21 Toys from Amazon That Are Sure to Bring Magic this Christmas

Kids love putting together their holiday wish list. It is so exciting to look through the toy books that come in the mail and pick out the things you hope Santa will bring. If you haven’t checked out any toys from Amazon yet this season, stop what you are doing and give this list a look. These toys from Amazon are just what you need to bring some magic and excitement this Christmas morning.


21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

If you’re looking for toys that will inspire and excite your children, look no further than ZURU Toys. The international team behind ZURU has dedicated their careers and talents to creating toys that will unleash the imaginations of kids everywhere. They have a fantastic collection of toys for kids ages five years and up. Check out our favorites!

Do your kids love smashing eggs? If so, add the Smashers Dino Island Mega Egg to your shopping cart. After smashing open this yolk-free egg, they’ll spend hours playing with the 25 surprises that were held captive inside. These surprises include prehistoric beasts, slime, and sand.

Watch your kids smash their way into an adventure when you add the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull to your shopping cart. The Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull is a dino egg with over thirty surprises inside including sand, slime, and mini dinosaur toys. The skull’s eye is removable and when placed inside the dinosaur’s mouth, will make the dinosaur roar and glow.

This holiday season, give your kids a dart blaster they can customize. Add the XShot Skins Last Stand – Apocalypse dart blaster to your shopping cart today! This dart blaster comes with a unique skin. The XShot Skins Last Stand dart blaster shoots targets up to 90 feet away. It holds up to 14 darts and has an auto-rotating barrel.

The Smashers Dino Ice Age Ice Rex Playset is unlike any other playset you’ll see this holiday season. Featuring an Ice Rex dinosaur that roars, your kids will love feeding it smasher eggs over and over. The best part is, the smasher eggs can be rebuilt every time, giving your kids endless fun while they’re playing in an imaginary tundra.

With all the dinosaurs running around your house, your kids will need a way to fight them off. Add the XShot Excel Fortress Blaster to your shopping cart so they’ll be well-protected while hunting for a T-Rex. The XShot Excel Fortress Blaster will hit targets up to 90 feet away. It holds 48 mega darts and features an easy pump-to-prime mechanism.

Give your kids the gift of adventure when you add one of these action-packed, fun-filled toys to your shopping cart. These toys are perfect for keeping kids away from screens! If you’re looking for hours of fun that will boost your child’s imagination, look no further than ZURU Toys.


Let your daughter play and sleep like royalty this Christmas with the stunning Inflatable Pink Princess Playhouse among Bixbee toys from Amazon. This gorgeous castle will inspire hours of interactive play and transport your little princess into her favorite fairy tale. This beautiful playhouse is spacious enough that it can house two toddlers (it can accommodate up to 120 pounds) with intricate details that make it great for sleepovers and birthday parties.

The colorful castle inflates to over 5 feet tall. It includes an inflatable mattress and play space with an integrated motor in the base, two adorable inflatable toy wands, one handheld motor, one storage bag, and two repair patches.

When your little princess opens this royal castle for Christmas, she will jump for joy as she discovers a land of magical adventures. So make your Christmas enchanted, and let your child host the next sleepover or royal ball!

The Fresh Dolls

You can surprise your little princess with beautiful fashion dolls named The Fresh Dolls this Christmas. The gorgeous award-winning dolls depict realistic features from ethnicities worldwide, including African American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial. Each Fresh Doll is custom-sculpted and modeled with individual hairstyles and skin tones, representing the diversity of multi-racial beauty. 

Meet Ebony with her beautiful brown natural curls and hard-working nature, and stylish clothing. She wears denim jeans, a marine aqua-blue halter top, and blue wedge heels. Ebony is an activist for the environment, passionate about nature and the ocean. Ebony aspires to be a Marine Biologist, so she is in the Fresh Springs Aquarium after-school program, where she learns about marine life

At Fresh Prep, she helped start the first community clean-up program. You can find her organizing recycling programs, leading beach clean-up, planting organic vegetable and herb gardens, and restoring neighborhoods. She’s always looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint and do her part to save the earth, so you’ll find her riding her bicycle out and about in Fresh Springs.

Your child can also celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary with LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells, founded in 2018. The 12″ Anthony doll is designed with authentic Hip Hop attire and has 13 points of articulation to bend and pose for hours of fun. He wears an iconic T-shirt and red tracksuit bottoms to symbolize breaking culture. He articulates his ankles, knees, hips, elbows, and hands, allowing him to hit a head spin or look cool in a B-Boy stance.

