Creative Senior Photo Ideas


If you are the parent of a teenager, you probably know how important senior photos are. Each summer, newly crowned high school seniors start scheduling senior photo shoots, providing a final signature send off for the the following year’s yearbook. Coming up with a unique and creative idea helps showcase their personality and share their accomplishments.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite creative senior photo ideas to help inspire your senior as they plan photos over the summer.

Library Senior Photos

Photo courtesy of Denver Senior Photographer Merritt Portrait Studio.

If your teen loves to read, taking photos inside the library is a great way to share that passion with the world. Be sure to check on any permits or requirements before taking any photographs. It’s important to know what the rules are about a specific library before beginning a shoot.

Use Fun Props

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Photographer Unafraid Art.

From glitter to scrabble tiles, bringing props along can make for a fun way to celebrate your seniors accomplishments. For glitter, use the school colors and make sure the glitter is large enough that the camera can capture it. The large star glitter pieces are perfect, just make sure you bring along a dustpan to clean up the mess after the photos.

Urban Setting Senior Photos

Photo courtesy of Denver Senior Photographer Merritt Portrait Studio.

If you live near city, you can use the city as a backdrop for edgy, modern photos that show just how grown up your senior has become. Just yesterday they were learning to walk, today they are ready to take on the world as an adult.

Head out to an Ice Cream Parlor

Photo courtesy of Denver photographer, Charming Clicks.

Remember when you took your little girl or boy for their first ice cream? That memory is one worth capturing again as a teenager. This ice cream parlor has an iconic look that is perfect for a senior photoshoot.

Ode to Their Favorite Show

Senior Photo Ideas

Photo courtesy of Denver Senior Photographer Merritt Portrait Studio.

Whatever your seniors hobbies are, you can showcase those in their photos. This sex in the city inspired photoshoot shared this seniors passion of fashion.

Find Some Graffiti

Photo courtesy of Senior Photographer, Belle Vie

If your teen is a bit more edgy, a graffiti shoot might be just the way to show off their rocker personality. Find some colorful graffiti and use it as a backdrop for images that really pop.

Dress Like the Princess She Is

Senior Photo Ideas

Photo courtesy of Denver Senior Photographer Merritt Portrait Studio.

A homemade tulle skirt can give her just the touch of glamour she needs to feel like the showstopper she is. Taking photos in a tulle skirt gives plenty of opportunities to spin and dance for the perfect shot.

Chalkboard Writing

Senior Photo Ideas Senior Photo Ideas

Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Kersten Photography.

As they grew, you may have used a chalkboard to commemorate the first day of school. Now that they are approaching the last day, the same chalkboard can be used to write an inspirational message or note their achievements.

Inspired by the Movies

Senior Photo Ideas

Photo courtesy of Denver Senior Photographer Merritt Portrait Studio.

Does your senior love a specific movie? Use that flick as an inspiration for an entire themed shoot. This Indiana Jones themed photo was taken at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument [permit required] to provide the iconic sandy backdrop from the movie.

Finding a senior photographer that can help make your teens personality shine is key to ensuring that the photos capture this moment perfectly. Ask your photographer what locations they like to shoot at and how many outfits your teen can share during the shoot. Most photographers have websites that showcase their past work, and can help provide an idea of what style they have and how your senior will be portrayed. No matter what look you and your teen decide to go with, this moment is uniquely theirs to share and taking senior photos will help create a memory you can cherish together before your little one goes off to conquer the world in a big way.

As your teen heads into senior year, college applications and scholarships are probably top of mind. Check out our tips for finding college scholarships that might help cut the cost of continuing education.

Photo Credits: Merritt Portrait StudioCharming Clicks, Unafraid ArtBelle Vie, Cheyenne Kersten Photography.




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