Bubbles are a magical sight no matter what your age. From babies to toddlers, preschoolers to elementary aged, even teenagers that are commonly too cool for school will delight in the sight of freshly blown bubbles. Now imagine for a moment that you don’t have to suffer the ooey gooey stickiness of blowing bubbles as a parent, nor do your children have to spill half a bottle of bubble solution on their shirts. Froggy’s Fog has the solution to all of life’s problems with their Fobbles machine that produces both bubbles and fog. 

Fog Filled Bubbles

Bubbles and fog you say? What an incredible combination! Thanks to the fine folks over at Froggy’s Fog, you can now have your very own bubble machine to impress neighborhood kids, birthday attendees, and family members at your next backyard BBQ, all at an affordable price.

Bubbles and fog and shrieks, OH MY! The Fobble 2 has three different options for operation. It can simply operate with the on/off power conductor, it can be administered through a timer that sets both time an output intervals, and it can also operate via a remote. With endless options on how to make the bubbles appear, the only questions remaining are where to set up and who to invite over for the fun.


When it comes to accessorizing the Fobble 2, it is important to accessorize with the right material. For bubbles that waft high in the air and circulate around the designated space, an air circulating fan is a must. There is also specific Fobbles Fog Fluid and Fobbles Bubble Fluid that is made especially for the machine. Because of the heat element involved in the Fobble 2, it is necessary to use this for optimal performance.

The Fobbles is easy to operate and incredibly fun to play around. Who are the genius minds behind all of this backyard fun? Froggy’s Fog is based out of Tennessee and proud to create 100% of their fog and haze fluids right here in the USA. All of the freaky fun in a bottle is FDA approved and promise to keep you having safe fun by following the included directions at all time. They cater to the mama prepping for a Halloween party as well as major amusement park companies that serve thousands of people daily. No matter what your bubble and haze needs are, Froggy’s Fog has options for everyone. 

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Photo Credit: April Walker


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