How To Create Gorgeous Custom Heat Press Products With OFFNOVA

As many of us transitioned to working from home during the pandemic, we realized how much we truly desired to have the freedom that comes with working for ourselves. Many small businesses were born during the pandemic and if you are looking to follow suit, OFFNOVA can help make your dreams of owning a thriving heat press t-shirt business reality.

With innovative products that allow you to design and create custom heat-pressed vinyl shirts and accessories you will be able to make all kinds of unique and fun products for yourself or a brand new small business.

How To Create Gorgeous Custom Heat Press Products With Offnova

Original and custom t-shirts are all the rage right now. Many creative entrepreneurs and craft enthusiasts have mastered creating custom heat transfer vinyl designs with their preferred cutting device such as a Cricut or Silhouette machine.

After creating and cutting the design out, OFFNOVA‘s products allow you to quickly and efficiently create t-shirts or other customized products. From heat press machines to label printers, OFFNOVA‘S line of products are there to support you in your business from start to finish.

How To Create Gorgeous Custom Heat Press Products With Offnova

Creating Custom Products is Fun and Easy

Creating custom products with heat transfer vinyl is a fun way to let your inner creativity flow. Many crafters use online programs to create the design they would like on their t-shirt or product. Once the design is created, the file is turned into an SVG so that it is compatible with a cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette.

After using a cutting machine to cut the design out of heat transfer vinyl, a heat press machine is used to apply the appropriate heat and pressure needed to adhere the design to the chosen project such as a t-shirt or canvas bag. OFFNOVA offers a variety of products to help create these unique products with heat transfer vinyl.

OFFNOVA Heat Press Machines Will Quickly Help You Create Beautiful Custom Products

After designing and cutting your heat transfer vinyl design, use OFFNOVA Heat Press Machine to place your design permanently on a variety of products including t-shirts, canvas bags, mouse pads, pillows, and even hats. Each OFFNOVA Heat Press Machine is equipped with a 9 inch by 9 inch heating plate that can be heated to a high of 400 degrees within five minutes or lowered to 210 degrees. An attached base provides a safe place to rest the heat press while aligning heat transfer vinyl designs on your product, such as a t-shirt or canvas bag.

Interested in hosting a t-shirt party or taking your crafting on the road? Check out OFFNOVA Mini Portable Heat Press Machine. The OFFNOVA Mini Portable Heat Press Machine is a powerful heat press in a small package. The smaller heating plate makes it ideal to carry with you on your crafting adventures. It is also the perfect solution to adding heat vinyl transfers to unique items such as hats or shoes. The heat plate will heat up to 385 degrees in under three minutes.

With five different heat settings, the OFFNOVA Mini Portable Heat Press Machine can easily adjust to all your heat transfer needs. The heating plate measures approximately 4 inches by 2.45 inches. It is equipped with a safety sensor that will automatically shut the device off after 8 minutes without activity.

How To Create Gorgeous Custom Heat Press Products With Offnova

OFFNOVA Heat Press Mat Offers a Smooth Finish and Protection

To create the perfect transfer, pair the OFFNOVA Heat Press Machine or the OFFNOVA Mini Portable Heat Press Machine with OFFNOVA Mat which slides perfectly under the product that you need to press heat transfer the vinyl design onto. Each OFFNOVA Mat measures approximately 14 inches by 16 inches and provides the perfect smooth surface needed to apply heat transfer vinyl.

Crafted out of fire retardant fabric, this mat will also protect your work area from burns and scorching. Each OFFNOVA Mat comes in an adorable panda or paw print design and has its own storage bag to protect your map when you aren’t using it. The storage bag also has pockets to store your heat transfer vinyl and crafting tools so you can create beautiful, custom products wherever you are.

OFFNOVA Supports Your Small Business From Start to Finish

Once you master creating custom t-shirts with heat transfer vinyl and OFFNOVA Heat Press Machines, OffNova will make starting your own business even easier with products to support you and help your business run more efficiently. One product any small business needs in its arsenal is OFFNOVA N-6140 Thermal Label Printer.

This unique label printer connects via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet or by USB cable to your laptop and allows you to effortlessly print shipping labels. This thermal printer is compact and easy to use allowing you to be more efficient in your day-to-day business routine.

The OFFNOVA N-6140 Thermal Label Printer is compatible with the most popular shipping platforms used by small businesses including Shippo, Shipping Easy, ShipWorks, and Dazzle. It can also be integrated with selling marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Shopify which makes creating and printing shipping labels even easier.

OFFNOVA Products Are Perfect For Your Small Business

Whether you want to create unique custom products for friends, family, and yourself or you are hoping to start your own thriving small business, OFFNOVA has products to support your endeavors from start to finish. OFFNOVA Heat Press Machines and the OFFNOVA Mat give you the necessary tools to create beautiful products to wow your friends and family as well as your happy customers.

Once you perfect your new products and are ready to scale up your business, OFFNOVA continues to offer the support your growing business will need with efficient products like the OFFNOVA N-6140 Thermal Label Printer. OFFNOVA has got your back from the first step of creating your products all the way to shipping your products out.


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How To Create Gorgeous Custom Heat Press Products With Offnova



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