20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

We all have a favorite runner, cross-fitter, or elderly mall walker on our gift list this year. So why not make sure they get a gift that fuels their passion for exercise? From specialty gear wrapped up in a bow to energy drinks for the stockings, we’ve put together our favorite fitness gifts that’ll be sure to put some pep in their step this holiday season.


20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

What sets Brooks above other shoe brands is that it offers premium-quality shoes that fall into the budget-friendly zone, unlike good quality but ridiculously expensive or affordable but you end up with low-quality shoes. So for the lucky feet that these slip into… lucky you! Let’s start with the top pair on our list: Adrenaline GTS 22. It is the choice of many for all the right reasons. The needs of daily runners were carefully considered in the design of Adrenaline GTS 22. It provides foot support, allowing your feet to move freely while running for extended periods without experiencing foot pain – the last thing long-distant runners need from their shoes. 

If feeling light while running and boosting your speed is what you’re looking for – we recommend getting the Launch 9 pair. The air circulation and feathery feel this pair offers are just immaculate. Plus, the funky color prints add life to your outfit.

The Ghost 14 GTX has the sleekest design of all, in addition to super functional features. Whether it’s rainy weather or slippery slopes, this waterproof pair makes sure you don’t miss out on your grind. No matter how rough or slippery your running track is, the surface beneath shoes is made to ensure a firmer grip.

Dyad 11 is a basic pair that goes perfectly with any casual outfit. The cushioning inside these shoes is soft and comfortable and makes your feet fit nicely. Furthermore, the movement of your feet is just right in this pair.

Take your running game to the next level this holiday season and beyond, because running is smoother than ever thanks to Glycerin 20’s excellent fit, which keeps your feet in a stable position. For the sprinter in your life, this pair’s upper body is airy and lightweight. Plus, they catch the eye because of the quirky print on the sole. Get fun and stylish fitness gifts indeed from Brooks Running!

Ghost 14 GTX | Glycerin 20 | Adrenaline GTS 22 | Dyad 11 | Launch 9
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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Despite all the differences one has with family, the heart always finds comfort in the place called home – with people you’ve strings attached with blood. And the holiday season is the best occasion to put any disagreements to rest and strengthen relationships with the ones who matter most! We’ve three best thoughtful fitness gifts by Withings to make this Christmas a joyous one.

Let’s start with Withings Clinically tested Scan Watch – an ideal gift for a loved one who appreciates style matched with functional smart capabilities. This watch not only has an elegant design but also helps keep track of heart health by providing ECG, heartbeat rate, fitness tracking, and sleep and breathing disturbances.

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Perhaps the Smart Temporal Thermometer will better suit a new parent – a necessity in every household where you need clear-cut temperature readings. This efficient thermometer provides the most accurate reading without requiring direct contact with the body. Plus, it allows you to take track of all your temperature readings by connecting it with Thermo app through Health Mate.

Or you might choose the Withings BPM Connect to express your care for their well-being. BPM Connect, with its user-friendly interface and practical design, makes measuring blood pressure easier than ever. Make your a loved one who wants to track their heart health feel more confident and in control by gifting BPM Connect. Withings has several health-conscious and thoughtful gifts for those health-conscious friends and family of yours!

Scanwatch | Thermo | Withings BPM Connect
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Nathan Sports

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Are you holiday shopping for someone who loves to get active? Set them up for success with Nathan Sports and their line of sportswear that is built with success in mind.

A must-have piece for runners in cooler temperatures is the Women’s Crossover Tights. These buttery-soft leggings feature deep side pockets perfect for energy gels, phones, or your car key on long runs. The crossover contrast waistband does not allow for roll-down and is so comfortable no matter your body’s shape. These tights feature medium-weight fabric which provides support without feeling too binding. Whether your loved one is training, or they simply want to run and grab a coffee, these tights make incredible fitness gifts they will wear and enjoy all year long.

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Every runner needs a quality running jacket, and there’s none better than the Women’s Protector Rain Jacket. This waterproof jacket is 2.5 layers of comfort and protection. This jacket features a seam-sealed shell with a soft stretch-woven face, and the stretch-printed backer makes it easy to move comfortably.