In addition, if your child is highly versed in the Marvel movie-verse and loves Black Panther, then the Fresh Dolls have a surprise for you! Wakanda forever! The Fresh Fierce collection of Black Panther dolls should definitely be under the Christmas tree.  These 11.5 inches dolls are TOTY 2022 Doll of the Year winners, and depict your favorite heroes from the Blank Panther series!  


Bring home the magic with Nakia, Okoye, and Shuri. Each doll is fierce, wise, and a warrior ready to fight against injustice. All three warriors have multiple points of articulation to recreate warrior poses and actions from the movie. In addition, they have striking character similarities and a custom-blended skin tone. Each doll’s hairstyles and intricate costumes mimic the characters of the film.

Nakia is wearing an authentic first-of-its-kind innovative dreadlock – natural locks hairstyle. She wears a stunning sleek suit and comes with her signature replica battle weapon (Ring Blades).

Okoye is wearing a detailed General of the Dora Milaje uniform. She is equipped with a replica battle weapon, the Dora Milaje Spear.

Shuri has an authentic curly undercut hairstyle and is wearing gorgeous tracksuit replica Kimoyo Beads allowing for remote communication with Wakandan technology. In addition, she comes with a helmet accessory.

These Fresh Dolls toys from Amazon will have your kiddo smiling ear to ear this Christmas! Your child will be entertained for hours with fashionable dolls such as Ebony, the hip-hop Anthony doll, and amazing Black Panther dolls. Watch them rip off the wrapping paper and jump up and down, saying: “I love you so much. I always wanted these cool dolls!”

Orijin Bees

Representation is important! Girls of color often find it disappointing when they don’t look the white barbies/dolls and their hair look completely different. Orijin Bees have been spreading smiles with their dolls of the color collection! So should you – by surprising your girl this holiday season with these amazing and inclusive toys from Amazon.

Positively Puffy Bee Baby Doll is an excellent example of Orjin Bee’s doll’s specialty. This doll comes dressed in a beautiful bee print frock with a gorgeous net-layered skirt attached to it. It also has lovely facial characteristics and stunning curly hair that your daughter or son can identify with. Not to mention the cutest two dimples this puffy doll has. Also, your girl can twin by matching her hair clips to her doll!

Now, you might also want to pick up some hair clips so your kid can style her doll’s hair and hers too. Flower Power Magic Clips that glow in the dark will be a perfect choice. These clips are 40 in total and come with a storage box with compartments – so she can store them according to color or in whatever pattern she wants. She can wear them to school, picnic, walk and style her doll’s hair with these magical hair clips.

The Bee-autiful Reversible Adjustable Satin Bonnet by Orijin Bee is ideal for encouraging your child to accept their natural hair texture and to be proud of their heritage. These satin bonnets have vibrant colors, are reversible, and include an adjustable strap to ensure it fits their head properly and doesn’t come off during sleeping. Your daughter and her doll will rock these while keeping their hair protected from tangling, tossing, split ends, and breakage.

If you are looking for a small-sized doll for your girl, we recommend getting Melanin Joy Bee Baby Doll. This beautiful 12 inches mini doll is bald, with a headband on. On top of that, it is non-toxic and comes with a matching headband for your child.

Red Toolbox’s Tasty Jr.

The Mini Chef Playset by Red Toolbox’s Tasty Jr. makes the perfect Christmas gift for your little chef. You can trust this 16-piece set of toys from Amazon to withstand whatever your little munchkins throw at it because it’s made from sturdy plastic. This cute set includes a microwave, a soup can, hot pot, pressure cooker, pan, knife, spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, apron, chef hat, induction cooker, and oven mitts. Your little chef will be cooking delicious meals for hours of make-believe fun. In addition, you will see your child learning about different kitchen tools and sharing with others with these toys from Amazon.


Imagine that your little superstar enjoys baking yummy treats for the whole family. If so, the Tasty Jr. Donut Shop Set will spark your child’s creativity, and imagination with its colorful pretend donuts and musical sounds. Enjoy these delicious donuts with your little one during pretend tea time. Create precious memories with your kids that will last a lifetime with these colorful toys.

A realistic Mini Chef Set and Donut Shop Set will give every young chef a chance to cook and bake with Mom and Dad this Christmas with Tasty Junior toys from Amazon!

