We all have different men in our life that we love and adore. He’s the backbone of the family. Whether you are shopping for your dad, your husband, a brother, or friend, he deserves a special holiday, full of thoughtful and unique gifts under the tree chosen just for him. Don’t even think about getting him another tired old tie; browse this list for our favorite 2016 gifts for men!

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Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System by Sena

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


If your special guy prefers to hit the road on two wheels instead of four, you need gifts that help him stay both safe and connected while on the road. Sena’s 20S Motorcycle bluetooth communication headset is the gold standard of motorcycle communication devices. With quick helmet installation and high quality noise cancellation, the 20S headset enables riders and passengers to communicate while on the road. The 20S can be paired with up to eight other devices within a 1.2 mile range, allowing those who enjoy to ride as a group safely navigate the road together. Hands-free voice commands provide additional safety and allows the motorcycle rider to transition from music to intercom use with ease.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

  • Advanced noise control eliminates wind and road sound
  • Range of up to 1.2 miles connecting a maximum of eight devices
  • Listen to music, GPS instructions, or even accept phone calls while on the road
  • Slim design fits well into helmet padding without impacting helmet safety
  • Available as single or dual communication sets

Perfect gift for dads who prefer two wheels.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Sena

Staying connected while on a motorcycle is challenging. Between the noise of the road and the roar of the engine it may not be possible to communicate easily. Sena has perfected Bluetooth Communication systems for motorsports, changing how riders and passengers communicate on the road. With simple bluetooth connections, passengers can easily share with their driver if they need to stop, and riders can communicate a change of plans. Riding motorcycles as a couple is an exciting way to experience the road and an open line of communication makes the ride fun for you both.

Sena’s cutting edge designs include bluetooth communicators, smart helmets, and action cameras. As motorcycle riders themselves, Sena’s passion for creating the best motorcycle technology on the market shows through innovative and unique features on every product they release.

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Tools by Kreg

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Many dads love new tools for Christmas, but unless he really needs another hammer or set of screwdrivers, it’s time to start thinking outside the box! DIY dads of all skill levels will love the Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig for creating functional items from scratch. The system comes with the Kreg Jig K4, a stepped drill bit, a 6″ square driver, pocket hole plug set, and a screw starter kit.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Kreg makes woodworking less intimidating, and this jig allows you to drill pocket holes with ease and precision. Kreg says that it makes joints as easy as “Drill. Drive. Done!” The included owner’s manual makes set up easy and securing the jig to your work bench is a cinch using screws or clamps. The 3-hole drill guide makes for perfectly placed holes in a variety of widths and thicknesses – from 0.5″ to 1.5″. The removable drill guide makes home repairs easy as well.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Something that makes the Kreg K4 stand out is the optimized drilling angle, minimizing the size of the pocket hole. The compact pocket hole that results is less than 1.5″!

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If your man’s hobby is woodworking, you have inevitably noticed that he probably has an addiction to collecting clamps. Our own Daily Dad’s actually swear that “No handyman can ever (EVER!) have too many clamps.” Kreg Tool Company manufactures the best clamps on the market, and their newest Automaxx line is top notch.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Automaxx Clamp Bench System has a 3″ reach Automaxx Bench Klamp and a large 1/4″ x 10″ x 10″ powder-coated steel plate that is bound to make working in any workshop or job site easier and more enjoyable. The steel plate in this system is move-able, so he can pick it up and slide it along his project easily. But, it features the same, amazingly powerful locking capability – while also being versatile.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If he has a workshop with a table, he will love this Clamp Track Kit from Kreg, which will enable him to incorporate the versatile clamping capability of the popular Kreg Klamp Table into any workbench – whether it’s a new or existing bench. These Clamp Tracks come equipped with longer versions of the same anodized aluminum Trak used in the Klamp Table, plus hardware and instructions that show you how to incorporate them into your existing workbench. They can be surface mounted or bolted into the bench’s surface, or can be flush mounted by bolting them to a surface, and then adding a thick layered material.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Automaxx 6″ Face Clamp is a workhorse in the clamp world. The easy to regulate clamping force is activated by the simple thumbscrew, and the auto-adjust technology automatically adjusts to the thickness desired. The padded grips prevent hand fatigue, and these clamps are also compatible with the Kreg Jig.

Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

  • Removable drill guide for bench top and portable use
  • 3-hole drill guide for pocket holes
  • Large clamping recess to secure your jig
  • Wood-chip relief holes keep the drill bit clear of excess wood chips

Automaxx Clamp Bench System

  • Steel plate can move from plate to plate
  • Great for work in the shop or at the job site
  • System includes 3″ (76mm) reach Automaxx Bench Klamp and a large 1/4″ x 10″ x 10″ (6mm x 254mm x 254mm) powder-coated steel plate

Clamp Track Kit

  • Can be mounted two ways: Surface Mount or Flush Mount
  • Accepts all Kreg Bench Clamps
  • Includes 27″ Trak and 45″ Trak
  • Designed to fit benches 30″ x 48″ and larger
  • Compatible with 20″ x 44″ Kreg Universal Bench
  • Accepts Automaxx Bench Clamps and standard Bench Clamps
  • Each Trak measures 21/4″ (57mm) wide by 0.695″ (17mm) thick

Perfect gift for dads who love DIY projects and woodworking.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Kreg

In 1986, Craig Sommerfield developed a great product idea when two disciplines – woodworking and metalworking – collided. Kreg tools emerged from that collision and is now the leader in pocket-hole technology. From jigs to fully-automatic machines, Kreg offers simple solutions that have changed the way thousands of woodworkers join wood, and offers other innovative tools for clamping, joining, routing, cutting, measuring, and more!

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Backpack by Genius Pack

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 14 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


The Genius Backpack really does live up to its name. This innovative travel bag is the ideal carryall for the busy man on the go. It’s compact, yet spacious, and thoughtfully designed to carry all of his daily essentials to take him from the office to the gym to the airport for a weekender or business trip.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 15 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Not only is there room for his laptop and tablet, but it’s spacious enough for 2-3 days worth of clothing and is the only backpack on the market with a built-in suitor! There’s an integrated GeniusPack charger for his smartphone, a space for GeniusPack’s pop up umbrella (sold separately), and a removable sack for dirty clothing. This bag literally has it all – and carries it all! It is the ultimate bag for the man in your life.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 16 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 17 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 18 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 19 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

  • Rear zipper flaps open to a tri-fold suiter for garments
  • Laundry Compression Technology™ keeps gym laundry separate
  • Padded laptop compartment (up to 16″) and padded tablet compartment
  • Recharge smartphone directly from backpack with the GeniusPack Charger
  • Exterior access smartphone pocket with audio port
  • Pop out the GeniusPack Micro Umbrella from the top panel
  • Mesh organization compartments for water bottle and gadgets
  • Integrated key holder
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Breathable air mesh backside
  • Extremely lightweight at only 2.2 lbs
  • EVA foam filled comfort grab handle
  • Sleek two-tone matte black water resistant fabric
  • Carry on approved
  • 20″ x 11″ x 8″

Perfect gift for the dad who’s always on the go – whether traveling for work or play – who doesn’t want to be weighed down by bulky suitcases, but needs room for the essentials. 

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 20 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Genius Pack

Luggage today became a burden to travelers. We live in an age of technology and innovation, and luggage brands seemed to skip this wave. Genius Pack is a brand that solely focuses on extreme functionality, travel products that eliminate the hassles of travel.

With 17 features Patent Pending, Genius Pack is dedicated to creating innovative, unique, and practical luggage for the modern traveler.

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Weather Station by AcuRite

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 21 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Whether you’re shopping for an avid home farmer, a tech geek, or for someone who just likes to be in the know about weather happenings around their home, then this Christmas, gift them the ultimate in weather tracking with AcuRite’s Color Weather Station Display & 5-in-1 Weather Environment System.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 22 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

This extensively accurate system includes all the gear you need to track and monitor rainfall levels, wind speeds and direction, temperature and humidity levels, and barometric pressure. Be up to date on any changes happening in your backyard by the ability to connect this weather station to your smart device, via AcuRite’s handy app.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 23 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

  • Includes a smartHUB, a color weather station display for 5-in-1 sensor data, and a PRO+ 5-in-1 weather sensor
  • Measures rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure
  • Compatible with My AcuRite app
  • Can add more than one sensor (up to 10) to one smartHUB, making for wider range monitoring
  • One-year limited warranty

Perfect gift for the outdoorsy family who needs to have by-the-moment weather updates.

