Spring Break Destinations: Best Places to Travel in the US

The new year is finally here. We can put 2018 behind us and move on to bigger and better things for our families. For many of us, that means the beginning of planning out our family trips for the year. Time flies and before you know it, it will be spring break. So get out your note pads because we are going to tell you the best places to travel in 2019 for your spring break destinations(and you might want to save these ideas for your summer vacation, too).

Best Spring Break Destinations in 2019

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Spring break is a wonderful time to take a quick trip somewhere in the United States. There are so many hidden gems in our nation that many people don’t take the time to explore outside of the big, well-known tourist destinations. Here are a few places you might want to try this spring.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of those places you don’t expect to hear about as one of the top spring break destinations. But, from its colorful landscape to some of the most amazing things you can can see and do all year-round, this location is perfect for any time of year.

Best Spring Break Destinations In 2019 Spring Break Destinations

San Diego, California

There is no shortage of things to do in San Diego. From big excursions like LegoLand, SeaWorld, and Disneyland to smaller adventures like the gorgeous beaches and amazing weather all year-round, you won’t be disappointed with a week-long trip to this west coast city.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins is nestled at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, giving way to several recreational activities for families. If you’re looking for an active spring break where you can bike, hike, and explore, Fort Collins, Colorado is for you.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is known for its illustrious skiing and its top-notch resorts. During the spring time you won’t find much snow on the ground but they make it up for it with tons of outdoor recreational activities for the entire family.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

Yellowstone National Park

One the the nation’s most treasured National Parks, Yellowstone offers an array of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, trails, and water activities are available for an amazing spring break in Mother Nature.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

North Carolina might not be your first thought for spring break, especially if you’re not considering visiting one of the beach towns in the Outerbanks. But Winston-Salem is a fun little town to visit for a few days break from your every day monotony. There are craft breweries, wineries, and fun night-life activities year-round.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort, South Carolina is a historic town with rich history and amazing stories to tell. It truly gives you a feel of the southern charm that the area is known for, and spring break is a perfect time to visit before the humidity sets in. Horseback riding, fishing, and fine dining are all things to love about Beaufort.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

Palm Springs, California

If you’re looking to up your vacation game, Palm Springs is the place to do it. Known as the vacation spot of the stars, this luxury area will provide you with everything you need. Relaxing spa resorts are located all over the area as well as kid-friendly resorts with fun activities and family-centered adventures.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

West Palm Beach, Florida

If you want something warm and tropical but don’t want all the busy-ness and hype of the larger cities, West Palm Beach is the place to go. You are able to experience the warm, Florida coast with palm trees lining the streets but with a bit of a quieter atmosphere.

Best Us Spring Break Destinations In 2019

Newport, Vermont

Newport, Vermont is a peninsula located on the eastern edge of this tiny state. It is a quiet country town that offers several different activities for families and couples. It is the perfect spring break destination for a slow-paced retreat or a few days at a bed and breakfast to escape the crazy of every day life.

Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us

Getting Started on Planning Your Spring Break 2019 Travel Plans

Once you figure out where you want to go this spring, you have to figure out where you’re going to stay. Dingy hotels were once ok for your pre-kid wanderlust soul, but now that you have one to several miniature versions of yourself in tow, you will need to find a place that fits your needs. Vacations are markedly better for everyone when everyone is comfortable and has the space they need. Vacation Rentals are always a good option when traveling with your whole family, especially for more than just a day or two.

Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us

VacationRenter.com has all the vacation rentals sites under one roof (pun intended) so you can decrease your search time in finding the perfect place to stay and start planning out the rest of your vacation. They find all the listings from top vacation rental websites and compile them into a list that is easy for you to see. You can even filter what type of vacation rental you’re looking for to help narrow your search to the type of home you need and any amenities you might deem necessary.

Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us

VacationRenter.com will also help narrow your search by tourist locations in the city. For example, if you are visiting San Diego, California this spring break, VacationRenter.com will not only help you find the perfect spot to rest your weary head in all of San Diego, but it can help you find a place near some popular destinations like the San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld.

Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us

Here are the current vacation rentals for our top 2019 spring break travel choices listed above:

To find the perfect vacation rentals for you and your family, visit VacationRenter.com

Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us
Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us

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Even though 2019 has just begun, planning your travel for 2019 should already be on your docket. Time flies and so do vacation rentals, so by planning now you will be able to find exactly what you need in the city you’re hoping to visit. Vacation rentals offer comfortable accommodations that the whole family will enjoy, making your 2019 spring break vacation that much sweeter.

Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us

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Spring Break Destinations: Best Places To Travel In The Us



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