Edx Education

Give your pillows and cushions a break with this 6-piece obstacle course for kids. The different heights and sizes of the stepping stones help create better balance, a sense of coordination, and confidence during playtime. From child games such as the floor is lava to all of the imagination play your kiddos can come up with these stepping stones will provide hours of play. Create an obstacle course for your kids or have them create their own. The pieces all have a grippy and rubbery bottom and top surface to make sure the stones don’t slip for a safe play environment.


Another great option from Edx Education toys from Amazon is the GeoStix Letter Construction Set. With 200 sticks and 50 activities, this is more than just a toy. Kids can create words and designs using the sticks. They can make uppercase and lowercase letters, which is a great hands-on spelling lesson. Designed for little fingers, easy to snap, create and build 2D and 3D creations with the 25 double-sided activity cards. All packaged together in a sturdy container makes it easy to bring on the go, to restaurants, road trips, and more!

Madame Alexander

Did you know that Madame Alexander is available in toys from Amazon? Now you do! These dolls make great Christmas gifts for your little adventure-loving kiddo. Since 1923, the Madame Alexander Company has made high-quality dolls that can be passed down from generation to generation. These dolls engage children, parents, and collectors through their imaginative, creative, and loving qualities. If your little one enjoys the great outdoors, the Kindness Club Great Outdoors Set is for her.

With this beautiful set, you get a gorgeous 14-inch Kindness Club Doll with a radiant skin tone and blue eyes, dressed in a colorful outfit for outdoor play. With a purple streak running through her brown hair, she wears her hair in pigtails and pulls it back with a green headband. With a sleeping bag, a matching backpack, an outdoor chair, and a water bottle, she’s ready for a night under the stars.

In addition to a strong, inspiring message for children to be kind and empathic, this beautiful and unique doll provides a great opportunity to engage them in imaginative play for hours.


21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

Skillmatics is an innovative toy and game company, founded to create fun games that boost learning and developmental skills. But the founders wanted to do more than develop subject-based learning for kids. They wanted kids who play their games to acquire a core set of skills they could carry with them through their school years. Today, Skillmatics is an award-winning toy and game company. We’re honored to feature two of their amazing products. Check out our favorites!

If you have an early reader in your home, you need to add the Skillmatics Boom Boom Bingo game to your shopping cart. Perfect for two to four players, the game’s objective is simple. Each player has a bag filled with high-quality, colored picture tiles. The first player to match all the tiles on the board game using tiles from their bag wins! This action-packed board game is perfect for kids ages 4-7.

Skillmatics Guess-In-Ten: Animal Planet is a fun guessing game that will fill the minds of kids with fast facts. The rules are simple. Each player gets ten guesses at what animal card the other player is holding! We love that the color-printed cards have fun hints and facts printed on them. Perfect for game nights or even a road trip, add Guess-In-Ten to your shopping cart today!

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

For you older child who loves to build, Skillmatics STEM-inspired Buildables let them practice their skills all while having fun! These DIY educational toys allow your child to build his or her own dinosaur robot, exploring science and the world around them. Learning through play, with Skillmatics Buildables your child will challenge themselves as they employ their skills in engineering, science, math, and more. Crafted of safe, sustainable materials, your budding genius can engage in hours of educational play.

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

Let your dino-loving preschooler’s imagination roar this Christmas with Skillmatics Land of Dinosaurs Building Toy. This STEM-inspired set is great for sparking imaginative, interactive play and letting your little one’s creativity shine. The pretend play kit includes durable, detachable pieces that your child can use to build their own land of dinosaurs. With 60+ pieces and a durable base and backdrop, this all-in-one kit will provide hours of educational play for your dino-loving dude.


This holiday season, get something for everyone when you purchase amazing toys and games from Hasbro. From Star Wars to Power Rangers, and card games the family will enjoy, you won’t regret filling your stockings with these amazing options. Check out our favorites!

Saving the world has never been easier thanks to the Power Rangers Dino Fury Megafury Saber. This sword has motion-activated lights and includes sound effects such as swiping and slashing sounds. Thanks to the magic of this sword, your child will feel like he’s fighting along side the Power Rangers.

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

The Force is always with you! Bring the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi into your home when you add the Star Wars Lightsaber Forge to your collection of Christmas toys. One look at the package and you’re probably thinking, “Yikes! One more thing I have to assemble.” We understand why you’d think that and we’re happy to announce that this customizable lightsaber is designed to be assembled by kids. They can put together one lightsaber with a full or half-center ring. Or, they can use the pieces to make two individual Lightsabers. No matter what they make one thing is for sure, they can do it without adult supervision.

Make your kids happy with Hasbro. Hasbro has created toys that will fuel their imagination and keep them entertained for hours. Add these incredible toys to your shopping cart today!


