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Long distance relationships are becoming a common occurrence today. Though technology makes our world seem smaller and smaller, many couples still find themselves in the situation where they do not live in the same area, and as a consequence, do not see each other as much as they would like. Distance can increase your desire for one another but not being able to act on that desire as much as you want can cause a strain in a relationship. Is it possible to have a long distance relationship that is fulfilling in all the ways you need? Is it possible to meet your physical needs for each other? We think so. Here are some tips to make sex work for you and your partner in a long distance relationship. This is obviously a post about SEX, so you probably shouldn’t read this one at work.


Talk Isn’t Cheap

If you cannot connect physically, you can still connect. Talking, texting, or video chat can go a long way. Here are three ways to let your words do the work:

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  1. Sexting – Admit it, you text each other more than you talk. You might as well use that texting for something fun. Sending suggestive or down right sexual texts, known as sexting, can keep the spark alive anytime. Send a little hint of your intentions during the day, and once you are both home and ready for some “alone” time, text the night away. Throw in some sexy selfies and you will both feel a little closer despite the distance.
  2. Phone Sex – Get comfy and get ready for an exciting phone call. There is something so sexy about just hearing your partner’s voice. Since you can’t see or touch each other, you will need to be very specific in what you are imagining. You may find that your inhibitions are truly let down during phone sex. No one is watching, and you can say all the things you have wanted to say but may not because you feel self-conscious. Does the idea of talking dirty make you nervous? Start out simply. Just tell your partner how much you miss him and how badly you want to be together. Let the conversation lead to more sexier talk naturally.
  3. Video Chat – Sex in a long distance relationship can get extra steamy when FaceTime or Skype is involved. You aren’t recording but you are watching each other live. This can make it seem like you are together in a more real way. Prop your phone up or step back from your laptop and put on a show. This is amazing because you can talk dirty and see each other at the same time.

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Talk doesn’t just mean sex talk. Good sex requires real intimacy, and real intimacy requires a legitimate connection. You need to make sure you have times where you talk about your feelings. Tell your partner you miss him. Tell your partner that not having her home totally sucks. Knowing the feelings of the other person will draw you closer and make the sex talk even better.

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Connect Physically, Far Away

Technology is amazing! Thanks to some pretty cool advancements, you can have a very connected, physical sexual experience even if you are on the other side of the world. Meet the Onyx and Pearl Couple set from Kiiroo. These sex toys are bluetooth enabled. When you connect them with the Kiiroo video chat platform or app, you and your partner can give and receive pleasure at the same time.

The Pearl is the toy for her. It is a g-spot toy that is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to experience. It contains capacitive touch technology. This means that the surface of Pearl senses your movements and responds. You can use it alone but when paired with your partner using the Onyx, he can control the sensations you feel.

The Onyx is a male interactive toy. It contracts with no movement from him, giving a more realistic, penetrative experience. Onyx is designed to maintain discretion, so you don’t have to hide it in your room or worry about traveling with it. There is a solid cap that covers the entrance, and the black matte exterior with glossy touch pad looks like any other technology device you would have lying around.

When your partner uses the Onyx while connected to the video chat or app, the movement of the pleasure core in the Onyx matches your movements with the Pearl. He can also control the Pearl using the touchpad on the Onyx. You are actually physically pleasuring each other no matter how far apart you are. You connect to your partner via Bluetooth enabled video chat and the Pearl and Onyx move in sync, to simulate penetration in real time. This is as close as you can get to actually having sex even when you aren’t in the same place.


Don’t let distance leave you feeling too lonely. Look forward to your time together. It will make the sex that much better when you aren’t apart. Keep the romance alive. A long distance relationship doesn’t have to be a sexless one. Technology can make it feel like you are together when circumstances keep you apart.

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