Editor’s Pick for the Perfect Holiday Gift

The countdown to Christmas is officially here, so if you are still stuck on those last few gifts, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We have a list of favorite items from our editor’s picks to high ticket items for the main person in your life to budget-friendly stocking stuffers that will wow. There is something for everyone, even your hard to shop for teen or sister in law who has it all. You might even find a little something you can gift yourself because you deserve it too!


Now more than ever, people are working from home, which for most is a desirable situation, comfy clothes all day and no needless chatter around the water cooler. However, working at your dining room table or on the dusty fold-out chair from your garage is not the best for your body. This is why the X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair is the office chair that everyone needs and should have.

You could develop back pain, neck problems, carpal tunnel, and a slew of other body issues due to improper posture while working. The proper chair can not only alleviate any issues due to a bad chair while you work, it can actually increase your production. Between the headrest, proper lumbar support, and high-quality materials, an ergonomic chair provides long term support for your body. Less fidgeting, better circulation, and blood flow create a better work environment for more productive working hours.

Massage while you are finishing a deadline, yes, please! The X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair has four combinations of massage along with therapeutic heating technology that will not only relax stiff muscles but increase circulation as well. With two levels of massage intensity-gentle and powerful combined with two different massage modes-constant or variable, everyone will be able to find the perfect massage fit for their body. It will also help reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing your stiff muscles while boosting your energy levels.

This means no more working from your bed, uncomfortable chairs, or your couch. The right chair will enable you to work better, longer, and have your body more relaxed at the end of the day. The X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair has so much to offer and will be an investment in your daily routine and health, which is why it’s at the top of our editor’s pick gift list.

X-HMT Heat & Massage Chair
X-Chair | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke designs and crafts timeless American style for the lady in your life who prefers a hands free bag that not only looks good but also serves her functional needs. The Pebble Grain Backpack is crafted from all-new European pebble grain leather known for its iconic texture. The structured backpack is crafted to make life easier, with a smart pocket system and comfortable leather straps. It has a lightweight feel and buttery softness that combines the functionality and textile you are looking for.

The Zip Crossbody is the perfect compact crossbody bag to fit all your needs, although compact, this bag will still fit all of your essentials. Made from European Saffiano leather which is known for its coated finish that gives the exceptional silhouettes in this collection their refined structure. For the minimalist in your life who needs a bag to fit the lifestyle of weekends spent at the farmer’s market and exploring the city.

A Dooney & Bourke bag is designed to not only complement any outfit but they also only use the finest quality materials for long-lasting style. This is a gift that will live past the current and upcoming style fads for a true gift of the season. A Dooney & Bourke will be one of, if not the best present under the tree this year! An editor’s pick for the ladies who love a timeless staple mixed with classic fashion.

Pebble Grain Backpack | Zip Crossbody
Dooney & Bourke | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

With this powerful content creator package from VocoPro, you’ve got all you need to capture lasting performances, vlogs, and podcasts at home or on the road. For the blogger, content creator, influencer on the rise, podcaster, on your list, who needs an equipment upgrade check out the heart of the Streamer Live Package, a Streamer USB audio interface. Simply plug it into your PC or smartphone with the included condenser mic to broadcast your content to the world.

This gift is more than just a light ring and smartphone holder, it includes a USB audio interface, condenser microphone, and boom stand. Plus it has additional features, including Bluetooth wireless input, 16 sound effects, both chat and singing mode with features like pitch correction, pitch bend & vocal eliminator for accompaniment music making this Streamer Live Package one of the most flexible and affordable audio interface packages on the market for content creators. This gift has everything you need to start paving your way in the content creation world, feeling like a professional with the right equipment.

Streamer Live Package
VocoPro | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube


Since nothing says Happy Holidays better than glowing skin, for your sister in law who lives for her monthly facials or your best friend who needs to take some time for a little self-care the Treatment Mask Bundle brings the spa to you for the ultimate at-home facial with four different mask options. Therefore you don’t have to decide which option is best, you can try them all out depending on what your skin needs the most at that time.

So, this gift is not a one-size-fits-all, it’s a fantastic bundle that has all four specially formulated variations, there is a treatment for every skin type, and skin concern. From a brightening mask to lifting, a firming option, and even a detoxifying mask there is something no matter the skin type or current environment. All you need is a few candles, some zen music, and low lighting to complete your at-home spa experience!

Treatment Mask Bundle
Aceology | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


For your gym buddy who enjoys all the classes right by your side and always is the best dressed in the room. This do-it-all studio shoe was designed specifically to perform in today’s studio fitness classes, an editor’s pick for the whole year. The Latus Training Sneaker has a strapping system that’s built to support lateral movements, and the patented TIEMCORE technology underfoot for next-level shock absorption, the Latus gives you the versatility to crush any workout in style.

