The Season’s Best Camping Gear for Outdoor Family Fun

The summer is slowly drifting away and we are sinking into fall. This is the time where we can enjoy being outdoors without being drenched in sweat and quickly overheating! Families who are are seeking out some exciting gear for outdoor activities or adventures, keep reading to find the perfect gear for your outdoor family fun this beautiful season.

Best Gear for Outdoor Family Fun


The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

As the weather cools campsites become all the rage during those beautiful fall weekends. There is simply no better time to get outdoors and commune with nature than this simply gorgeous time of year. Here to help you camp in style no matter where your travels may take you are the lightweight, ultra-durable tree tents from Tentsile.

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The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

The Stingray Tree Tent Features:

  • Large enough for 3 adults, or a young family of 4.
  • Aerial suspension preventing your tent from touching the cold, wet ground.
  • Provides extra comfort and warmth and added protection from the elements.
  • 3-point anchor system and flat base for additional interior space.
  • Anti-roll strap system.
  • Ideal for a multi-level camping stack with the 3-person hammock below and a connecting ladder.
  • Multiple entry points and integrated storage solutions.

Whether your plans involve camping beachside beneath the swaying palm trees or heading out to the closest fall music festival, Tentsile’s tree tents will keep you off the ground, protected from the elements, and incredibly comfortable…just like relaxing in a hammock. With the simple set-up of Tentisile’s original tree tent, the Stingray, you can spend less time prepping your campsite and more time doing what you came for – enjoying your surroundings.


The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

It’s officially camping season! Sure, you could break out the sleeping bags and rough it on the ground underneath the moon and stars, but why if you don’t have to? The Kid-O-Bunk takes your camping excursions to the next level of comfort while still “roughing” it, however you please. Perfectly sized for your child(ren) as they lie in wait incognito (thank you camouflage), kicking back and exploring the forest around them.

Keep all of their camping gear close with the removable and convenient storage pouches for both beds. The easy wheel-stacking feature keeps everything secure and leveled supporting up to 200 pounds. This isn’t going anywhere you don’t want it to while still being lightweight and simple to transport for many more camping trips to come.

Invite your kid’s best friends and go camping! It’s best for children aged 7 – 12 years old and can be set up directly on the ground or inside of a large tent. When not in use exploring the woods and keeping you comfortable at night, take your Kid-O-Bunk and convert it from the bunk beds to a bench or to two twin cots. Whatever your needs are, it works conveniently with the space you have available. Enjoy your time in the woods, it’s an experience your kids won’t forget!

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Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

There is nothing like spending time in the great outdoors to instill a love of adventure, wanderlust, and inspiration in our children. Allowing our kids to get outside and breathe the fresh air, while taking in the sights and sounds of nature is a phenomenal developmental experience that can begin at any age. However, as parents, we also know that getting anywhere with kids, especially an infant or toddler, involves a lot of stuff which can make planning and logistics a nightmare. Fortunately, with the Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite the majority of your “gear” problems will be solved.

Even little ones who can walk tire quickly, walk slowly, and oftentimes, when outdoors, need to be kept safe from rugged terrain. A high quality, backpack carrier is the perfect solution. Not only will parents be able to keep their little one comfortable and safe, kids actually love the fact the added height and their ability to see their surroundings clearly in this type of carrier. The Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite is the all-in-one solution to hiking with an infant or toddler. Features include:

  • Kelty’s PerfectFIT™ Suspension System allowing you to easily switch the carrier between parents.
  • An integrated sunshade.
  • 5-point safety harness and padded aluminum roll cage for superior safety.
  • Wide seat base and adjustable foot stirrups for your child’s ultimate comfort.
  • Water Bottle Sleeve.
  • A large zippered backpack compartment to store all your necessities, with an additional zippered “dirty” compartment for any trash or wet items.
  • Grab handles to carefully lift and set down the child carrier, along with a kickstand which allows you to set the carrier securely on the ground with the child in the seat.
The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Comfort and closeness make this carrier the ultimate choice for parents wanting to hit the trails this season with their children. Don’t let the fact you have a little one keep you from communing with nature, rather make your child a part of the experience, get outside, and explore together. The journey is all about spending time with the ones we love, and Kelty helps us get there, as a family, this season.