About AcuRite

Chaney Instrument Co., most known for manufacturing clocks since 1943, prides itself on its AcuRite brand as being the top-selling weather product line in all of North America. For years, the brand has been offering high quality products that make monitoring the weather right outside your window convenient, accurate, and dare we say, fun! Keeping up with the technological advances of the day, AcuRite products are compatible with smart devices, making it easier than ever to stay connected to by-the-minute weather conditions.

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TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack by Timbuk2

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 24 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Everyone wants to see their husband have a stylish laptop bag for their work trips. Your husband may also want a bag that is durable and easy to carry during his morning and evening commute. So, how do you compromise? You decide to buy a bag from Timbuk2. Not only are their bags stylish, but they boast durability as well as accessories that he may need throughout his daily travel. The Command TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack is a convenient addition to your husband’s work trips as well as a great bag for everyday use.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 25 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Command TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack makes it extremely easy to travel anywhere – plane, train, or automobile.  It can even be used while commuting on a bike if you have that option during the work week. It has several convenient compartments that are strategically placed for your devices and laptops; these compartments can be accessible when traveling through security or even if you need to work on the commuter train. The fully padded laptop compartment fits up to a 15″ MacBook and is lined with quilted fabric so everything is safe and secure. It also has a padded front pocket that offers protection for smaller electronics.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 26 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The bag also will hold a water bottle or U-lock on its elastic external side pocket while traveling or commuting to your destination. Is your husband planning to head off to happy hour or stop for drinks after work? The Command TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack even has a bottle opener on the backpack strap for after work social gatherings!

Perfect gift for using as a briefcase, work bag, or travel bag!

About Timbuk2

Timbuk2 is a San Francisco based company that was started by a bike messenger named Rob Honeycutt. He wanted to make products that served his mission as a bike messenger so he began sewing messenger bags in his garage. That is how his brand, Timbuk2, got its start. From there, the company has grown and now sells its iconic messenger bag to the masses, along with laptop bags and luggage.

Timbuk2 has always preferred cycling to driving, but understands the demand for these bags in the busy work environment.  Timbuk2 employs an eclectic mix of people and personalities who are committed to their mission – To Inspire Urban Mobility, Enable Individuality, and Promote Responsibility.

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All in one kit by Rad Roller

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 27 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Unfortunately, sending Dad to get a massage on a daily basis is pretty much out of the question, but just because we can’t send him to go get his knots and tense muscles stretched out doesn’t mean they will disappear. Fortunately, RAD Roller has developed a line of mobility products designed by experts to closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist. What could be better than having the relief of massage in your own home everyday?

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 28 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 29 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 30 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

With the array of different mobility products offered by RAD, it can be tough to decide which point release, massage, or muscle flushing tool is right for you. Luckily, with the All In One Kit you don’t have to decide!

The RAD All In One Kit is the perfect combination on mobility tools, with the RAD Roller, RAD Rounds, RAD Rod, RAD Helix, and RAD Block. Combined, they come together and cover all the bases: Trigger point release, spinal alignment, and relaxing massage.

The RAD Roller is designed to be the most functional massage and pressure release tool ever designed. It is as compact as it is easy to use, meaning you can use it not only anywhere on yourself but anywhere you go. The RAD rounds provide twice the relief with firm density that busts up tension in sensitive spots like the neck, feet and hands. Choose from one of the two pressure-seeking sizes that comfortably fit where other tools can’t. With their flawless design you can feel the tension release from your very first use.

You can pair The RAD Roller and Rounds with the RAD Block for isolated pressure in hard-to-reach spots like the shoulders, pecs, and abductors. You can also use the block for easy storage to keep all your RAD products in the same place for easy travel.

The RAD Helix and the RAD Rod are designed for use together or on their own; you can combine the two to make a rolling pin style tool. Expertly designed to help relieve soft tissues of built-up waste and toxins, you won’t be able to find a better pair for the job.

With their almost endless list of benefits, the athlete or busy Dad on your list almost can’t afford to not have one.

