22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

The days are longer, the sun is stronger, and quarantine life is slowly becoming a faded memory. It’s summertime! The fun in the sun may not be like it has been years past; however, when you and the kids have some brand new summer toys to wear out, it can become one of the best summers yet! Whether you need a refresher from the heat or an excuse to play more outside with your kids, these summer toys will quickly make everyone forget how cooped up and restricted you may have felt during the quarantine. Take a deep cleansing breath, pick out some of your favorites, and make this summer a summer you’ll never forget with your precious family.

Summer Toys and Gear for Indoor and Outdoor Fun

BOB Gear

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Parents looking to upgrade their own summer fun with plenty of off-roading, long-distance runs, or just venturing around the neighborhood, should look no further than the BOB Gear® Alterrain Pro jogging stroller. This premium, creme de la creme of jogging strollers has everything. Regardless of whether it’s hitting the pavement or rocky trails (Alterrain is in the name after all..), it’s the smoothest ride around with the Smooth suspension. It’s also built with three durable, air-filled tires to absorb any bumps, keeping Junior happy on any all-day excursion. And with the adjustable handlebar, plus stainless-steel ball bearings, the driver gets 360 degrees of ultra-smooth steering and lasting durability. Even great-grandma can easily handle this ride.

It looks as amazing as it functions too. With a sleek exposed durable, and very lightweight aluminum frame and high-intensity reflective rims, Dad or Mom will both turn heads and stay safe on those early-morning or after-dinner, runs. Even the tough but handsome fabric works hard too. The large canopy is waterproof for when the weather turns bad, and the seat and basket are both water-resistant to keep up with any little spills and accidents. Whatever comes it’s way, the Alterrain Pro is up to the challenge – and it looks good doing it.

Sure, this is a pretty awesome toy for Mom and Dad, but any little one would be happy to sit in this all day with the fully upright seating that folds down to a near-flat recline with one hand. They’ll stay safely buckled in with the easy-adjust 5-point harness, and comfortable in the ventilated seat-back and canopy. It’s the perfect ride for seeing the world or snoozing the afternoon away.

Bob Gear has upped the ante on storage. The cargo basket keeps all your gear secure with a zip top, and there’s a whopping 5 extra storage pockets throughout – including a cell phone holder at the handlebar. Your phone camera will be right within reach for documenting all the summer fun! With additional features such as an ergonomic handbrake for downhill control, a wrist strap, and easy parking brake, this stroller isn’t going anywhere unless you want it too. Before your first ride, make sure to follow these safety guidelines:

  • Read up: Consult your product safety manual for all information.
  • Secure Your Child: All BOB Gear strollers have a 5-point harness to secure your child. Buckle your child properly every time they’re in the stroller.
  • Secure Quick Release: If your stroller has a Quick Release lever on the front wheel, make sure it is clamped up and closed tight prior to every use to ensure it’s stable and secure.
  • Prevent Falls: Prevent a tip-over by locking your front wheel before running, jogging or power-walking to keep the wheel from swiveling.
  • Always jog with the stroller seat in the fully upright position for added stability.
  • Stay Connected: Use the wrist strap to prevent being separated from the stroller.
  • Use the Brake: Always engage the brake when the stroller is not moving.
  • Prevent Tipping: Do not hang bags or other items from the handles of your stroller, as this can cause it to tip over. Instead, place items in the storage compartment underneath the stroller.
  • Consider using a BOB Gear handlebar console, which is compatible with your stroller.
  • Keep it Clean: Regularly clean your stroller for optimum performance. Cleaning provides an opportunity to inspect moving parts, like wheels and brakes, and remove any lodged debris. (Visit our blog for cleaning tips.)
  • Proper Folding and Storage: Always fold and store your stroller according to the user manual. Remove detachable components, like handlebar consoles, snack trays, or car seat adapters, before storing.
  • Wear and Tear: Store your stroller indoors when not in use. Extended exposure to rain or the sun’s ultraviolet rays can fade and damage the fabric, tires, and plastic parts.
  • Stay Alert: It may sound obvious, but the most important safety step is keeping a keen eye on your little one while they’re in a stroller. Never leave your child unattended in a stroller, especially when they’re sleeping.

