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Mommin’ isn’t easy – especially for first-time moms. In the few short days (or day) to follow the birth of your fresh, little bundle, you have a handful of round-the-clock doctors and nurses peeking their heads into your room every 10 minutes, changing pads, taking temps, primping and pruning, and answering all of your questions. But the second your OBGYN clears you and your new babe, you’re patted on the back and gently pushed out the door with a “farewell” and “good luck.” Now what?

You call your own mama in the middle of the night to ask her why your baby won’t stop crying. You scour the internet for words of wisdom from other more seasoned moms in your favorite Facebook groups. You ask the stranger on the park bench for advice on how to calm colic because she looks like she’s “been there.” And you text your best friend – the one who’s been a mom three times over, doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and gives you the straight-forward answers you need to hear.

The following are texts from a first-time-mom to her mom, husband, and best friend. They’re real. They’re raw. And they’re funny as hell. We’re sure you can relate.

You can always count on your long-time BFF to give you a straight-forward answer.

When you actually get mad at your husband for not responding heroically to a hypothetical situation.

When he should just KNOW why…

When you take your alcohol any way you can get it, and then feel guilty about it.

Who says moms don’t put their kids’ needs first? She’ll take one for the team and eat fast food so we can buy the organic bananas.

Why not add another fear to this new mom’s list of concerns, Mom?

When your husband thinks he’s funny.

(These conversations are based off of real life personal texts from a first-time mom and were visually recreated for this post.)

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