A Diaper Bag Checklist – From a 2 under 2 Mom

Registering for a fancy diaper bag might seem extravagant and silly while pregnant with your first child. Once that baby comes, you realize just how essential a well-made and well-packed diaper bag is. If you’re expecting your second baby, you already have an idea of how a stocked diaper bag can save just about any outing. Making your own diaper bag checklist will help keep you organized, and focused on the essentials.

A Diaper Bag Checklist – From A 2 Under 2 Mom

Make your diaper bag checklist now, Momma, and save yourself the stress of adding last-minute items!

Packing a Diaper Bag

Many moms realize that a good diaper bag is a must-have item and something they don’t want to leave the house without. Making a diaper bag checklist and proceeding to pack a diaper bag before the baby is even born is one of the smartest and simplest ways to prepare for your family’s new addition. That first pediatrician appointment comes uber quickly and you’ll be grateful you’re not scrambling for things that you and bub need before leaving the house. It’s incredibly simple and useful to update your diaper bag in the late stages of subsequent pregnancies to ensure that you’re fully prepped for both kids.

Following a simple and organized diaper bag checklist allows you to have a well-stocked diaper bag at all times. This will help you be the super mom you need to be in the face of chaos. Being prepared will help you deal with diaper blowouts, hunger-induced tantrums, bored toddlers, and fussy infants.

As a mom of two under two, I made sure to create a diaper bag checklist for both my first and second baby. This allowed me to prepare for my first and later on, update my toddler’s diaper bag with the items my newborn would need.  I made my diaper bag checklist and added needed items to my bag before her due date to avoid the stress of having to add to it later. I assumed I would be too overwhelmed with an infant and a sixteen-month-old to fill it after coming back from the hospital.

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A Diaper Bag Checklist – From A 2 Under 2 Mom

The Must-Have Diaper Bag Checklist:

A wristlet – This is a must-have item that you might not think of, especially if you’re pregnant with your first. I have a wristlet that I attached a carabiner hook to so I can easily clip it to the outside of my diaper bag and transfer it to my stroller when I’m on the go. I’m able to keep my phone, cash & cards, bandaids, stickers, a tube of bubbles, hand sanitizer, a sample packet of baby wipes, and chapstick in there so everything is easily accessible.

This is something I neglected to add to my diaper bag checklist when pregnant with my first. After leaving the house a few times without an ID or car keys, I added this essential to my diaper bag checklist and bought myself a cute hook to ensure that I now have it at all times.

Changes of clothes – The whole nine yards, momma. I carry everything from socks upward for my two little ones. These changes have saved me more times than I can count. Toss in a set for each kiddo; socks, pants, shirts, bibs, and even hats if it’s cold. We have been through many a diaper blowout, and I’ve been so grateful for my advance planning. This brings me to my next must-have…

Samples – Remember all those random tiny soaps and lotion samples you got when you made your baby registry? Put them in your diaper bag, NOW! They are amazing for on-the-go use, and those tiny soap samples are perfect for a sink bath when your precious infant has runny poop up to the back of her neck. While you’re adding tiny things, add in a couple more hand sanitizers. You don’t want to be digging around for one when your toddler is playing with a piece of garbage he found on the bottom of his sneaker. 

Diapers & Wipes – Obviously, haha. My general rule of thumb is five diapers for each babe. I have gone through all five when out for a full day, and would rather have extras for a short trip than run out when a little one is covered in poop. A waterproof and wipeable changing pad always comes in handy as well. Most diaper bags come with a changing pad included, and they really are helpful to lay down on a changing station, restaurant bench, or even in the stroller or seat of your car in a pinch. These are especially helpful for preventing blow-outs from staining upholstery.

Doggy Bags – If you have a dog, you probably have rolls of plastic poop bags. If not, I’ve seen them for sale in dollar tree. These are amazing for diaper bag use. The bags are the perfect size for a soiled outfit, or for a really stinky diaper when at a (childless) friend’s house. One roll will last you for a while. I use them to wrap up the offending diaper before tossing it in the bin and if needed, they are great to put dirty clothes in so you don’t ruin your precious diaper bag. It also keeps the smell of whatever ended up all over your baby’s clothes from following you around like a putrid cloud.

Snacks – This is my toddler son’s current favorite word. Somehow every time we leave the house, he’s immediately hungry.  I have a variety of snacks for my almost-two-year-old that I like to rotate regularly. I keep it simple for on-the-go snacks; a bar, a pouch, and some type of tiny finger food. I always bring him a straw cup of water too. My little one will be six months soon so I’ll be adding a jar of baby food and a spoon for her too.

I exclusively breastfeed my daughter so I generally don’t carry bottles. If I do pack a bottle of pumped milk for her, I make sure to keep it wrapped in an ice pack. For those moms that bottle-feed expressed milk or formula, make sure to add bottles and other supplies to your diaper bag checklist so that you can feed the baby on the go.

Toys – I always have a couple of sheets of stickers, a small jar of bubbles, a book and tiny toys like a magnetic dino, and a couple of little cars to keep him busy when we’re out. I try to keep diaper bag toys in the diaper bag, so they seem new when he plays with them, I’ve found that helps keep his interest better than bringing a toy from our home that he sees constantly. For my little one, I have a clean teether and pacifier in case she tosses the one she has on hand and I need a quick replacement.

A Change of Clothes (for yourself!) – S…., SPIT UP (and other things) happen, Momma! Oftentimes, we forget ourselves and our needs when leaving the house with our kids. If you have a few essentials for yourself on your diaper bag checklist, you’ll be more likely to pack them in your bag. In the summer, an extra lightweight sundress folds up tiny and fits well, and for the winter, you can’t go wrong with a basic tee and a pair of leggings. This way you won’t be trying to scrub spit-up, vomit, or other bodily fluids out of your clothes when you end up in the line of fire.

My current diaper bag is a zipper backpack from Citi Collective. They have a collection in BuyBuyBaby and a larger selection on their website. I love that it has a mesh pocket for my little soaps and lotions and the outside pocket for a hand sanitizer and my son’s water cup. Not gonna lie, I also keep a paper list of my diaper bag checklist in that outside pocket. Backpack diaper bags are great, especially with two babies, in case you have to hold one in each arm. 

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A Diaper Bag Checklist – From A 2 Under 2 Mom

Be Prepared!

If you’re a mom already, I don’t need to explain the immeasurable benefits of a well-packed diaper bag to you. If you’re expecting, trust me, make yourself a diaper bag checklist and pack that bag early! IF you need to upgrade your diaper bag to fit enough items, do so before the baby comes. It doesn’t hurt to have a fully stocked bag for big outings and a smaller bag with only essentials for short trips. You won’t need a full diaper bag for a quick trip to the store, but you will want to have a diaper, wipes, and some snacks or a bottle just in case.

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You will be thanking yourself for following your diaper bag checklist when it’s time to rush to that one-week newborn doctor appointment and you don’t even remember if you showered or not. Every time I plan to go somewhere with my two littles, I make sure to update my diaper bag the night before so it’s one less thing to do in the morning.

A Diaper Bag Checklist – From A 2 Under 2 Mom

I keep a running diaper bag checklist in my mind and make sure that my bag is stocked with all the essentials for both my babies before I go out. I fill up on diapers and wipes, replace the snack stash and clean any toys that need to be cleaned. I love being able to toss my diaper bag on my back, grab my babes, and head out. 

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A Diaper Bag Checklist – From A 2 Under 2 Mom



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