This shoe was designed to fill a void in the sportswear market for functional and stylish footwear. The Latus Training Sneaker is the shoe that not only performs well but will also reflect your sense of style. With TIEMCORE technology that is a custom-engineered, low-compression gel layer that runs the entire length of the footbed. It’s not just placed in the shoe, it is part of the shoe, providing adaptive support to conform to the wearer’s every movement. So the next time your gym buddy laces up for a HIIT class or weightlifting class at the gym, this shoe has you covered.

Latus Training Sneaker
TIEM| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

French Sole

A nude flat that looks cute dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt or dressed up for a work meeting, yes, please! Black may go with everything, but nude is a closet staple that every woman needs to have and an editor’s pick for this holiday season. Especially with this super cute mesh, ballet flat designed by Nicky Hilton, for style and function. Made in Spain with a cushioned sole, this shoe not only looks cute but is comfortable enough to walk to lunch in.

For your girlfriend who prefers flats over heels, or your mother who is on par with your trendiest friend. Fits true to size for easy gift giving and a worry-free fit. The bottom of the shoe is the signature Nicky-Blue rubber sole, which is the perfect light teal color for a bit of pop on the shoe. This shoe will be the new closet favorite as it pairs well with everything you already own!

Nicky Nilton French Sole Flat
French Sole | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


A company that was created to revolutionize how you think about makeup and skincare. With specific brushes for every makeup item, ANISA Beauty has the perfect gift for the makeup guru on your list. The quality of the brushes surpasses what you can find at your local drug store, and makes your makeup work for you. These innovative brushes made the list with their high quality, ease of use, and makeup specific pairing.

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

With brushes that are thoughtfully designed for you to take charge of your skin and beauty, and to celebrate what makes you unique, no matter your skin type or age. Not to mention, the brushes are pretty enough that you will want to display them on your bathroom counter. From the crescent contour brush for blush, bronzer, contour, and highlighter; to the angled concealer brush for concealers, color corrector, and cream highlighter; there is a brush for every makeup routine. These brushes are essential to your daily routine to elevate and simplify your unique beauty routine.

Make Up Brushes
ANISA | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Blenders Eyewear

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

Whether you are looking for sunglasses, blue light blockers, or prescription glasses Blenders Eyewear has budget-friendly gift ideas for everyone on your list. Polarized, fashionable, durable, and budget-friendly, what else could you want in sunglasses? These Matte Black Polarized Sunglasses have it all, with a matte rubberized frame throughout and a polarized smoke flat-lens, you’re about to turn heads as others will want to know where your glasses are from.

Perfect for your girlfriend who always on the water and needs the polarized element, but also wants to be fashionable. These unisex sunglasses not only fit the bill for anyone on your list, but they also look more expensive than they actually are. From hiking in the forest, boating on the lake to brunching with friends, Blenders Eyewear has your eyes covered. These trendy, yet functional sunnies, will be the gift that you won’t want to take off hence why it’s on our editor’s pick list.

Matte Black Polarized Sunglasses
Blenders Eyewear | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


For the ladies who want all of the fun beauty products without all of the harsh ingredients. This high-grade 12 Piece Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette with Hemp features silky-smooth shades that range from beautiful soft pinks to warm peach hues that compliment all skin tones. From ultra-creamy matte to metallic pastels, a buildable eyeshadow that will blend well with anyone’s skin tone. A blendable mix of high-pigment shades for imaginative looks that are truly inspiring and fun to play with!

PUR Barbie collection combines modern-day makeup with a little extra glam and editors pick for the gals with a full makeup drawer. From the 15 Piece Eyeshadow Palette to the bold red Nail Polish & Lipstick Set featuring a Butter nail polish. You will be able to find something for any lady on your list. The Mascara & Primer Set is the game-changing mascara that is the perfect stocking stuff for any gals eyelashes. A little glam for the gal who is either just starting her makeup collection or the one who thinks she has everything.

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

12 Piece Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette | 15 Piece Eyeshadow Palette | Mascara & Primer Set | Nail Polish & Lipstick Set
PUR | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

You can dress up a ponytail or an updo with hair jewelry by L’Duex that doubles as a hair accessory. These pieces are beautiful accents that are comfortable and look cute if they end up on your wrist, which is why they made our editors pick. From the soft Amethyst paired with a cozy sweater to the Ebony, a stone that is made to enchant with its cool tones and unique shape. 

