Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour by DM Concert Series

The Daily Mom team of editors and writers are attending concerts all over the country, like the current tour with Shinedown, showcasing your favorite bands and artists to give you first hand accounts on what it is like to attend a show. Plan your spring and summer concert line-up this year with our DM Concert Series.

Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

About Shinedown

Shinedown is an American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. They got their start in 2001 and have since released six studio albums, with their current one released in 2018 called Attention, Attention.They have 13 number one singles on the Billboard Charts and they have sold over 10 million records worldwide.

Shinedown’s music is categorized as hard rock with influences of alternative metal and alternative rock, area rock, pop, Southern rock, and grunge. However, the band doesn’t like to think of themselves as any specific styling of music and continues to claim that they are “just a rock band.”

Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

Shinedown Tour

Shinedown’s latest album, Attention, Attention, is also the name of their current tour. The tour started last October in the United States and then continued throughout Russia, the UK, and Europe with Godsmack as the opening act. The band will kick off an intimate, limited run of shows in May entitled An Evening With Shinedown which offers fans an exclusive, up-close-and personal live experience. They will also continue their ATTENTION ATTENTION World Tour this summer with Badflower, Dinosaur Pile-Up, and Broken Hands.

Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

See upcoming tour dates below:

March 29                             Merrionette Park, IL
May 3                                   Memphis, TN
May 4                                   Jacksonville, FL
May 6                                   New Orleans, LA
May 7                                   Atlanta, GA
May 8                                   Atlanta, GA
May 10                                 Myrtle Beach, SC
May 11                                 Myrtle Beach, SC
May 13                                 Nashville, TN
May 14                                 Nashville, TN
May 17                                 Virginia Beach, VA
May 18                                 Camden, NJ
May 20                                 Indianapolis, IN
May 21                                 Madison, WI
May 22                                 Kansas City, MO
May 24                                 Pryor, OK
May 26                                 Dallas, TX
June 21                                The Woodlands, TX
June 23                                Simpsonville, SC
June 25                                Charlotte, NC
June 26                                Raleigh, NC
June 28                                Holmdel, NJ
June 29                                Westbrook, ME
uly 1                                    Boston, MA
July 3                                   Gilford, NH
July 5                                   Bethel, NY
July 6                                   Syracuse, NY
July 9                                   Toronto, ON
July 10                                 Burgettstown, PA
July 12                                 Mansfield, OH
July 13                                 Detroit, MI
July 14                                 Tinley Park, IL
July 17                                 Denver, CO
July 18                                 West Valley City, UT
July 20                                 Phoenix, AZ
July 21                                 Irvine, CA
July 24                                 Reno, NV
July 26                                 Kent, WA
July 27                                 Ridgefield, WA

Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

Shinedown Albums

Shinedown has released 6 studio albums since their inception in 2001. Over the course of their 17 years as a band, they have sold over 10 million albums worldwide, placing them just behind Van Halen for the spot of the most number one songs by a rock band. Their albums include:

  • Formation and Leave a Whisper (2000–2004)
  • Us and Them (2005–2006)
  • The Sound of Madness (2007–2010)
  • Amaryllis (2011–2014)
  • Threat to Survival (2015–2016)
  • Attention Attention (2018–present)
Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

Shinedown New Album: Attention! Attention!

Shinedown’s current album, Attention, Attention, was released in 2018. It chronicles the band’s experience with mental health and the road to recovery for some of their bandmates. Attention, Attention hit Number Five on the Billboard 200 and topped the Alternative, Top Hard Rock and Rock Albums charts. Their newest song released in 2018, “Get Up” has gone mainstream, hitting a larger audience for its raw and real experiences with mental health. The overall sound of Attention, Attention is a bit different than Shinedown’s other albums in that it is telling stories and experiences on a personal level making it relatable to a larger crowd.

Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

Songs on Attention, Attention include:

  1. “The Entrance”
  2. “Devil”
  3. “Black Soul”
  4. “Attention Attention”
  5. “Kill Your Conscience”
  6. “Pyro”
  7. “Monsters”
  8. “Darkside”
  9. “Creatures”
  10. “Evolve”
  11. “Get Up”
  12. “Special”
  13. “The Human Radio”
  14. “Brillant”

Shinedown in Concert

For a rock band that spans almost 2 decades there are a lot of great songs to choose from and only so little time to play them in one night. Shinedown will play you a mix of songs spanning from “Leave a Whisper” to “Attention! Attention!” with a jam packed set of favorites and deep tracks. Old favorites like “45” and the cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” might grace the stage along side “Save Me” and “Bully”. Are you head bobbing to “Bully” in your head right now? Don’t worry, that’s bound to happen.

Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series
Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

For the true Shinedown fans you’ll wish you could put on every album and listen to them through to find those deep tracks you love so much. Maybe you’ll be in for a couple surprises and hear some of those songs that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Shinedown’s new album has brought in a host of new fans that may not be as familiar with the band as many other fans have been for years. Songs from this hard rocking and upbeat album will have you jumping out of your seat screaming and even swaying along to harmonious melody. Lead singer, Brent Smith, will undoubtedly put on a vocal performance that will leave you inspired. His vocal range and ability is truly amazing, seeing him perform live is almost the only way to believe it. Just like the Crow chasing the Butterfly, find the closest show near you and discover the “Sound of Madness” that only Shinedown has created.

Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

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Shinedown Attention! Attention! Tour By Dm Concert Series

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