17 Must-Have Pool Products and Pool Accessories for 2020

Summertime is all about having fun in the water – waterparks, beaches, and swimming pools. But there’s only so much warm weather before autumn arrives. Make the most of what’s left of your summertime. We’ve got some of the hottest pool accessories and products to make your time in the swimming pool even better. Check out this list of must-have pool products!

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Leslie’s Pool Supplies

Founded in 1963, Leslie’s is dedicated to making pool and spa care as easy as possible by providing everything needed to clean and maintain your private, backyard oasis. At Leslie’s Pool Supplies, with various locations across the nation, you’ll find everything from chemicals and clarifiers, to actual pools and pool parts, and everything you need to maintain, care for and enjoy your aquatic lifestyle. They also provide pool installation and service. But our favorite find at Leslie’s Pool Supplies is this robotic pool cleaner!

Polaris P965IQ Robotic Pool Cleaner

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Keeping the right amount of chemicals in your swimming pool is just one step of pool maintenance. You’ll also need to keep it clean. Ask any pool owner, and it’s the worst part of owning a pool. No one likes scrubbing, skimming, and vacuuming up the pool floor. So for this hefty task, we’re recommending the Polaris P965IQ Robotic Pool Cleaner sold by Leslie’s Pool Supplies.

Designed for in-ground pools up to 60 feet, this programmable pool cleaner will clean the floors, walls, steps, and waterline; keeping your pool fresh and beautiful during the summer swimming season without lifting a finger. Just program, drop in and let this little guy do all the work while you kickup and have a drink.

The Polaris P965IQ Robotic Pool Cleaner has some crazy-awesome features, like a 4-wheel drive that will allow it to easily navigate around any obstacles in the pool. It can also sync to your computer’s Wi-Fi. Set up the iAquaLink app that’s available for Android and Apple. Use the app to monitor the filter status, turn the cleaner on and off, and set up a recurring cleaning schedule. The app will also provide any troubleshooting tips needed. Keeping your pool clean and beautiful is a snap with this robotic pool cleaner.

Aren’t sure where to start? Contact Leslie’s Pool Supplies and get great support in finding this, or the best fit for a robotic vacuum for your residential pool. You won’t be disappointed.

Polaris P965IQ Robotic Pool Cleaner
Leslie’s Pool Supplies | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Grandin Road

Garda Outdoor Furniture Collection

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Every pool area needs great seating. Whether you’re hosting a party for a few friends, or just kicking back to relax with a book, have the perfect comfortable setup with the Garda Outdoor Furniture Collection. The modular sectional type form gives versatile options for many set-ups and is perfect for small spaces like narrow pool decks.

The wicker and cream-colored design works with many different decor styles and wears well. Did we mention it arrives fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box? Sit back and enjoy the ottoman under your feet, and the deep back polypropylene fiber cushions for ultimate comfort. Your friends won’t want to leave.

Boxwood Cone Topiary

Studies, like those mentioned in Parenting Science have shown many benefits of being surrounded in green spaces. Just gazing out a window at nature can help improve stress and reduce depression. Kids with access to green spaces are less likely to develop psychiatric issues. And if you combine greenery with exercise, you’ve struck gold as far as your mental and physical health is concerned.

Improve the quality of your life by adding more greenery to your backyard. Surround your swimming pool area with plants like the Boxwood Cone Topiary by Grandin Road. Best if placed under a covered area, Boxwood Cone Topiary is an artificial plant that has all the feels of a real plant. It comes with a plastic planter, requires no upkeep or maintenance, and the quality materials used to manufacture this plant will keep its vibrant appearance for years. With all the health benefits of being around greenery, Boxwood Cone Topiaries are the perfect pool accessories.