Perfect gift to help Dad relieve muscle restrictions or flush out toxins.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 31 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About RAD

Developed by biomechanic Mike Mallory and professional triathlete Dan McIntosh, the RAD Roller was designed with purpose in mind. Unlike most massage tools, RAD’s muscular mobilization works without putting damaging and painful pressure on the bones in the neck and back. RAD was specifically inspired by human movement, and people of all walks of life can use these tools for relief in nearly every muscle of the body. They strive to provide products that help everybody from the busy Dad who spends the day sitting at a desk to the professional athlete.


All In One Kit


Rad Roller | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Workout Gear by Mark Bell

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 32 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


For the dad who loves fitness, he will love Mark Bell’s Slingshot gear. These are tools that should be in every gym goer’s bag. If you were to ask around any competitive fitness circle or any fitness professional, Mark Bell’s name is one they know. The Slingshot line is a variety of products for men and women to help deal with the aches and pains faced from everyday wear and tear in the gym. His line of tools are sure to help keep you lifting to your max potential, pain free.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 33 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 34 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The first tool pictured here, Mark Bell’s Hip Circle, is one that absolutely should be used by any dad who resistance trains legs. We all love to squat and develop nice legs, but one thing often over looked is the hips. One of the most common issues amongst lifters is weak, tight, inflexible hips. This is a problem – especially with lots of leg training. It doesn’t take much to strain a hip flexor or hurt a knee because the hips aren’t doing their part. Enter the Hip Circle. The Hip Circle is the perfect tool to warm up with before leg day and get your hips activating the way they should. It can also be used during squatting to help teach you to drive your knees out. This is one of the products in the fitness world you just won’t be disappointed with.

The next gem in Mark Bell’s line are his Slingshot 2.0 Knee Sleeves. The reality of it is, heavy squats, leg pressing, leg extensions, leg curls, and anything of the sort can be tough on the knees. Keeping the knee stable is a critical component of attempting any sort of heavy weight with these movements. These were designed to do just that. It’s a thick sleeve, designed to give mild compression and warmth to your knees without irritating the skin. One of the major complaints about knee sleeves is skin irritation that occurs with sweating and rubbing. With these sleeves and the material they are made out of, it’s a non-issue. These sleeves are being used by IPF and Crossfit professionals around the world. They were built to take the everyday use and abuse.

Perfect workout accessory gift for every fitness lover and level.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 35 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Mark Bell

Mark Bell’s Slingshot tools are absolutely in the top of the industry. Mark Bell boasts 1,025 squat, 832 lb. bench press, and a 738 lb. deadlift. In 2008, he was the number one ranked powerlifting total in the 308 lb. weight class. He has spent his life dedicated to lifting and fitness, which has helped to develop the products to keep all of us in the gym everyday, the way we want, pain free. His products are sold through How Much Ya Bench.

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Unique Baseball-Inspired Gifts by Baseballism

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 36 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Baseballism focuses on the class, tradition, and history of baseball, and it’s apparent in everything they sell. They offer many unique gifts for Dad, and the Flag Man Cardholder Wallet is our favorite! Made entirely of baseball glove leather, this wallet is the perfect gift for a hard core baseball fan. It features one large cash pocket and three card holder pockets. Made from a duo of dark tan and milk chocolate leather, any guy will love this. It comes gift boxed with a matching leather key chain, making it super easy to wrap!

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 37 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 38 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

In addition to their goods made of vintage glove leather, we are crazy about their t-shirts! These aren’t your average baseball tees. The clever graphics and text are one-of-a-kind and will be appreciated by fans of all ages. The poly cotton material makes for a soft and light fitting designer tee. The vintage Baseballism bat logo is screened with detail on the back right of every shirt. Baseballism has sizes and styles available for the whole family.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 39 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 40 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for any baseball lover.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 41 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Baseballism

A passion for the game of baseball is present in every garment and accessory Baseballism offers. Baseballism was originally a youth baseball camp founded by former college baseball players and teammates, each with a passion to teach the game the right way. The camp ran strong and focused on the fundamentals of the game and the life lessons that could be learned through the sport.

After 2 years, the camp founders went their separate ways, but five years later, the former teammates restored Baseballism as a premium off the field brand, focusing on the class, tradition, and history of baseball.


