A Comprehensive Guide and Comparison of Levana Baby Monitors

Are you in the market for a baby monitor? Look no further! We have researched all you need to know about the wonderful features you can enjoy with each Levana baby monitor. Set your mind at ease when you lay your little one to sleep with Levana.

7 Top Levana Baby Monitors

Oma Sense Breathing and Movement Monitor

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors

Made in Canada with medical grade materials, the Oma Sense breathing and movement monitor will omit the need to constantly check on your baby as they sleep. Requiring no skin contact, Oma Sense continuously monitors your baby for tummy movement. An alert immediately notifies you when no movement is detected. Zero wireless frequencies or Bluetooth signals add to the safety of this Levana baby monitor. If no movement or breathing is detected for fifteen seconds, Oma Sense will initiate wakeup technology. Vibrations that fluctuate, LED lights, and an audible alarm will stimulate your baby and notify you. An emergency alarm is engaged if there is no further movement detected five seconds after the initiation of wakeup technology. Put your baby and your mind to sleep for the night with Oma Sense.

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A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors

This budget-friendly Levana baby monitor has a fixed camera with twelve-foot night vision capability. With a real-time clock, temperature sensors, and napping/feeding timers, you will be able to easily navigate the simplistic menu to meet all of your monitoring needs.


A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors

This full range camera that silently zooms, pans, and tilts can stand alone or mount on any wall. See the entire room with the push of a button on the parent unit. Features include two-way communication, night vision up to twelve feet, and a sound-activated monitor which saves the life of the battery at night. This Levana baby monitor plays three lullabies right from the parent unit! This omits disturbing your baby by going into their nursery to play music. A smart LED indicator is color-coded to indicate your baby’s needs based upon their noise level. This unit is expandable up to four cameras.


A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors

Lila, meaning night, has 72-hour battery life. Peep mode allows you to monitor your baby while saving power. Sound activation turns on the monitor when a peep is detected. Two-way audio allows you to hear and talk to your baby, soothing and putting both of you at ease. The night vision LED lights are completely invisible and this video monitor allows you to see for up to 12 feet in total darkness! Custom angles are achievable with the mounted camera. Clearvu digital technology provides a range of 500 feet and a private signal. This means that you can see and hear your baby from 500 feet away. You will not have to worry about missing out on anything around your property with Lila from Levana baby monitors.


A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors

Featuring pan, tilt, and zoom options, this Levana baby monitor has an impressive seven-inch touch screen. The user-friendly icon-based menu allows for hassle-free monitoring. Temperature sensors, lullabies, and feeding timers are some of the features that parents love. The twelve-hour battery life is fully recharged within four hours. Power save mode allows for you to leave the screen turned off and it will automatically turn on when your baby makes a sound. An included camera wedge allows you to achieve the perfect angle for observation. Up to four cameras can be added to the Aria system. A dual or quad split screen can be utilized to view four rooms at once. The whisper-quiet pan, zoom, and tilt adds to the many reasons why parents choose this monitor. Other favorite features include a private digital signal, an invisible LED night vision (up to twelve feet), two-way communication, an ultra-thin parent monitor, lullabies, nature sounds, and white noise.

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A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors

Shiloh, meaning tranquil, has a five-inch touch screen that displays an incredible image quality which results in peace of mind as your baby sleeps. The front-facing speaker allows for close hands-free monitoring. The steel stand that holds the monitor is sturdy and allows for easy positioning. This Levana baby monitor is high in convenience. The power save mode provides a twelve-hour battery life. Merely shut off the screen and when your baby makes a peep, the monitor automatically turns on the screen. The battery completely re-charges within three and a half hours. Adding to the convenience, the monitor can charge via USB port. This Levana baby monitor comes equipped with feeding and nap timers as well as temperature controls. You can add up to four cameras and keep an eye on all of your children, simultaneously. A private channel and signal allow for ultimate privacy. The 500 foot transmission range allows you to go about your household tasks while monitoring your baby. You can even go outside and complete yard work or relax as they sleep.


A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors
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With options of one to four cameras, the Willow Levana baby monitor comes equipped with more than most baby monitors. Touch screen controls allow you to access customized nap and feeding timers, white noise, lullabies, customized temperature alerts, and single to quad-screen monitoring. Featuring a twelve-hour battery life that quickly reaches a full charge within three and a half hours, this allows you to go about your life without having to stay connected to a wall charger. You also have the option to charge via USB port making this Levana baby monitor even more convenient! The ultra-thin monitor fits comfortably in your hand. Two-way communication allows you to soothe your baby from afar.

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You will be pleased utilizing any of these Levana baby monitors in your baby’s nursery. Extend the life of your monitor by also using it to monitor toddlers as they play or sleep. These monitors include features that are helpful to any parent. Check them out for yourself. You will be glad you did!


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A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Levana Baby Monitors



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