Kelty Shade Maker

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Fall is a great time to be outside but despite the cooler air, the sun is still fairly strong. The Kelty Shade Maker is a perfect addition to your camping and outdoor gear this Fall. The Shade Maker is compact which makes it perfect for storage and for travel, and it pops up easily to give you ample shade from the sun. It is great for beach camping, weekend adventures at the lake, or any outdoor adventures you have planned this season.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun
The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

With 100 square feet of protected area for your family, you can comfortably sit in the sun or even in the rain without worrying about the elements. It is lightweight yet durable and will help keep you protected as you enjoy the great outdoors.

Kelty Linger Side Table and Chairs

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Your outdoor adventures aren’t always active. If you and your family are spending this cooler season camping or hiking, a pair Kelty chairs and a side table are the perfect addition to your outdoor gear. The Kelty Linger Chairs are comfortable low-back chairs that are extremely compact and easy to transport. They are stylish and functional and look great around a fire pit with some roasting marshmallows and s’mores.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun
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The Kelty Linger Side Table is a must-have, too. This table gives you a convenient place to put your keys, your phone, or your newest favorite beach read and keeps them safe and away from the dirt and sand. It is light-weight and rigid so you know your stuff won’t fall off with a little bit of wind. With the table and chairs together, you will have a convenient and comfortable place to sit and hang out during your camping and outdoor adventures.

Wonderfold Wagon

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Little legs can only make it so far when you are out exploring the great outdoors, but with the Wonderfold Wagon you can take your adventures anywhere. This 2-seater wagon can either be pushed like a traditional stroller or pulled, giving you the versatility of a stroller combined with the functionality and space of a wagon. It is the perfect accessory for exploring the great outdoors with young children.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun
The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

The adjustable and removable canopy above the wagon keeps their little heads and bodies protected from the harsh rays of the sun, and they will stay safe with a 5-point harness seat. The Wonderfold Wagon also has extra pockets surrounding the wagon, giving you plenty of space to store your snacks, drinks, toys, and an extra change of clothes. The fabric can be easily removed for cleaning, too. Your children will feel comfortable with plenty of space to stretch out, play, and eat all while you venture around Mother Nature.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Decathlon Surf Board

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Beach camping wouldn’t be the same without proper gear for fun outdoor activities. This 8′ foam surfboard from Decathlon is perfect for beginners and those who want to have fun riding the waves while their burgers and hot dogs are grilling nearby. It is lightweight and easy to travel with, but also durable to handle some big waves.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

The Decathlon 8′ foam surfboard is for beginning surfers weighing 155 pounds or less, or experienced surfers weight 175 pounds or less. The lightweight and durable foam material make it easy to stand up and balance. It is a great board to take with you on camping trips as it is meant for occasional use and for experienced surfers who just want to catch as many waves as possible.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Decathlon Kids Bodyboard

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Fun while camping with kids doesn’t have to mean just sitting around roasting marshmallows. Beach camping is becoming more and more popular, and with this bodyboard for kids from Decathlon they can get in on the action. Made from high-quality Polystyrene foam this bodyboard is durable and strong. With two ergonomic handles, it is easy to maneuver through the water. It is perfect for ages 4 to 8 years old with a weight between 30 and 55 pounds.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Your youngest kids will have a blast riding the waves and pitching the shoreline with this bodyboard designed just for them. It is the perfect way to round out the summer fun and enjoy the last bit of warm beach weather.

Decathlon Paddle Board

Even though the summer sun is fading, those of us who love the water just can’t get enough of it- even if it is too cold to get in it. A paddle board is a great way to still enjoy the open waters when it finally does get too cold to hang up your surf board for the season. With this 10′ stand-up paddleboard from Decathlon, you can still enjoy the cool Fall season in your favorite place- in the water.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun
The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

The 10′ touring paddle board from Decathlon is perfect for beginners who are occasionally exploring calm waters. It is suitable for persons weighing between 130 and 175 pounds and is durable and easy to use. It inflates quickly with the included pump and deflates easily so it can be placed back in the travel bag. At 32” wide and 5” thick you will have a strong and durable paddleboard that can provide you with fun on the water all year round (well, for the most part).

