Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair: 3 Essential Looks In Five Minutes or Less

Hair trends change faster than hair grows, but there’s always a trending look for easy short hair. That’s probably because easy hairstyles for short hair are, well, easy, and that never goes out of style. But sometimes when the short hair bug bites the aftermath feels less inspired and messy.

The last thing anyone wants is to immediately regret their drastic haircut or feel like their hair just doesn’t match that inspirational pic you gave your stylist. On top of that, sometimes that short hair can feel like it takes even more time to get just right. It was supposed to be easy, but it suddenly feels like there is so much maintenance involved.

Don’t worry. Your easy short hairstyle really can be as easy as you want. Like most things, it just comes down to having the right tools and the right direction. So whether you’re rocking a new cut or patiently waiting for your grow out, here are three trendy cute and easy hairstyles for short hair to keep you feeling fashionable and fresh.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair: 3 Essential Looks In Five Minutes Or Less

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair #1: The Blowout

What is the easiest hairstyle for short hair? Hands down, the blowout. No fancy tricks or gimmicks here. Everyone knows a good blowout is the simplest hack for a hair refresh. And when it comes to easy hairstyles for short hair, the blowout is as simple as it gets. Blowing out your hair is quite literally just giving it a really good blow dry to add volume and smooth the texture.

At its most basic, all you truly need for a good blowout is a blow-dryer. But if you can get your hands on a few extras, you can take this easy hairstyle for short hair to a new level. Add a round brush and some mousse, salt spray, or other styling products of choice for more texture, hold, and volume. You definitely won’t regret it.

If all you’re using is a blow dryer, you’ll want to tip your head upside-down while you dry your hair for maximum lift at the roots. Dry from the roots down for the best effect.

But if you have a round brush and styling products, you can add a few more steps. First, add your choice of product to your wet hair. Then, section off parts of your hair to dry by rolling the round brush under your hair and pointing the blow-dryer over that section of hair. You can roll under or out for the look you want. (Rolling under will give you a rounded tucked shape whereas rolling out and up with lift the ends of your hair away from your neck for a more feathered texture. You can even mix it up and do both techniques for variety.)

Repeat until your whole head is dry – probably less than five minutes because hey, that’s part of the joy of short hair – then set with your favorite hairspray or rock the natural bounce. Enjoy your voluminous new blowout!

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Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair: 3 Essential Looks In Five Minutes Or Less

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair #2: The Half-Top Knot

Top knots have been making the rounds in recent years. They are gender fluid, ranging from delicately feminine to Viking warrior and every messy thing in between. Easy hairstyles for short hair are no exception to this trend, and this modern twist on the half ponytail has made its way into short-hair fashion.

The basic concept is much like a half ponytail. But there are a few small technical differences.

To achieve this look, the only required tools are a brush or comb and a ponytail holder. You can use a scrunchy for a vintage fun look, rubber bands for a more discreet look, or whatever gives your pony the most lift and volume. If you have the time or simply want to finesse this look, you can always blow out your hair first. But this can definitely be a wake-up-and-go look for five minutes or less.

For this look, you’ll want to part your hair just like you would for a half-ponytail style. Section off the hair you want to be pulled up, and brush it into place. (Quick hack: if you want more lift on the top of your head, you can take the time to tease some of the hair underneath for more volume.) Twist in the ponytail holder, but on your last twist, only pull through half of your hair, forming a small knot instead of the full tail. If your short hair is longer, you can do a traditional messy bun for a more full-bodied top-knot.

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Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair: 3 Essential Looks In Five Minutes Or Less

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair #3: Waves and Curls

Curls and wavy hair are always fun and trending, and you can absolutely still have them with short hair. Because short hair is short (obviously), it takes significantly less time to style this way, marking another win for easy hairstyles for short hair and taking anywhere from five minutes (for a quick and loose look) to ten or fifteen (if you need a more formal look).

If you’re hopping out of the shower, you’ll want to blow dry your hair first. Otherwise, for this look, you need a heated tool (straightener, wand, or curling iron will work), and your choice of styling product to lock in the curl. A good hairspray works best, but can sometimes change the texture too much. For a soft or loose wave, skip the hairspray and just add some mousse or salt spray before blow drying.

As a side note: when it comes down to which heated tool is the best—straightener, wand, or curling iron—it really comes down to which one you’re more comfortable handling. Some women achieve the dreamiest curls and waves with a straightener, of all things. Stylists tend to go for the wand, as it’s a bit less damaging than a curling iron. But for a curling novice, the curling iron is probably the easiest tool to use.

Ultimately, whatever you can get to cooperate with your hair while simultaneously not burning your fingers constantly is the right tool for you, so feel free to play around and see which one works best for you. Remember, this is supposed to be an easy hairstyle for short hair, not a stressful one!

Just like you would do for a blowout, you’ll want to section off your hair into manageable parts for curling. The thicker your hair, the smaller your parts should be. If you want tight small curls, you’ll want to work in small sections too. Bigger loose waves can be larger chunks of hair.

Starting from the bottom up, work your way through the sections, curling away from your face in the front and mixing it up a bit around the back for the most body and volume. As a general rule, don’t mess with loosening or fluffing the curls until you’re finished with your whole head. When you get to the top section, make sure you factor in where you want to part your hair.

Once you are finished curling, you can run a hand or a soft gentle brush lightly through your curls to soften them for a natural wave, and set with your favorite hairspray. Just like that, you’re styled and ready to go.

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Each of these easy hairstyles for short hair can take anywhere from five minutes (for a fast and loose on-the-go look) to a bit more if you’re aiming for the perfect every-hair-in-place finish. But ultimately each of these styles is simple and does not require any technical ability or specialty tools. Anyone can do these looks!

It is worth noting that a good hair care routine and solid styling products can drastically alter the turnout of any style, too. So, get comfy getting familiar with your hair type, and your tools, and experimenting with the best products for your hair type so that you can rock these easy hairstyles for short hair. But most of all, have fun styling!

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Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair: 3 Essential Looks In Five Minutes Or Less
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