When the adventure is over, the one hand quick-fold closes the stroller in seconds, freeing up your other hand for carrying gear or holding baby. It even stands up on its own until you’re ready to roll it away – carry handle and all – or toss it in the car. And if you need to fold it down smaller for the car ride home, the wheels can easily be removed and the stroller becomes even more compact. Get the Alterrain Pro and hit the ground running this summer.

Alterrain Pro
BOB Gear | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

WonderFold Wagon

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

We only have two hands. And yet, when you have a child with you, there’s always one tiny hand that needs holding or a little body that needs carrying, and then there’s the tons of gear to shlep along – diapers, bottles or cups, snacks, toys, clothes, etc.. Sure, a traditional stroller can do the trick most of the time. But multiply your crew by two or more and a wagon stroller becomes the best vehicle to move kids around. When out having summer fun this year, make it a smoother ride to and from wherever you’re going with one of these amazing W4 Quad Stroller Wagons.

Each wagon holds up to 4 pint-sized passengers along with all the summer toys and gear they need, and carries up to a total weight capacity of 300 lbs. Strap two tikes into each of the removable and adjustable dual seats with 5-point harnesses, or remove one or both to provide ample space for smaller ones to play or nap on the floor of the wagon. They’ll be comfortable in the 19″ deep carriage due to the large mesh panels with tons of ventilation, plus the wheels have bearings and suspension to make it an easy, safe, and comfortable ride.

Between all the pockets and the rear-facing storage basket, kids won’t be the only thing strolling along. Take all the necessities for the family, plus a picnic lunch, and head to the park, go shopping, visit the museum, or hit the beach. This wagon will go anywhere with ease. When it’s time to take a break or let the baby take a nap in the footwell, press the 1-foot break and adjust the sliding and removable UV-protective canopy for optimum sun blocking. Then open the side zipper door for easy access to both the kids and all your stuff as you desire. Save your back – kids can crawl in or out on their own without the need to lift them in.

Turn heads for all the right reasons. Venture out stylishly for summer fun in either Orange, Gray, Navy, or Black. With the beautiful design and all the features, WonderFold Wagon built into the W4 Quad Stroller Wagon, this may be the only stroller a family needs for all their ventures and summer fun.

W4 4-Passenger Quad Stroller Wagon
WonderFold Wagon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Muck Boot Company

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

If you aren’t picking up all those summer toys out of the yard, you’re probably playing in the yard! Some adults love to be outside, in the sun, in nature, getting away from city life. Whether you are adulting or getting away or playing in the rain like a kid again, Muck boots have your feet covered. Summer toys don’t always have to include action figures and bubbles. A comfortable fit to go where you please when you please is all you need with the Women’s Chore Mid Rain Boot. You’ve got premium rubber and neoprene-wrapped up in the comfort of a working boot made just for women!

This summer, wear a boot that’s comfortable, functional, stylish and ready for work during all your summertime shenanigans.

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Let’s face it, not every kid needs summer toys to have fun in the sun and rain! Take a light-duty, essential footwear piece and get some chores done, some puddles splashed in, and maximum comfort with every stomp! The Men’s Muck Original Pull-ons are for those big-footed boys in your life who need to get out and play while finishing up the summertime outdoor chores. The best part of these boots is not only are they 100% waterproof, the footbed’s bioDEWIXTM antimicrobial odor and moisture management insert keeps your boy’s feet fresh all day. You’re welcome.

Just when you thought summer toys were limited to dolls and beaches, think again. The Muck Boot Company creates easy on and off designs this summer to play in the yard, work on your outdoor summer projects, or tackle the muckiest playgrounds. All of this with the traction you need, the style you want, and the performance you love in a boot.

Men’s Muck Original Pull-ons | Women’s Chore Mid Rain Boot
Muck Boot Company | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Sick of the same ole same ole worn-out summer toys and desire a new spin on colors, design, and features? Let Scandib∅rn provide you with great options this year on toys, cover-ups, inflatable pools and so much more! Their Liewood Dante Beach set – Dino Mix and Liewood Dag Stacking Tower in Rose Multi Mix– is a new spin on these classic toys. The Dinosaur Beach Set is your perfect on-the-go bucket with handle, shovel, and four dino friends. This can be used at the beach to help build sandcastles or in the backyard sandbox searching for dinosaur bones. Whatever the situation, your child is sure to love the texture and feel of these 100% silicone toys with no cracks or breaks from the typical plastic toys.

