19 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we have our Mom on our minds. However what about your Mom friends? What do you give your close girlfriend who is always there for you? Your friend tribe you hang out with at the park each week? If you are looking for something to show her just how important her friendship is to you, this guide has some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for friends that will have your bestie smiling ear to ear. 

Great Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends

Coffee by Hawaii Coffee Company to help start her day

Imagine the delight on her face when you present her with a gift that’s as vibrant and full of life as she is. This Mother’s Day, why not give her a taste of paradise with the exquisite coffees from Hawaii Coffee Company? As one of America’s oldest major coffee companies, LION Coffee has been warming hearts since 1864.

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, the company later found its true home amidst the lush landscapes of Hawaii, where it has become the state’s top coffee brand. Their cheery red bags are not just a beacon of quality but also a symbol of a rich heritage that’s now shared globally.

And then there’s Royal Kona Coffee, the pioneer that introduced the world to the wonders of Kona coffee back in 1969. The 20-mile stretch of the Kona Coffee Belt is nothing short of magical, with its volcanic soil, ideal elevation, and nurturing rainfall. This Mother’s Day, gifting the mother of your children or the woman who gave you life the first, the original Kona Coffee, is like giving her a cup filled with the essence of Hawaii itself.

With Royal Kona Coffee, you’re not just offering her a beverage but an experience; one that’s steeped in tradition and bursting with a rich, unparalleled taste.

Royal Kona Coffee
Hawaii Coffee Company | Facebook | Instagram

PHLUR for Your Best Friend Who Get Nostalgic

PHLUR is a fragrance brand that emphasizes clean, sustainable, and transparent practices in the creation of its scents. Known for its commitment to environmental responsibility, PHLUR ensures that all ingredients are responsibly sourced and crafted without harmful chemicals. The brand offers a unique approach to perfumery by blending artfully designed scents with ethical production methods, appealing to those who are conscious about ingredients and the impact of their consumption.

What We Love

  • Missing Person Perfume:
    • Features a warm, intimate blend of musk, bergamot, and skin musk, creating a nostalgic scent that evokes closeness.
    • Comes in environmentally friendly packaging that supports sustainability.
    • Made with clean ingredients, ensuring a pure and safe fragrance experience without harmful additives.
  • The Discovery Set:
    • Allows sampling of several PHLUR scents in one package, perfect for finding a personal favorite.
    • Each sample is thoughtfully created to represent a distinct mood or setting, offering a wide range of olfactory experiences.
    • Includes a credit towards a full-size bottle, making it a practical trial before committing to a larger purchase.

A gift from PHLUR, such as the Missing Person perfume or The Discovery Set, makes a thoughtful and delightful Mother’s Day present. For a mom who appreciates the finer things but is also mindful of environmental and health impacts, PHLUR’s fragrances offer the perfect blend of luxury and consciousness. These gifts not only indulge her senses but also align with values of sustainability and ethical responsibility, making her feel special and cared for on her special day.

Missing Person | Discovery Set
Phlur | Facebook | Instagram

Luxeaze Heating Massager Pad for the Self-Care Mom

For a gift that wraps comfort and care into a sleek package, the Serena Heating Massager Pad by LUXEAZE stands out as a thoughtful choice for Mother’s Day. Designed to offer effective period pain relief, Serena tackles discomfort from cramps and even lower back pain. What sets this device apart is its drug-free approach to pain management, providing a natural way for her to feel at her best without medication.

Not only is the Serena Heating Massager Pad potent in pain relief, but it also boasts a compact and portable design. It’s the ideal size to tuck into a purse, allowing her to enjoy soothing warmth and massage anywhere life takes her. This gift is not just about easing pain; it’s about giving the freedom to carry on with daily activities uninterrupted by discomfort.

Serena Heating Massager Pad

Logitech Mini Keyboard and Ergo Mouse

Logitech is renowned for its innovative and high-quality computer peripherals, and their MX Keys Mini keyboard and Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse are prime examples. These devices are designed to enhance productivity and comfort, making them perfect for both office environments and home setups. The MX Keys Mini offers a compact, responsive typing experience, while the Lift Vertical Mouse provides ergonomic support to reduce strain during long periods of use.