Additionally, there are small features here that make all the difference when runners go the distance. A back vent improves airflow to help regulate the body’s temperature while the attached adjustable hood makes it easy to roll up or wear. A drawcord hem allows her to adjust her waistband and zippered pockets keep her belongings safe in light to moderate rain. A reflective logo ensures that no matter what time of day she’s out and about, her safety is a top priority.

The Protector Rain Jacket is an absolute must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time active outdoors, and with Nathan Sports on the label, you know you’re making the best decision.

Women’s Protector Rain Jacket | Women’s Crossover Tights
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Yoga Strong

Once all of your holiday shopping is complete, you deserve to relax! Yoga Strong brings you the ultimate solution to cure all of your massage needs – the Vibe Strong Massage Gun. This mini gun is surprisingly lightweight and offers 50% deeper muscle relief with its four power levels.

Although this battery-operated gun has a size of only half those of regular massage guns, it will still offer one of the best massages you have had to date. Not only this, it is 30% quieter than average machines and has 3 detachable massage heads. All of this will help relieve pain and soreness and accelerate your recovery.

Level up your relaxation game with Yoga Strong’s Cyclone Foam Roller. Unlike typical foam rollers, this one is incredibly durable (around 3 times more durable than ordinary rollers) and has numerous benefits for your body.

Benefits include improving mobility, elevating your workout, enhancing your strength, and reducing muscle tightness by up to 70%. Use this fantastic tool after a tough training session to roll out your muscles at home, in the gym, or on the go.

Vibe Strong Massage Gun | Cyclone Foam Roller
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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Lift, contour, and smooth your assets this holiday season with Booté. These lifting leggings fit into your life any way you see fit – whether you’re grabbing a Christmas blend coffee with a friend or attending a white elephant party, these leggings never stop working for you.

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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Crafted with breathable, anti-sweat fabric, these Booté feature 4-way-stretch fabric for a move-with-you feel. No more pinching or bunching! Whether you’re reaching for your favorite tunic or heading to a pilates class, this moisture-wicking and anti-cellulite technology will keep you looking and feeling your best. And, since the Duo-Legging Set offers two pairs of these amazing leggings, you can double your enjoyment.

Lift and love yourself with Booté this holiday season, or gift it to someone you know will love the results! Either way, you can’t go wrong with fitness gifts from Booté.

The Duo-Legging Set
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Frisco Mo

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite volleyball lover, Frisco Mo has you covered! Their apparel and gear reflect their love of the game, plus a little added humor that’s perfect for proclaiming your commitment to “all things volleyball!” The That’s What She Set cool heirloom cotton tee paired with The Shore Shorties is definitely an outfit that will bring a smile to her face on Christmas morning. 

Poke a little tongue-in-cheek fun at your passers with a Your Mom Would Have Dug that Ball tee, paired with the fun Breezy Shorties. Available in six sizes, these on-trend, short-sleeved tees are incredibly lightweight, soft, and breathable, making them ideal picks for long days on the court. The cool, printed shortie shorts are also stretchy and comfortable, with an elastic waist and back binding for an excellent fit. 

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

If you are looking for a tee that gives props to your blockers, snag a Holy Blockamole tee. Match it with the tropically tribal patterned Volleyball Vine shorts for an slightly edgy volleyball vibe.

Before you check out with Frisco Mo, don’t forget the stickers! These make great stocking stuffers and are ideal for giving water bottles, coolers, clipboards, and laptops the volleyball flair that they’re missing. For a holiday season filled with festive volleyball fun, turn to Frisco Mo!

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

That’s What She Set | The Shore Shorties | Your Mom Would Have Dug that Ball | Breezy Shorties | Holy Blockamole | Volleyball Vine Shorties | Stickers
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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

During the last decade, the design team at Hylete has dedicated its time to designing comfortable athletic wear for men and women. But their journey doesn’t stop there. They create their athletic line by listening to the voices within their community, ensuring their products – from running shorts to athletic bras – will meet their customer’s expectations and needs.

Hylete has the workout attire fitness gifts you need to get the job done. Their athletic line is comfortable, durable, and supportive. Go the extra mile when you wear clothes by Hylete. For high-intensity workouts where you don’t have time to deal with loose straps and sagging pants, shop at Hylete. The Luna Tight paired with the Luna Sports Bra is an excellent set that can take you from your yoga class to running errands to school pickup. Providing all-day comfort, you will be glad about your choice to sport this matching set as you need to focus on your busy lifestyle.