If you have a little one who might not be ready to dig in the sand, the stacking rings tower is another great option for summer toys outdoors. This ring set is super soft to the touch, can be stacked in multiple ways, and comes in an assortment of beautiful color options. Oh and did we mention, it is waterproof! Let your kiddo learn new motor skills while getting outside and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

If outdoor summer toys are not an issue in your house but you’re looking for an outdoor inflatable pool instead, check out the Liewood Leonore Pool that is sure to cool down your kiddos in those summer temps. This pool option comes in a variety of colors and styles and along with Scandib∅rn‘s other products, this too is BPA free. The Leonore measures 80cm X 20cm and when inflated the water volume is approximately 43 liters when filled at 70%.

After all the splish-splashing around, dry off using the 100% organic combed cotton Liewood Reggie Bathrobe Yellow Mellow Stripe. This soft and comfy terry robe is perfect for drying off or cuddling by the pool and is sure to provide the extra soft texture your little one needs on their wet skin. Heading to the beach or creating memories in your backyard, Scandib∅rn’s products are sure to blow you away with their Scandanavian inspired designs, quality, and durability. Cheers to more fun in the sun with all those adventurous summer toys!

Liewood Dag Stacking Tower in Rose Multi Mix | Liewood Dag Stacking Tower in Rose Multi Mix | Liewood Dante Beach set – Dino Mix | Liewood Leonore Pool
Scandiborn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Kelty Tallboy 4

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Whether you’re planning to introduce your kids to the great outdoors or your original travel plans got canceled this summer and you’re looking for a fun stay-cation with some adult summer toys, backyard camping is a wonderful way to spend any weekend. And, while we love the idea of a makeshift tent with blankets and sticks for play, if you’re planning to spend the entire night under the stars, you may feel a little more protected in a Tallboy 4 person tent by Kelty.

Whether your adventure includes the whole family or the kids’ imaginations just need a space to explore, the Tallboy 4 contains a tall dome-style ceiling that allows for plenty of headroom, as well as a large door that makes getting in and out a breeze. Furthermore, with Kelty’s classic X-pole construction and Shark-mouth duffel, setup and tear down is super easy and efficient for more time around the campfire.

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

This is a tent that will grow with your family. The kids will love it when they’re little as it’s the perfect backdrop for any adventure that comes to mind, and you’ll love it as they get older and are ready to take on the great outdoors.

Tallboy 4
Kelty | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Take grilling season from summertime to anytime with the Step2 Sizzle & Smoke Barbeque Grill by Step2! Mom and Dad will be jealous of this super fun grill, while your little ones will love cooking up something amazing this summer with this awesome play grill cooking set, which actually sizzles and smokes! Don’t worry, though- this grill is not actually hot – but it’s perfect for playing the day away!

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22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

The kids will love grilling up steaks and corn on the pretend grates, using the clickable knobs below to turn up the heat! They can practice honing their grill master skills through practicing the perfect flip with the included tongs. And, they’ll learn to cook every steak and burger perfectly with a view of what’s cooking inside the grill thanks to the windowed lid! When playtime fun is done, the removable tray provides plenty of storage for plates and utensils. This is one of those summer toys that naturally invite all the neighborhood kids over to play cook!

Sizzle & Smoke Barbeque Grill
Step2 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Blast-off summer fun with this Backyard Rocketship Sprinkler from FUNBOY. This 7.5′ inflatable sprinkler keeps kids of all ages entertained with 4 spray nozzles creating 360 degrees of water action. Little astronauts will love the fun orange and blue design, and parents will enjoy the rapid inflation and deflation valves, cleanup and storage. It’s a win-win for everyone, and one of the perfect summer toys to break the heat.

Backyard Rocketship Sprinkler
FUNBOY | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

South Beach Bubbles

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Being active and healthy is more important now than ever. While social distancing, your children still need to get outside and breathe some fresh air. What better way to run around for hours than with summer toys that create bubbles! With the WOWmazing Space Edition bubble kit, you’ll be able to create giant bubbles in just seconds. This kit provides bubble concentrate (which is so easy to transport) along with the bubble wand that you can customize with glow in the dark stickers! Your kids will also be working on their fine motor skills, trying out new tricks like putting a bubble inside of a bubble. Although this was designed for your kids, chances are you’ll be giggling with joy while creating giant magical bubbles!

