20 Best Subscription Boxes for Valentine’s Day That You’ve Never Heard Of

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and that means time trying to find a gift that your loved one will love is quickly decreasing. Subscription boxes for Valentine’s Day are a great gift option. Nowadays, subscription boxes go beyond beauty. Now you can find boxes for things like cooking, fitness, whisky…even colorful socks. Your loved one will appreciate that you took the time to find something that suited their particular interest and that continues to surprise them month after month. Daily Mom took to the streets to find the best subscription boxes around for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:

For the Girls

Chicks love getting gifts, so why not surprise her each month with a subscription box filled with some of her favorite stuff? Dinner out with our partners are nice, but the gift that keeps on giving is even better. Below are the 10 best subscription boxes for your lady who loves beauty, fashion, natural products, fitness, or books.

For the Beauty Buff

Goodbeing– This subscription box delivers non-toxic and natural beauty and wellness boxes right to your girl’s doorstep with things like face masks, makeup, and hair care products. $24.95/month

Deck of Scarlet– Every two months, this subscription box company pairs with a beauty vlogger to create the perfect palette of colors. Armed with two other additional beauty products and tutorials, this box is perfect if your girl is constantly watching YouTube for the newest beauty fads. $29.95/month

For the Fashionista

5th Avenue Style– Filled with high-end items like clothing, jewelry, and other accessories, 5th Avenue Style gives your fashion-foward girl the items that will make her feel like a total celebrity. $98.00/month

Gwinnie Bee– For sizes 10-32, this subscription box offers clothing curated for the lady who just loves fashion. Dresses, accessories, and beauty items are delivered with each box. $49-$149 depending on the number of items sent per month.

For the Hippie

Sapphire Soul Balance Box– If your girl loves to find her inner zen, Sapphire Soul Balance Box will help her get there with products meant to help balance your body, mind, soul, and even your household. $33.00/month

Yogi Surprise– Filled with items for your yogi, this monthly box arrives chock full of handcrafted yoga accessories, organic snacks, and natural beauty items. $44.95/month

For the Fitness Lover

Barbella Box– This subscription box is filled with functional fitness gear, apparel, snacks, supplements, and more all designed for women and picked by women. $49.99/month

Pretty Fit– Pretty Fit offers natural supplements, healthy snacks, and workout gear curated by women for women. Workouts, recipes, and tips are included in every box. $49.00/month

For the Book Worm

The Bookish Box– If your lady loves literary style, the Bookish Box is for her. Curated with a literal arts t-shirt, beauty, and home items the Bookish Box gives your bookworm all things book buffs love. $18.00 to $361.00/month depending on the box chosen.

LitCube– This subscription box sends out book of the month along with other curated items like household goods, attire, and snacks that go along with the theme. $34.95/month

For the Guys

Looking for something unique for the guy who has everything? Subscription boxes are perfect for Valentine’s Day because it gets your man something he actually wants instead of just another date night out. Below is a list of the best subscription boxes for your geek, sports lover, bad ass, high roller, or outdoorsy man.

For the Geek

Loot Crate This subscription box is chock full of clothing like socks, t-shirts, and underwear that is perfect for the guy who can’t stop talking about the next Marvel movie. Price dependent on box chosen.

Geek Fuel- Each month Geek Fuel sends toys, clothing, and other memorabilia to the lover of all things geek-y in your life. $21.90 to $25.90/month

For the Sports Lover

Fanchest Is your guy a diehard fan of a specific team? If so, this subscription box is for him. Filled with loot from his favorite NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, or college team Fanchest is a box he will truly enjoy. $59 to $135/month

Game Day Box– Choose from any team in the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB for this monthly subscription box filled with items from his favorite team. $39.00/month

For the Badass

BattlBox– BattlBox provides a monthly subscription of tactical and survival gear right to your front door. Perfect for the military buff or guy who is preparing for the zombie apocalypse. $24.99 to $149.99/month

Kinderbox– Filled with all things guy, Kinderbox offers a monthly box filled with the newest products your manly man will love like knives, man scents, and beef jerky. $35.00/month

For the High Roller

Gentleman’s Box– The Gentleman’s box delivers high end grooming, clothing, and style essentials for men. Perfect for the business guy or man who just loves looking his best. $25.00/month

SprezzaBox– Filled with high-quality items that are made to make a man feel fancy every time he steps out the door. Sunglasses, ties, socks, and even scents are curated for the high baller. $28.00/month

For the Outdoorsy Type

Mystery Tackle Box– For the guy that loves fishing, this monthly subscription box can be curated to the type of fishing his likes to do: bass, saltwater, catfish, trout, and more. $14.99/month

Nomadik– If your guy loves to be outdoors, Nomadik. will give him all he needs every month to enjoy his adventures. Snacks, gear, and outdoor essentials will have him prepared for wherever the outdoors take him. $29.99 to $32.95/month

These 20 best subscription boxes are the perfect gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Not only will you be getting something in which they truly have an interest, but it is a gift that keeps on giving. So ditch the chocolates and teddy bear, and get your significant other something that they truly enjoy based on their likes, tastes, and interests instead of staring at each other across a table in a crowded restaurant.

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