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Chances are you’ve got one room in your home that you’ve thought about redecorating. Maybe you’ve recently moved, are starting from scratch, and you need everything from the lighting down to the perfect layout. Perhaps you have a couch and coffee table that you absolutely love, but you need the finishing touches to make the room just right. Now with a few clicks and a quick turnaround your dream room is at your fingertips. Online interior design is one of the hottest trends right now and it is a game changer in the industry. With the help of an online interior designer anyone can get the room of their dreams.

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At first glance they all seem the same, but with Modsy’s ability to render your space in 3-D, it’s hands down the best option available. With 3 different design packages, Modsy’s solutions, are affordable and cater to everyone. From the budget conscious to the person who is unsure of trying out a online interior designer, it’s a one size fits all.

Modsy is a company that specializes in making the design experience seamless and easy. There are 5 main steps in the process.

  1. Define your project summary by answering a few questions about your space.
  2. Add in room details and room photos (no need to straighten up, just snap and load from your phone).
  3. Take the style quiz, which you can keep taking over until you feel like it’s the right fit. The Contemporary Collector really summed up our style.
  4. One of the last steps is sharing links to what inspires you the most. A few of our favorites included  Palm & Prep, Bobbie Burgers Paintings, and Loom & Kiln.
  5. Wrap up the process by adding any existing furniture that you want incorporated into your designs for a minimal fee. We had 3 pieces of furniture that we recently purchased for the space. This portion took a bit more work, but it was important for us to see them incorporated.
Modsy Living Room Photos Interior Design Online

Once you have completed all of the steps you can expect your designs delivered anytime between 4 – 14 days, depending on your package selection. What we really love is that you receive two unique, interactive 3-D visions of your space. If you’re not in love with the designs you can continue working with your design team to find the perfect solution. We happen to love both of our options so it was hard to pick our favorite. Which one do you prefer?

Design Option 1

Modsy Livingroom 5 Elsie Userview 4 Interior Design Online

Design Option 2

Modsy Living Room 4 Elsie Userview 4 Interior Design Online
Option 2

We love that Modsy helps you visualize your space, through a 360 degree life like representation. Then you can use their 3D Style Editor to really personalize things. It’s so simple to modify the layout, add or delete products, and swap out anything you are not particularly fond of. From the main studio select any product to see other carefully curated options. Many of these designs have sleek aluminium designs and finishes. You can even use the filter to see specific brands, styles, colors, materials as well as specific price ranges.

Modsy Virtual Interactive Interior Designer Room 2

When you finalize your design, simply add everything you want into your cart and you can buy it through Modsy. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Designing our main living area with Modsy has been an amazing experience. We actually can’t wait to tackle another room with them as soon as we finish this one.

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Now is the time to start your own project. Take advantage of Modsy’s 20% discount using the promo code DAILYMOM20, available exclusively through Don’t forget your friends and family, as a Modsy Design Package would be a really a great gift for that special person in your life.

Modsy Is The Interior Design Solution You Need To Know About Now



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