7 Ways to Pamper your Pooch

A dog is your most trusted companion, so there’s nothing wrong with pampering your loyal pooch every once in a while. They do so much for you unconditionally, from protection to their mere presence, as any of the millions of dog owners will tell you. Just in case you’re short on ideas, here are seven ways that you can show your dog your appreciation.

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1. Spirited Play Time

Your dog is a creature that, fundamentally, loves to frolic about at a high level of activity. There’s a reason why it paws the ground excitedly whenever you put on your jogging shoes, which signals that playtime is near. Raise the bar by getting your dog a ball thrower for an afternoon of fun at the local park; Fastdogs.org recommends automatic ball thrower models that are suited to your pet’s size to be on the safe side. There are powerful ones that jettison tennis balls high and far, and smaller ones that send it just far enough. Your dog will love you even more for it.

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2. Take Your Dog to a Pet Spa

This may sound unconventional, but you’d be surprised by how many dog-owners actually do it. They do it often enough so that there are actually quite a few locations in most cities dedicated to the family pet.

For the most part, a dog spa day consists of attentive grooming – which, as you well know, is very pleasing to them. Alternatively, you can just set aside an hour to do this yourself, just make sure you have the right grooming brush on hand, or hire a professional groomer to swing by.

3. Invest in a Backyard Obstacle Course

This works especially well if you have one of the smarter breeds that like to be kept active and engaged. You can build your ideal dog paradise slowly, and unveil it once it’s finished. Some things to consider in addition to the course is a self-filling water spout, a dig-zone and a shelter from the elements. As your vision comes to life, you’ll think of more additions.

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4. Make Sure Your Dog Sleeps Comfortably

The surest way to do this? Get him a nice bed. Dogs will naturally contort their bodies into the best position for sleep, so all you need is to provide the best surface. Although they can certainly make do with the grass, they’re like humans in that they appreciate blankets and pillows, too. You might even think about splurging on a heated surface for him that can be placed on top of the bed.

5. Make Sure Your Dog is Walked Daily

Dogs have been bred to be active – some much more than others. If your schedule is such that you can only walk your dog every few days, you might treat your trusted companion to the company of a dog-walker. You can find local college students or even responsible high school students everywhere. It’s a gift that guarantees your dog will receive much-desired exercise and emotional stimulation from the other dogs and people it meets during the walk. If you have a smaller dog or an older dog, but they still want to enjoy being in the outdoors with you there are bike trailers for dogs. It’s a great way to explore and not leave your pets behind.

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6. Get Your Dog’s Favorite Treats

Dogs like to eat, so get your pooch something to eat! Although they’re not the pickiest eaters, even dogs have their favorites – as evidenced by the wagging tail and the speed with which it jets to its food bowl. If you’ve been an owner for any length of time, then you should be aware of your dog’s scale of preference when it comes to treats. Spend a little bit more on the day of pampering. Of course, it’ll be tempting to turn every day into the day for its favorite food – why not?

7. Invest in Doggie Day Care

This one act takes care of several acts of pampering that you might give your dog. Local daycares provide walks, they offer a chance for your dog to interact socially with other well-trained and friendly dogs and they’re also equipped with an obstacle course as well as grooming services. It’ll cost you a bit, but what’s a few bucks between family members?

You can think of other ways to pamper your pooch – just go by what gets its tail wagging the most vigorously, and plan accordingly.

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