Ten At Home Dates for After Bedtime

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The kids are finally asleep, the dinner dishes are cleaned up, and the nightly chores are complete.  You are exhausted and find yourself slumping backwards into the soft envelope of your couch cushions where you likely spend the next few hours zoned out in front of the television.  Sound familiar?  If you and your partner have slipped into a rut after the kids have gone to bed, read on for ten date night ideas that you can do without having to call the babysitter.

For many parents, the time slot between the kid’s bedtime and your bedtime is one of the only chances to hang out as a couple.  While it can be tempting to rest your exhausted minds and bodies by vegging out in front of the TV, your relationship deserves a little more TLC.  Too tired to think of date night activities?  Don’t worry, use the list below to jump start your nighttime routine!

Ten At Home Dates

1. “Themed Movie Night”– Pick a theme or genre for a movie night and cuddle up on the couch with your movie theater favorites.  Don’t forget the popcorn, boxed candy, and theater lighting.  Add some romantic details by watching the first movie you saw together or holding hands like teenagers in a theater.

500-Separator-Grey2. “Wine and Cheese Night”– Pick up a few different bottles of wine, some artisan cheeses, and set up your own wine tasting.  Cover up the labels on the wine bottles to create a blind tasting and bond with your partner as you discuss the wine’s appearance, aroma, taste, and finish.  Pour each other small sips so you can enjoy a few different wines.  Don’t forget the crackers to clear your palate in between tastings.

500-Separator-Grey3. “Inside Picnic Night”– Pack your picnic basket or cooler for a picnic on your living room floor.  Spread out a blanket, sit on the floor, and enjoy sandwiches, fresh fruit, and juice boxes.

500-Separator-Grey4. “Night at the Spa“- Indulge yourselves in a night of relaxation.  Use candles or scented oils to create a spa-like environment as you take turns giving massages, pedicures, or facials to each other.  Want to enjoy your massages at the same time?  Some massage therapists bring their tables to you for an additional charge, so call around to your local spas for recommendations.

500-Separator-Grey5. “Cooking Class Night”– Spend some time in the kitchen as your try your hands at a new recipe.  Play some music and enjoy each other’s company as you each take turns chopping vegetables, stirring ingredients, and checking the oven.  Let the music inspire some dancing as you wait for the timer to go off, then test your creations by feeding each other the first bites.


6. “Night at the Arcade”– Indulge your inner child and borrow some of your kid’s video games for an arcade night.  Challenge each other to a race or work together to conquer new levels.

7. “Book Club Night”– Grab a new bestseller and transport yourselves into the book’s setting as you take turns reading out loud to each other.

8. “Night Under The Stars”– Spend the evening together as you search for famous constellations.  Take a blanket and your baby monitor outside so you can curl up and play connect the dots in the sky.

9. “Couples Game Night”– Grab your favorite two-person games and have fun sinking each other’s battleships, spending fake money, and counting spaces.  Have a competitive side?  Feel free to add in a friendly wager: whoever loses has diaper duty for a week!

10. “Inside Camping Night”– Turn off all electronics and spend the night camping indoors.  Roast marshmallows in the fireplace or on the stove.  Sleep in sleeping bags on the living room floor.  If you have the space, put up a small tent in your living room, or make one out of blankets and furniture.  Leave the tent up until morning and your kids will love it, too!


For a little mystery, write each idea on a slip of paper and place them all in a jar to select one at a time.  Remember, the night does not have to be planned perfectly or require a lot of extra energy.  The idea is to have fun with your partner in the limited time you have available.  Go on, turn your phones on vibrate and take each other “in” for a romantic date!

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