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Fall is in full swing across the country, and the colorful leaves dancing outside your window, the smell of pumpkin, home-baked cookies, and candy all serve as a reminder that it’s time to embark on an autumn adventure. For young families wondering where to find their adventure for this fall, we’ve come up with a solution: explore Gulf County this fall, enjoy the pleasant weather, and go on a journey that you will all remember and want to repeat every year. There is something for everyone, and the activities you can choose from are practically limitless, making it the perfect destination for some family bonding and tradition-making this fall.

Kayaking Through the Dead Lakes

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With Halloween festivities on every corner, this could easily sound like a Halloween special. Rest assured, it’s far from that. In fact, it can give you the unique experience you’ve been looking for, and the adventure that you’ll want to repeat next season. Named after the Cypress and Tupelo trees that rise gloriously from the water depths, the Dead Lakes recreation park is brimming with wildlife and gorgeous vegetation that makes you want to capture this magnificent landscape at every turn. Kayaking through the Dead Lakes is the best way for your kids to learn more about nature and observe it up-close. And while they’re looking to spot some raccoons, rabbits, turtles, deer, or even alligators, you can try fishing, set up camp for the night, or simply join in on the nature watching. If you’d like to get the full experience and learn all the exciting facts about this gorgeous area, make sure to get one of the expert local guides to fill you in on everything they know, and get ready to discover something new every time you visit.

Exploring the Bay

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If you’d like to show your kids the beauty of the Gulf County and have only a few days available to do so, join Captain Charlene from About Fun Charters for a boat excursion and enjoy the sight of nature in all its splendor. You can fish, sightsee, marvel at the majestic sunsets Florida is so well-known for, and have your very own adventure guide by your side at all times. If you’re accompanied by smaller children or don’t feel very comfortable in a boat, don’t worry. The program is flexible and there are still plenty of things to see at the bay. Visit the bird sanctuary and make some stops along the way to see wildlife, explore, and look for playful schools of fish in the water. The most important thing during this eco-tour is that you learn new things, explore new places and appreciate the life around you. Adventure-wise, it doesn’t get any better with birds, sunsets, and majestic views being just some of the things you can expect from this exploratory encounter with nature.

Enjoying Wildlife at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

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If there’s one thing your kids will love it’s probably seeing animals up close, and that’s certainly something you can get plenty of at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. Watch out for bobcats, white-tailed deer, raccoons and alligators and even some adorable playful otters if you’re lucky. Take a hike on the nature trail, walk, or go on a bicycle tour with the family, leaving you with cherished memories and experiences that are enough to keep you coming back and making this a family tradition each year.

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With the many bird species at the Preserve, challenge yourselves to see how many you can recognize. Kingfishers are a sight for the eyes, and your kids will definitely get excited when they see an owl for the first time. Head for the picnic areas to spend a lovely lunchtime and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. And if that’s still not enough, be sure to visit the Eagle Harbor — the view will simply blow you away.

The most wonderful thing about tradition is that it doesn’t take much to make one. It’s the little things that can turn an adventure into a loving memory, one that you’ll want to preserve and pass on to your children. So, if you’re looking for an adventure to go on with your family this fall, Gulf County is the perfect place to start. For more adventures and to explore Gulf County, visit the Gulf County Adventure Guide.

Your family’s fall adventure begins now, so make sure to enter the weekly contest at Gulf Country, Florida by October 25th, for a chance to win a $50 gift card to embark on an adventure in your local town. Have fun! 10 Lucky Winners will be chosen every week.

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