5 Unforgettable Days in Jamaica


For many of us winter means cold weather, low temperatures and plenty of time spent indoors. Even if you’re one of those lucky families enjoying a milder climate during winter, we bet you’re still catching yourself daydreaming about summer already. If that’s the case, you’re in for a treat, because here at Daily Mom we’ve got the perfect solution for a short family getaway to the beautiful island of Jamaica. From where to stay and eat to fun activities for the whole family, rest assured we’ve got you covered!

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If the perfect family getaway means adventure, fun, beautiful lush greenery balanced out with crystal clear blue waters and powdery white sand, Jamaica is probably already on the top of your list. And if not, then it’s about time we changed that. With an exquisite blend of natural beauty and mesmerizing views at every turn, Jamaica has more than culture, music, and excellent dining to offer, making it the perfect getaway for relaxation and adventure for the whole family. Situated 600 miles south of Miami, Florida, and only 90 miles south of Cuba, Jamaica boasts a remarkable natural heritage that will make any adventurer at heart excited and thrilled to explore the diversity of Jamaica’s ecosystems.

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Where to stay

The first step before you set out for your unforgettable Jamaican adventure is choosing the right accommodation. After all, when you only have 5 days to unwind, explore and enjoy your vacation to the max, you want to do just that: spend quality-time with your family knowing you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort

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If you’re looking for the right accommodation to spend your holiday in Montego Bay, Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort is at the top of our list. Winner of Tripadvisor 2015 Traveller’s Choice award, your family couldn’t be in better hands: an all-inclusive resort experience for your Caribbean getaway with all the luxury and splendor you’d expect from Jamaica and with top-notch service and amenities at your disposal.

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Boasting one of the best Caribbean family resorts, Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort is the ideal resort to relax, enjoy some time off with your family, and experience Jamaica like never before. From scenic views and crystal-clear waters to lush landscaping and lounging in a hammock under the palms, and from the gorgeous pristine beaches to the family geared activities available with your stay, there is something in store for everyone to enjoy.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

From the premium accommodations to the world-class on-site restaurants, and from the epic pools and sports activities to the private 18-hole golf course, the Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort offers much more than just sunbathing. With the educational and fun programs available, kids can stay active outdoors while enjoying all the spectacular experiences Jamaica has to offer: from water sports and pools to the fun water park and Dive-In Movies, and from laser tag and archery activities at the Kids Club and Teen Lounge, your kids will have an unforgettable time no matter what they want to try.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


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Royalton White Sands Resort Montego Bay

If you’d like to explore other options, perhaps booking your stay at Royalton White Sands Resort Montego Bay is an equally attractive alternative. At Royalton’s All-In Luxury resort you can immerse yourself in first-class service with meticulous attention to detail intertwined with the cultural splendors of Jamaica. From the outstanding luxurious room amenities and splash pool to the dedicated staff and top-tier dining venues, Royalton’s exclusive All-In Luxury Concept is a pampering experience that awakens all senses.

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Whether you’re traveling with small children or teens, the Royalton White Sands Montego Bay has a variety of age-appropriate activities to make your family’s holiday unforgettable for all. Supervision by professional staff will make sure that your kids are safe, well-entertained and enjoying playtime in secure facilities, even during the many adventures offered by Royalton’s innovative Kids’ Adventures program. Teens can also have their share of relaxation at the dedicated Teen’s Lounges, especially created to suit their interests.

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From beautifully decorated luxury rooms and suites to specialty dining spots, and from fun sports activities and entertainment to the amazing pools to splash in, with Royalton White Sands Resort you’re in for a treat. An irresistible combination of Jamaican culture, luxury top-class all-inclusive amenities for the whole family, and the exceptional service available around the clock to satisfy your every need, your Caribbean holiday will become an experience you’ll come to remember for years to come.