WOWmazing Space Edition
South Beach Bubbles | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Le Toy Van

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

This summer break a child’s growing imaginative play can stay fueled with summer toys from Le Toy Van. They’re sustainably made with rubber wood and are designed to help develop key motor and cognitive skills. Little hands who love automobiles will love the New York Car Set that includes a 10 wheeler truck, school bus, police car, taxi, an ambulance, and a firetruck. They’re made with non-toxic paint and will fit most traditional wooden toy train tracks too.

All of the Le Toy Van traditional wooden summer toys not only encourage long-term imaginative play and hand-eye coordination but encourage story-telling and creativity while having tons of fun. Young imaginations will run wild with pretend play with the Doctor’s Set, perfecting their social and speech skills with their buddies. And the icing on the cake for your summer toys, is the colorful Ice Lollies set. A perfect addition to any play food collection. Whether indoor or out, stay on top of learning with some open-ended play toys designed to last.

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New York Car Set | Doctor’s Set | Ice Lollies
Le Toy Van | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Pillar Learning

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Who wouldn’t want to entertain and educate their children with summer toys that didn’t require a screen? Recommended for ages 12 months and up, Codi the Storytelling Robot tells 130 classic stories that create imagination without a screen. How about getting children moving around instead of glued to the sofa this summer? Codi is also a DJ that plays 100 classic songs that little ones will love to groove to. Codi even helps build healthy daily habits such as toothbrushing or clean up time.

You’ll be happy to know that Codi also comes with a free app for parents that allows them to have full visibility and control over Codi. Parents can control what their children can and cannot listen to, see what their children are playing, adjust the volume, and establish guided routines like brushing their teeth or cleaning up. And the best part of all, parents and children can send voice messages back and forth no matter the distance! Codi is the perfect friend for kiddos this summer!

Codi the Storytelling Robot
Pillar Learning | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

The kids have been spending a lot more time at home lately, and this summer will be no exception. But with virtual school no longer in session, how will you keep everyone busy and entertained all day? Ooly creative supplies to the rescue to add to your children’s summer toys!

Make art that sparkles with Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens. You really can’t go wrong during summertime with pens scented like a tropical paradise–orange, lime, coconut, and pineapple, for instance. The ink glides smoothly across the page and works well for drawing or handwriting practice. When outdoor summer toys aren’t available, an activity idea is to have the kids write colorful letters to keep in touch with friends and family. Highlight the most important points with flexible-tipped Pastel Mints Scented Highlighters too, before dropping them in the mail.

Ooly’s Stampables Scented Double-Ended Stamp Markers will also bring smiles to little faces. With 18 bright colors to choose from, each is uniquely scented and has a pointed brush tip for coloring on one side and a fun stamp design on the other. Adorn art, letters, and journals with flowers, hearts, smileys, ice cream cones, and more. For added fun, use the stampers in coloring books to create the tiniest adorable details and patterns.

Finally, for the more serious artist, there’s Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor Pencils. Start with colorful pencil sketches and transform them into amazing watercolor blends with water and the included paintbrush.

A delivery from Ooly is like receiving sunshine and rainbows in a box—bright and happy, colorful and fun, sparkly, and sweet. They offer a huge variety of summer toys and products, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for the kids (and maybe you, too!) when looking for summer toys to keep everyone occupied while having fun. Spark creativity and keep the family engaged in art this summer with Ooly.

Stampables Scented Double-Ended Stamp Markers| Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens | Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor Pencils | Pastel Mints Scented Highlighters
Ooly | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Looking for some summer toys which encourage an activity that involves teamwork and can keep your kids entertained for hours? K’NEX is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Not only is the activity fun it is also educational. Explore the world of engineering with hands-on inquiry-based learning. Your little ones will have so much fun they won’t even know they are learning. K’NEX is the perfect activity to add to your summer toys when stuck in the house on rainy days!

Eiffel Tower
K’NEX | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Little Passports

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

School’s out for summer! Wait, that means we have to entertain our kids without most of the endless activities each summer offers! Not too worry, Little Passports was one of the first global subscription boxes for children, so they have a wide range of summer toys and activities for all age groups. You can buy a single box, a six-month subscription, or an annual subscription in a myriad of subjects and age levels.