Boxwood Cone Topiary | Garda Wicker Outdoor Furniture Collection
Grandin Road | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Swimming pools are an amazing privilege to own. But just like every other privilege, they come with responsibilities, like maintenance. That’s why we’re recommending the pHin Smart Water Monitor that can be used for both swimming pools and hot tubs. Use the pHin Smart Water Monitor 24/7 to test the chemicals in your water so you know when more needs to be added. It samples your pool’s water 1,000 times per week to make sure the chemical potency is strong enough. If that’s not easy, we’re not sure what is.

One additional feature that comes with the pHin Smart Water Monitor is the app. Through the app the monitor will not only tell you when more chemicals need to be added, it will also tell you how much to add, taking the guesswork away. Also, this monitor works on all water types: chlorine, saltwater, and bromide. And it comes with a lifetime warranty. Don’t wait another minute! Add the pHin Smart Water Monitor to your pool accessories today!

pHin Smart Water Monitor
pHin| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill has everything you need to make your pool time even better: towels and outdoor tableware for meals served poolside, perfect for romantic date nights or afternoon picnic-playdates. But the best merchandise Garnet Hill has to offer is storage! Keep reading to learn more.

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Braided Storage Baskets

Your pool accessories must include storage! After all, you’re going to need a place to keep towels, outdoor toys, and more. Plastic totes are certainly one option for storage but we would never recommend them for your outdoor space. Your swimming pool is your haven. Your own private oasis. If you’re going to add storage, don’t get an ugly plastic box. Get a set of beautiful Braided Storage Baskets.

Available in five different colors and four sizes, Braided Storage Baskets by Garnet Hill are the perfect pool accessories to have when you’re in desperate need of more storage. These baskets are designed for either indoor or outdoor use and are mildew resistant. Just in case you have little ones with grubby hands, these baskets can be spot cleaned with common household cleaners and hosed off in the backyard.

Enamelware Serving Collection

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Enamelware has so many fantastic benefits. It’s shatterproof, making it ideal for households with small children. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. And, Food52, reminds us all that enamelware is perfect for camping trips. And, if you’re researching the RV lifestyle or even thinking about getting an RV for summer vacations, enamelware is a perfect choice to stock in your RV kitchen. It’s durability also makes the perfect addition to your pool accessories.

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Garnet Hill has just what you need! Their Enamelware Serving Collection is handmade and retro-styled giving you all the vintage feels when you see their beautifully-speckled colors. They are designed to withstand heat and cold. The set of nesting bowls comes with plastic lids making storage a breeze, and they are microwave and dishwasher safe, making it a snap for your spouse to heat up leftovers and put the dishes in the dishwasher when you’re finished eating.

Hable Doormats

Add a bit of tropical paradise to your pool area with one of Garnet Hill’s Hable Doormats. Available in two patterns: Beach Cabanas and Sea Lions, these handmade rugs are 100% biodegradable and approximately 1-inch thick. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use and they’re tropical designs are perfect pool accessories for you and your family.

Hable Beach Towel

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Designed by the same artists who brought you Hable Doormats, we can’t say enough happy things about these Hable Beach Towels. Sized large for use at a beach or pool, these towels are 100% cotton and have a velvety-velour front and terry-loop back. Just like the Hable Doormats, these towels have a fun, tropical design printed on them making them the perfect addition to your pool accessories. If you store these towels inside of a Braided Storage Basket, you’ll never have to track water through your house to grab a towel.

Braided Storage Baskets | Enamelware Serving Collection | Hable Doormats | Hable Beach Towel
Garnet Hill | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Swimming Pool Accessories

Because swimming pools are more fun with vibrant pool floats, we have some fabulous recommendations for you to add to your swimming pool accessories brought to you by PoolCandy. They’re not only the hottest accessories you’ll find, but they’re also glamorous and gold. Keep reading to see PoolCandy’s gold glitter collection.


Gold Glitter Deluxe Pool Raft

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Don’t just lounge poolside this summer! Lounge in the pool on the first of two gold glitter rafts by PoolCandy. The Gold Glitter Deluxe Pool Raft is made from heavy-duty PVC vinyl and can support up to 250 pounds. It’s extra-large, measuring at 72″ x 35″, and it’s filled with holographic gold glitter that will actually change color when it’s in the sun. Are any of your pool accessories this glamorous? If not, you definitely need to grab this!