What We Love

  • MX Keys Mini Keyboard
    • Compact Design: Takes up less space on a desk while still providing the tactile responsiveness known from Logitech’s larger keyboards.
    • Backlit Keys: Smart illumination with hand proximity detection and automatic backlighting adjust to changing light conditions.
    • Customizable Keys: Equipped with customizable Fn keys that can be personalized via Logitech software to optimize workflow.
  • Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
    • Ergonomic Design: Vertical structure designed to reduce wrist strain and muscular activity, ideal for long-term comfort.
    • Adjustable DPI: Customizable cursor speed to enhance control for precision tasks.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Made with recycled plastic, supporting sustainability in tech accessories.

The combination of Logitech’s MX Keys Mini and Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse makes a fantastic Mother’s Day gift, especially for moms who spend a lot of time at their computers, whether for work or leisure. These products not only boost productivity through their advanced features and ergonomic designs but also prioritize comfort, reducing the risk of strain and fatigue. Offering both practicality and a touch of luxury, this gift set will surely enhance her daily computing experience, making every keystroke and click a pleasure.

MX Keys Mini | Lift
Logitech | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (X)

Tribit Speaker for the Cool Mom

Tribit is a dynamic brand known for its commitment to delivering superior audio experiences through innovatively designed and affordably priced audio products. Their focus is on creating devices that offer impressive sound quality, durability, and user-friendly features. The Tribit XSound Plus 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker exemplifies their approach, combining robust audio performance with portable convenience to enhance listening experiences anywhere.

What We Love

  • Rich Sound Quality: Delivers clear, rich sound with deep bass, thanks to its advanced audio technology and dual passive radiators.
  • Long Battery Life: Offers up to 24 hours of playtime, ensuring music can play all day long without needing a recharge.
  • IPX7 Waterproof: This feature makes it perfect for outdoor use, as it can withstand splashes and even immersion in water.
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity: Ensures quick pairing and maintains a stable connection over long distances, providing convenience and reliability.
  • Portable Design: Compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in a bag or even by hand, ideal for music on the go.
  • Multiple Playback Modes: Supports Bluetooth, AUX, and TF card modes, giving multiple options for playing music according to personal preference.

The Tribit XSound Plus 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent Mother’s Day gift for moms who love to enjoy music wherever they go. Whether she’s relaxing at home, entertaining friends, or enjoying the outdoors, this speaker provides the soundtrack to her life with impeccable sound quality. Its waterproof design and long battery life make it suitable for any setting, from a quiet evening at home to a day at the beach. Gifting this speaker not only enhances her music listening experience but also adds a touch of joy and convenience to her everyday activities.

XSound Plus 2
TRIBIT | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter (X) | TikTok


14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Introducing the Bellibind Restore & Glow kit, your new Mom’s solution for a beautiful postpartum recovery this Mother’s Day. This traditional Malaysian form of belly binding has been trusted for centuries to support women after childbirth, and this kit includes all the essentials Mom needs to create a truly restorative experience. This kit has everything you need for Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

The bengkung belly bind brings the hips, ribs, and abdominal walls back together while supporting the back and reconditioning the pelvic floor. Be sure to add this item to your list of the best Mother’s Day gifts for friends. It’s the perfect way to get a Mom’s body back after having a baby, and it’s so much better than those uncomfortable girdles they make you wear in the hospital or tightly binding clasping belly closures!

With the Bellibind Restore & Glow kit, you’ll feel supported, toned, and beautiful – everything you need to emerge with a truly restorative experience, making it an essential part of your postpartum journey. These thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for friends include:

  • One (1) Custom frayed Wrap + garment bag
  • One (1) Restore & Glow kit (essentials for a 4D virtual experience)
    • Shine Womb & Body Oil 2oz
    • Sitz vaginal bath blend
    • Soothe our hypoallergenic massage cream 2oz
    • Cozy Sock set
    • Palo Santo Affirmation sticks + Gratitude Crystals
    • Spritz misting Spray 2oz
    • Prosperity brand scented Inspire Candle
    • 24k Gold under eye treatment masks (x3)
    • Jour app Free trial w/30% discount offer
    • Lalicious whipped Sugar Scrub 2 oz
    • Plus Bonus offers

Restore and Glow Kit
Bellibind | Facebook | Yelp | Instagram


14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Not all gifts have to be just for fun, this Mother’s Day give the gift of a reusable market tote from Bellroy for the mom who has everything! Both useful and practical, the reusable totes from Bellroy are perfect for the eco-conscious mom. From the grocery store to the wine shop, the garden center to the playground, the reusable market tote from Bellroy makes a great gift that she will actually use all year! Stuff it with wine and baguettes or flowers and candy for a perfect Mother’s Day gift tote this May.