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22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

The Early Explorers Subscription is geared towards pre-schoolers. It is the box that will begin your child’s fascination with the world. The first box is known as The Traveler’s Kit. It contains a fun orange suitcase, a wall-sized world map, luggage tag, stickers, photo and activity booklet, and a welcome letter from new pen pals Max, Mia, and Toby Each subsequent box contains items that explores new world themes like music, oceans, and dinosaurs. This is one of those summer toys that make your kids want to explore all on their own!

World Edition Subscription is for school-aged children and focuses on a new destination with each box. The first box contains a signature blue suitcase, a passport for your child, a wall-sized world map, a country coin collection, three animal squishies, a welcome letter from new pen pals Sam and Sofia, plus stickers, photo and activity sheet. The following months will focus on a new destination and all members have access to country-themed online content.

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Little Passports is about more than geography. The Science Junior Subscription inspires natural curiosity through exciting experiments and activities. Plus, there are many other options as well – even a summer camp edition for all of the parents dealing with kids unexpectedly at home this summer! Your children will be inspired by any Little Passports box you want to add to your children’s summer toys.

Early Explorers Subscription | World Edition Subscription | Science Junior Subscription
Little Passports | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube

Little Global Citizens

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Raising global citizens should be the goal of any parent, and Little Global Citizens allows this to be done effortlessly even when you can’t visit the globe. These summer toys feature a box that is expertly designed to bring a new country and its culture to life for children ages 4 to 10. The boxes are created with love by a team of world travelers, educators, and parents. Best of all, they are kid-tested!

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

These boxes are offered as a Single Box or a Subscription Box. They provide authentic journeys through new countries, inspired crafts, language skills, recipes, stories, and best of all, inspiration. The best part for parents is that all of these activities are summer toys that are screen-free! Take your child on a journey through each new country with their expertly written Children’s Guide.

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Many subscription boxes are designed with one child in mind. What is nice about Little Global Citizens though is that they provide a sibling box with enough products to get multiple children engaged. It’s always a wonderful thing to have summer toys that include the whole family.

Single Boxes | Subscription Boxes
Little Global Citizens | Facebook | Instagram


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

This summer is going to be HAIRMAZING with a ‘Bigger Hair, Still Don’t Care’ attitude. Summer toys that feature glam-worthy outfits and the most fabulous hair ever make Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Dolls fun for girls of all ages. They are this season’s most fun and fashionable, fully-posable 10.5″ dolls. Joining the surprise summer toys phenomenon, there are 6 surprises to open and the box even turns into a runway for all of the 6 BFFs.

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Get the same fabulous hair and fashion in a smaller size with Hairdorables Series 4, a SCENTED series. A yummy smell makes playing with these petite ladies so much more fun. Each of the 39 different cases is filled with 11 surprises – a collectible doll and 10 accessories to unwrap. Kids 3 and up can easily grab them, style their gorgeous locks, and carry these girls wherever this summer’s adventures go.

Hairmazing Fashion Doll | Scented Series
Hairdorables | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Blume Dolls

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Surprise summer toys have been all the rage this season. Kids think it’s just so cool to be amazed. That’s why Blume Dolls takes that idea and mixes it with the ‘squishies’ trend, and adds a cool “blooming” reveal effect. This summer, for their 2nd Flower Pot series Fun in the Sun, the big golden circle in the sky reveals a color-changing hair surprise. Just spray water on the “seeds” with the included watering can, and watch the summer fun grow!

If having a fun surprise for your littles wasn’t enough with the Blume Dolls, now they have baby Blume dolls! The Blume Baby Pop surprises not just 1 or 2 times, but 5 times! Under each sprout pops 3, 4, or 5 babies and their accessories. The fun doesn’t stop there, now they have removable swaddles, gender reveals for each one, and 1 of 5 nursery designs. With 50 different babies to collect, there are plenty of summer toys to surprise your littles in each Baby Pop garden.

Flower Pot Series 2 – Fun In the Sun | Baby Pop Surprises
Blume Dolls | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Summer toys for toddlers can be hard to find, especially when you’re constantly on the go. Luckily, these Stick-O Blocks are the perfect summer toy for toddlers and kids of any age (that includes parents)! These blocks are not only shaped like cute forest friends your toddler will love, but they are magnetic and can be shaped into anything their heart imagines.