Gold Glitter Pillow Pool Raft

Similar to the Gold Glitter Deluxe Pool Raft, this next raft has one additional feature: a pillow to prop up your head! The Gold Glitter Pillow Pool Raft is wide and almost 72″ long. Fall asleep on a bed of gold with this luxurious raft. Add it to your pool accessories today!

Gold Glitter Sun Chair

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Glam it up in your pool this summer with the Gold Glitter Sun Chair. With a diameter of 43″, this chair is perfect for both kids and adults. Handles are included with the sun chair to help you get into it and once you’re there, you’ll need your cabana boy to bring you a delicious drink because the Gold Glitter Sun Chair also includes two cupholders: one can hold your sunblock and the other can hold a cold beverage. This chair is so incredible you’ll never want to leave it.

Gold Glitter Jumbo Pool Tube

Glitterize your pool in a big way with this epic display of gold glitter, in donut-form! Both kids and adults love a pool tube, so super-size it with this jumbo-sized Gold Glitter Jumbo Pool Tube from PoolCandy. It’s 48″ diameter of heavy-duty PVC, with reinforced seams, holds up to 250 lbs. of aquatic-loving friends.

Gold Glitter Pool Tube

For little ones make sure your pool has a few of these smaller 36″ Gold Glitter Pool Tubes. They make such a fun, vibrant addition to the pool, or even the beach or lake. What kid doesn’t love sparkles and inflatables? And the solid gold bottom is what summer dreams are made of. Sit, float, bob – just enjoy what the rest of summer has to offer in this fun accessory.

Gold Glitter Giant Supernoodle

Pool noodles are amazing pool accessories! Use one to rest your arms on when you need a break from swimming laps. Or, double them up and make yourself a raft, resting your head and arms on one end and your legs on the other. If you don’t have these super fun accessories, don’t worry. PoolCandy has you covered with its Gold Glitter Giant Supernoodle. This super noodle is 72″ long and 7″ wide. It’s filled with holographic, iridescent gold glitter that will create amazing optical effects when the sun rays hit it.

Gold Glitter Drink Float

If you’ve just a hot tub, or maybe just need a little spot to set your drink while you splash around, pick up a few of these Gold Glitter Drink Floats. They can hold bottles, cans, and 16 oz. cups while you swim or float. Make sure you have enough because everyone will want to use one of these cute inflatables.

PoolCandy Gold Glitter Deluxe Pool Raft | Gold Glitter Pillow Pool Raft | PoolCandy Glitter Sun Chair | Gold Glitter Jumbo Pool Tube | Gold Glitter Pool Tube | Gold Glitter Giant Supernoodle | Gold Glitter Drink Float
PoolCandy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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Canopy Island

Looking for fun in the sun, but without all the actual damaging sun rays? The Canopy Island by INTEX provides the perfect amount of shade while floating around and enjoying the pool. When you’re ready to get a little sun, the canopy is detachable. And make sure you scoot over and make room because this pool float has two cup holders and holds up to 440lbs. Perfect for hanging with a friend or a little cuddling!

Mega Flamingo Island

17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

Flamingos are just the cutest. So what could be better than a giant flamingo floating around your pool? INTEX agrees and offers this Mega Flamingo Island to help everyone enjoy the rest of this summer. Its approximate inflated dimensions are 86in X 83in X 53.5in so there’s plenty of room for some fun for two. Sit back, relax, and float away on this flamingo friend.

Canopy Island | Mega Flamingo Island
Intex Corp | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube | Pinterest

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17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

From pool floats to extra storage, this list has all the pool accessories you need to make what’s left of your summertime fun even better! Let us know which products you love! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so we can see which ones you purchased.

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17 Must-Have Pool Products And Pool Accessories For 2020

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