Market Tote
Bellroy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Rooted Pots

14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

If your mom loves indoor foliage pick up a pot from Rooted Pots this Mother’s Day. These unique garden pots are perfect for gifting to moms and grandmothers this season – just add a potted plant and bring a smile to her face. Crafted of vegetable-based biodegradable plastic, Rooted Pots are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe for the environment. This Mother’s Day check out the Nefertiti pot, fit for a queen, or the Mudpots featuring a unique mudcloth design stemming back to 12th century Mali. These creative, handmade pots are available in a variety of colors allowing you to pick the best pot for your mother’s home decor, making one the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

Nefertiti | Mudpots
Rooted Pots | Facebook | Instagram

Georgie & Lou

14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Pickleball is all the rage and with the weather warming, if your mom plays a new pickleball bag from Georgie & Lou will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Luxurious and lightweight, the trendy pickleball bags from Georgie & Lou will let mom express her style both on and off the court. On Mother’s Day, before she heads out for a game, give her the gift of a pickleball bag from Georgie & Lou.

With plenty of pockets, space for her pickleballs, water bottle, and other necessities, the Cheetah is our favorite original bag this season. Zippered pockets, removable carry straps, and an exterior mesh back pocket make this bag both convenient and cute. Fashionable and functional, the pickleball bags from Georgie & Lou make a fabulous gift for the lady in your life – mom or wife – this Mother’s Day.

The Cheetah
Georgie & Lou | Facebook | Instagram

FBombs & Booze

Gifts for friends for Mother’s Day can be sassy or sweet, classic or contemporary, and FBombs & Booze has some of the best gifts for your sister tribe this holiday. Whether you and your mom friends have known one another since grade school, met at the local mommy & me groups, or simply got to know one another as neighbors, this Mother’s Day if you are looking for a gift for your bestie, FBombs & Booze will not disappoint!

We love their travel tumblers, available in 12 oz. or 20 oz. sizes, perfect for wine night or early morning carpool coffee, and their sassy, snarky sayings that will put a smile on her face. From funny and sarcastic messaging like Chaos Coordinator and Dead Inside but Caffeinated, to inspirational messages for kid moms and dog moms such as Follow Your Dreams and Dog Mom, there is an insulated tumbler for every woman in your tribe this Mother’s Day!

Chaos Coordinator 12oz. Tumbler | Follow Your Dreams 12 oz. Tumbler | Dog Mom 20oz. Skinny Tumbler | Dead Inside But Caffeinated 12oz. Tumbler
FBombs & Booze | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Planetary Design

14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

The BaseCamp French Press makes brewing coffee outdoors an experience to remember. There’s nothing better than a hot, fresh cup of coffee next to an early morning campfire. And, with the BaseCamp French Press, the last cup is as good as the first cup. The durable BruTrek BaseCamp travel press boasts the patented Bru Stop™ press technology, which gives you a smooth, rich brew each and every time. These also make great Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

The double-wall insulated steel French press keeps the coffee hot and comes in 32 or 48-ounce sizes. And, let’s, be real, when you use a French press in the great outdoors when camping, you feel so gourmet as you enjoy your amazing coffee. Let Mom be spoiled with the perfect cup of coffee when she goes camping or you can also give these devices as the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for friends. It makes such great coffee she might want to use it as her daily coffee pot, not just when camping or exploring the outdoors.

Be sure to pair the BaseCamp French Press with the coordinating BruTrek® Camp Cups for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for friends. The stackable, double-wall insulated camp cups keep your coffee hot. The 8-ounce cups boast a rubber nonslip base. They come in colors ranging from Mountain Lake, Obsidian, and Red Rock. Pair the gift with Mom’s favorite coffee.

BaseCamp French Press | BruTrek® Camp Cup
Planetary Design | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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FitVine Wine

14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Spring brings sunshine, cheer, and new flavors to life. Enjoy the flavors you love without the sugars that you don’t with FitVine Wine. If your Mother’s day plans include delicious tastings and pairings, keep her tastebuds happy without extra sugars that can leave her with a headache later on. We would strongly suggest adding these to your list of Mother’s Day gifts for friends!