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Nothing is more uncomfortable or frustrating than having to pull up or adjust your exercise pants in the middle of a workout. If this sounds like something you’re familiar with, toss those pants into the trash and add the Nimbus II Highwaist Tights to your shopping cart. These tights are made from a durable, stretchy fabric that is comfortable and supportive. They feature a high waistband that Hylete swears won’t slip down while you’re working out. Deep, zippered pockets are strategically designed on the pant’s legs so that their contents won’t interfere with your routine. The Nimbus II Highwast Tights have reinforced stitching along the seams, giving you workout pants that will outlast other brands.

For women who need extra support while they’re running, add the Altium II Sports Bra to your shopping cart. The Altium II features racerback straps that align perfectly between your shoulder blades. Thanks to this design you’ll be able to run your heart out without having to adjust your straps. You’ll also have the comfort and support you need during your workout. The fabric has a four-way stretch that provides breathability. We love that there are no clasps, buckles, or zippers that will rub against the skin.

Nimbus II High Waist Tight | Altium II Sports Bra | Luna Sports Bra | Luna Tight
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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

We know you have your list of resolutions prepared as the new year looms around the corner. Is improving your physical and emotional well-being among your priorities this holiday season? If so, you can begin your recovery path now, at Christmas time, rather than waiting until the New Year.

So how do you or a loved one get started? Meditation and yoga will do wonders when you incorporate these practices into your life. And to make sure you’re practicing it correctly and getting the most out of it, get an alersé Thick Yoga Mat this holiday. No matter what kind of floor you’re laying it on, it firmly adheres to it and doesn’t make you slip.

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The soft padding of this yoga mat ensures maximum comfort, control, and balance in knee-elbow coordinated exercises and stretches. The material used in this yoga mat is environment-friendly. And the size is ample, so you can comfortably stretch as much as you can. You can get this alersé’s thick yoga mat in 4 calming colors and make a valuable addition to your life or someone dear to you.

Alersé Thick Yoga Mat
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Fitness Hardware

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Talk about innovative fitness gifts for beginners or your fitness fanatic! When they want to change up how they work out their core or lower or upper body strength, this will be the ideal gift for them – gifting them the ultimate gains! You don’t need a gym membership for heavy equipment for that! Simply pop these under the Christmas tree, these all-in-one super functional rolling ABLE – Rolling Push Up Bars.

When it comes to push-ups, finding a comfortable wrist position may be tricky and challenging. But the rolling push-up bars by fitness hardware make tough workouts doable and fun. The 360-degree feature of these bars makes seamless movements in every direction and workouts like crunches, side lunges, plank knee drives, and speed mountain climbing precise and straightforward – targeting exactly what you want to target.

No matter what kind of floor it is, carpeted, hard, rough, or slippery these push-bars rolls smoothly. Moreover, the handles are massive, and the toe lock ensures stability so that you have a perfect leg day and get that uber-sexy and firm six-pack with a targeted ab/core workout. Give the gift of versatility with these push-up bars, for the most versatile workouts.

ABLE – Rolling Push-Up Bars
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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Your sporty buddies will be eternally grateful to you if you choose the MXXY Outdoor Hydration Pack as their Christmas gift, and we’ll tell you why! To be an avid outdoor adventurer, you need survival skills – but with MXXY, anyone can set out on a thrilling excursion! The MXXY Outdoor Hydration Pack is a balanced solution to meet the athlete’s/outdoor adventurer’s personalized supplement needs like water, caffeine, electrolytes, or amino acids in a single unit.

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

MXXY Hydration Pack features two reservoirs adjacent to each other—one to store water and the other for supplements—so that the athlete’s bodily needs are balanced and they can make the most out of it. With MXXY, it’s now easier than ever to be fully equipped to go on a meaningful voyage with nature or simply to flee the miseries of our modern, overly-busy society.

Furthermore, this hydration pack eliminates the inconvenience of carrying too many difficult-to-carry containers that litter the trail— thus protecting the environment. Get your perfect balance, hydration, and day’s necessity all in this handy pack.