21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

Bonding with your child is a complex part of parenting – but the holiday season makes it a little easier. A thoughtful present bought with love fosters a healthy childhood experience, and this memory will be engraved in their minds forever. If your child has been asking for a puppy, well, parents, now’s the time to say, yes! We have the BEST gift for your kid – and it is available in toys from Amazon. SkyRocket Moji the Lovable Labradoodle is not your regular (toy)dog; it is the most interactive, smartest, and playful (toy) dog ever!

Moji’s super cute appearance is enough to make anyone swoon. Moreover, Moji responds to talking and 120 noises, and touch, just like a real dog. He also gets to communicate his feelings with you via its animated emoji collar, so you understand what he’s feeling and trying to say as well. Apart from that, Moji does 10 charming tricks and mimics eating and playing with a rope. With the brush and card included, your kid can learn to take care of it – just like a real dog!

Altogether, Moji will be the best friend to your kid and will keep them engaged with a life-like pet – no more immersing heads in their iPads!

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

Sky Rocket toys from Amazon let your kids have all the fun of playing with a drone without the need for a remote! The Sky Viper Force Hover Sphere has sensors all over it, so by using your hands, you can fly this drone all over your home. After it is fully charged, toss it in the air to turn it on and it will immediately start to hover around the house. Use your hands to guide the drone any direction or even to slow it down. In no time you’ll learn new tricks using this drone and your own hands working the magic of this Sky Viper Force Hover Sphere.

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

The My Fuzzy Friend Poppy The Snuggling Bunny is ready to snuggle and snack all day long. With her large adorable eyes and snuggling feature, this bunny is the perfect companion for play time, bed time, or any time your little one wants to play. Feed her and snuggle her, and she will let you know how she’s feeling with multi-color LEDs in her cheeks and sounds that can share her feelings with you.

Multiple touch points on this toy mean that they are extra responsive to the needs of your child and playtime is any time at all! Enjoy all the snuggles and cuddles of a real bunny without the mess and responsibility of caring for a live animal with these snuggly toys from Amazon.

Blip Toys

This holiday, Blip Toys has an exciting new take on action figures that any robot-loving kid is going to love. These are not your ordinary action figure toys from Amazon. Gigabots let kids build, transform, and battle each other. Then they can rebuild and battle over and over again! Each of the six 13-inch Gigabots start as a plastic capsule, which not only has all the pieces needed to assemble your Gigabot but also becomes part of the build. These cool robots make fore the ultimate unboxing experience.

If your kids like building, Blip Toys has another fun gift available in toys from Amazon that you should put under the tree. ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast is sort of like dominoes but with an eye-popping payoff! It is kind of like if dominoes met a Rube Goldberg machine. This high-flying, chain-reaction activity set launches pieces up to three feet in the air! The magic of Triple Tower Blast is not only how easy it is to set up, but there are also no accidental starts. Your kids will never have to deal with the frustration of their Linx popping before they have finished setting up their tracks until they insert the special Linx launcher key.

Recommended for kids six and up, the set comes with 40 ZipLinx, six high flying balls, three target launchers, three towers, a tower extension, three tower bases, three tower triggers, and one launcher key. Each interlocking ZipLinx piece allows for an unlimited number of designs on over nine feet of ZipLinx to launch the fly balls into the air! Everyone will want a turn setting up and launching the ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast this holiday.

Omi & Friendz

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

Children have big emotions and big emotions take a while to learn how to control and manage. Omi, a super soft and cuddly Elephant can help guide your child from meltdown to slow down and reset within just a few minutes. With a soothing voice, Omi helps bring your child back to a neutral state with mindful breathing, learning to control their emotions all while self-regulating their thoughts and feelings.


For those kids who need a little extra soothing before they are able to drift off, Luna the Nighttime Sheep helps calm busy minds. A guided sleep meditation helps kids regulate their breathing by counting breaths. A simple technique that will have them snoozing before the calming music is even finished. Either of these soothing toys from Amazon will make great lovies for your little one.


What preschooler wouldn’t love to unwrap a toy from Playmobil this holiday? The Duck on Call toy line really fits the bill this year. Your little one will have a blast when they help Freddy and Ducklas put out fires with the Duck On Call Fire Brigade Emergency Vehicle. Extend the ladder and use the water cannons to put out fires.