Flag Man Cardholder Wallet | Tees


Baseballism | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Blog

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Head-Up Car Phone Display by Hudway Glass

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 42 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Hudway Glass is a new head-up display for your car. By placing your smartphone on the Hudway Glass pad, you have a better way to use your phone for navigation. You can also use it for a speedometer or to alert you to speed cameras. Hudway has three apps for those functions. Using Hudway Glass keeps you safer while driving because your phone is not in your hands or lap, causing a dangerous distraction. You won’t be tempted to grab your phone and text if you are using it for one of the Hudway Glass functions. It is easier to see than using your phone screen as it gives you a picture that is 20% larger. Even though it is larger, it is not a distraction. You can see through the glass screen, so it doesn’t create a blind spot like a traditional GPS system. Stop distracted driving by giving the gift of Hudway Glass. Order it for a gift now with free shipping worldwide.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 43 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 44 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for anyone who could use help navigating the roads in a safer way.

 Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 45 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Hudway Glass

Hudway Glass has created the world’s first device that turns a smart phone into a head-up display. They started out with a successful Kickstarter campaign and are now changing the way people use their phones while driving. Instead of being an incredibly dangerous distraction, Hudway Glass wants to turn your phone into a powerful tool that can get you where you need to go as safely as possible. This incredible company wants to change the way we all use our phones in the car and are guaranteeing shipping in time for Christmas this year, so what are you waiting for?   

Kickstarter: HUDWAY Glass pitch video from HUDWAY on Vimeo.


Hudway Glass


Hudway Glass | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | VimeoYouTube

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Home Automation Starter Kit by Vivitar

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 46 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Dads and technology lovers can easily transform the house into a smart home with the Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit by Vivitar. This kit is WIFI enabled and comes with one LED lightbulb with multiple color selections, an electric outlet that has a USB port, and a security camera with night vision and audio capabilities. Just download the app to your phone or tablet and connect each of your devices, then sit back and enjoy the ability to control your home from the convenience of your fingertips.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 47 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 48 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

WiFi Electric outlet

  • 1 USB port
  • Light to signal connection to app
  • Control and adjust setting from app

WiFi LED Lightbulb

  • Selection of multiple colors
  • Ability to make into Strobe Light
  • Control and adjust setting from app

WiFi Security Camera

  • Audio Capabilities
  • Night vision mode captures clear images in darker settings
  • Video streamed to your phone or tablet with the built-in app or over WiFi
  • Ability to capture snapshots of video via the app

Perfect gift for anyone who loves gadgets and technology!

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 49 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Vivitar

Established in 1938, Vivitar is a leading brand of consumer electronics. Due to their global presence they are always on the cutting edge of technology and trends. Their product line up ranges from digital cameras and small appliances, to audio devices, accessories, and more.

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Electronics by iClever

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 50 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


If Dad is an enthusiastic techie, head to iClever for unique ideas on what to give him for Christmas! Our top pick is the Dual 10W Driver Bluetooth Speaker. It’s lightweight and small, with a slim shape that fits right into the palm of your hand. Portable speakers can often be a nuisance because of their tendency to break easily, but the aluminum case and rubber buttons on this iClever bluetooth speaker make it so durable, that it won’t even be a conern. In addition, it’s water resistant, making its mobility even more attractive.

The sound quality on the iClever Dual 10W Driver Bluetooth Speaker is surprisingly clean for such an affordable speaker. Once he hears it, Dad will think you paid a lot more than you did! Even the “sound snobs” in your life will be impressed by the music quality.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 51 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 52 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If Dad already has plenty of devices, he might need the iClever BoostCube BC-11 60W 6-Port USB Desktop Charger. It can charge 6 devices efficiently with their USB cords, and even includes one quick charge port. It employs smart circuit protections to keep your devices safe and prevent over charging. The device is compact and portable, and has a smooth, sleek appearance so that it will blend in no matter where you put it. The design of the unit makes it a convenient way to charge multiple devices and gives easy access to ports.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 53 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for techie dads who love music and have many devices.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 54 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About iClever

iClever was founded in 2010 by two young entrepreneurs who set out to provide innovative, high quality consumer electronics that enrich and improve everyday life. They expanded rapidly into a global company and now have a presence in Canada, Japan, and Europe. They have the needs of their consumers in mind when they manufacture new products, and pair that with excellent customer service.