20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Hydration Pack
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This holiday season, keep the shopping, prepping, baking, cooking, hosting, and gift-wrapping going for longer than ever! Pureboost brings you tear-and-pour packets of flavored energy. Available in three different lines – Original, Immune, and Superfoods – and eight delicious flavors, Pureboost provides clean energy, hydration, and seven organic superfoods in a sugar-free packet.

Packed with B12, Green Tea Caffeine, 25 different vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids, just add to water and stay alert throughout the day. Pureboost is rich in electrolytes as well. This makes this go-to energy mix give us six-hour-long clean and powerful energy, not to mention immune-boosting vitamins. Make your holiday season more productive this year with Pureboost!

Pureboost | Pureboost Immune | Pureboost Superfoods
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Disco Country Club

Disco Country Club What do you do when you have three kids and one child once to play ping pong, the other child wants to play tennis, and the last child wants to run around the house smacking people with a badminton racket? Get them this fabulous Happy Hour Pickleball Set by Disco Country Club. Pickleball is the perfect sport for when no one can agree on what game to play. Also, it’s highly addictive and a lot of fun. The Happy Hour Pickleball Set features two paddles, one carrying case, and three pickleballs. If you want to get your kids off the screens and outside, add this to your shopping cart today!

Happy Hour Pickleball Set
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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

Shoot a perfect game this holiday season with the SIQ Basketball. This innovative basketball can be paired directly with your smartphone and tracks over 192 data points per shot! It’s designed to follow your performance using the 9D sensor, AI and SIQ App, so it counts your misses and how many clean shots you make. This smart basketball is identical to a regular basketball in weight, shape, and size.

The SIQ AI, using a heat map, lets you know how you are doing on the court, such as “shooters touch” and defender clearance are both tracked. One of the most incredible features is the ball’s ability to learn the player’s fingerprints after 500 shots for customized tracking of their performance. In addition, the basketball is available in two styles, indoor and outdoor, and three sizes for men, women, and youth.

This Christmas, grab your SIQ Basketball, get off the couch, and shoot some hoops with the whole family. Practice makes perfect, so get everyone moving with SIQ Basketball fitness gifts and enhance your game for the New Year!  

SIQ Basketball + App
SIQ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok


20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

WanderFull HydroBags make great fitness gifts for anyone who loves working out and traveling! This sporty, smooth bag allows you to be hands-free but still keep your water bottle close by as well as any other small essentials you may need while out and about. Stay hydrated and never forget or lose your expensive reusable water bottles with this stylish WanderFull water bottle bag. This is the perfect bag for a day in the city, sightseeing, festivals, concerts, cruise essentials, the dog park, or add to your Disney essentials or Universal essentials list. 

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The large double-zippered pockets are ideal for your travel essentials while the large water-resistant main pocket fits a water bottle that is 3.5 inches or less in diameter, a wine bottle, or a reusable coffee cup. Made with a stylish puffer-coast fabric, the Hydrobag is a comfortable crossbody with a two-inch wide strap that distributes the weight of the water bottle and is more practical than a bum bag or fanny pack yet cooler than a backpack purse. 

WanderFull | Facebook | Instagram


You can make Christmas shopping for tennis enthusiasts a lot easier with Courtgirl’s unique and ace-worthy fitness gifts. Whether you or your friend is new to the sport or a seasoned pro, Courtgirl’s high-end tennis accessories, cocktail-time barware, stationery, club socks, and other gifts will have you and your friends smiling ear to ear. 

The Play All Day Kit has everything you need on and off the court. This luxurious kit includes the following: 

  • Coveted Play All Day 26oz Bottle
  • Match time Plush Towel (no monogram)
  • Inspirational Club Socks (2 Pairs in Berry and Navy)
  • Gold Ball Tissue Paper
  • Gold Foil Gift Bag
  • Gift Tag
  • Racquet Pen in Pink

The next time you and your friends are at Wimbledon, you can watch the tournaments in style with luxurious gifts from Courtgirl.

Play All Day Kit
Courtgirl. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long

If you’re grateful not only for the person you’ve met but also for the fact that he or she walked into your life, the Kane Revive is the right gift for someone who could use a comfortable pair of shoes. The creative design of the Kane Revive ensures optimal comfort while walking over challenging terrain, both literally and metaphorically. It makes you feel like your feet are floating thanks to enhanced cushioning, induced rebounding, and perforation for improved airflow.

