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Many grandparents are on the lookout for activities that they can do with their grandchildren. Baking cookies and reading to them are fine. But sometimes, a grandparent wants to do something a little bit different.

If you find yourself in this situation, making baby bugs with your grandkids could be the answer – especially for grandsons who are really into all things creepy and crawly. 

Boys love bugs. When they see one, they scamper after it, scoop it up into their hands, and then closely inspect it. They put potato bugs in their pockets, capture spiders in Mason jars, and chase after butterflies with a net.

This interest transfers over to insect-oriented craft activities so boys will enjoy making these baby bugs. This craft is a hit with grandparents, too, because it is easy and inexpensive.

Supply List

To make these bugs, you will need the following items:

Step 1

Mix the Plaster of Paris in the plastic cup according to the directions on the package.

Step 2

When the mixture is smooth and doesn’t have any lumps, carefully fill a spoon. Place the spoons on waxed paper or a newspaper to dry.

Step 3

The Plaster of Paris will set up in 20-30 minutes. Turn the spoon upside down over your hand and gently push the back of the spoon to pop the plaster out.

However, the plaster will not be dry enough to paint. Let it dry for 1-2 hours.

Step 4

When the bugs are ready for painting, have your grandsons put on a craft apron to protect their clothing. Be sure to cover your working surface with a newspaper. Then, let the painting begin!

Squeeze some of the paint onto a plastic lid from a disposable plastic container. This makes it easy for your grandsons to apply the paint to their bugs.

When the bugs are painted to your grandsons’ satisfaction, set the bugs aside to dry.

Step 5

Cut pipe cleaners into 2-inch lengths and glue onto the bottom of the bug. Glue googly eyes on the top.

Not all bugs are created equal! Some have two eyes . . .

. . . or one huge one!

And, grandsons might think that some bugs do not need legs.

If you want to make this a learning experience for older grandchildren, explain the different parts of bugs: head, thorax, abdomen, pronotum, wing casings, etc. Grandchildren could paint the various parts different colors.

Or, your grandsons could be creative and paint squiggly lines, triangles, stripes, concentric circles, or even hearts on their bugs.

However the bugs are painted, your grandsons will be proud of the ones that they created.

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Photo Credit: Nina