If you are looking to keep things more simple, while still adding some bling to your hair, the Sage accessory that comes gold or silver-plated adds a little pop to a sundress or t-shirt and jeans. Another beautiful piece is the Jewel, square-shaped labradorite with a subtle, gold, and green coloring within. L’Duex is taking your hair’s style to the next level with these double purposed jewelry pieces. You may have just found the gift to give this holiday season, something that is thoughtful, unique, and functional!

Amethyst | Ebony | Sage | Jewel
L’Duex | Facebook | Instagram

Flekk Cosmetics

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

Tis’ the season to spoil yourself and Flekk Cosmetics has made it oh so easy, perfect for the gals that prefer a neutral makeup look. With palettes, that have everything you need in the palm of your hand, so no more wondering which colors to use together for the perfect combination. Take the guesswork out of contouring and try this blendable, mistake-proof palette. The Quincy Quikk Contour Palette has an easy guide that won’t let you down with three shimmer and matte colors to bring you a gorgeous dimension. Paired with a 3-sided brush for flawless application, contouring has never been easier with this cruelty-free palette.

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

With a subtle champagne palette, you can have a celebrity eye look in four easy steps. Keep things simple with nude matte and shimmer colors this year that bring you a natural look with the Flawless Flekk Eye Shadow PaletteThe shimmer in the palette is designed to enhance eye shape, give the eyes proper dimension, and brighten the eyes. A step-by-step application guide on the palette allows you to master the eyeshadow application, so even the most novice makeup wearer will feel glamorous.

Flawless Flekk Eye Shadow Palette | Quincy Quikk Contour Palette
Flekk Cosmetics | Facebook | Instagram

Iris and Romeo

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

Looking for a stocking stuffer that is a game-changer in a lip balm? Iris and Romeo 3-in-1 rich, buttery balm is a plumping and hydrating treatment with buildable color. Perfect for the gal who needs a lip balm and wants a little (or more) color, but doesn’t love the lipstick feel. Made with clinical levels of collagen-boosting biomimetic triple-peptides that increase lip volume and firmness, while deeply hydrating. Plus made without harsh chemicals, so you can feel good about what you are putting on your body.

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

If you are looking for a dewy coverage that also is a serum, moisturizer, sheer coverage, sunscreen, and blue light/pollution protector, look no further! This 5-in-1 dewy coverage is a breakthrough formula is an instant skin beautifier that gives natural coverage and a dewy, glowy finish, while also protecting against UVA and UVB sunlight and oxidative stress caused by blue light. Iris and Romeo also offer a shade match as well, so you don’t have to worry about selecting the wrong shade again!

3-in-1 Lip Tint | 5-in-1 Skincare & Dewy Coverage
Iris and Romeo | Facebook | Instagram

Panty Drop

The perfect panty for any body type, take a short quiz to be paired with the perfect Subscription Panty Box. Panty Drop is filling a hole in the daily lingerie marketplace, it is the world’s best size-inclusive panty. After scanning the market high & low for a panty that fits an XS just as well as a 6XL, Panty Drop realized that didn’t exist, so they created The Perfect Panty. With an option to choose from 1, 3, and 6 months of box deliveries, there is something for anyone.

In addition, Panty Drop believes confidence is built when you combine new experiences with supportive environments. They have teamed with Pledge 1% and their nonprofit partners to help underrepresented women find the skills, confidence, and opportunities they need to succeed. This is the editor’s pick that can keep giving all year long with curated panties in your mailbox throughout the year!

The Perfect Panty | Subscription Panty Box
Panty Drop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

C’est Moi

Clean ingredients, reef safe, EWG verified, C’est Moi has the clean beauty products for almost everyone on your list. A makeup brand, that is environmentally friendly, good for your skin, and perfect for those who don’t wear a ton of makeup. Envision Non-Toxic Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect mineral eyeshadow palette for day to night transition, neutral shades that are buildable fora darker look at night. Or go for the Envision Eye Makeup Set that includes their best selling Fearless Eyeliner Pencil and Muse Mascara, this is the perfect set for the lady who wears mascara daily and is ready to branch out a bit.

A stocking stuffer, for the gal who only uses one product a day. The Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm available in three colors is easy to use, just dab a bit on your cheeks, lips, or even for your eyelids for an instant wash of color! The Luminary Lip Crayon is an easy-to-use lip crayon that delivers velvety application and with perfectly pigmented color for a subtle or richer look. A nourishing formula that has a creamy, consistent texture designed to make your lips appear soft and smooth. C’est Moi has the perfect gift for the gal who likes just a dab of natural-looking, clean makeup.