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Day 1

Landing in Jamaica is something of a treat. As one of the most desirable travel destinations, the breathtaking blue waters and the stretches of powder white beaches will greet you upon your arrival, inviting you to explore and make memories at every corner. Before you dive right in though, you might want to recharge your batteries and get ready for the action-packed 5 days ahead. Besides, is there anything better than getting a taste of authentic Jamaican hospitality right from the moment you set foot in Sangster International Airport?

Instead of waiting in line to go through security and customs, you may want to take advantage of some time to freshen up, indulge in unlimited complimentary snacks and drinks, and relax after your landing. And if immersing yourself in Jamaican culture right away sounds more like you, at Club Mobay’s Arrival Lounge you can take your time to do just that, while you enjoy some true VIP treatment at the same time. With special family areas and a quiet lounge for adults only, customized services are available to meet your every need when you arrive, so you can spend your time pampered in style from the moment you set foot on the island.


Club Mobay VIP Lounge | Facebook

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While you’re waiting for your Paradise Travels dedicated driver to come and pick you up, you can get in touch with Grandpa and Grandma back home, so they know you’ve arrived and are ready to start exploring. And if you’re in the mood for some shopping, now’s a great time to browse at the duty free area of the airport — there’s always something to catch your eye!

With Paradise Travelssafe, reliable and highly affordable airport transfers to Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort and Royalton White Sands Resort Montego Bay, you’ll be checking in your hotel in no time. A wide range of packages are available, with a sole mission to make your transportation a pleasurable experience from the moment you arrive and until your departure, making Paradise Travels the best choice to get from the airport to your resort, and ready to embark on your Jamaican adventure in no time.


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Day 2

What to Do

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

After a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast to start your day, you feel refreshed and ready to start exploring what Jamaica has to offer, starting with the Chukka Good Hope Estate in Montego Bay. Playtime is at the heart of the Caribbean and with all the activities Chukka offers, it’s simply the perfect setting for being a child — and feeling like one again, too! With lush greenery, warm sunshine, turquoise waters and a lively team by your side, Chukka is all about fun, laughter and passion for living life to the fullest.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

To fully immerse yourself in the Chukka experience, give your kids a tour of Chukka’s Good Hope Estate in Montego Bay and they’ll certainly want to return for more each year. Discover the unique history of the 2,000 acres of lush vegetation, enjoy the gorgeous scenery and witness the magic of the Martha Brae River at your own pace, or grab a Good Hope Cultural Explorers Pass, if you’d like to immerse yourself in local history. With Chukka’s Good Hope Estate Pass, you decide what comes next on your nature adventure.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

What you can do:

  • Tour around the Great House
  • Take a dip in the swimming pool
  • Lounge and relax in the Leisure area
  • Enjoy watching your kids play at the playground
  • Explore the Colonial Village (Bar and Coffee Shop available)
  • Identify as many birds as you can with your kids at the Bird Aviary
If you’re traveling without children and have an appetite for an adventure thrill, make sure to check out the active adventure tours Chukka has to offer.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


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Where to Eat

After hours of fun in the sun and taking in some of the splendors you find around you, your little ones must have gotten hungry. Besides, you’ve heard so much about Jamaican cuisine that now feels like a great time to try some of the local specialties. Before you head back to the resort, make sure you stop by Scotchies in Montego Bay for a taste of delicious Jamaican jerk dishes.

With the masterful blend of seasonings and spices, jerked meat is a Jamaican specialty that involves leaving the meat in a marinade mixture overnight and then grilling it over hot coals. Scotchies is popular and loved among the locals, and the friendly staff will make sure you feel welcomed. Enjoy the warm atmosphere and some of the best Jamaican jerk dishes you can find on the island at budget-friendly prices and in a family-friendly environment.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 14 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Indulge in a taste of true Jamaican cuisine at Scotchies in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Day 3

What to Do

Today is going to be extremely fun and action-packed, so make sure you don’t forget your camera, as every single moment will be worth capturing. We start our adventure at Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, one of Jamaica’s most beautiful water attractions, and one of the island’s national treasures.

