5 Remote Jobs That Don’t Require You to Sell Anything

For the average American military spouse, a normal career track is hardly an option. In most cases, the servicemember’s career comes first. And since the government dictates what they do every day, the military spouse assumes many roles usually meant for two. Like parenting, and housekeeping. This life can be rewarding, but exhausting. And it doesn’t leave much time for the spouse to pursue their own career goals. To beat these obstacles, working remotely may be the key to finding the flexible, well-paying career you’ve always desired.

The phrase “work from home” has not always been seen in a positive light. In the past, it was tied to a few low-profit options like direct sales and customer support. We’re starting to see a breakthrough as new types of remote work are constantly emerging. Social media management and web development are two examples of these very in-demand jobs. Several incredible milspouse founded organizations want you to find your own place in the remote working world – even while you’re tackling yet another PCS.

5 Work-from-Home Jobs that Don’t Require You to Sell Anything

Teaching English Virtually

Remote Jobs That Don’t Require You To Sell Anything

Many military spouses are teachers but frequent moves can make is difficult to continuously transfer licenses and get hired in a new state with a new school district. Teaching English online is a great way to continue your teaching skills and keep up with your resume while your family is nomadic.

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The Paradigm Switch

Working Remotely

The Paradigm Switch is a one-stop-shop for military spouses looking to unleash their full career potential. The founders of TPS began fueling spouses for success with scholarships to skill-based courses in 2017. Quickly, they saw that it would take much more to solve the problem. Startlingly, military spouses are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than the general population. Of those that said they had jobs, 39% earn less than $10k per year. More effective than scholarships alone, TPS gives spouses the tools they need to embrace a new mindset.

Working Remotely

In addition to its scholarship program, The Paradigm Switch runs a community that shares resources and encouragement. Their Get Switched course is something we really dig. It’s a free, self-paced journey designed for those who are ready to learn how to launch or accelerate their career. On this journey, military spouses find exclusive educational content and learn how they can work from anywhere in the world. The course begins with some self-discovery, which is a great stepping off point. A valuable resource on its own, the course is also the beginning of the scholarship application process!

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At Home Call-Centers

Remote Jobs That Don’t Require You To Sell Anything

If you are looking for a flexible job where you can have your own hours and work from home part time, then working as a call-center employee might be the right fit for you. Eastern Account System is a call-center placement company that has work-from-home positions available. The calls do not require you to sell anything and is not a collections position- these calls are simple, pre-scripted surveys. Pay is competitive, starting at $12/hour, and training only takes one hour to complete. Within a few days you will be able to generate an income for you and your family by simply reading a pre-scripted message and taking surveys.


Virtual Assistant

One of the most seamless ways to begin working remotely is as a virtual assistant. Since hourly rates start at $20 and go much higher with experience, this is one avenue to consider. A virtual assistant takes on tasks that small businesses want to outsource. These tasks can consist of anything that doesn’t require you to be physically present. Highly sought after skills include writing, graphic design, project management, and web design, among many others. As new small businesses are launching constantly, the demand for this type of work is on a similarly steep increase. Virtual Assistant Internship is a great place to start if you need the training to work in these fields.

In 2014, USMC spouse Esther Inman quit an exhausting cycle of commuting, childcare payments, and corporate work and started working remotely. She made $20/hour at first, which was already the same as she was making before, but without the stress! Milspouse friends started asking how they could make this sort of change in their lives too. Inspired by their enthusiasm, she founded Virtual Assistant Internship where she mentors others in their virtual journey. Esther’s course, 90 Day VA, guides you step-by-step to a real career from home (without selling anything), which also happens to be the name of her free Facebook group. Once you begin this rewarding, PCS-proof line of work, you’ll never want to venture into the office IRL again.

Working Remotely with Instant Teams

Working Remotely

Now that you’re eager to start working remotely, where will you find a job? Instant Teams is one of the very first places you should set up shop. (You may remember them originally as MadSkills.) Two military spouses founded the organization after noticing the lack of opportunity for milspouses in the workforce. Having a personal understanding of the issues, they were able to meet this problem head-on. Their crew assembles qualified support teams and offers them to companies looking to grow. They currently have over 60 individual spouses working directly for them. This is ideal for the person who wants to work from home, but not interested in the minutiae of running their own business.

Working Remotely

As the Age of Information marches on, we are witnessing the nature of work change rapidly. Ironically, the same factors that challenge military spouses are the same ones forcing them to move toward remote work at a faster pace than other groups. Organizations like The Paradigm Switch, Virtual Assistant Internship, and Instant Teams are leading this charge. It’s time to start looking at online careers in an entirely new way.

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Remote Job Options That Dont Require You To Sell Anything



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