Envision Non-Toxic Eyeshadow Palette | Envision Eye Makeup Set | Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm | Luminary Lip Crayon
Brand | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


There are business cards that get tossed in a drawer right after they are received; then there are business cards that stand out and make a statement on their own. MOO Business Cards offers a wide variety of options, so there is something for every entrepreneur on your list. From easy to use templates, design services on their website to be able to upload your own design. This editor’s pick is perfect for the boss lady who hands out her business cards on a daily basis. Or treat yourself to an upgraded business card with the trendiest styles and start the new year with a fresh look and design!

Business Cards
MOO | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

La Femme Unchained

The statement necklace that will have everyone asking “where did you get that?!”. La Femme Unchained Statement Necklaces are not only unique they are also delicate and feminine at the same time. For the friend on your list who always has the best brunch outfit and is dressed to the nines for date night. This editor’s pick has the piece that you are looking for to top your outfit. Wear layered to show off multiple pieces or as a single necklace to compliment any outfit. Either way, you will turn heads and have others wondering where you got your necklace from.

Statement Necklaces
La Femme Unchained | Instagram


Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

A beauty product that will help save you time getting ready, seriously these products are literally time savers! Time-efficient products have saved Alleyoop customers 2.5 million hours with their streamlined products that simplify your routine. Alleyoop has filled a hole in the beauty industry by creating versatile formulas that allow single products to do more than just one thing (it’s usually more like three or four things.) And intentional designs that make it easier to declutter your life without sacrificing your needs. With these products, you can save time, space, and your sanity on a daily basis.

Alleyoop multi-use face palette has everything you need in one stack, it’s the best stack since pancakes. It’s a blush, contour/bronzer, highlight, and mini mirror in a palette that twists open so you can hold it in one hand and dab on your makeup with the other. Perfect for the gal who does her makeup on the go, that’s why it made the editors pick. Throw a lip trio in for a complete face, this set is the simplicity of your go-to color in three versatile finishes: a gloss, a cream, and a matte.  In less space than your phone takes up, you can now have all your makeup products in the side pocket of your purse, which is why these products made our editor’s pick.

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

Multi-use Face Palette | Lip Trio
Alleyoop | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Snocca Nails

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

Now you can enjoy luxury nails at home, our editor’s pick for the best at-home mani without the smudging! No time to go get a fresh mani and pedi, or maybe you just don’t have the patience to sit for over an hour. Snocca Nails has your solution with a one-of-a-kind design with handmade crystal nails, that use no glue that can harm your natural nail beds. These are not the press-ons you wore in junior high, you will be able to fool anyone with your fresh and trendy nails. From single colors to coffin-shaped ombre nails, you will be able to find something for everyone’s stocking with these Luxury Reusable Nails. With no drying time, you can have your hands looking party-ready en route to the main event.

Luxury Reusable Nails
Snocca Nails | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Olfactory NYC

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

For the person on your list who wants to be surprised, but also wants to pick out their own gift. Olfactory NYC is an evolution in modern fragrance, their scents are curated by the world’s top perfumers using the highest quality natural and sustainable ingredients. Fragrance should be fun, exciting, and personal, which is why this gift is an editor’s pick. Being able to figure out what scents you are most attracted to in the comfort of your own home will enable you to create the best possible perfume for yourself!

Now you can gift a customized fragrance made specifically for you by picking out the scents you are most drawn to. The Explorer Box includes 3ml samples of nine core scents – choose your favorite scent to customize! With the complete focus being on the scent itself, you will be able to find the perfect scent for you and a perfume that you will actually wear. Skip the overwhelming perfume section at the department store and instead let them create the perfect perfume for themself!

Explorer Box
Olfactory NYC | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Space Mask

Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift

The stocking stuffer item of 2020, a gift that everyone needs and no one can seem to have enough of. The CDC approved Space Mask provides maximum protection and excellent breathability. Say goodbye to throw away masks, these triple layer masks use the finest nanotech materials, so they are superior to cheaper materials such as cotton and polyester in anti-droplet and antibacterial filtration, as well as moisture-wicking. Available in large, small, and kids sizes, you can get one for everyone on your list.

Face Mask
Space Mask

Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer or the main gift, our editor’s pick has something for everyone. You can find the perfect gift for your teen, spouse, or best friend. No matter who is on your list, we have rounded up a list of gifts for everyone to have something to smile about this year. Even if you are looking to put a present under the tree for yourself, you will find it here!


Still looking for stocking stuffers for the kiddos? Make sure to check out, 21 Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas to finish up your holiday shopping.

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Editor’S Pick For The Perfect Holiday Gift



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