Dunn’s River Falls is not only one of the top attractions to visit when in Jamaica, but also one you could hardly ever forget. With the mesmerizing flowing waterfalls covering an area of more than 600 feet, you will find your little ones amazed by the beauty of nature before you. A series of waterfalls with crystal clear water that emerges over layers of stone steps, only to be lost and rediscovered at your next step, will make you want to climb all the way up through the cascading water, and marvel at the beautiful landscape around.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 15 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

There’s a guide close by who’ll be more than happy to share some exciting stories about Dunn’s River Falls and lend you a hand if the steps get too slippery along the way. You can also climb the falls in a human chain guided by expert Falls Guides, but if you’d rather observe from a safe distance with your little ones, there’s a deck and terrace available to enjoy the view from, too. Picnic spots, changing areas and access to the beach are also at your disposal, so you can tailor your Dunn’s River Falls experience according to your preferences.

Dunn’s River Falls is about 1.5 to 2 hours away from Montego Bay. Open daily from 8:30 am to 4 pm, tickets can be purchased at the entrance, so there’s no need to worry about booking in advance. Just show up and enjoy the falls!

In Dunn’s River Falls you get an authentic taste of Jamaica and one of the most exhilarating experiences in the Caribbean, with the ultimate mix of relaxation, fun and treasured experiences that you ask for.


Dunn’s River Falls | Facebook

And since we simply can’t get enough of water action and there’s plenty of it just across the road, our next stop is Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios.

Winner of the World Travel Awards for two consecutive years, Dolphin Cove is probably the top tourism attraction of the Caribbean, offering children and grown-ups alike the experience of a lifetime. With dolphin programs ranking consistently among the best in the world, Dolphin Cove offers unique animal interactive programs that the nature-loving members of your family will absolutely adore. The thrill of a family vacation where little ones get to interact with dolphins in their natural environment is not something you’d easily forget, after all.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 16 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Because the highly popular programs have a limited space capacity, make sure to book the attraction of your choice in advance so you don’t miss out!

Surrounded by the lush tropical vegetation of the rainforest and with a natural cove of its own, at Dolphin Cove’s property you can spend the day enjoying fun activities with your little ones, with something for everyone’s taste. With your entrance fee you get to enjoy all of the activities below:

  • Mini-boats to explore the coast
  • Interact and snorkel with stingrays
  • Explore the underwater wonders with a glass-bottom kayak
  • Watch the hilarious Shark Show and swim along Caribbean sharks
  • Interact with exotic birds, snakes and iguanas on the Jungle Trail walk
  • Relax, unwind and enjoy the sunshine on beautiful, white sand beaches
Get a taste of famous Jamaican coffee at the Dolphin Cove Buccaneers coffee shop, shop for souvenirs and jewelry in the gift shops available on site, and learn something about Jamaica and dolphins, too!

Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Where to Eat

After a day jam-packed with fun and excitement, it’s time to satisfy your appetite with a taste of delicious, authentic Jamaican dishes. Located in Ocho Rios and surrounded by lush greenery, Miss T’s Kitchen brings you Fine Jamaican Country Cooking with an exquisite blend of tastes, smells, sounds and sights of her home country, resulting in a dining experience that you will not be able to forget.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 17 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Owned by Anna-Kay Tomlinson, affectionately known as Miss T, Miss T’s Kitchen is the perfect place to try authentic home-style Jamaican dishes. Proudly serving healthy and freshly prepared Jamaican specialties, Miss T’s Kitchen uses nothing but the freshest ingredients from local farmers.

Staying true to her passion for cooking, her long experience in catering, and her expertise in Caribbean herbs and spices, Miss T lovingly creates every dish, carefully resulting in mouthwatering flavors that take your gustatory senses on a culinary journey of their own. From the always available Yardie Favorites and the freshly made seafood specialties to the fresh sandwiches and wraps to a variety of salads, there’s something on Miss T’s Kitchen menu to satisfy everyone’s appetite, making you fall in love with Jamaican flavors even more!