This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of a bubbly treat with the Prosecco. This vibrant, crisp wine features floral scents and pear and goes well with nuts, cheeses, or other hors d’oeuvres for a relaxing, sunny day. Another light, refreshing white is the Chenin Blanc. This light, airy white is perfect for sunny sipping as it features notes of melon and citrus. The Chenin Blanc is an online exclusive, so it’s a specific and unique treat just for Mom on her special day! These wines make great, classy Mother’s Day gifts for friends as well.

When mealtime comes around, if it includes a rich, dark protein, a gorgeous choice to accompany her entree would be the Cabernet Sauvignon. Notes of lavender, currants, and oak beautifully accent steak and lamb while keeping the sugar content low. Another great option to accompany dinner is the Red Blend. Not sure what the main course will be, but still want an excellent pairing? No problem! The Red Blend takes the best of Zinfandel, Souzão, and Petit Verdot, and combines it in one sipping experience that accompanies her meal beautifully.

Finally, the crowd-pleasing Pinot Noir will absolutely win her heart at the end of a gorgeous day all about her. This smooth red wine is balanced, with notes of honey, cherries, and orange blossoms. Delicate, sweet, and strong-just like Mom.

The perfect wine needs balance, personality, strength, and flavor. Give only the best Mother’s Day gifts for friends with FitVine Wine.

Prosecco | Chenin Blanc | Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinot Noir | Red Blend
FitVine Wine | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to tell your Mom how much she means to you. One of the best ways to show your love is handmade gifts from Placewares. All brass pieces are subtly lacquered for longevity, designed in Japan, and handmade in India.

So make your Mother’s Day memorable and set the table with the versatile Handmade Brass Bowls. These beautiful bowls are perfect for putting out snacks for everyone to enjoy. Use the gorgeous Handmade Brass Rectangle Plate, which serves delicious appetizers. When serving the food, use the Handmade Brass Serving Spoons available in small & medium.

These Handmade Brass Serving Spoons have a beautiful matte finish that will add the final touches to your table settings. These luxurious spoons are perfect for serving mouthwatering dishes and are made to last. Show your appreciation with beautiful heirloom Mother’s Day gifts for friends from Placewares that will be cherished for years to come.

Handmade Brass Bowls | Handmade Brass Rectangle Plate | Handmade Brass Serving Spoons | Handmade Brass Serving Spoons Medium
Placewares| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Give Mom a “pop” of healthy and delicious flavor this Mother’s Day with a gift basket from Vervana. Whether she delights in dips, oils, pasta, or vinegar, the savory selections from Vervana are sure to please. They all make excellent Mother’s Day gifts for friends as well!

The Luscious Salad Olive Oil Gift Set is presented in a rustic wood box, which would be a sweet gift on its own, except this time, it’s filled with a fig balsamic vinegar and an organic, flavorful olive oil that will make her salads healthy and flavorful. The fig balsamic was barrel-aged in Modena for 15 years, and the olive oil is smooth, buttery, and a delicious companion to the sweet vinegar. She will enjoy using her handmade pair of 8”-long wooden salad servers, perfect for smaller salads or single-serve just for her.

Luscious Salad Olive Oil Gift Set
Vervana | Facebook | Instagram


14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Does your Mom love to cook? The Olive Oil Trio by Kosterina will let her inner chef go wild. The set includes the Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as a Garlic Olive Oil and a Greek Herb & Lemon Olive Oil. The Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from the early harvest of Koroneiki olives grown in Southern Greece. It boasts a robust flavor and a peppery finish. This olive oil trio would also make great Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

Kosterina olive oils are cold-pressed in small batches, which means they are pressed the same day they are picked, which packs in the natural flavors from the olives. In addition, the farmers use organic farming practices. The result is that Kosterina EVOO is authentically packed with Mediterranean polyphenols and flavor. All three olive oils make delicious marinades and salad dressings.

Olive Oil Trio |
Kosterina | Facebook | Instagram |

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Eastern Standard Provisions Co.

14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Eastern Standard Provisions will elevate your Mother’s Day Brunch when you make your finger sandwiches on delicious artisanal soft pretzels. The Let’s Brunch Variety Box, which is filled with soft pretzels, gourmet salts, and sugars, makes Mother’s Day delicious. You can make an amazing egg-in-the-hole breakfast using the Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzel.