Decathlon Paddle Board Vest

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

As the temperatures dip a little lower, your paddleboard sessions will feel a little cooler. A comfortable and lightweight paddle board vest like this one from Decathlon will help keep you warm during the different seasons. It is easy to move around in, making it feel like just another t-shirt when you are paddleboarding and helps regulate insulation depending on the outdoor temperature.

Decathlon One-Person Hammock

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Whether you are relaxing on the beach or out in the deep woods, a hammock is a perfect thing to bring when you are camping or spending a day out in nature. This easy-to-set up and convenient one person hammock from Decathlon gives you an easy way to have a place to lay down and relax (or even nap) while you’re out enjoying Mother Nature.

It is machine washable and easy to bring along with you wherever your wanderlust soul might lead you.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Head leveler Pillow

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Camping is fun but it’s not always comfortable. However, with a pillow that is made just for you. The Headleveler Pillow is an innovative pillow design that takes into account your sex, your height, your weight, your shoulder size, the way you normally sleep, and the type of pillow you like best to find the perfect combination for you.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun
The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

The travel-sized pillow is easy to take with you camping, too. It is the perfect single-person size and with a travel pillowcase, it’s simple to take along with you. The Headleveler Pillow is unique in that it is a cervical pillow that focuses on your spine alignment. And with 4 different sizes of pillows plus seven different thickness and support levels, you will be sure to find one that is perfect for your camping trip.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Reliefband 2.0

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Life is busy, and pregnancy or motion sickness should not slow you down! Live your life in motion with Reliefband, a chemical-free, painless, wearable technology that helps to prevent and treat nausea associated with motion sickness, morning sickness, chemotherapy, and more.

For the mom-to-be, outdoor family vacations can be tough to get through, especially when morning sickness lasts all day long. Reliefband is worn on the wrist and is the average size of a fitness tracker. Wearing this band, combined with a cooling gel, provides instant relief from nausea whether because of pregnancy or even the mode of travel itself. Reliefband is an absolute must in order to provide the instant comfort that she needs to not only get through her days of fun in the sun, but go through life’s motions-without feeling the side-effects.


The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

From the campground to the football field, fall is on its way along with cool breezes, colored leaves, and perfect temperatures for heading outdoors! Whether you’re spending Saturday morning at the farmers market or the soccer fields Hydroflask’s new 35L market tote is the ideal carryall for your weekend plans.

Lightweight, waterproof, and durable, this insulated tote from the brand you love keeps your food and drinks cool for up to 4+ hours making it ideal for all of your fall adventures. Easy to clean and collapsible as well means it’s simple to wipe down and store so you can simply grab it and go day after day.

VaporAiress 2.0 7 Liter Women’s Hydration Pack

A hydration pack designed for women, the VaporAiress 2.0 7 Liter Hydration Pack is the perfect pack for hiking the trails or running the streets. The VaporAiress 2.0 has multiple pockets to carry keys, gel packs, and other activity essentials. The 2-liter removable bladder has a quick-release valve to keep you hydrated on the go. Whether you are an avid long-distance walker or an ultra-marathoner, the VaporAiress 2.0 will give your workout attire an extra pop of color and the peace of mind that comes with reflective material and accents for your safety.

Primus Camping

If your family is looking to enjoy the outdoors, it could be time to re-check your campfire gear. After all, carrying folding tables and sharp knives on your hike Primus Camping has been around for over one hundred years, providing men and women with durable and multi-functional gear built to last.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

The Primus Camp Fire Table is perfect for a meal outside, or for prepping the day’s catch! This foldable table makes transportation on the hike or from the car so simple and light, as the frame is aluminum, and the top is made from reinforced polycotton fabric. It rolls tightly and can be carried or stored neatly for your next adventure!

Families have a lot of baggage, and lugging lots of cooking equipment through the trails does not make this experience any more fun. The Campfire Cutting Set includes a knife, an oak cutting board, and a case that will keep your family’s cooking equipment stored safely, keeping everyone safe and the gear ready for their next outdoor family fun meal.

