7 Hamilton Birthday Essentials for an Epic Party (Awesome, Wow.)

If your special someone is a raving “Hamilfan,” do not throw away your shot or miss an opportunity to plan them an awesome Hamilton birthday party this year! Planning the perfect party is easy when you know what to do. You’ll talk less and smile more during the party, too, when all of the essentials are covered well in advance, thanks to our handy Hamilton birthday guide. Read on to learn more about planning an historic Hamilton bash!

The Perfect Setting For The Room Where It Happens

Let’s think through your invitations and decor first. You’ll need to invite guests to your party, right? Send a showstopping invitation and ask them to RSVP by email or text message. This will help you plan how much food and drink to prepare. Also, don’t forget to make sure you have enough seating space for everyone who wants to attend.


7 Hamilton Birthday Essentials For An Epic Party (Awesome, Wow.)
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Every great party starts with an awesome invitation. Buy something premade or create one yourself, but make sure it reflects the Hamilton theme in some way. Include catchy phrases such as:

  • Party like it’s 1776!
  • Don’t throw away your shot to attend…
  • Join us in the room where it happens.
  • Awesome. Wow.

Be sure to share some important party details such as the event date, time, and location, but also give a nod to events that will happen at the party. Will you be screening the movie? Singing karaoke? Hosting a sleepover? This is all important information for everyone to know.

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7 Hamilton Birthday Essentials For An Epic Party (Awesome, Wow.)
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Next, you’ll want to set the scene. if you foresee a Hamilton birthday party in your future, Memorial Day and Fourth of July sales are great times to stock up on party decor. If the timing is right, you can even get items at a deep discount. 

Another classic look is a more traditional Hamilton-inspired black and gold. New Year’s and graduation time make a great time to grab extras in this color palette, but thankfully, these can really be found year-round. Make sure you add some eye-catching gold stars, while you’re at it!

Think through table cloths, plates, napkins, balloons, streamers, and more. If you’re feeling extra festive, Google “Hamilton printable” and add them to existing frames around your house.

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Hamilton Birthday Must-haves That Will Leave Guests Satisfied

One of the next steps to planning a successful party is to plan the activities. Think about whether it’s a small gathering or a large celebration, and adjust accordingly. Don’t forget to plan your wardrobe and decide what type of food you’ll serve. Food for the young, scrappy, and hungry, anyone?


7 Hamilton Birthday Essentials For An Epic Party (Awesome, Wow.)
Photo credit: Unsplash

With a house full of guests, what are you going to do to celebrate your Hamilton birthday guest of honor, as well as the man of the hour himself? Hosting a Hamilton musical screening is always a great choice. While you can play it on the TV, why not mix things up with an outdoor screening with a projector aimed at the garage door or a dive-in movie? 

Our next favorite choice for a Hamilton birthday activity is, you guessed it, karaoke! A Hamilton musical has some of the most well-crafted and memorable songs of any musical of our time. Celebrate that by belting them out with friends at the top of your lungs!

Still looking for entertainment options? Another way to create keepsakes for all of your guests and preserve the memory of your Hamilton birthday party for years to come is a photo booth. Don’t forget the props!

There are a number of smaller ways to pass the time at a Hamilton birthday party as well. Check out these links for some additional fun ideas:


What to wear, what to wear? While you may not want to dress like fake royalty, you do want to attend a Hamilton birthday party being theme-appropriate, don’t you? Here are a few options to have the most epic attire this side of New Jersey. (After all, everything is legal in New Jersey!)


7 Hamilton Birthday Essentials For An Epic Party (Awesome, Wow.)
Photo credit: Michelle Knapp

When we talk about refreshments, there are several things to discuss — drinks, food, and of course, dessert! Check out some of these ideas for inspiration, and recreate them at home yourself!

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Party Music

No Hamilton party would be complete without songs from everyone’s favorite musical! Make sure to purchase or download these tracks in advance, to create a beautiful musical backdrop for your Hamilton birthday. (Warning: Contains some explicit language that may not be safe for little ears.)

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Gift-Giving for a Hamilton Birthday That Will Blow Us All Away

7 Hamilton Birthday Essentials For An Epic Party (Awesome, Wow.)
Photos credit: BuzzFeed

Hamilton Birthday Gifts

The best gift of all for any Hamilton lover on their Hamilton birthday is, of course, tickets to the musical. if you’re fortunate enough to have the musical tour through your town, there’s nothing more perfect, especially if they’ve never seen it before. 

If attending the musical live is not an option, perhaps their own DVD copy is in order. Sure, Hamilton is basically viewable on Disney+ at any given moment, but there’s something more special about having your own copy to keep, isn’t there?

Another fan favorite is the book, Hamilton: The Revolution. Go behind the scenes with Lin-Manuel Miranda and learn about his inspiration behind different scenes, see photos that didn’t quite make the cut into the final musical, and much more. 

Tons of other fun options exist, such as a make-up bag, movie poster, framed lithograph, or even black and gold makeup or nail polish. Check out this comprehensive list of options on BuzzFeed. The possibilities are practically endless!

What time is it? SHOW TIME! Now you have everything you need to bring an epic Hamilton birthday to life. We hope you have a blast, and that your party is one for the history books!

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7 Hamilton Birthday Essentials For An Epic Party (Awesome, Wow.)



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