The Let’s Brunch Variety Box comes with one Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzel, six Turnbuckle Soft Pretzel Sticks, six slide-piece soft pretzel sliders, and two FourSeam Soft Pretzel Buns. The gift box also comes with Everything Spice, a Classic Pretzel Salt, and a French Toast Sugar (of course, the French Toast Sugar can be used on the pretzels or you can use it to rim your mimosas or Bellinis at your Mother’s Day Brunch). All Eastern Standard Provisions’ pretzels are vegan, Kosher-certified, and made with all-natural ingredients. So these variety boxes make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

The Super “So Much Joy” Gift Box is yet another way to celebrate the happiness your Mom continually brings you. The Super “So Much Joy” Gift Box comes with two Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzels, one bag of one-timer soft pretzel bites, and one bag of Turnbuckle Soft Pretzel Sticks, as well as a package of classic Pretzel salt. Remember, love is giving warm pretzels as Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

The Truffle Mustard made in collaboration with the renowned truffle company, Sabatino Tartufi, brings your artisanal pretzel gift box to the next level. The Truffle Mustard blends the light heat of Dijon mustard with luxurious Italian black truffles. The Truffle Mustard truly makes your soft pretzel gift boxes worthy of Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

Let’s Brunch Variety Box | Super “So Much Joy” Gift Box | Truffle Mustard
Eastern Standard Provisions Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

The zero sugar, zero calorie Swoon Mixers Variety Pack lets you make the perfect cocktails for Mother’s Day brunch. The all-natural mixers get their amazing sweetness from monk fruit. For those choosing to cut sugar but who still want to enjoy a mixed drink now and then, the Swoon Mixers let you indulge. The Swoon Mixers Variety Pack lets you enjoy all three flavors: Ginger Lime, Cucumber Mint, and Margarita. These variety packs also make perfect Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

For those Mamas who want to enjoy a refreshing drink at your Mother’s Day brunch without the added sugar, the Swoon Lemonade & Ice Tea Variety Pack will fit the bill. The variety pack includes Classic Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Peach Iced Tea, and Half & Half (half brewed black tea and half lemonade). Swoon lemonades and iced tea are sweetened with premium sourced monk fruit, which gives a naturally zero sugar sweetness. Each can provides a 100 percent daily dose of Vitamin C and only 5 calories. These refreshing variety packs will quickly become cherished Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

Swoon Mixers Variety Pack | Lemonade & Iced Tea Variety Pack
Swoon | Facebook | Instagram |

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Sparkle Hustle Grow

14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

This Mother’s Day, surprise your Mom with a subscription box from Sparkle Hustle Grow. This female-owned and family-operated business designs boxes for modern women. Each box, for example, includes 4-6 items like books, office supplies (mouse pad), and tech gadgets. These carefully selected items are designed to help grow your Mom’s business or side hustle but also make great Mother’s Day gifts for friends. Your Mom will get valuable items, and subscribers also get access to online business training and a private Facebook group that will support her every step of the way. So help your Mom grow her ambitions this Mother’s Day with a subscription box from Spark Hustle Grow.

May Box Unlock Your Full Potential!
Sparkle Hustle Grow | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Boxy Momma

14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile

Give your Mom, a new Mom, or any of your Mom friends, an ongoing subscription box filled with items sure to lift their spirits and remind them of their worth when they are in the trenches of Mommy Life. Boxy Momma Company is a monthly gift box filled with five to seven full-size gifts for Moms and a fun Momma T-shirt. These subscription boxes are wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for friends. The gift boxes serve as a pick-me-up for Mom and a reminder of her awesomeness.

Each month, the gift boxes boast a theme. Past themes include Spring Fever, Lovely Days Ahead, and New Year Same Circus. The box is filled with different items ranging from skincare products, home décor, and home organization, to snacks, T-shirts, and more. This is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for friends! You can treat your Mom, your sister, your best friend, or yourself with a one-time Boxy Momma gift or a monthly subscription.

Momma Box
Boxy Momma | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

You can rest assured that your girlfriend will be happy with such luxurious gifts including wine, gourmet food, kitchenware, and new Mom subscription boxes. These wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for friends will have all your Mom friends saying “you shouldn’t have” or “you’re so thoughtful”. So get ready to make your best buddy the happiest she has ever been with the best Mother’s Day gifts for friends.


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14 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends To Make Them Smile



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