Here at Daily mom we strive to bring you the best of the best when it comes to products moms really love, want, or need. This Mother's Day, our team did some digging to find you the best gifts that we know the mom in your life will truly love - And we know this because we would love them! Check out our top picks for this Mother's Day from our dedicated team and why we would love to get them for ourselves this Mother's Day: 

"After all the hecticness life brings us, what moms really want to do on Mother’s Day is lounge around. In order to do that peacefully, they need a bed, a book, and a pair of pajamas. The sleepwear options from Karen Neuburger combine style and comfort that fit every mom. Choose from several different prints and patterns to compliment the look Mom’s are desiring. Replace Moms old t-shirt and sweatpants with cute and pretty pajamas that they can feel good and look good in. The Karen Neuburger loungewear comes in nightgowns, two ­piece long and short sleeve sets, crop pajamas, and bed jackets all made from signature lightweight, cozy fabric."

-Sasha, mother to one boy loves the outdoors, shopping, and anything and everything that helps with self­care.

Karen Neuberger pajamas

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