Introducing the Brand New Cybex Mios: Stroll in Breathable Style

We’re suckers for new; new brands, new clothes, new makeup, new babies, new everything. So when a brand new stroller hits the market, we’re all over it, especially when it comes from the holy grail of baby product brands, Cybex. They recently released their new Mios model, and not only is it beautifully and modernly designed, like all of their rave-worthy products, but it’s also fully versatile, warm weather friendly, and a parent’s best friend when it comes to ease of use. Ready to drool some?

It’s All About Cybex

Cybex is a child product company that offers carseats, strollers, and baby carriers, with each product designed exclusively for the highest in safety standards and the most stylish of designs. The D.S.F. Innovation Principle that makes up the core of the Cybex company consists of Design / Safety / Functionality, and is made apparent through their products, many that are award-winning. In addition to providing parents and care givers with the safest of baby products, Cybex prides themselves on being a lifestyle and fashion brand as well, perfectly marrying their principles of design, safety, and functionality into amazing products.

Welcome to the Family, Mios

Design should not only have functionality, it must also be fun!

Already earning awards, and with good reason, the Mios stroller from Cybex is a three-in-one travel system, allowing you to use one stroller from birth until you kick them out of the four wheels for good. You’re able to attach a bassinet to the stroller frame or snap on the included carseat adapters and use your favorite Cybex or gB infant carseat, for strolling around the littlest of new ones.

When they get a bit larger, use the regular seat with removable bar until they’re busting out of it, in two different positions, either facing you or facing the world, with just the squeeze of a button. There’s no need to buy a million different strollers for the stroller-lifespan of your child when one does the trick, plus so much more!

Choose which color stroller frame you dig the most, select which color pack you want for the sun canopy and head cushion (there are currently seven colors to pick from, including three drop dead gorgeous fashion collection options for an even chicer look), decide which way you want to cart around your newborn – bassinet or carseat, anyone?, then add on some fun accessories to make your Mios perfectly suited for you.

Cybex is so cool they’ve already tossed in a rain cover and carseat adaptors with your standard Mios purchase!

One of the coolest features of the Mios is the innovative mesh fabric that makes up the backrest and footrest of the stroller. This makes strolling around your child on the hottest of summer days a breeze, and allows visibility like no other, not to mention it gives the Mios a trendy, unique look that us moms love to be seen with! Attach the removable and adjustable head cushion to the mesh backrest, giving your child a padded and soft place to catch some mid-day snoozes.

When the cooler months creep in, no worries, just buy the extra padded inlay that easily attaches over the mesh backrest for comfortable warmth.

Of course, no stroller would be perfect for hot weather without a sun canopy, and the canopy on the Mios is no joke. It zips open to extend to an unbelievable length, shading almost all of the exposed stroller front, and gives UPF50+ protection. The flip open viewing window lets you sneak a peek at your sweetly sleeping baby or mischievous toddler.

Sit your child up straight or let them lay flat, with just one squeeze and lift of the hand. Giving you four different recline positions to choose from, plus three different positions for the leg rest, you can make sure your child is as comfortable as can be, no matter how they want to ride.

Not only can you make your kid comfy, but you get to choose which angle you want to push the Mios in. With a simple squeeze of a button on the handlebars, you can move the handlebars up or down, giving it a customized feel for whoever is driving.

We also love the one foot push brake, all-wheel suspension, 5-point harness, and one hand fold, giving parents and their children all the essential features they expect in a stroller, plus some, all designed and manufactured with the highest quality care.

The Mios is a lightweight stroller, ideal for busy urban settings, traveling the globe, and minimalistic hearted parents. From the simple, streamlined, non-bulky frame and mesh seat to a mere weight of 19 pounds and just over a foot and a half wide, this stroller takes you anywhere you want to go, no matter how tight a squeeze or how crowded a street.

Cybex is on a mission to celebrate and share small victories women experience when caring for their new babies – such as showering before midnight, making a Target run while baby sleeps (or screams) in the stroller, being able to eat more than a granola bar all day, wearing clean clothes, etc. Show them – and the world – your small victory of the day by using #StrollLikeAMother throughout your social media outlets.



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