The knife is stainless steel, strong enough to slice through hard vegetables and any meat, but flexible enough to filet a fish. Made from oak, the cutting board has natural disinfectant properties to keep your dining experience a healthy one. Once your food is prepared, it is easy to clean, or it can be stored until the family returns home.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Titan 30-Can Cooler Backpack

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

If you have a bit of a trek to get to your destination for your next outdoor adventure (heck, that can even mean walking from the car to your favorite beach spot), the Titan 30-Can Cooler Backpack will keep all your favorite beverages cold, accessible, and easy to transport. No more dragging a cooler across the sand or dirt trails- this comfortable backpack allows you to hold up to 30 cans of drinks, keeping them cold the entire time.

With comfortable straps and an ergonomic design, the Titan 30-Can Cooler Backpack will make it easy to get your drinks and snacks to your campsite, your beach spot, or to take with your on your next nature hike with your outdoor family fun.

Kachula Blanket

Adventure awaits with the Coalatree Escalante Kachula Blanket. Compact, lightweight, and water-resistant, the Kachula Blanket is great for camping, picnics, the beach, or festivals. Coalatree’s adventure blankets feature a built-in pocket and stuff sack, as well as a detachable hood to convert the blanket into an emergency poncho. Wherever and whenever you need a spot to sit, the Kachula Blanket is ready for your next adventure.

The Comfy

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Fall camping and outdoor activities bring chilly weather, and what better way to snuggle up than a large over-sized sweater from Comfy. The Comfy is a one-size sweater that fits everyone (there is even one for the kids) that will keep you warm and cozy in even the chilliest of weather. The soft fleece lining and velvet exterior keep you toasty on the inside. There is a muffler pocket to keep your hands warm and a hood to keep your head warm, too! It comes in a variety of colors so everyone in the family can have one.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun


The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

If you have ever had to spray yourself or others with insect repellent, you know that it is one of the least-fun parts of being outside. Between the greasy feeling, the offensive smell, and the sometimes stinging eyes and mouths, insect repellent is the WORST. Well, it was until BugBand Insect Repelling Bands came along!

These bands are easy and fun to wear, made in the USA, and deet-free! Each BugBand Band is packaged in a reusable plastic “pod” to store your BugBand Band. Don’t worry about your band running low on repellent, it can easily be sealed between uses to preserve the life of the product’s active ingredient! It is also safe to use, thanks to the breakaway strap, which prevents it from becoming entangled or dangerous. BugBand takes the worry out of being outside with insects and mosquitoes and keeps the fun in being outside. Check out BugBand for all your outdoor family fun!

Nomadik Outdoor Subscription Box

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

If you have a real outdoors-y family, you are probably always looking for the newest and best outdoor adventure and camping gear. A subscription box like the one from Nomadik does all the searching for the coolest new outdoor gear for you. Each month you will receive a box filled with awesome new items that will help bring your outdoor game to the next level.

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Each box comes with up to $70 worth of gear that has been trained, tested, and approved. You can even customize what you get in your box by completing your profile, so you won’t get a bunch of stuff you’ll never use. Each box comes with things to help keep you organized and help keep you fueled, as well as accessories and tools that make your outdoor adventures more accessible and fun.

Casus Grill

The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun

Cooking amazing food shouldn’t be a struggle, but luckily you have the Casus Grill to take the burden off of your hands. It’s ready for grilling in just five minutes and able to cook your food for sixty minutes. This allows you to have plenty of time to cook as the grill master you are. Casus Grill also keeps the environment safe by being eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. Super portable, super easy to set up, and it will be super fun for the family to cook with. Whether you’re camping, at the beach, or just want to cook on an amazing grill, the Casus Grill is the only way to go.

Casus Grill
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With fall right around the corner, families everywhere will be eager to get outdoors and enjoy the golden sunlight and cool breezes riding on the tails of summer’s heat. This gear will not only be sure to keep your family happy, cool, and healthy but help to create memories that will last a lifetime with this gear for your outdoor family fun.

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The Season’S Best Camping Gear For Outdoor Family Fun



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