain with champagne glasses makes the beverage dispenser attractive and adds to the color scheme, all while keeping your thirsty guests happy. Pink candies in clear bowls are also great for side tables, coffee tables, or even the bar area.

Other fun options for little girls include:

Spa Birthday Party Pampering


Pedicures are an easy way to pamper your guests, and the items needed are available at your local dollar store. A dish pan, a towel, some sugar scrub, and some polish are all you will need to get some pampered piggies. Using bejeweled decals or stickers can also add to the fun.

How To Host A Spa Birthday Party And Other Party Ideas


If your girls are younger, a chocolate facial will be fun AND delicious! You will need a bowl, cucumber slices, a flat paint brush, a wet washrag for removal, and a chocolate facial (sample recipe here). Each girl gets their own turn receiving their facial, and not only will they feel very special, they will have a blast giggling at each other while having their faces done – and sneaking a taste or two of the chocolate.

Facial Ideas for Little Girls Include:


The benefits of massage for children have been proven to stimulate cognitive development, decrease anxiety, and improve fine motor skills. If you have the means to do so, inviting a masseuse to pamper your princess and her guests is the ultimate treat! It can also provide the children an opportunity to give consent for touch and empower them to take ownership of their own physical boundaries and preferences.

Spa Birthday Party Activity

The days of the birthday party goodie-bags are slowly coming to an end, nevertheless, children still enjoy taking something away from the event to remember the day. Ideal for birthday parties is something that is both a craft AND a take home gift for the party attendees.

How To Host A Spa Birthday Party And Other Party Ideas

Some ideas we love include:

We loved the DIY lip gloss party favor which gave the girls something to do and a treat to take home. To make your own lip gloss, gather small containers that are easy for small hands to open (these are excellent), some coconut oil, and single-serve drink mixes in a variety of flavors/colors. You will also need a bowl and spoon for each participant. Allow each child to mix up her desired flavor with a dab of coconut oil. Once the mixture is smooth, each child can scoop her lip gloss into the small container and finish it off with a decorative sticker!

More Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Little Girls

If you decide to host a spa birthday party we are sure your little girl (and you yourself!) will be simply thrilled with the results. Not only will this be a fun-filled exciting day for her and her friends, but also a day of lessons in self-care, self-pampering, and relaxation. Teaching our little girls about self-love, empowerment, and the benefit of great times together with good friends are all important lessons to be learned young. This will be a party you will both remember forever!


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How To Host A Spa Birthday Party And Other Party Ideas



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