The anatomical design keeps the heel firmly in place when you’re running, jogging, or playing sports. The thick sole has a strong grip even over rocky, slippery floors. Gift Kane to someone you want to have a safe and comfy journey with each step they take!

Kane Revive
Kane | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Shop Purple Umbrella

Christmas shopping for the gym buff just got a lot easier with Shop Purple Umbrella. Their mission is to fill a void and provide a curated experience for the body and soul with high-quality wellness products, including smart body scales, portable home gyms, yoga blocks, massage guns, and more.

Every fitness and wellness enthusiast needs the Smart Body Analyzer to support a healthy lifestyle. This lightweight smart scale has many great features, including an invisible LED digital screen, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple Health & Google Fit sync, and four precision sensors. This innovative scale analyzes body composition through 9 detailed biometrics, including Weight, BMI, BMR, Visceral Fat, Fat Mass, Metabolic Age, Hydration, Lean Body Mass (Muscle), and Bone Mass. In addition, this scale will help track change or progression in your body biometrics.

If you’re looking for fitness gifts for yourself or a friend or family member who wants a healthier lifestyle, then the Smart Body Analyzer is a perfect choice.

Smart Body Analyzer
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The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, with family visiting, shopping for fitness gifts, and office parties. It also means indulging in too many Christmas treats. Now don’t let the holidays deter you from your fitness goals. You can keep your health in check with the Yunmai Smart Scale Pro. This chic scale is ultra-thin and has a conductive ITO-coated hidden LED display, making it aesthetically pleasing.

This innovative scale measures 13 body stats, including weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Body Water, BMR, Fitness Age, Visceral Fat, Protein, Fat/kg, Fat/%, and FMI by the technology of BIA (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis). These stats will enable you to manage stress and keep your health in check by using the Yunmai App. The smart scale is powered by a Li-polymer battery with a capacity of 1000mAh and can last for six months after being fully charged in two hours.

By using a micro USB port, the scale is easy to charge and ensures long battery life. Further, this scale can intelligently recognize family members and track up to 16 profiles simultaneously while storing information for multiple users. Using Bluetooth technology, your body stats are automatically synchronized and transferred to the Cloud when you step on the scale. Don’t let the stress of the holidays impede your fitness/health goals. Instead, keep yourself in check with the Yunmai Smart Scale Pro.

Yunmai Smart Scale Pro
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The bright fairy lights, decked-out trees, candles, and the home’s delicious food-scented air bring about the joyous spirit and warmth of the Christmas season. And Swiftwick’s Limited Edition Vision Five Winters, with sweet festive prints, as a gift, will add to the celebratory vibe of Christmas.

These Swiftwick socks are a nice present for your gramps, aging parents, or laid-back siblings who wouldn’t go out and buy a pair for themselves. Swiftwicks socks are soft, light, warm, and practical. It fits the feet perfectly, and its high-performance bristles keep the feet dry as they soak the sweat and thus prevent stinking. For the “no-show” family members the Flite XT Zero Tab will do. Designed for all-around stability, FLITE XT® Zero Tab is ideal for a wide range of activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Gift a pair or two and share a sweet, chill-laxing moment with your loved ones.

Limited Edition Vision Five Winter | FLITE XT Zero Tab
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Rambler Yaupon Energy is the first all-natural energy drink to use Yaupon, the only native caffeinated plant in North America. Combined with Rambler’s signature limestone mineral blend and crisp carbonation, the sparkling, all-natural, plant-based boost contains no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Rambler Yaupon Energy is available in four flavors: Pomegranate, Peach, Blackberry Mint, and Lime Coconut. If you love sparkling water but also need a boost, you will love what Rambler Yaupon Energy can do for you. This drink delivers natural caffeine and potent antioxidants, combined with the Alpinia Galangal, organic evaporated cane juice, and natural flavor for a clean, delicious energy boost—without the crash.

Rambler Energy Drink
Rambler | Facebook

These gifts are so inspiring to get out and get in better shape! Your loved one will be pumped to get any one of these workout gifts this year. So while you’re picking up one for them, why not get one yourself? Start the new year off right with one of these great fitness gifts.

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20 Fitness Gifts That Will Pump Them Up All Season Long



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