Thanks to the weight-shifting steering, kids can easily maneuver and turn the vehicle with just one hand. Plus, the cool thing about this vehicle is that the modular design allows the compartment connected to the vehicle bed to be interchanged. You can mix and match with the other Duck on Call emergency vehicles available in toys from Amazon for endless fun!

If firetrucks don’t excite your kiddos, consider Playmobil’s Air Stunt Show Tiger Propeller Plane. It is the perfect toy for a kid who loves airplanes, Playmobil, or really cool vehicles. They can dive and twirl this cool tiger print plane through the air as they put on a spectacular stunt show. The plane has room for the pilot and his mechanic and has a storage compartment in the back for all the pilot’s important gear. The set includes two figures, the plane with its rotating propeller, a gas can, tools, a pylon with suction feet to put on a spectacular aerial stunt show, flight gear, and a few other accessories.

Lil Wish Lanterns

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

Does your little princess ever wonder where wishes go once they are made? This Christmas, surprise your little munchkin with Lil Wish Lanterns, which will transport your little one to the magical land of Wishlandia! Wishlandia is made up of 4 magical lands: the land of Friendship, the land of Love, the land of Courage, and the land of Happiness. As your child collects all four lands, you will see that each character has unique powers that you can use to fulfill your wishes.

These Lil Wish Lanterns magically light up once your child makes a wish with the pull of a string. Choose from one of the 32 collectible Wishimals toys on Amazon to place in the lantern once the wish is made, and watch your child light up with joy once she realizes her wish is in Wishlandia. The Lil Wish Lanterns Starter Pack includes a beautiful lantern, one for each land in Wishlandia, two characters, and a collector’s card with a QR code to unlock a character as playable a character inside the Lil Wish Lantern app.

Add the Mystery Toy Blind Pack, which includes one character, one collectors card, and a collectors guide for even more magical fun. The lanterns are compatible with all Wishimals and have two light modes: wishing mode and nightlight mode, which your child can use as a night light. The lanterns also have an auto shut-off feature. The fun continues on the Lil Wish Lanterns app, where your little ones can play games, collect their Wishimals and explore Wishlandia using their QR code. Light up the holiday season with Lil Wish Lanterns, guaranteed to make your child smile ear to ear. 

TCG Toys

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner and TCG TOYS has everything you need to make your loved ones smile. They’ve got something for everyone on your list, whether they’re young or old, into sports or gaming. The selection of toys is second to none and we’re sure you’ll find just the right thing to put under the tree.

Bend-Ems are the perfect Christmas gift for children and adults alike! These nostalgic toys are bendable and twistable, making them great for playing with. The colorful Bend-Ems action figures are sure to bring hours of enjoyment to kids of all ages.

Looking for a fun and fast-paced game to liven up your next family game night? Then check out Pik Qwik! This thrilling game is enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults alike and is sure to get everyone’s heart racing. Pik Qwik is all about quick thinking and strategic planning and being qwik with your words!


21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

Adults and kids alike LOVE Mudpuppy puzzles available among the fun toys from Amazon! Consider one of their scratch-and-sniff puzzles like the Cosmic Fruits Puzzle or Bubblegum Turtle Puzzle. Kids will love these puzzles’ bright and colorful artwork featuring fun scents. The Cosmic Fruits Puzzle smells like banana, strawberry, and orange! Of course, the Bubblegum Turtle Puzzle smells like bubblegum!

Or check out one of their 500-piece family puzzles like the Hungry Plants Puzzle. This puzzle features an illustration of carnivorous plants, including California Pitcher Plant, Drosera Hyperostigma, and Cape Sundew. Each plant name is labeled, providing a fun learning experience for the whole family!

Another fun option is the Llama Rama Puzzle featuring the most fashionable llamas you have ever see. These aren’t anything like the puzzles we grew up with. They are vibrantly colored, non-glare, dust-free, and use non-toxic inks. But what we really love most are the thick and sturdy pieces that hold up for tons of play. These puzzles are made for big and little fingers alike. They’re perfect for the child, family, or adult who loves a classic gift with a little spin.


21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

The Hoglet provides sensory seekers focus by providing a satisfying touch while working at a computer with a mouse. The computer mouse features a food grade silicone jacket with ridges similar to a baby hedgehog. The ridges can be fidgeted with while learning or working at a computer.


It is perfect for tactile learners of all ages, and does not cause any disruption to others. The Hoglet comes in five bright colors. The wireless mouse combines fun and function. The 2.4 GHZ wireless mouse provides a powerful connection by plugging the receiver into the computer or laptop. Make doing school work (or your work!) feel like playing feels like toys from Amazon this Christmas with a fidget mouse from Hedgehog.