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Knit Hats by Rep Your Water

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 55 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Keep the fisherman in your life warm this winter with a knit hat from Rep Your WaterChoose from a wide variety of fish from his home state or his favorite state to fish in. We love the Brown Trout Skin Cap. This unique design will instantly be recognized by a fish lover. The pom pom on top is an awesome, vintage detail. 10 percent of the proceeds support Rep Your Water’s conservation partners.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 56 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If you want a more regional or local option, pick one of Rep Your Water’s State specific hats, like this North Carolina Knit Hat. This hat proudly features the North Carolina flag and a trout to show that the wearer loves to fish in this southeastern state. A percentage of the proceeds go to Trout Unlimited’s Southeast Conservation Project. Other states available include Colorado, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Just shop by region for all products local to you. 

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 57 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 58 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for anyone who loves fishing and is passionate about their local wildlife habitat and conservation.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 59 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Rep Your Water

Rep Your Water is a husband and wife created company that is dedicated to supporting local wildlife conservation. They offer high quality, unique gear for anglers and hunters. When you wear gear from Rep Your Water you can show you are proud of where you live, fish, and hunt. Everyone at this company is passionate about fishing and the outdoors. This love really shows in their designs. They support conservation by giving to organizations like Colorado Trout Unlimited and other local Trout Unlimited chapters. You can make a difference for wildlife habitats all over the country through your purchases from Rep Your Water.

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Hard Cover Score Book and Score Card Set by Huntington Baseball Co.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 60 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


There is a lost art in baseball spectatorship today, the art of score keeping. With apps on our phone that track everything, the days of keeping score by hand are long gone, but they don’t have to be. Bring back some old school fun with the Hard Cover Score Book and Score Card Set. These pocket sized score cards make it simple to keep score yourself at the ballpark. If your baseball fan doesn’t know how to keep score, this is a perfect way to learn and will take his love for the game to a new level. Put away the smartphone and focus on the game like never before with a Score Card set from Huntington Baseball Co. This set comes with a tutorial on how to keep score. You get a dozen score cards and a hard cover book to hold them in. This set will be a new must have item when heading to the ballpark, whether it is for a little league game or the World Series.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 61 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 62 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for baseball fans, whether they are old school or brand new to the game.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 63 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Huntington Baseball Co.

Huntington Baseball Co. is a company with a heartbeat for America’s pastime. If you have a baseball lover on your shopping list, you need to know about Huntington Baseball Co. They offer amazing gift ideas such as custom baseballs in different vintage styles, leather conditioners, leather wax, bat wax, vintage style pennants and bats, and more. Give your baseball fan something unexpected by shopping with Huntington Baseball Co. We love that this is a small American company, making products right here in the U.S.A. Huntington Baseball takes you back to a simpler time in baseball and holds on to the things we love about the game, the things that make baseball part of our DNA.

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Body Analysis Digital Scale by Vivitar

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 64 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Keep track of your fitness journey with the all new Vivitar Body Analysis Digital Scale. The PS-V528-C Body Analysis Digital Scale by Vivitar is unlike any scale you have ever used. This scale is powerful and will help anyone take control of his goals for his health and body. It doesn’t just weigh you. It also tracks your body fat, hydration levels, bone mass, muscle mass, and calories. There is so much more to health than what you weigh. Get a full picture of what is going on with this incredible scale from Vivitar. It is easy to use with “step-on” technology that generates immediate results when you step on the platform. You can share this scale with up to 10 personal profiles. In these profiles, the scale will save the last 5 measurements. Perfect for anyone up to 400 pounds, get control of your body with the power of accurate information from this scale.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 65 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for the man in your life who is working on improving his overall health, whether he is trying to lose weight or trying to build mass.

Gifts For Men Holiday 2016 #Dmholiday16 66 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Vivitar

Vivitar began in 1938 importing photo equipment. What started out as a photography company has grown over the years to include products for digital imaging, mobile, health and wellness, audio, smart home, and optics. Vivitar’s health and wellness products besides scales include smart watches, fitness trackers, and other health monitors. You can trust this company who has always been bringing consumers the latest and greatest in everything that they offer.

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