Small and compact summer toys are the easiest because they can go almost anywhere with you, and you won’t have to worry about losing tiny pieces since they stick together! Stick-O Blocks are a safe and fun way to improve your children’s motor skills and critical thinking skills as they try to place the magnets together. You and your toddler will have so much fun creating flowers, bugs, and other forest friends in a colorful and unique way, all summer long!

Stick-O Blocks
Magformers| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Winning Moves

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Are you tired of playing board games? Need something different for game night? You’re in luck! The Pass The Pigs by Winning Moves Games is just the ticket for you and your family when it comes to summer toys and activities for the whole family. Complete with a pig sty, two pig dice, and a pencil for pig scoring, this game will provide endless entertainment for you and your kids!

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Since it has a small, plastic carrying case, you can take this game everywhere. It’s the perfect family game for campgrounds, never-ending road trips, and so much more!

Pass The Pigs
Winning Moves Games | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Thames & Kosmos

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

When the sun has gone down and you’re settling in from a hot summer day, your kids will likely still be bouncing off the walls. Thames & Kosmos has brought us one of the magical summer toys that is bound to be a hit with your kids! CREATTO is a light-up crafting kit, where you and your kids can create a three-dimensional animal or mythical creature!

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

This kit is super easy to put together, and extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about pieces snapping if your little one wants to help in every way they can. With interlocking plastic tiles and a simple string of LED lights, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can put together your elephant, moose, or unicorn! This is one of those summer toys that will be a blast for you and your kids to put together while helping to keep them entertained for hours after the hot sun sets.

CREATTO Magical Moose & Forest Friends
Thames & Kosmos | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

The Adventure Challenge

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Perfect for all of your summer escapades, the Adventure Challenge is a new way to inspire fun and interactive entertainment this summer for families, friends, and couples no matter where you live or what you have planned. Forego the boring summer days of everyone (kids especially) repeatedly expressing their boredom, or even the date nights that have become just a bit too monotonous, and instead grab a camera, choose your next adventure, and head out into the world. Over the last few months, most of us have spent too much time indoors and while we may still be social distancing or sheltering in place, there is no time like the present to explore new ways to entertain ourselves and loved ones with experiences that will bring us closer and keep us loving the life we live! With the Adventure Challenge Edition of your choice, you will grab your camera and book, scratch off your next challenge, and be surprised by what’s in store. Never boring, you will literally never know where your date or day will take you until you view your next challenge.

Couple’s & Family Bundle
The Adventure Challenge | Facebook | Instagram


22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

This summer make snacking on the go easy with the reusable snack bags from Bumkins. With plenty of cool prints and patterns, including Harry Potter, Hello Kitty and even superheroes, there is sure to be something to bring a smile to every face. Perfect for tossing in your beach bag for a day outdoors, or even into a lunch box on a regular basis for those summer day campers, Bumkins reusable snack bags are available in two different sizes and can be purchased in mixed packs for a variety of sizes. Use them all summer and even into the school year as these eco-friendly, sustainable bags are easily washable, including being machine washable and dishwasher safe. The single-ply construction means there are no layers or cracks and crevices for germs to grow, and the zipper closure means your food stays in without accidental spills in your lunchbox or diaper bag. Food safe, waterproof, and stain-resistant, these bags are a must for moms and kids on the go this summer.

Batman Reusable Snack Bag 3 pack | Superman Reusable Snack Bag 3 pack | Large Reusable Snack Bag Mario & Luigi
Bumkins | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Princeton Architectural Press

22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life

Take your children into the garden this summer with this beautiful, interactive activity book In the Garden from Princeton Architectural Press. Full of bright colors, beautiful illustrations, and plenty of lift-the-flaps to keep even your littlest learners engaged, In the Garden is an enchanting and factual book about what it takes to really make a garden grow. From season to season as the garden changes, your child will be able to follow the life cycles of all the plants, animals, and creepy critters living in their very own garden along with those in this book to fully understand the inner workings of this most magical of places.

In the Garden
Princeton Architectural Press | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


The days are certainly longer and the kids are more than likely staying up later than you like but that’s okay. Let them be kids as they romp and play during these summer days. These summer toys are just the beginning of their exploration and memorable moments you’ll enjoy day after day as your heart swells with love watching every precious moment. We believe they are a great alternative to having zombie-like kids glued to their screens, so get outside, play some games, and never have a boring summer (or rainy) day again!

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22 Summer Toys & Activities To Make You Forget Quarantine Life



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