Sky Castle Toys

The squishy nature of DoodleJamz creates an amazing sensory touch experience, similar to finger-painting but without the mess. The light up sensory drawing pad allows your little artist to squish, shape and light up their creations! DoodleJamz are filled with squishy gel and beads. Just snap them into this LED BrightBoard to illuminate your squishy art. BrightBoard is compatible with all DoodleJamz. Take any JellyPics or JellyBoards, which are also available on Amazon, and snap them into the BrightBoard to watch the LED illuminate the squishy gel and beads to light-up your art. This BrightBoard includes three transparent graphic sheets and features a kickstand to display your little artist’s creations.

DoodleJamz gel is 100% non-toxic and sealed securely inside the frame. The BrightBoard makes it easy to doodle, reset and repeat. Plus, the thin design makes them portable enough to fit in any seat pocket or backpack, so they are perfect for hours of play on long car or plane rides. Keep your kiddos entertained for hours with these fun BrightBoard toys on Amazon this holiday!

Hey Buddy Hey Pal

Bring the excitement of cooking shows home for the holidays with one of the 2022 Toy Insider Top Holiday Toy Winners available in toys from Amazon- Hey Buddy Hey Pal’s Cake-N-Bake Challenge game. It’s a fast-paced, color-matching, cake-building game where you win by being the fastest baker!

In this game, the pressure is on be the first one to stack a cake that matches the cake card! Just watch out for the Special Action Cards because they can be a recipe for disaster, causing you to skip a turn or be force to bake with only one hand! Be on the lookout for the Mystery Cake Card because it lets a player build almost any cake they want and speed to the buzzer.

The first person to earn six Candle Cards wins the game and gets to wear the Chef’s Hat. The game features colorful foam cake slices, icing cards with toppings from candies to strawberries and classic rainbow sprinkles. Plus, it can be played three ways: Play Beginner Baker or Mixin’ Madness with two to six players, or play Bakery Bake-Off with two to three teams and really heat things up!

Far Out Toys

The Mukbang YouTube craze is now in board game form thanks to Mukbang…The Game from Far Out Toys. If you have not heard of Mukbang yet, it is a trend that started out of Korea but has spread all over the world where people eat huge amounts of food on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch, making all sorts of slurping and crunching noises while doing it. The first player to collect 7 cards wins. Mukbang…The Game turns this online phenomenon into a fast-paced memory game that is sure to be a hit at your next game night!

The idea of this game is to match the food cards to Mukbang-like food sounds. Press the burger button to get a Mukbang sound like a slurp, crunch, or burp. Then turn over cards to find a match to the sound you just heard. Only keep the matches but remember the ones you turn back over because you might need them later! If you get a burping sound it is time to reshuffle the cards on the table. This hilarious toy from Amazon is perfect for family game night or a game night with friends. You could even include real foods or make your own extra food cards to put your own spin on Mukbang!

Jurassic World: The Official Cookbook

21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

While not a toy from Amazon, The Jurassic World: The Official Cookbook is perfect for any Jurassic World fan. The epic cookbook is designed to look like an in-world souvenir from the park. It boasts beautiful photographs by Ted Thomas of amazing treats and entrees to celebrate the regions of the iconic Jurassic theme parks.

The cookbook boasts more than 50 recipes by Elena P. Craig that celebrate the dinosaurs and the theme park – Jurassic Fritters, Raptor Worthy Wraps, Shrimp A La Isla Nublar, and the Omnivore’s Bowl are just a few of the scrumptious recipes. Of course, there are dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth, too – Dino Tracks Shortbread Cookies, a Three Horn Sundae, and Popcorn Tail Clubs.

The cookbook is divided into sections of the park giving you actual dinosaur facts, as well as feeding times for dinosaur exhibits like the mosasaur’s feeding show. Jurassic movie fans of all ages will love The Official Cookbook, it’s such a unique gift so fans can sneak a bit of Jurassic World onto the everyday dinner table or plan a spectacular party.

Ordering toys from Amazon makes fulfilling your kids’ wish lists quick and easy. What makes it even better is that these toys from Amazon are so fun and unique that your children will absolutely love them. From silly games to princess sleepovers and inclusive dolls and action figures, these toys from Amazon are sure to make magical memories this Christmas morning and beyond.

Check out Daily Mom’s How To Be A Good Mother with 5 Simple Tips for more advice, tips, and tricks.



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21 Toys From Amazon That Are Sure To Bring Magic This Christmas

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