5 Power Tools Every Woman Needs for Their Yard

Winter is slowing creeping up on us but every green thumber knows that your yard is actually a year-round project. If you live in warmer climates, you still have yard maintenance to work into your busy schedule. And with the upcoming holidays now is the perfect time to be looking for some new yard tools to get your yard winter ready this fall so it’s blossoming (and you’re prepared) in the spring. 

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There are certain power tools that are totally necessary to make sure your yard stays the way you want it. WORX provides power tools to make your life easier while working towards that “Yard of the Month” sign from your neighborhood HOA. These 5 power tools below are what every woman needs for her yard: 

2 x 20V Lawn Mower

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The 2 x 20V lawn mower by WORX is light-weight but powerful. Weighing in at 38.1 lbs, this lawn mower can easily be maneuvered around your yard. Its small deck of 17” gives it a great range for a good mow but is also easy to store. It has 2 20V batteries that offer a run time of about 1/8 acre cut when fully charged. The battery indicator lights let you know how much charge you have left so you aren’t left with a half mowed lawn. 

The adjustable deck allows you to cut anywhere from 3.5” to 1.5” with six different settings. The patented Intellicut™ technology allows you to save battery power, too. The two modes, Eco and Turbo, provide additional torque when you need it. Eco is perfect for regular maintenance while Turbo gives you a little extra when you’ve waited too long to mow. The collection bag holds 1.5 bushels of grass

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The 2 x 20V Lawn Mower comes with the following accessories to make cutting easier:

  • 2 20V batter packs
  • 1 mulch plug
  • A grass collection bag
  • Dual 20V battery charger
  • Cable clip


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Keep your yard tidy by getting rid of all those leaves that kill your grass and clippings after a mow with the TURBINEFUSHION Leaf Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum. It is super light weight (under 10 lbs, in fact!) and the ergonomic design makes sure that all the weight is evenly distributed so you are comfortable. 

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The TURBINEFUSHION Leaf Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum is able to blow at 60mph making sure that all the things you want off your yard are gone. It has a bag capacity of 0.75 bushels so anything you suck up can be carried easily without having to empty it every few minutes. The attached cord is about 11.5 inches long with an extension cord retainer to keep the cords connected while you work. 

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The TURBINEFUSHION Leaf Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum comes with a collection bag and shoulder strap to make blowing, collecting, and mulching that much easier.

2 x 20V Cordless 24” Hedge Trimmer

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Your lawn looks great but your hedges and bushes are looking shabby? The 20 x 20V Cordless 24” Hedge Trimmer by WORX is easy to use, easy to carry, and gives you clean cut edges for all your bushes and hedges. It cuts at 2200 rotations per minute, working fast because you don’t have the time. The two batteries offer plenty of run time so you can do the entire yard quickly and efficiently. 

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You can cut branches up to 3/4″ thick and with a 24″ reach, so you can make your hedges look exactly the way you want. It is a lightweight tool at 9.3 lbs so you can easily lift it over your head for tall bushes or if you just have a lot to cut. The blade even rotates- just shift and click- so you can cut any direction or shape you like. 

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The 20 x 20V Cordless 24” Hedge Trimmer comes with the following accessories to make trimming so much easier:

  • 2 20V Lithium batteries
  • 1 20V battery charger
  • 1 safety guard 
  • 1 blade sheath

GT Revolution 20V 12” String Trimmer, Edger, and Mini Mower

The GT Revolution 20V 12” String Trimmer, Edger, and Mini Mower helps you get all those pesky edges and tiny spots that your mower can’t reach. The 12” diameter reaches even the toughest spots. You’ll never have to go back to the garage to get another spool because the on-board storage and touch CommandFeed spool release is right there on the trimmer for you. 

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It cuts at a speed of 7700 rounds per minute so it is fast and efficient. It is only 5.5 lbs too, so it is easy to carry for your entire yard without tiring your arms. The telescoping shaft, 7-position auxiliary handle, and 6-position pivoting trimmer head make it easy to use no matter where you’re trying to trim. The height of the trimmer can be adjusted to fit a variety of users (so husbands can use it, too! *hint hint*).  At its shortest length the GT Revolution 20V 12” String Trimmer, Edger, and Mini Mower is 35-3/4” long. When it’s fully extended it’s a full 55-1/2” long. This versatility makes it perfect for operators of any height and also helps for easy storage. 

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The 2 20V lithium batteries give an approximate cut of 1/4 acre, big enough for most yards. Along with the batteries, you also get the following accessories with the GT Revolution 20V 12” String Trimmer, Edger, and Mini Mower:

  • 3 trimmer spools at 10 feet each
  • 20V battery charger
  • A safety guard
  • A flower guard
  • A spool holder

40V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

Your yard isn’t just about your grass. Part of maintaining a fabulous outdoor space is also making sure it’s clean. The WORX 40V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner gives you all the power of a pressure washer but is easy to carry. At 4.2 lbs it is super lightweight but the pressure of 94/355 PSI makes sure it packs a super punch. 

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The WORX 40V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner has a great run time on one charge, giving you plenty of time to clean everything around your outdoor space. It is perfect for cleaning patios, siding, decks, and yard furniture. After-market soaps can be used with the accompanying soap dispenser accessory, and any temperature of water under 104 degrees can be used. 

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The WORX 40V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner comes with the following accessories:

  • 40V Lithium battery
  • 40V battery charger
  • 20 foot hose
  • A short lance with an extension
  • A multi-spray nozzle
  • Carry bag for easy storage

Power tools for lawn maintenance aren’t just for the guys. Women love to work on the yard beyond planting flowers and they need tools that fit their needs. The WORX power tools are lightweight, easy to use, and adjustable to fit both the guys and the girls who have green thumbs (or are trying to at least). With these 5 WORX tools you will be able to get your yard in tip top shape this Fall to be ready for the hardy winter and growing like weeds (but hopefully not actual weeds) next spring.

2 x 20V Lawn Mower | TURBINEFUSHION Leaf Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum| 20 x 20V Cordless 24” Hedge Trimmer | 40V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner 

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