How to Fearlessly Rock a Bold Lipstick

Fall is the season when lipstick lovers anticipate the transition from summer pinks into deep, dark bolds. If you’re new to the world of dark lipstick, or lipstick in general, we’ve got you covered! Discover four bold shades to try this fall, along with 5 steps to rocking them with confidence.

If there was ever a time to try a daring lipstick, fall is the season! If you’re not used to donning bold lips, choosing a shade can be intimidating. Here are 4 fun, affordable shades to try this fall.

Maybelline “Smoking Red”

A deep, brick red; a must have for fall. Daring, yet still a very wearable shade.

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NYX Liquid Suede “Stone Fox”

A cool-toned blue gray. This fun shade goes on creamy and dries to a perfect matte.

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NYX Liquid Suede “Subversive Socialite”

A deep plum color; the perfect blend of vampy and feminine.

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NYX Liquid Suede “Oh, Put it On”

Black with a purple undertone, it doesn’t get edgier than this.

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After choosing a shade, follow these 5 steps to achieve the perfect bold lip.

1. Prep your lips

The first step to a perfect bold pout is prepping your lips so they are soft and smooth. Exfoliate your lips with a DIY lip scrub — coconut or olive oil + brown sugar is the perfect mix. Gently press the scrub into your lips to slough off old skin and reveal your fresh, smooth lips. The oil will act as a moisturizer, which is also key to great looking lipstick, especially if you are using a matte lipstick which can sometimes be drying. No one looks cute with cracked and dry lips!

2. Prime & Line

When your lips are prepped, it’s time to prime. Use your foundation or concealer to cover up the color of your lips. This is going to give you the truest color of the lipstick in the tube. You can then line your lips with a color similar to that of the lipstick you want to wear. Whether it’s a pencil or cream liner, the application is going to be more precise and controlled than if you were to just apply your lipstick straight from the tube.

3. Apply your color

Once they’re lined, you can then go in with the lipstick and fill in your lips without having to worry about getting a perfectly straight edge. Liquid lipsticks come with wands or doe foot applicators, but if you’re using a stick form of lipstick you can also use a lip brush if you aren’t quite comfortable applying the lipstick as is. If you make a mistake, you can clean up the edges with concealer or makeup remover and a small brush.

4. Balance out your makeup

When you have a bold lip, you need to make sure you balance out the rest of your face. If your makeup is too minimal, the bold lip might look too extreme, but you also want to keep your lips the star of the show. For daytime, give yourself some flawless foundation paired with a blush that enhances your skin tone but doesn’t take away from your lips. Try a simple eye with minimum, matte shadow and simple winged liner. For a more glam nighttime look, add lashes and a subtle, nude smokey eye, allowing your lips to do the talking — pun intended.

5. Touch up

Throw your lipstick and liner in your purse for on-the-go touch ups. To be on the safe side, take along some concealer — if reapplication if necessary you’ll be prepared for any mistakes that might happen! If you’re using a matte lipstick, be sure to bring chapstick to keep your lips moisturized.

Rocking a bold lip might be right outside your comfort zone, but follow these steps and you can’t go wrong! To see the 4 lipstick shades listed above in action, check out this lip swatch video:

For more tips on choosing a lipstick, be sure to read our post on Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick for your Skin Tone.

Photo credits: Kristen Love

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