Annee Matthew: Fashionable Nursing Clothes for Any Size


Are you in the market for a nursing clothing brand that can cover every single need of a breastfeeding Mom, from dressy options, to casual wear and pajamas, size small to size 3XL? If so, Annee Matthew is your one stop shop for beautiful, quality nursing clothing.

Annee Matthew Fashionable Nursing Clothes for Any Size

Annee Matthew celebrates motherhood and is in touch with the everyday mother, like yourself. Multi-tasking is a full time job, along with raising a healthy and happy baby. Annee Matthew believes you deserve the best in everything; the best quality, the best value, and the best service- always!

To ensure this happens, they strive to keep costs down and affordable for the everyday mom. They have no storefront, or expensive marketing or advertising creating overhead costs. They take those savings and turn them around to bring you discounts, and affordable, beautiful clothing fit for the supermoms of today. Everything is hand chosen to be the best materials and high quality, making sure that their clothing will last you through multiple washes- and babies!

Annee Matthew is distributed through locally owned retailers across the globe, from Singapore to Tokyo, to America.

About the Designer:

“Annee Neo, a self-taught designer, started this business after the birth of her second child in 2001. Back then, she decided to breastfeed her daughter 100% after her son was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. It was a genetic condition and, the only way to help her daughter escape the same, was to boost her immune system. And, the best way was to breastfeed her baby for as long as possible. The only problem she had was the proper clothes to wear during breastfeeding. Her determination, plus the lack of stylish nursing clothes, prompted her to design her own with the help of her sister-in-law, who was a dressmaker. Soon, a home-based business with kids running around in her home office was established.

For the next 8 years it was a one woman show. With this small home business receiving more and more ”word of mouth” referrals over the years, the time was right to transform into a corporate entity in 2005. Year 2009 marked another remarkable milestone for us. We are proud that to date, Annee Matthew, has successfully penetrated into several major countries of the world. Our distributorships span from Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, with 80+ retailers in the United States alone.”

Dresses and Tops:

Annee Matthew doesn’t just create clothing, she recreates style. The clothing will make you look and feel good, and is available in the largest range of sizes ever, from XS to 3XL! Whether you’re looking to conceal some left over baby weight, or dress up for a night on the town, Annee Matthew’s styles will make you look and feel your best. The clothing material is so soft and comfortable, making a maxi dress feel like pajamas and the pajamas with enough style and quality that you won’t get any sideways glances making an emergency trip to the supermarket for diapers while wearing them.

Styles feature a hidden nursing layer or bra-type top that is easy to be discreet while nursing. Either lift up the front panel to reveal two cut outs perfect for nursing, or pull the neckline down and the shelf covering up to nurse your small one comfortably and modestly, while still looking stylish. The stretchy material doesn’t drape your body in an unflattering way, and instead hugs your curves while still feeling comfortable and trendy.

Lounge & Sleepwear:

The lounge and sleepwear offers ingenious design, featuring things like built in tank tops with breastfeeding holes, or large necklines designed to accommodate nursing, day or night.

Annee Matthew is where you’ll find affordable, high-quality clothing for any shape or size that will make you feel like a million bucks. It may just be the best kept secret in nursing clothing! It’s good to know that you can indeed nurse your child modestly while still remaining comfortable and stylish.

From One Mom to Another:

Finding good plus sized clothing is hard. Either it is designed to hide any resemblance of a figure, making it baggy and unflattering, or it was simply designed for a smaller framed person and made in a larger size, making it hug and accentuate all the wrong places. Add finding plus size nursing clothes into the criteria, and that makes it nearly impossible. Without any shred of doubt, Annee Matthew clothing is spot on the best styles for any plus sized nursing mommy. Right out of the box, the clothing fit me like a glove and became my favorite go-to clothing. There are tons of options available for styles, from a chic dress to comfy pajamas. I cannot tell you what a relief it’s been to find quality and affordable plus sized nursing clothing, and the styles are so versatile I know that I will be able to wear them through any additional pregnancies, and nursing adventures that may ever be in my future.

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Photo Credits: The Art of Making a Baby, The Memoirs of Megan | Edited by: Ashley Sisk

Megan lives in Michigan with her husband, daughter, and son. Her days are spent hanging out and doing family projects on her real-life farm, and spending time on the Great Lakes. She loves swimming, celebrity gossip, University of Michigan and Denver Broncos football, trashy reality TV, and writing. In addition to being a Mommy and self-proclaimed urban-farmer, she owns a photography business located in Southeast Michigan, Memoirs Photography, and is a partner in a niche Michigan wedding photographer team called Mulberry & Sage.


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