Miss T’s Kitchen offers Daily Vegan Specials freshly prepared at the dedicated Vegan Hut, so you can enjoy all the fresh produce of Jamaica without feeling excluded from your dining experience on the island!

Miss T’s Kitchen | Facebook | Twitter

Day 4

What to Do

For our next Jamaican adventure, we’re changing scenery a bit and going straight to the heart of the Jamaican rainforest! At the Rainforest Adventures park at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, you’ll get to explore the rainforest and get plenty of opportunities to take gorgeous shots of your experience. Awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015 and winner of the Tourism Service Excellence Award by the Ministry of Tourism, Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain is a rainforest tour that doesn’t get “greener” than this.

With 20 years of sustainable tourism practices, Rainforest Adventures offers all guests an environmentally friendly attraction that introduces you to the fascinating ecosystem of the Jamaican rainforest and gives you an array of thrilling activities to enjoy with your family. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect green adventure, this is it!

Daily transfer buses are available from popular hotels in Jamaica, so make sure to check your confirmation email when you make your reservation with Rainforest Adventures at Mystic Mountain.

During your Rainforest Adventures at Mystic Mountain you can enjoy the following attractions:

Bobsled — slide through the tropical rainforest with this signature attraction of Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain. It’s an exhilarating bobsled ride down the mountain that feeds the inner thrill-seeker and lets you explore the amazing Jamaican rainforest.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 18 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Children must be 46” high to join in on the fun.

Sky Explorer — get high above the ground and marvel at the beauty that spreads below you with this modern chairlift ride, rising at 700 feet above the rainforest for a spectacular view of the Dunn’s River Falls and the tropical seaside.

Canopy Zip Line — whisk through the rainforest canopy with this zip line adventure, and glide from platform to platform with 6 zip lines to choose from. You can either stay airborne throughout the whole tour or take a short walk at the 25-meter suspension walking bridge.

Tranopy Tour Package — get all three Rainforest Adventures with this special excursion package, allowing you the time you need to admire the panoramas, take a dip in the infinity edge pool or grab some snacks at the restaurant, and when you’re ready to leave, simply hop on the Sky Explorer chairlift to get back on solid ground.


Rainforest Adventures | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Where to Eat

As a parting dinner, give yourself a treat at Scotchies in Ocho Rios. After all the fun and adventurous times during your short stay in Jamaica, there’s no better way than to grab some jerked delicacies before you go back home. At Scotchies in Ocho Rios, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll enjoy friendly and welcoming staff and the tasty jerked specialties Scotchies is so well-known for across the island!

Day 5

The day of your departure has arrived and although it may be hard to leave all the fun and excitement you’ve tasted over the last couple days, you’re taking with you all the precious memories you’ve made with your family. Getting back to your busy life doesn’t have to start at the airport though. With your airport transfer waiting to take you to the airport, make sure you enjoy your pre-flight time with style at the first-class Club Mobay Departure Lounge.

5 Unforgettable Days In Jamaica 19 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Eliminate the stress of the security waiting lines and the crowded departure halls of the airport, taking these last few hours to unwind, relax and enjoy the Jamaican culture that surrounds you for a little while longer. Located next to Departure Gate 9, you can enjoy complimentary snacks and premium bar drinks while your kids visit the culturally themed rooms before you take off. Ending your adventurous family getaway with a few hours of relaxation sounds like a well-deserved treat, doesn’t it?


Club Mobay VIP Lounge | Facebook

Now that you know how to spend your 5 day-getaway in Jamaica, it’s certainly going to be a challenge to leave all its splendor behind. If you’ve been dreaming of spending some time away from your hectic days in the city, however, with this fun and jam-packed activity guide, one thing is for sure: you will want to go back every chance you get.

For more ideas and places to visit throughout the year check out our TRAVEL section!



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