When is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools for Tracking

Most women keep track of their periods and it is pretty noticeable when “aunt flo” arrives.  However, knowing when is ovulation will occur may be more difficult to figure out. Tracking your ovulation can be very beneficial for you if you are trying to conceive or prevent a pregnancy.  It can also be helpful in figuring out whether or not your partner needs to be checked out as well. Being in tune with what is going on with your body can make a difference in your day to day life. Having a period that is either too long or too short can be a sign that you are not ovulating, as well as if you tend to have a month or two where you do not get your period at all.  It is also important to know that just because you get your period each month, does not necessarily mean you are ovulating, however you most likely are. This is why it is so important to track your periods and ovulation.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the process in which a mature egg is released from the ovary and typically happens about 12-16 days after the first day of your most recent period. The tricky thing is that ovulation does not always occur on the same day each month, and it may not be a regular monthly occurrence.  So, if your ovulation isn’t always regular, and not always detectable, how are you supposed to know when you are most fertile?  The best thing to do is to start tracking your periods and ovulation.  Even if you aren’t trying to get pregnant, it’s a good thing for women to know so they can understand what is going on with their body.

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

So, when is ovulation, and how can you figure out if you are ovulating from the comfort of your own home?  There are many different options out there today to help you do so right at your fingertips.

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When Is Ovulation: Tests

At-Home Fertility Test

One popular option is the Modern Fertility Test ($159). A big pro to this test is that you don’t have to sit in a doctor’s office or deal with insurance, however, they do accept FSA + HSA.  This test is customized by a doctor based on the type of birth control you currently take, and the test can either be taken in the comfort of your own home or at a local lab.  The test is reviewed by a doctor, and the results are sent right to your phone within a few days.

AVA Fertility Bracelet

A lot of women are also opting to wear the AVA bracelet to track when ovulation is happening, their most fertile days.  This bracelet is worn at night and does most of the work for you so you don’t have to stress about tracking. The Ava bracelet will track your breathing, skin temperature, resting pulse rate, heart rate, and sleep. When Ava detects a change in your body, it will update your fertile calendar and let you know to get to baby-making!

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There are also many Ovulation Tracking Apps readily available and these are the top 7 that couples have found most helpful.  All of these apps can help you answer the main question which is “When is Ovulation going to happen for me?”

When Is Ovulation: Tracking Apps

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

Kindara: Fertility Tracker

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

The Kindara Fertility Tracker is a digital fertility charting system that is considered the best fertility app out there. This app has proven to have pinpoint ovulation accuracy to help you better understand your cycle.

Glow Cycle & Fertility Tracker

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

Improve your fertility by staying on track, the Glow Cycle and Fertility Tracker gives an in-depth analysis of your cycle, and provides tons of resources. 

Clue Period Tracker

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

A great app to help you get started tracking your period, Clue will give you accurate predictions as well as calendar reminders before your next period.

Ovia Fertility

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

A great app to track your cycle, Ovia Fertility has an ovulation calculator and calendar, and a health assessment feature as well. This app has many articles and resources and is helpful even if you are not trying to conceive.

Natural Cycles

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

The first and only birth control app, Natural Cycles is a hormone-free method that learns your individual and unique cycle.  This app can identify ovulation by analyzing your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) which should be measured when you first wake up.


When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

Premom uses a unique algorithm powered by multiple ovulation calculation methods and is the only free digital ovulation reader. 

MIA Period & Fertility Tracker

When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

Track your menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility and period days with the Mia Period & Fertility Trackers. This app also offers a helpful and friendly chatbot assistant who can provide you with information about feminine health and give you daily advice while you track your cycle.

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Can Diet and Lifestyle hinder fertility?

Lifestyle and Diet can also play a role in your fertility.  It is extremely important to have a well-balanced diet and to exercise regularly whether or not you are trying to get pregnant.  Some foods that can help specifically with fertility are maca, royal jelly, and vitex berry root in pill form. Maca can help restore your hormonal balance so that you have an even progesterone/estrogen balance which you need in order to conceive. 

Royal jelly can be used by both men and women to support reproductive health and is known to foster the fertility of queen bees. It is important to note that those allergic to honey or bee stings should not take royal jelly.

Vitex root compliments maca when taken for fertility, so those work best when taken together.  It is also important to create a plan with an herbalist who can help find the right dosage and amount of each herb to take.

Many women want to know when they are ovulating. Knowing when you are ovulating is a tricky thing to figure out, and understanding your cycle takes time but it is not impossible.  There are so many apps and testing methods out there that it is important to figure out which one will be the easiest and most beneficial for you. These tools make it easier for you to be aware of what is going on with your body whether or not you are trying to conceive.  If you are trying to conceive, these tools will definitely be beneficial to you, but even if not knowledge is power and can help you make safe and healthy reproductive decisions.


When Is Ovulation: Modern Fertility Tools For Tracking

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